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Week 2 /February
Friday, 8th February, 2008

WA Masters' Games, 2008, Albany
The good news is that there is a paddling event this year in this bi-annual series of sporting competitions held in Albany. As well there's a social paddle planned for the following day, so it's a fun weekend for paddlers. Organiser, Ralph Flowers of Albany Canoe Club, sends us some details:

"Meet at 8am, Saturday, 26th April at Middleton Beach for a 12km race.  It's open to surf ski, ocean kayak, and sit-on craft.  Minimum age is 30 years.  PFD must be carried/worn by all paddlers. (There is no Masters' Games insurance for this event.)"
The next day, Sunday, 27th, sees a social paddle to Whale World and return (20km), weather permitting, again meeting at 8am.

Contact Ralph, 0429 104 556 or <mailto:ralph48@omninet.net.au>ralph48@omninet.net.au for more info' and for entry form.

Other events which may interest you are in the following sports & activities:Tennis, Golf, The Masters Mile, Volleyball, Touch , Athletics, Golf Croquet, Indoor Beach Volleyball, Rowing, Chess, Fencing, Swimming, Basketball. The event runs from 19th - 27th April.

Urgent: Paddler Wanted for Rotto Swim
"I'm swimming solo to Rottnest next Saturday and have everything including ski, but no paddler.  Is anyone interested to help out please? Not too late I hope. This is my 5th solo, and I would expect to be in/around the top 20, so being a nice day which it is looking, I'd hope to take around 5 hours. My mobile 0407 440 789." - Rohan Hollick

Precision Paddling Australia -Ty Stedman 
With the Avon Descent closer each day, it's time to hit the water and do some solid base training. Precision Paddling is offering a number of coaching options that will get your training off to the best possible start. On offer is a regular group training session that caters to all levels, as well as challenging land-based circuit training sessions to add another dimension to your training. Venues are north and south of the river. Also available are private lessons that focus on your paddling technique. Check out all that Precision Paddling has to offer at <http://www.precisionpaddling.com.au>www.precisionpaddling.com.au, or visit the <http://www.precisionpaddling.com.au/Calendar.html>calendar page for upcoming sessions.

Letter from Robin Bell, West Oz Olympic C1 Paddler
"The Canoe Slalom Australian Open was just held on Australia Day, with the National titles (Australian Championships) decided the day before. The event was fantastic with 18 countries attending and Australians from all over. The C1 class was a good shoot out, with the last three past World Champions present. The other classes also had an impressive start list.

The race was held in a period more accustomed to high volume training than racing, so I did not want to back off from training until the last minute. I did a hard session Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and struggled through Friday's Australian Championships. I managed to hold off the other Aussies to regain my sixth Open C1 Aussie title, but the performance was far from my best, finishing ninth overall, one second in front of the closest Aussie. I guess this was a good lesson for Olympic selection in March. I have to be at my peak, any errors open the doors for the others.

The Australian Open is the first race in the World Series. Overall prize for the series is a Nissan Dualis, with cash prizes at each race. I was feeling better for the Saturday race after a good night's sleep. I had a solid semi final run positioned in 2nd, 0.8 seconds behind Tony Estanguet (France, 2006 World Champion). Michal Matikan (2007 World Champion) was in 4th 2 seconds behind me - always a threat.

I stormed down in my final run, but made a three second error crossing a wave. I was fortunate to be fast enough everwhere else to hold off Michal but was unable to catch Tony. It was a good race against Tony and Michal. I have come away with a lot of confidence going into Olympic selection and knowing I have to work on a few areas to improve before the Olympics.

The World Series website contains video feeds from the race and interviews. The series website is <http://www.canoeworldseries.com>http://www.canoeworldseries.com.

I also received some media from the event: interview with Channel Ten news, The Age newspaper in Melbourne and also on the Foxsports website.


Congratulations, Rob!

Albany Canoe Club Calendar
Their calendar of events has just been updated <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/albanycc.html>here.  You're welcome to join them - just let them know.  Contacts are included in the calendar.

