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Week 1 /July
Thursday, 3rd July, 2008

2008 Australian Wildwater Championships
19th-21st September, 2008, on the King River, Victoria

Australian Championships medals are up for grabs for both individuals and teams in both Classic and Sprint races. There will also be events to cater for plastic boaters and possibly a multi-sport category!

In conjunction with National Championships, the 2007 All Schools Championships will be held (moved from its typical January time slot due to a lack of suitable water at the beginning of this year). The schools races will be held on a Grade 2 section of the King, below the main Nationals course and will provide great competition and fun for all. Just to avoid confusion over the name ­ the 2008 All Schools will be held in January 2009, as would usually be the case.

The King River provides superb Grade 3 white water classic and sprint courses for paddlers to test their skills. A strong paddler turn-out is expected as athletes compete for 2008 medals and prepare for the 2009 international events which include the World Cup Series to be held in Australia and the Junior World Championships to be held in Switzerland.

The event website has been launched, with more information to be posted as the event nears: <http://www.vic.canoe.org.au/default.asp?Page=14937>http://www.vic.canoe.org.au/default.asp?Page=14937 .

For more info' contact David Gray, Chair Wildwater Technical Committee Australian Canoeing, 03 6224 8885 or <mailto:adgray@ozemail.com.au>adgray@ozemail.com.au .

September, 2008 - Nationals, 2008, on King River, Victoria
September, 2008- All Schools Championships, 2007, King River, Victoria
January, 2009 - Nationals, 2009 and selection events, Mersey River, Tasmania
January, 2009 - All Schools Championships, 2008, Mersey River, Tasmania
Mid year, 2009 - Junior Worlds Championships, 2009, Switzerland
October-November, 2009 - Six World Cup Events, Tasmania (National Teams, Masters' Races, Forerunners . . .)

Avon Descent: Valley Paddler Wanted
Team urgently looking for fourth member who can paddle (half) the valley, unscathed. Contact Terry, 9305 7627, 0413 994 249 or <mailto:tarjla@yahoo.com>tarjla@yahoo.com. The team is non-competitive.  Hurry, as entries close soon: 10th July.

Avon Descent: Visiting South African Paddler Wants Training Mates 
"Anyone tripping the river the week before the Descent? Competent paddler would like to join in. Please contact <mailto:iain@tiscali.co.za>iain@tiscali.co.za ."

Ocean Ski and Kayak Sale
Saturday, 5th July,  12.30 to 5pm
19 Spence Street, Trigg

Everything must go new and used!
Fenns (2 x Mako 6, 2 x Millenniums, 2 x Vacuum Millenniums these are Ash Nesbit and Dean Gardiners personal skis), Robbergs, Custom Kayaks, Icons, Mentors, Fenn Doubles (two are brand new). A range of kayaks will also be available at reduced rates. As well a good range of paddles will be available at reduced rates. Also see the new Fenn Mako Elite - orders are being taken for this awesome ski!

If you have been thinking about getting into ocean racing skis then now's the time to buy! Dean Gardiner, Ash Nesbit and Mike Pond will also be available to talk to during the sale to discuss your paddling needs or anything paddling. For more info' contact Ash Nesbit 0413 177 927 or <mailto:ash@myocean.com.au>ash@myocean.com.au . Don't miss out on this once in a blue moon event!

Collie River Valley Relay Marathon
Saturday, 11th October

Get your teams together now for this increasingly popular event: road cycle, 27km; optional horse ride, 15km; canoe, 10km; swim, 1km; mountain bike, 25km; run, 10km.

For info or queries, contact Marty Wallace (08) 9734 2316, <mailto:mart@geo.net.au>mart@geo.net.au or Annette Cochram (08) 9734 5502 or visit <http://www.geo.net.au/~mart/CRVMR/2008/CMR2008.htm>http://www.geo.net.au/~mart/CRVMR/2008/CMR2008.htm  . 

