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Week 1 /August
Wednesday, 30th July, 2008
New Front Page Pic

Here's <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/>Syd's during the Avon Descent of 1996 with a paddler (anonymous) capsizing in the big stopper which starts to develop just over half way down Syd's  when the Walyunga level is above 1.5m. It was at least 2m in the '96 Descent. 

Novice Avon Descenters should read this . . .
The usual river features at Syd's are unrecognisable at flood level, as they're under water, except for the <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/atsyd03m3.jpeg>large rock with yellow paint, which has been a landmark for years.  It's a hundred metres or so above the stopper.  You can get through the stopper, river left is best, but be sure to be at 90° to it as you approach - paddle hard to break through! (The stopper is at a slight angle across the river.)

New Page
Click on the <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/>front page pic or go <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/sydsat09m.html>here for more on Syd's Rapid, at average water levels.  

Extracts' Weir
<http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/extracts07.html>Here's what it looked like, yesterday, Tuesday, 29th. Water level was 11.1m, DoW Toodyay gauge. (about 1.4m in ti-trees)

Good luck to all in the Descent. Have a safe and successful paddle!  Robyn

Not everyone just does the Avon Descent!
"We also did a run down the middle Murray on Sunday, 27th, and that was cranking at 12.6m at the Baden Powell gauge. There still appears to be a tree in the left channel at Dead Cow, although could not see any branches as the water level covered all but a small portion of the trunk. It was avoidable but would suggest to anyone heading down there to be aware of it, and check it out before shooting.

There is also a strainer at Big Rock (the next rapid below Roller Coaster) river centre. It is obvious, but could prove a problem if someone was to be caught in it."  Steve Wellman

From the Organisers of the Murray Whitewater Festival
"Hello All,
In case you havn't heard yet, Australia's premier whitewater kayak festival is in its 3rd year hosted by Perth Canoe Polo Club. Our philosophy is to have like minded people, all together in the same place at the same time. Join in the fun and festivities on August 30 & 31, 2008, on the Murray River in Dwellingup, Western Australia.

For more details go to <http://murraywhitewaterfestival.blogspot.com/>http://murraywhitewaterfestival.blogspot.com/  .

Entries close 15th August, 2008. We'd appreciate you forwarding this email on to your paddling friends.
Mat Hyland & the MWF crew
0427 775 659 "

For Sale
49 x 2 Person Perception Swing 470 Sea Kayaks
. Boats are in great condition and have had little use. $1,100 each or bulk purchase prices available. RRP New $2,000. Please contact Brayden @ Adventure Out on (08) 9472 3919.

Circumnavigation of Australia
The German paddler hoping to paddle around Australia, mentioned in an earlier email, is looking for some help: "a possible contact along my <http://qajaqunderground.com/expeditions/australia-2008/>circumnavigation of OZ 2009? I am about to plan my trip more in details now, and am happy about some contact adresses along the coast!

If you are interested to help me out on my trip with a hot shower against some first hand stories, I would be happy to add you to my possible contact list!
I don't have any idea when and where I'll be stopping by, but it is always good to know you are not alone on the world on such a big trip!

It would be nice to hear from you! All the best, Freya

Here's her web address: <http://qajaqunderground.com/expeditions/australia-2008/>http://qajaqunderground.com/expeditions/australia-2008/ and email <mailto:freyahoffmeister@hotmail.com>freyahoffmeister@hotmail.com . 

Someone and somewhere we all know well!
<%20http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csBOoGGxodc> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csBOoGGxodc or just search youtube for the clip "daryl does rolls" - John Hilton


Paddle at Emu Falls on Saturday, 20th July. It was a Finn with white plastic blades, black fibreglass shaft with 213 written on in white. Unfortunately, no name or contact number . . . Ray Moran, 0438 553 424

Paddle.  Got dumped in the waterfall at Syd's (river right) on Friday 25th, paddle may still be recirculating! Ty Warp Beam 10, grey / black / white, Kevlar/glass bent shaft, glass blades with red & yellow tape on ends. 194cm. Had my phone number in small print on front of both blades, 0400 842 445 Paul H.

Solution Carbon Paddle lost at the bottom of Syd's Rapid on Sunday, 27th. I have my name and details under some tape in the middle of the shaft. (Adrian Lee 0427 447 963) Love to get it back.