Summer White/Brown Water
Check out these amazing pics of some of the paddling opportunities up north after a cyclone! Weather bureau's <http://www.bom.gov.au/weather/wa/cyclone/monty/flooding.shtml>website.

Not Paddling, But Sounds Interesting . . .
Andrew Locke, Australia's most accomplished high altitude mountaineer, will be doing an audio-visual presentation on his recent success on Annapurna, one of the fourteen 8,000 metre peaks in the Himalaya.  This was the first Australian ascent. It is to be held in Perth on Wednesday, 20th  February, 7pm, at UWA's Social Science Theatre. The cost is $16.50 if you book online http://www.adventure.com.au/andrewlock.asp or $20 at the door. Students $11. - Mike Wood, Mountain Designs

Rottnest Swim Fundraising - David Heldsinger
Paddler, David Heldsinger, will be swimming 19.5km to Rottnest Island in just a couple of weeks time, on 16th February, to raise much needed funds for Cystic Fibrosis WA. He says, "My fundraising effort is officially endorsed by Cystic Fibrosis WA. My aim is to raise $10,000 for the organisation and I need your help to achieve this. Please sponsor me by going to the following link on your browser <http://www.mycause.com.au/fund_preview_page.php?id=281>http://www.mycause.com.au/fund_preview_page.php?id=281 and click on the 'sponsor me' button. All donations over $2 are tax deductible for Australian residents and you will be sent a receipt automatically via email. (The website supports Secured Sockets Layer based transactions (SSL) from a browser to a level of at least 128 bits.)  You'll see your donation listed on the site if you want to or it can be anonymous should you so choose.

Thank you for your support! "

Event Reminders
Sunday, 10th February
: Marathon 4, Canning Ascent - 14km to Hester Park. Meet at Deep Water Point car park for registration, 6:45am-7:45am. Car shuffle necessary. Short course also available.

Arro kayak - 
preferably kevlar, please contact Toby at <mailto:sam_toby@optusnet.com.au>sam_toby@optusnet.com.au or phone 0417 975 102.
Eradicator surf ski, good condition. Contact Matt - 0413 201 854

Week 4 /February
Wednesday, 27th February, 2008
City Lights - Long Distance Event
Sunday, 2nd March

Here's something different - paddle down the Canning and then up the Swan rivers, 30km, with a paddling mate in singles or a double OR form a relay team and do half the distance - but you must be with a paddling partner the whole way. Starting point is between Shelley and Riverton bridges, home of Canning River Canoe Club, changeover for a relay is The Narrows and the finish is at Ascot Kayak Club where a barbecue dinner awaits you and your support crew. Entry is $30 pp (includes barbecue meal for competitor).

If you're in need of a paddling mate organisers can team you up with someone of similar ability. Just let them know.

Go here for entry form. Entries close 6pm, Thursday, 28th February - that's tomorrow! (but enquire about "late entry" if you need to)

Registration 4:30-5:15pm; briefing: 5:30pm; race start: 6:00-6:30pm.
Contact Trevor Longwood for more info': 9377 1968.

Organised by Ascot Kayak Club and Canning River Canoe Club.
Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under.

Congratulations, Josh
Josh Kippin, AKC, was first and third in two of four national selection events for the 2008 Australian Canoe/Kayak Slalom Junior Team Junior held recently in Eildon, Victoria. He's aiming to be selected to represent Australia in the ICF Junior World Championships to be held in the Czech Republic in July.  We wish him the best of luck for that. Here's a <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/ajosh08.jpeg>beaut pic of Josh at the Eildon competition (courtesy Peter Ewing).

The Search for Slalom Talent
WA slalom canoeing has had considerable success at national and international paddling events in recent years.  Organisers are now on the hunt for more potentially talented paddlers for the WA Talent Identification Program, Slalom.  

Marg Jeffery, from the WA Slalom Technical Committee says,  "Girls and boys aged ten to thirteen years can try for this squad. No experience is necessary, but all should be enthusiastic, motivated and competent at swimming. Testing will take place at Ascot Kayak Club on Sunday, 2nd March, 9:30am. Students who are not within the age range but interested in trying for the squad should also register to come along."

