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Week 1 /October
Thursday, 2nd October, 2008


Marathon Series Starts This Weekend
Island to Island Race - Sunday, 5th October

Registration: 7:30 - 8:30am at Ascot Kayak Club. Briefing: 8:45am. It's about a 12km race down through Ascot Waters and return, with a short course of 6km and a junior course as well, about 4km.  Enquiries: <mailto:marathon@canoewa.asn.au>marathon@canoewa.asn.au .

More Canoeing Medals for Australia
Eastern States paddler Lani Belcher won a silver medal in the Senior Women K1 at the World Marathon Championships recently.  Go here to read the full story: <http://www.marathon.canoe.org.au/?Page=15462>http://www.marathon.canoe.org.au/?Page=15462  .

Next Slalom Race
Sunday, 12th October
Venue to be advised, depending on the rainfall in the next two weeks. The race coordinating role has been taken over, thanks to Joy and Richard Lowther and a party of helpers. The race entry form will be out this week, so look out for the emails. All registrations now go to <mailto:joylowther@yahoo.com.au>joylowther@yahoo.com.au . -  Nicky Pope

Front Page Pic
http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>Paddlers await their turn for the slalom race at Walyunga recently.  That's Colin Thorpe, long time white water paddler and well known paddling identity, closest to the camera.

Classic Paddle
Sunday, 19th October

Hugh Singe from RLSSWA tells us, "Ken Wallace, Olympic Gold Medallist in the K1 500m event in Beijing, will be competing in this year's Brookfield Multiplex Classic Paddle. Competitors participating in the event will have a chance to paddle alongside the Olympic Champion and meet him after the race."

Entries before 9th October, online through <http://www.lifesavingwa.com.au/>www.lifesavingwa.com.au , receive the earlybird entry discount.

This community race is open to all recognised categories of paddle craft. The 12 kilometre course for open, masters & junior competitors starts under the Narrows Bridge and the 4 kilometre Champion Lakes Classic Paddle for recreational and novice paddlers and malibu boards starts at Point Walter. Both finish at Fremantle.

Ti-trees Paddling
The water level in the Avon Day One trees was a perfect 0.7m (+ a bit) on Monday, earlier this week. (That's about 10.7m at Toodyay DoW gauge.) We noted no new big trees down after the mega-river of the Descent and very little new debris piled up.

Canning River Birdlife
Here's a <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/birdscan1.jpeg>delightful pic of a mother cormorant protecting her chicks (there's <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/birdscan2.jpeg>two in that nest) taken on the Canning River, just upstream of the Riverton Bridge at the first lot of scrub and trees which is on the right hand side of the main channel as you paddle upstream. This pic was taken about three weeks ago, so the chicks may have flown the nest by now!  Will Mum be back next year?  Photo by Caryll Sefton, visiting eastern states paddler.

Riverland Paddling Marathon, 2009
8th - 10th June, Berri to Morgan, South Australia
This is either a 200km, 100km individual event or a relay over three days. Go here for more info': <http://www.mcc.canoe.org.au/?Page=6845>http://www.mcc.canoe.org.au/?Page=6845  .

Need a Boat?
South Australian Marathon Canoeing President, Brad Butler, has offered to make a club canoe, kayak or surf ski available to interstate paddlers who might like to participate in this event. As well, he has offered to make transport to and from the event within South Australia available. He says, "The RPM event is a great flat water event with fantastic scenery and a terrific sense of community camaraderie amongst the paddlers." Contact him <mailto:brad@bbpl.com.au>brad@bbpl.com.au .

To WA Paddling Community - "Thank You" - from Brad Butler
"I was quite amazed and privileged to experience a caring Perth community at this year's Avon Descent . . . Thank you so much for your friendship and support (entry 459). I hope to return next year along with an expanded South Australian contingent . . . "

For Sale
Bull Orton of Perth Kayak Centre, 9330 9011, has these boats for sale:
1) Guppy K1 Hody Sport   $750.
2} Guppy K2 Hody Sport   $ 1250.
3) Nelo Vanquish XXL 7.6kg incl. cover and Nelo bag $2000. (Marathon)
4} Nelo Viper 60 Kevlar 12kg, new, never used  $2500.
5} New Brasca Paddle with joiner $600.

New to the market is a multi sport boat K1 sit on top inside fully adjustable 15kg and self draining.
The new Legend ocean racing ski from Think is now in Perth. To book your demo paddle for either of these boats contact Bull Orton, 0419 911 875. All boats are available ex stock Sydney.
<mailto:buloboy@bigpond.net.au>buloboy@bigpond.net.au .