Paddle - in the ti trees between Syd's and the top of Walyunga, saved the boat but the former occupant managed to lose her paddle! It's a black, right handed shotover with a fibreglass shaft. It has "Point Walter" written on the blades. If found can someone please call Point Walter on 9330 5022.

Breakdown Paddle, lost at Syd's, Saturday, 26th. Black plastic, scoop blades, each blade has "Finn Kayaks" sticker on. Please contact Joe, 0413 401 410.

Paddle which has "Peter Tomczak" & phone number on it and it could be anywhere from Lower Bells on--------? It is a flat water paddle with red blades and blue tape on the grips. It is also a breakdown. Contact details on the paddle.

Rowing scull
(single) in any condition including oars. Phone Monique on 9457 7262 or <mailto:rmstyles@optusnet.com.au>rmstyles@optusnet.com.au .

Week 2 /August
Avon Descenters' Lost and Found
5th August, 2008

Walyunga Water Level 
Did anyone notice the water level at Walyunga on Sunday?  (time of day, too, please?)

One Main Peak paddle at Bell's, prior to race. Has no phone number on it.  Ring 0412 090 965 and describe type, colour. Jim Bramley 

·   Tuesday, 5th: "I had a paddle and a search today between Syd's and Bell's. Items found:
Boat 871
Boat 371

Both were pulled up onto shore at water's edge at the top carpark at Walyunga adjacent to the walking track to Syd's.
2 x breakdown paddles
1 x complete Finn paddle

Please contact Brendan for descriptions on paddles, 0407 354 773." 

· "I sent you a msg about an Infinnity lost at Syd's. #633. We have recovered it. We did also recover a black wing paddle with 819 stickers on it. And we dislodged a yellow spirit ski from above the water fall at Syd's. The boat was water logged but we assume it is now in the ti trees below Syd's. Couldnt get a race number off it...." Bobbie Batten, <mailto:bobbie.b@optusnet.com.au>bobbie.b@optusnet.com.au .


2 Children's Jackets
at Middle Swan. Sunday 11.30am. I left them hanging on chair belonging to wife of paddler. One was blue, Danish and expensive. One was a dark blue wind sheeter.  Both for age 8 boys, who blew loud trumpets throughout the race. Any help in tracking down jackets would be appreciated. Judi Haederle,  9245 5926 (h) or 0434 330 940 <mailto:%20jhaederle@iprimus.com.au> jhaederle@iprimus.com.au .

Blue surfski, much loved, in ti-trees close to end of Day 1, No.519, with carbon fibre breakdown paddle with red insulation tape at each end. Desperate to be re-united. Helen 0422 937 277.

Purple Spirit Long Plastic Ski No. 871 - above Syd's Rapid during Avon Descent 2008. If found please call Barry Millar - 0418 958 396.
Wing Paddle with yellow insulation tape bands on shaft. If found please call Barry Millar - 0418 958 396.

Harry Moody and I had a major rinse at Emu's at 0830 Sunday, 3rd August. Our yellow 515 double kayak # 963 kept going down river as we made our way to the right bank. We scouted this bank for 2km until our path was blocked and we couldn't find it. Our yellow friend is very dear to us and we would like to recover her. Please phone Harry 0417 951 489 or Len 0411 372 743. Kindest regards, Len Christie 

Abandoned - My friend had to abandon his boat yesterday (race day, Sunday)  as it was wrapped around a tree. It's just above Syd's Rapid apparently. It's a red Infinity, race id 633. It has DGL sponsorship and various other stickers on it. We will try and retrieve it tomorrow, being Tuesday but if anybody has seen it we'd love to hear from them. My name is Tim, my number is 0417 950 617. 

Spirit long plastic (blue) - race id 843. Upstream of Syd's Rapid, Sunday, 3rd August. If found please call Graham, 0450 601 562.
Trying to find paddler who was kindly given a paddle (Graham's, see incident above) on Sunday 3rd August upstream of Syds Rapid. Please call Graham, 0450 601 562 to return paddle.  

Cobra Surf Ski (white) - lost at Syd's, Day 2, after a big crash! Brendan Balcombe, 0407 354 773.
Kevlar Paddle, Canoeing Down Under, also lost at Syd's. Has blue tape on the handle and phone no. on the blades, though it may have washed off. Brendan Balcombe, 0407 354 773.

Gecko kayak #639 (blue & white) ­ lost at Syds on Sunday 3rd August last seen merrily heading down stream (upright), before heading down the RHS of the ti-trees while I was on left bank. Hoping to find it safe & well. If you spot it, please call Jackie 0407 713 001.