For more information or to register for testing please contact Greg Kippin 0428 768 654 or Canoeing Western Australia 9285 8501 or  <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/>www.wa.canoe.org.au  .   

Lettmann Shipment at Mainpeak Paddlesports
Andy from Mainpeak Paddlesports advised me that the latest Lettmann shipment has arrived from Germany.  If you'd like to demo any of the boats below give them a call to arrange a time.

There's quite an assortment of these top quality boats now in store. Check out the Lettmann website for details:
Fast boats - <http://www.lettmann.de/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/41/products_id/349>Streamliner Touring (marathon);  <http://www.lettmann.de/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/54/products_id/198>Vegas 390  (sprint) 
Sea Kayaks - <http://www.lettmann.de/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/21/products_id/252>Eski 530 Touring Plus;  <http://www.lettmann.de/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/21/products_id/428>Baikal Touring Plus;  <http://www.lettmann.de/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/21/products_id/69>Nordstern Expedition Plus
Plastic Touring - <http://www.lettmann.de/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/21/products_id/429>Meridian Touring Plus;  <http://www.lettmann.de/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/41/products_id/77>Traveller K1

Or else go to Mainpeak Paddlesports <http://www.paddle.com.au/>here.

Many of the above boats are available in different materials, depending on how much you want to spend and how light you want to go!

As well Lettmann propeller paddles (Nordic and Warp), polo blades and paddle joiners are now in stock.

Next Marathon Series Race
Sunday, 9th  March - No. 5, Pinarra to Ravenswood

Meet at Henry Street boat ramp in Pinjarra for registration, 8:45-9:45am with race briefing at 10am. It's 17km to the finish at the bridge at Ravenswood. Car shuffle necessary.

Kalbarri Canoe and Cray Festival
Saturday, 31st May 

Put this date aside for a fun time at picturesque Kalbarri.  There's racing for all ages on the lower reaches of the Murchison estuary as well as other mysterious canoeing events such as Canoe Capers and Canoe Conga. Stay tuned for more details!  Finish the day with dancing and a "cray cook-up".

Woodbridge Tides Updated
Thanks to Warren Southwell for his reminder to update the <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/tideindex.html>tides for Woodbridge which is the upper Swan River at Guildford.  These are not available on the DPI website but they have kindly made them available to us.

Doubtful Sound
Albany paddlers Mike Palmer and Bruce Pope have just paddled this spectacular fjord in New Zealand and we look forward to some pics on their return.

Canoeing Down Under Courses - 9378 1333
Intro to Flat Water Paddling
 - Sunday, 16th March, 9am -12pm. For absolute beginners. $75 or $60 with own craft (inc. GST).
Avon Descent Flat Water Skills Sessions - conducted from Tuesday, 26th February and for the next four Tuesday evenings, 6-8pm.  Also on Saturday mornings, 9-11am, commencing this Saturday, 1st March, again for four sessions. $200 or$160 if you have purchased a boat from CDU. Contact the shop for more details.

 - accidentally left on the grass in the car park near to Zephyrs in East Fremantle on Friday, 15th Feb at 7:15 in the morning , went back at 7.30 am once I realised I did not pick it up and it had gone. It was an old but very loved carbon shaft and yellow ( on rear) blades. It also has an  adjuster in the center of the shaft for adjustment. The cost of a new one would be well into the $350 mark so I would like it back. Any information of its whereabouts if it is sighted or return would be appreciated.
My mob is 0404 801 707 or home 9339 5926.

Avon 3 or contact for anyone still having the mould. Andrew 0403 713 422 or 
<mailto:watone5@yahoo.com.au>watone5@yahoo.com.au  .
K1 such as a X Lancer or Woodpecker or Wizard or anything that is still fast for racing but a bit more stable than a Cleaver X. Willing to pay anything from $cheap to $1500. Any condition is fine, willing to get an old boat fixed if need be.
Ring Kylee 0417 931 716 or email <mailto:crashpossum@ozemail.com.au>crashpossum@ozemail.com.au .

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