A Lighter Finn
Local manufacturers, Finn Kayaks, now have available a lighter, stronger plastic for their racing skis and kayaks - the Affinity, Endorfinn and Multisport. It's also available in the more recreational craft.  It costs a bit more, but saves about 20% of the weight so it's faster and easier to get on and off the roof rack (which is important for us girls).

Demo Days
Finn Kayaks are having a Demo Day this Saturday, 4th October, 10am till midday, at Lucky Bay, Attadale. Go <http://www.finnkayaks.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=26&Itemid=64>here for more info'. The new, lighter "performance plastic" boats will be there.

If you're down Dunsborough way this weekend they will also have demo boats (including the lightweights) available to try, all weekend, at the beach (Centenary Park) which is just down the street from the main shops. This is part of the Ski Camp and Anaconda course familiarisation being held this weekend.

Racing Surf Skis at Canoeing Down Under 
Terry tells us that he now has in stock the new Spirit Performance Racing Surf Ski,  "the fastest plastic ski on the market, minutes ahead of all others." (Check pics <http://www.canoeingdownunder.com.au/>here.)  You're welcome to take one for a try out. However if you're wanting a fibreglass composite ski for the upcoming ocean races the Epic V10 Skis are now also in stock. Contact Terry, 9378 1333, for more info' or to arrange a demo.

Perception America Kayaks
AJ from Mainpeak Paddlesports tells me that they have the first order of Perception America kayaks in store now.  There are nine new models. Check them out here: <http://www.perceptionkayaks.com/>http://www.perceptionkayaks.com/ .

Plastic Racing ski in good condition to do Anaconda and Avon races. Prefer Ocean Kayaks Sprinter or Finn Endorphin or Spirit.  Contact Mark  9387 3043 or 0419 040 934 or <mailto:marknorr@bigpond.net.au>marknorr@bigpond.net.au .
Double sit on surf ski. Anything considered. Please send pics to <mailto:oziedave@westnet.com.au>oziedave@westnet.com.au or phone Dave 0418 769 379.
Plastic Canadian canoe, any condition. Contact Ashley <mailto:ahorton@mech.uwa.edu.au>ahorton@mech.uwa.edu.au or 0417 980 293.
Ocean Kayak - Sprinter. Fair price paid. Call Mark  9387 3043 or 0419 040 934 or <mailto:marknorr@bigpond.net.au>marknorr@bigpond.net.au .

Mirage Sea Kayak - 530 or 580. Please contact Helen 9317 8493 or <mailto:breedy52@gmail.com>breedy52@gmail.com .

Week 2 /October
Friday, 10th October, 2008

An Evening With An Olympic Champion*
Saturday, 18th October, 6pm, Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club

Watch Ken Wallace's Olympic K1 Finals with comments from Ken.
Watch lead up races to Olympics.
Ken's Story: his coach's influence, personal motivation and goal setting.
Light refreshments served. Beer and wine will also be available at bar prices.

*Ken Wallace won the gold medal in the K1 500m event at the Beijing Olympics.

All are those interested are invited to attend (there is no charge for this event). Register your interest with Jesse Phillips - 9285 8501 or <mailto:jesse.phillips@canoe.org.au>jesse.phillips@canoe.org.au .

Slalom Coaching Clinic with Robin Bell
Robin Bell's coaching and BBQ evening at Swan Canoe Club on Monday evening was a truly memorable occasion for the ten paddlers of all ages who attended, as well as for their families, siblings and some long time paddlers who came to watch and to join in the BBQ.  Robin, as always, was generous to a fault with his time, his coaching tips, recounts of the highs and lows of Beijing, and stories of escapades on the way.  He brought his Olympic Bronze medal to Swan for all to see - it's big and heavy, just as an Olympic medal should be!  - Margie Jeffery

Junior Paddler Wanted
"We are looking for a junior paddler to compete as part of a team at the Anaconda Adventure race in Geographe Bay, on 2nd November.
The course is a 12.5km ocean paddle from Dunsborough to Bunker Bay and we are looking for a junior (under 18 on the day) to complete a strong local team. Jenny Brown, Dunsborough, 9756 8045.

Mainpeak Paddlesports Special Kayak Demo Day
Tomorrow, Saturday, 11th October, from 10am - 11am

Meet at Doepel Street, North Fremantle, to check out the latest craft and celebrate the launch of the new luxury Rivershores development in North Fremantle's exclusive Northbank precinct. Enjoy fresh coffee and a muffin and go in the draw for a chance to win a fantastic 'Wilderness Systems' Tsunami 125 river touring kayak, valued at over $1600. Winner will be drawn on 3rd November. 

Drama on the High Seas
I received this email from a paddler on Monday afternoon-

" Lost: Mentor ski at Dunsborough. Blown out to sea on 4/10/08. White with thin green stripe. Has oceanpaddler sticker on each side. Also carbon paddle with spirit stickers on blades and yellow tape on handle."