Paddle - made by Universal Plastics with Spirit stickers on back of blade, phone number on paddle. Lost at the end of Tee Trees before Leatherhead Rapid. It's my favourite paddle $50 reward. Had a great time but a bit expensive.
Jim Bramley 0412 090 965. 

Bennett paddle at Syd's, has phone number on it also $50 reward. Had a great time but a bit expensive.
Jim Bramley 0412 090 965. 

Black Lettman 1 Paddle in the ti-trees just after the start of Day 2. Unfortunately it is not marked but I would really love to get it back. Please contact Andrew 0415 191 806 or <mailto:andyandsusan@optusnet.com.au>andyandsusan@optusnet.com.au
Stealth Paddle lost at Emu Falls during Avon Descent (Reward offered) - Carbon Epoxy with joiner and green/ yellow striped electrical tape. $100 for returning. Call Tony - 0438 106 194 or <mailto:tony.bowman@hotmail.com>tony.bowman@hotmail.com (3rd paddle lost, stolen or vandalised in as many months so paddling future is dependent on return).
Solution Lithium wing paddle, 208cm with Jodie Ormiston, 0421 556 760 and race number 522 on it. Please let me know if found. Lost at Syd's on Sunday 3rd of August.
Breakdown paddle: black aluminium handles, white plastic paddles, telephone number from previous owner. Syd's to Upper Swan Bridge. Contact Bo English 9252 0169 .  
Paddle - lost at the bottom of Emu's. It has yellow blades with kelar/carbon shaft. Has my name and phone on it. Mark Forbes 0409 094 680.
Samantha Lenaghan -  0410 499 376
Lost ski in the ti trees on day one, ID 858 and it was an Orange Spirit Ski.

Some more - from Lisa @ RLSSWA 
Laurence Carslake ­ 0407 441 157
ID #780.- Yellow Finn Surf Ski emergency supplies & 2 thermal tops in storage holds, old aluminium emergency paddle strapped to back of boat - last seen halfway between Syds & Walyunga

Glenda Taylor ­ 0438 995 110 or 9581 2669
Epic carbon Fibre adjustable paddles with Green Tape around Shaft ­ Emus on Sunday

David Davenport - 0418 921 908
Lost yellow spirit ski below BELLS No 752. Please advise if found

Pamela Barrett - 0407 448 019
Acer Voyager Royal Blue Kayak ID# 688 - Bells also a Gecko blue and white Kayak at Syds Rapids

Karin Hibbard  - 9291 7685 or 9294 4138
Race ID #670 and my kayak was a blue/white Finn Affinity sit-on plastic - few kms into Ti Trees Day 1.

Kevin Waugh - <mailto:kangaroos99@dodo.com.au>kangaroos99@dodo.com.au
Race ID # 937 - white/grey & black ski long plastic, in Ti Trees with another boat, blue/aqua short plastic ski

Anthony Collis - 9205 1903
Lost my ski in Bells ­ ID # 795

Craig Wallis - 3907 5780 or 0413 574 663
Kayak on the way back to Padbury from Bells. Brigadoon/Gnangara Rd area. Reward offered.

Found and Lost Again!
Black-shafted Spirit winged paddle
, found at Emu's during the Descent by paddler No. 386, 0439 951 101. Handed in to official at finish line.  No phone number and no contact details at all on it. Current whereabouts unknown.  (This is a magic paddle - its story will be revealed in a future edition of this newsletter.) 

Week 2 /August
Thursday, 8th August, 2008
Slalom State Titles

Just a reminder that the State Titles are being held this Sunday (10th August) at Walyunga National Park. Closing date for entry is today, Friday, 8th August. Please contact <mailto:reality.check@bigpond.com>reality.check@bigpond.com if you need an entry form. For those looking for a relaxing picnic at Walyunga the slalom paddlers are well worth watching.  It might even tempt you to take it up.  Slalom teaches the best white water skills.

Big Water on the Lower Murray
"Ryan Cotterell, Mat Hyland, Josh White, Mark Tait and I had a good day out on the Lower Murray on Saturday, 2nd August, at 3.2m. We paddled the full Lower, from Scarp Pool down to the coastal plain. 

I thought some readers would like to see some pictures http://picasaweb.google.com/mikecollister/LowerMurray32m2ndMarch08 

The bridge is the one on private property at the bottom of Terminations (that we normally paddle well under). 