Collie Descent
Saturday, 16th August

This is a challenging but fun event to test your skills: from Harris River Winery to Black Diamond Bridge, ti-trees, flat water, two portages, small (but can be tricky) rapids, the infamous Chute, (it doesn't live up to its reputation at low water) and moving water through trees. About 28.5km. All suitable craft are welcome. If you will have just done the Avon Descent then you're in perfect condition for this one!  For more info' contact Marty, <mailto:mart@geo.net.au>mart@geo.net.au or 9734 2316.
Website http://www.geo.net.au/~mart/Collie_Descent/Collie%20Descent%202008/Collie_Descent_08.htm .

Capricorn Sea Kayaking . . .
has some new adventures lined up for the rest of this year at three new destinations: Jurien Bay, Geographe Bay and Lancelin.  There's an overnight exploration of the delightful Jurien Bay area; a weekend getaway, "Wet 'n Wine", (where else but?) down south in the Geographe Bay area. Then there's a skills weekend at Lancelin where you can practise your surfing and rescue techniques.  Dates and prices to be announced, but register your interest with them: <mailto:bookings@capricornseakayaking.com.au>bookings@capricornseakayaking.com.au  . The <http://www.capricornseakayaking.com.au/>website has more info'.

Paddling in Canada
Here's a well-put-together slide show of a sea kayak trip around the Broughton Archipelago off the west coast of Canada.  It was sent to us by ex-Perth-ite, now Canadian, author, Lyn Hancock ("There's a Seal in my Sleeping Bag") who joined this group of adventurers, the Nanaimo Paddlers, recently. Go to http://photoshare.shaw.ca/messages/viewshow/2851287785-1213907770-80499/parm/page/ .

FINN Kayaks Avon Info' Night
Tuesday evening, 6:30pm, 15th July

Here's your last chance to attend this worthwhile "tips" session and hear experienced guest speakers on training, nutrition and equipment. As well there's a free drink and some finger food on arrival and you'll have a chance to win one of three "Ultimate Descent" packages.  It will be held at The Left Bank Hotel, Fremantle. To register, phone 9319 1136 or email <mailto:functions@leftbank.com.au>functions@leftbank.com.au .

 - PRYME, black size XL. It was left at the Mosman Park foreshore (near Leake Street) on Tuesday 17th night, June 2008. It also had head lamps attached, one red & one white. If found please contact Ray, 0438 553 424.

Double ski/canoe/craft 
- suitable for Avon please call James asap 0439 989 994 or  <mailto:james.macwatt@health.wa.gov.au>james.macwatt@health.wa.gov.au . 

Week 2 /July
Thursday, 10th July, 2008

Gold Medal & Series Win for Robin Bell
7th July
"Hi all, 

I am in Singapore airport after a manic weekend of racing. It was the World Cup final and Australia's best performance in Canoe Slalom. The C2 and mens kayak raced Saturday. My young training partner Will Forsythe took a huge step by making the finals. He was in 4th place after the semi finals, and after a touch was still poised enough to finish in 7th. A massive step up, and a building block for the future. 

The C1s and ladies kayak were on Sunday. My flight home to Sydney left at 2200 from Frankfurt, 4 hours from the course. I had qualified in 4th place and was able to watch a few of the early paddlers race to confirm my choice in lines. There was a tricky combination between gates 1,2 and 3. Kynan Maley was off in mid pack and without getting the benefit of watching some racers struggled around these gates finishing in 21st. I took a conservative line at the top losing about 1.5 seconds off the fastest each run, but made up the time and more by being aggressive through the middle and bottom. I even managed to pull off a technical move I invented on the Swan Canoe Club gates in the late 90's. I led by 1.5 seconds going into the final and managed to increase the lead by a fraction. 

By winning the World Cup final I also won the series. I am extremely happy with this, as going into the season my goal was to medal in 2 out of the 3 world cups. Winning the last World Cup is a great way to go into the Olympics. 
I know what it takes to medal and the Olympics is what I am after this year. I have 3 weeks of training in Sydney before I fly to Beijing.

After the race, I had to load up my boat and headed straight for the airport. While I was on the road, Kate Lawrence won her first World Cup. This is her first medal and hopefully not her last. The junior Australian team arrived on Saturday and sang the national anthem for her at prize giving. I wish I had been there. Well done Kate! 

Here is an article about the World Cup. 
http://news.smh.com.au/sport/aussie-pair-win-world-cup-gold-20080707-32rl.html  .