Then I received this one from the same paddler an hour or two later-

"Good news my Mentor was found 30 N miles west of Rotto by the navy so no need to post the article"

So I asked "What's the story?" and the paddler, Karl Thorstensen, replied:

"Here is the link to my story , I'm just happy to be able to tell it.

http://www.rapidascent.com.au/Forum/ForumMessages.aspx?t=800&o=1&e= "

Scroll down to the fourth entry on that page, and you'll see why. (It's well worth reading.)

Wild Water Nationals, Victoria
Here are the results of the WA contingent in this recent event:
Daryl Long, 2nd, over 45s (to Steve Muir). Over 45s Rapid Racing, 1st.
Dave Worthy, 2nd, over 35s. Open Men's K1 Teams with Matt Dalziel and Steve Muir, 1st. 
"The river was very low (King River)," Dave says.
Correction: Grant Pepper did not attend this event (I stated he was in an earlier "News").

New Executive, Canoeing Western Australia
The Annual General Meeting of the state canoeing association last Sunday saw the election of a new committee with the new President, Tony Bowman Mandurah Paddling Club.  The Executive consists of Peter Martin who will finish his two year term, and new members Rosalie Evans, Daryl Long and Grant Pepper, all from Ascot Kayak Club.

Indian Ocean Paddlers
A new paddling club has recently formed and affiliated with the state association, Canoeing Western Australia. It's for all those wishing to race and paddle on the ocean - whether their craft is a kayak or a ski.  To find out more, visit their website: <http://www.indianoceanpaddlers.com/>http://www.indianoceanpaddlers.com/  . 

The Brookfield Multiplex Classic Paddle
, from The Narrows to The Left Bank in Fremantle, to be held Sunday, 19th October. Go <http://www.clubsonline.com.au/site/index.cfm?fuseaction=display_main&OrgID=1409>here for online entries.

LandCorp wishes the best of luck to all competitors. LandCorp is a proud category sponsor of the Champion Lakes Novice Classic Paddle at this year's 2008 Brookfield Multiplex Classic Paddle - that's the short course from Point Walter to Fremantle. LandCorp is developing the 26 hectare Champion Lakes residential estate which borders the international standard water sports facility. See it at  <http://www.championlakesresidential.com.au/>www.championlakesresidential.com.au . Future plans for the development include: "white water rafting park for canoeing and kayaking." so the website states.  Fingers crossed!

The Australian National Dragon Boat Championships were held at Champion Lakes in April. 

Mainpeak Paddlesports Bay 2 Beach
Sunday, 30th November

Surf Skis, Plastic Skis, Sea Kayaks and Outriggers are welcome. This year's event will be from Mosman Bay to Cottesloe Beach, changed from Leighton Beach in the last few years. The course is 17km. Visit <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/b2b>www.wa.canoe.org.au/b2b .

New for WA: The Australian Himalayan Foundation 
Mike Wood of Mountain Designs (outdoor shops) is a long time Himalayan paddling enthusiast (amongst his other pursuits) and a former President of Swan Canoe Club.  He and others are looking to set up a Supporters Chapter in Western Australia to assist with projects such as teacher training, schools, health posts and forestry projects in the region.

"If you have an interest in helping the Himalayan people better their lives, if you have an interest in meeting like minded people who participate in these projects and if you're keen to have fun and want to meet others who have similar experiences to you, then log on to the website, <http://www.australianhimalayanfoundation.com.au>www.australianhimalayanfoundation.com.au  .  I hope that you can join us in this fantastic venture to give something back to one of the most amazing regions of the world that keeps drawing many of us back time and time again."
Mike Wood, WA Director, Australian Himalayan Foundation.

Perception Synchro double sit-on-top kayak
, any condition. Please contact Alan, 0437 306 301 or eager@iinet.net.au.

Week 3 /October
Wednesday, 29th October, 2008

Ocean Challenge Series
Sunday, 19th October: Brookfield Multiplex Classic Paddle (Results here
Saturday, 1st November: Spirit King of the Cape
Saturday, 15th November: Spirit Mandurah Classic Paddle
Sunday, 30th November: Mainpeak Bay to Beach
Sunday, 14th December: Spirit Fremantle to Mindarie Keys Relay
Saturday, 17th or Sunday, 18th January, 2009: Perth World Cup

For further info' contact Ash Nesbit, 0413 177 927 or Dean Gardiner, 0400 389 730. To enter visit <http://www.myocean.com.au> www.myocean.com.au .