One of the guys had a long and exciting surf in a huge hole at Fast Eddy's. It started with two surfing, then one surfed in his boat for a very long time. After exiting the boat his bright red helmet went back in to the hole at least half a dozen times before being flushed out. We found his kayak 2km downstream below The Steps."

Mike Collister
Fast Rescue Boat Coordinator

The impressive new front page pic <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>here , by Mike Collister, is of Josh White of Dwellingup Adventures on this Lower Murray trip.

Peel Region Canoe Week
6th - 14th September

There's a whole range of events on offer, most being free: 
Come 'n Try Kayaking, 
Have a Go at Outrigger Canoeing, 
Swiftwater Awareness (Murray River), 
Seniors Social Paddle with Mandurah Over 55s, 
River Paddle on Canoe Trail,  
Social Paddle with Vietnam Veterans Canoe Group, 
Time Trial with Mandurah Paddling Club (racing), 
Come 'n Try Canoe Polo, 
White Water Experience with Dwellingup Adventures, 
Ascot Kayak Club's Nanga Challenge (multisport event) in the forest 
an all clubs Finale Event to wind up with. 

More details at  <http://www.visitmandurah.com.au/>www.visitmandurah.com.au then check out "Whats On - in September", then scroll down.  Enquiries - contact Barry Small, <mailto:beejays@tadaust.org.au>beejays@tadaust.org.au or Wayne Felton, Kayaks 4-U, <mailto:wjfelton@people.com.au>wjfelton@people.com.au .

For Sale

Viper K1, red deck, white hull, excellent condition, purchased November, '04. Includes custom made sock and padded travel bag. $1800. Contact Alex Rovira, 9245 2630 or 0413 225 890.

Avon 3
 in reasonable condition if possible but I'll look at anything. Phil Edwards, 0413 887 270  .

Walyunga Water Level
Thank you to those who sent this in.  The river was falling on Sunday, 2nd August, being about 1.9m for those arriving early and falling to about 1.85m by early afternoon. One paddler, John Williams, sent in this pic from the internet - go <http://flickr.com/photos/veedub/2727901760/meta/>here .

From AJ at Mainpeak Paddlesports
Great weekend had by all. Just a quick one to let you know that all our AVON shirts will be selling for $15 (RRP $32) and we have a very good size range. We are still getting people in the door for them.

Finn Kayaks Post Avon Descent Night
6.30pm onwards, Tuesday, 12th August

To be held at The Left Bank, East Fremantle. Drinks and nibbles provided. BYO Avon Descent '08 stories . . . !
See you there!

Avon Descent Story
Erin Hobbs was inspired to write down her experiences of her first Avon Descent. It's a <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/avsterin08.html>team story, the first one on the website and one of the few for such a high water level, appropriately called "Tales from the Kayak Graveyard".

Lost Boats and Paddles
Deane and co., Guy Power, Brendan Balcombe, Peter Armstrong, Anthony Dean of ASU are just some of the folk who've been retrieving boats and paddles, all down the valley and in the trees and then finding owners. Anthony, Rescue Co-ordinator, Avon Support Unit for the Avon Descent sends us this message:
"I am hoping to do a valley run this weekend with a rescue/recovery crew to see if we can 'get the river to give back its prizes'. I will keep you informed so that you can put details of any recovered craft on your website.
Anthony" <blocked::mailto:Patricia.Malone@correctiveservices.wa.gov.au>a.c.dean@bigond.net.au . 

Events Coming Up . . .
Collie Descent - 
Saturday, 16th August. Registration from 9am.  Race starts 10am sharp. 28.5km from Harris River Winery to Black Diamond Bridge: trees, rapids, flat water, moving water through trees, portages. This race has the lot! Go <http://www.hyperactive.oz.nf/Collie_Descent/2008/Collie_Descent_08.htm>here for all the details. Contact <mailto:mart@geo.net.au>Marty for more info'.

WWR Race 4 - Saturday, 16th August
Posselt's Ford to Emu Falls 
- open to boats without rudders or else the rudder tied up. Registration - 7:30am to 8:00am at Posselt's Ford. Briefing - 8:30am. Race Start - 8:45am. Contestants can enter via email to <mailto:grant@alarmswa.com.au>grant@alarmswa.com.au, sending name, category (wwk1/ short plastics/ sundries), age class, gender. Payment can be made during registration.  Entries close Friday, 15th August. Car shuffle required.