For Sale
Avon Descent Ski, Fenn XT - adjustable leg length, trailing rudder. Can be adjusted for surf. $1600. Contact Peter 0414 525 909 or  
 <mailto:peter@prodosearch.com.au>peter@prodosearch.com.au . 

Support Crew Wanted
A competitor from the Northern Territory (Frank Peacocke) is seeking a support crew. He is happy to assist in cost of fuel etc and would be most appreciative if anyone's support crew has the capacity to assist him also. He arrives in Perth on Friday 1st August at about 3:30pm and doesn't currently have a support crew. He can be contacted at  <mailto:Frank.Peadcocke@htw.com.au>Frank.Peadcocke@htw.com.au  ( from Avon Descent Organiser , Hugh Singe).

Don't Forget to Light Up!
"Friends of mine travelled last night in a powered craft on the Swan River from Perth up to Maylands. On their way they encountered many paddle craft  . . . the majority did not have any kind of lights on the boat. This made it very difficult to make progress and the friends were extremely concerned about having an accident as it was impossible to see paddlers without lights in the dark . . . All paddlers should be aware that the minimum requirements for paddlecraft are (a) an all-round white light or (b) a red light on the port side and a green light on the starboard side." Yvonne Wallace, SCC 

Slalom Winter Series, Race 4
Sunday 20th July, Walyunga National Park

You need to register by Friday, 18th. Nicky Pope, Race Co-ordinator, says, "Slalom is a great way to hone those technical skills required to master the whitewater. Experience the thrill of surfing across the water to negotiate 22 gates through a 300metre course. Excellent way to keep (paddling) fit! For more info' contact her, <mailto:reality.check@bigpond.com>reality.check@bigpond.com .

Paddling with Bears
All is going well for the Terry-Tony duo paddling 4,000km in the Canadian wilderness. Last I read they had arrived at Fort MacMurray. The rest of the gang,  Leonie and Alaine, join up soon. Go to this blog for the latest:
<http://3riversexpedition.blogspot.com/>http://3riversexpedition.blogspot.com/  .

To find out where they are currently, go here:

New Front Page Pic
<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>This is just to remind you that paddling is not only the Avon Descent! The Deep River near Walpole is a tranquil and picturesque paddle in summer suitable for all paddlers. There is considerable downstream current in winter. This pic is about as far as you can go in summer due to many logs across the river further upstream. That's the suspension bridge which leads to the Nuyts Wilderness walk and part of the Bibbulman Track. Paddler is Allison Clifton. There's more info' on paddling this area <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/walpoleind.html>here.

KT1 kayak (Les Richards kayak) or similar for intermediate flatwater paddler, good condition, call Mark 0447168786 or <mailto:markj@albany.wa.gov.au>markj@albany.wa.gov.au . 

Week 3 /July
Wednesday, 23rd July, 2008

Murray White Water Festival
Saturday & Sunday, 30th & 31st August

This is a white water event for experienced playboaters only. Spend the weekend at Nanga Bush Camp, Dwellingup, enjoying the white water of the Murray River. Saturday: the paddlers perform some freestyle on the lower Murray, then move on further down to The Steps for the Head to Head racing.  Spectators are well rewarded for the walk in with a grandstand view of the exciting Steps course. This is a great event in a pristine and beautiful setting as well as a fabulous action photo opportunity.

Sunday: the paddlers do amazing aerial antics with the help of The Kicker, close by the bush camp. This event is also great for paddling photo enthusiasts. This year they have an even better (scarier) Kicker.

Go <http://www.murraywhitewaterfestival.blogspot.com/>here to see some pics from last year's event.

Entries are due by 15th August. Entry forms are available online or from major sponsor, Mainpeak Paddlesports in Cottesloe.

<http://www.murraywhitewaterfestival.blogspot.com/>http://www.murraywhitewaterfestival.blogspot.com/ . Enquiries: <mailto:m.collister@ergt.com.au>m.collister@ergt.com.au .