Murray River White Water Festival - August 30 & 31, on the Murray River in Dwellingup, Western Australia. An event for experienced playboaters. Also good for spectators. For more details go to <http://murraywhitewaterfestival.blogspot.com/>http://murraywhitewaterfestival.blogspot.com/  . Entries close 15th August, 2008.

Week 3 /August
Wednesday, 20th August, 2008
At the Olympics . . .

The paddling community is delighted at the silver and bronze medals earned by Jacqui Laurence and WA's Robin Bell (started out at Swan Canoe Club).  Nicki Pope sends us these links:

· Slalom Wiki page, this is available for all to comment but you must register first.  See <http://csa.csp.wikispaces.net/>http://csa.csp.wikispaces.net/and follow the link to "News" or go direct <http://csa.csp.wikispaces.net/News>http://csa.csp.wikispaces.net/News This is a site for the whole community so have a look and get on board.
· Canoeing blog from Beijing <http://www.auscanoekayak.blogspot.com/>http://www.auscanoekayak.blogspot.com/ .
· <http://www.lawrencesisters.com.au/>www.lawrencesisters.com.au/  .

Chantal Meek and Lisa Oldenhof in the K4 team due to participate in the flatwater 500m final are also from WA. 

Avon Story Time
The high water for this year's Descent resulted in many an exciting story.  Here's a couple of them:
· "An <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/avstkaren08.html>Avon story from a novice . . . A huge thanks to those who pulled boats out of the river last week!!" Karen Staudte
· Recently returned to paddling, Ian Finnie thoroughly enjoyed  <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/avstian08.html>this Descent  . 
· Len Christie says it all in <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/abattlesh.jpeg>this pic, "I'll be back in 2009!" 
· The story of the Day Two ti-trees, early morning: go <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/atitrees08.jpeg>here. Paul Tuckwell sent this pic in (he had time to take a photo!?).

And John Hilton sends us his story, captured on film. (Look for the option to watch in high resolution - broadband permitting.) Go here: <mailto:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsCEgyqXpx0>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsCEgyqXpx0 .

Please Return!
"I was one of those who lost a boat on Day 2 of the Avon at Championships Rapid and made it safely to shore. While watching my boat disappear down the river I saw a fellow paddler lose his paddle. As he came ashore I approached him and offered my paddle so he could complete the race as it was no longer any good to me. My only request was that he made sure that he found me and return it at the end of the race which he agreed to. I do not recall the gentleman's name or race ID number although he said that he would remember mine.  The paddle is nothing special (Spirit paddle carbon shaft plastic blades) however I had already broken a full carbon paddle in the valley two weeks before and certainly did not want to lose another. Please contact Graham 0450 601 562 - my race number was 843. I would greatly appreciate its return. I also would like to thank Pete Armstrong for his efforts in salvaging my boat and several others after the race."

Another Story: White Water in New Zealand
A group of West Aussies spent some time in the white water in Murchison. Yvonne Wallace says "I made a short movie of our recent trip to NZ. Enjoy!" Go here to view: <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFWjRxONfOA>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFWjRxONfOA .

New Kayak Manufacturer in WA
<http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/alamington.jpeg>View the prototype of this unique craft by "Andy J Aleutian Kayaks". Some comments: "Does it float?"  "It's transparent, how modern!" Andy says, "I now have to learn to roll".  Look for it, the HMAS Lamington (a.k.a. Blowfly Magnet) on the river and the ocean. There's plans for a family version - (seriously) well done, Andy!

Lost in the Descent

Spirit Surf Ski - teal green, competitor number was 381. Steve MacDonald 0402 282 254.

Lost on the Road
- Pyranha S6 - Mainly yellow with a Hawke Brothers sticker on it- Saturday, 9th August, from my roofrack somewhere between Bells and Hillary's. Maybe on the side of the road ? Sadly missing it. Reward for sure. Craig Wallis 0413 574 663 / 9307 5780 .

Mirage sea kayak
: 530 or 580. Please contact Helen, 9317 8493.

Events Coming Up
Down River State Champs
 (Geegelup Cup), Bridgetown, 23rd and 24th August. This is a fun paddling weekend on one of the best short stretches of white water in WA. For teams and individuals. Go <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/>here for more details.
Murray White Water Festival, environs Dwellingup, 30th and 31st August. <http://murraywhitewaterfestival.blogspot.com/>Full details.  .

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