Do you need a last minute Avon Descent team member?
"If you know of any Teams that are depleted because of injury or sickness I am happy to do the honours in a team of two or four. I am happy to pay any additional fees that are incurred, etc., and Registration. I have been training (apart from the valley) and keeping fit with Canoe Polo. My Contacts are 0437 287 010 or 9279 4533. I am happy to do any of the legs. "  Karl Cook

Note to Novice Avon Paddlers
With a high and fast river your times for each section are likely to be quicker than you might have thought  - so support crews will need to be aware.  In addition, what might have been a grassy stretch of river bank for them to administer to your needs could be under water if the forecast for the next few days turns out to be accurate.

"Yesterday (20/7) I went paddling from Gt Northern Hwy and lost my Finn Afinnity Kayak (yellow) about two kilometres south of Great Northern H'way. I heard somebody in a power boat retrieved it and took it down river. If anybody spotted a Spirit paddle that would be great, a few other bits and pieces went heading towards Fremantle as well. Can you help?
Tony Williams, 0403 922 323"

Adventure Technologies bent shaft paddle. Lost, 20/7/08. Black shaft with white blades. Last seen at the right hand entrance to the rocky rapid above Bell's. If found please contact Aaron 0419 929 024.

Stealth Medium break down paddle: Day 1 stage of the T-Trees approx 10km into them. Had a spill over\under tree crossing the way, got the boat out and the paddle got ripped out of the hold. Both sections are named. Contact Paddy 0410 357 669 or 9309 2725 or leave at the Ascot Kayak Club.

Paddle, breakdown, lost on 19/7. Yellow alloy shaft with small black spacer in middle, white Tyronsea flat blades, probably still taped together. Should have name , tel number and DOGZ written on it. Last seen after Emu's. Sentimental value. Please call Frank Patterson, 0419 937 369.

Left hand wing paddle
 between Bell's and Upper Swan. Has sticker on blades but no name or phone no . If you want to claim it describe the stickers and its yours. Contact Ken 0419 948 428.

Don't forget to write your name &/or phone no. on all your gear . . . or check that what you have already written is still legible.

Avon Descent Long Plastic.
 "It was holed a few hundred metres downriver from Emu's last Saturday. Myself and Derek K dragged it up to the service road and when I returned for it after scruiteneering it was gone. Phone calls to AGR and Westnet have uncovered nothing. Spirit, CDU and Mainpeak all know, and they are doing their bit.

It was a solid navy blue long plastic with last year's stickers still on it. Race number is 820. I would love to get it back because the damage was repairable."
Shayne Hamilton 0404 818 273

K2 stuck in the Ti-Trees,
 Sun 20/7 somewhere above Jimperding Pool. Plan to recover Sat 26/7. Any news on its current position greatly appreciated. Please call Michael 0408 447 802.

Plastic Ski - stuck mid way at rocky rapid above Bell's, 22/7. Not blocking the left channel, but take care, trying to retrieve today, 23rd July. Belongs to Jenni Bateman, <mailto:bodysolutions@gmail.com>bodysolutions@gmail.com .

25% off all Ningaloo Reef Sea Kayaking Adventures
Why not wind down after the Avon festivities with a few days of warm water, beautiful coral and amazing marine life? Capricorn Seakayaking is offering 25% OFF all 1, 2 & 5-DAY Seakayak Adventures to reward Avon paddlers for all their hard work! Check their website: <http://www.capricornseakayaking.com.au/>www.capricornseakayaking.com.au or email: <mailto:bookings@capricornseakayaking.com.au>bookings@capricornseakayaking.com.au

Urgent! Spirit Racing Ski in reasonable condition required for this year's Avon to relace existing ski damaged in training. Please call Jeremy 0411 589 992 or <jdoyle@centrepointalliance.com.au>jdoyle@centrepointalliance.com.au .

Australis Gecko Sea Kayak in good condition. Phone Mike 0404 252 378 or 
<mailto:ns4wd@optusnet.com.au>ns4wd@optusnet.com.au . 

For Sale: ex-hire boats from Rivergods:
Double open kayak
 - Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T $600
Double sea kayak  - Necky Amaruk (no rudder) $500
Double sea kayak  - Necky Amaruk (with rudder) $900
Canadian canoe - Pelican 15.5ft (three seats) $500

Anyone interested please contact Rivergods: (08) 9259 0749 / <mailto:rivergods@iinet.net.au>rivergods@iinet.net.au  . 

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