Summer Slalom, Race 2
Sunday, 2nd November
To be held at Hester Park, with demonstration and practice runs at 9:00am. Entries close midday, Saturday, 1st November. Contact the new racing co-ordinator, Joy Lowther, <mailto:joylowther@yahoo.com.au>joylowther@yahoo.com.au or 0409 685 359.

Pairs Enduro
Sunday, 9th November
Something different! 19km to practise your washriding! Paddle with a partner - each pair must paddle the whole distance together in individual SINGLE crafts. All pairs must remain together (within 20 metres) at all times i.e. wash-ride their way to the finish. Times will be taken as the second paddler in the pair crosses the finish line. No pair may wash-ride another pair or any power craft at any time during the event. Finish line is at Ascot Kayak Club. A BBQ will be awaiting the last paddlers in. Sponsored by Terry Bolland's  Canoeing Down Under.

Enter by emailing for an entry form to <mailto:sammy_pilton@hotmail.com>sammy_pilton@hotmail.com or download an entry form from the <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/>AKC website.
Payment can be made on the day or by presenting the form and entry fee to Leonie at AKC on Wednesday evenings between 5.00 and 5.30pm. Entries must be in no later than 5.30 pm 5th November.

Registration: 7.30 to 8:30am at Barrett Street, Herne Hill with a race briefing at 8.45am. Start time will be at 9.00am. Any queries can be forwarded to <mailto:sammy_pilton@hotmail.com>sammy_pilton@hotmail.com or alternately to Sam Pilton (race co-ordinator), 0422  903 056.

Moore River Race, Marathon Series, #2
Sunday, 16th November
12.5km or short course, 7km. Paddle up and back past towering sand dunes, cliffs and some bush.  Registration 7:30 - 8:30am at Guilderton boat ramp. This was a new race last year and was very popular, despite the travelling time.  Some folk stayed overnight on the Saturday.

"From the Rocky Mountains to the Arctic Ocean"
Friday, 21st November, 6-7pm. 

Barry Small and fellow Canoe Trail Friends of Mandurah and Pinjarra have organised Terry Bolland to speak on his latest epic paddling adventure. It's to be held at The Waterways Centre, 21 Sholl Street, Mandurah. Members and non-members are welcome (gold coin donation, please).  Enquiries: Barry Small, 9586 9504.

New Front Page Pic
<http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/>Here's the startline for single paddle craft at The Brookfield Multiplex Classic Paddle recently. There's several hundred paddlers in that mass start and they make for quite a spectacle as they set off. Visiting Olympic gold medal paddler and nice guy, Ken Wallace, is in there somewhere!

On SALE at Mainpeak Osborne Park store, 2/94 Hector Street, 9242 8600
Clearance Prices:
3 x Perception Swing rrp $1295 SALE $999 great size SOT (sit on top) everyone in the family can use, with a free paddle.
1 x Perception Swing w/rudder rrp $1715 SALE $1299, with free paddle
1 x Perception Napali rrp $2065 SALE $1399 awesome fishing yak, super stable and huge storage, with free paddle.
2 x Perception Squirt rrp $665 SALE $450 the name says it all.
FREE paddle lesson worth $65 + FREE membership to Mainpeak Club for three years when you buy a kayak from Mainpeak. Ask in store for details.

There's more boats on sale.  Go <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/newsfl.html>here to view the list.

More Hefty Parking Fines during Avon Descent
Another Avon Descenter has informed me of a large parking fine - $60- received by her support crew on Day One of the Descent. This was for parking with the vehicle pointed in the wrong direction, "against the flow of traffic".  The car was parked in the new subdivision which is just upstream of Extracts' Weir.  There are no houses in this area, though it has been subdivided for a while and for the rest of the year there is NO traffic. Nearly all the cars there on the day, all belonging to Descent supporters, had parking fines.

What's Wrong with Kayakers?!
Here's some (oh, rather unflattering!) jokes sent in by Brad Butler - " to bring a smile to our faces".

An Avon Descent paddler had a nasty ride down the middle section of Emu Falls. After he bounced off the last rock, he rolled up and started checking out the damage. As luck would have it, his support crew were nearby and came over to ask if he's allright.
"No, it hurts everywhere!"
"Yeah, look. When I touch here (pointing to his nose) it hurts. When I touch here (pointing to his elbow) it hurts. When I touch here (pointing to his shoulder) it hurts. When I touch here..."
"Stop. I know what the problem is, your finger's broken!"

What's the difference between a kayak instructor and a large pizza?
A large pizza can feed a family of four.

A lovesick kayaker wrote to a dating service explaining that he had specific criteria for a potential mate and would not accept anyone that did not meet his standards. He went on to explain the young lady must be cute, short, enjoy cold water and paddling.
He received a reply the following week. It contained a picture of a penguin.

Q: What's the difference between an open canoeist and a catfish?
A: One has whiskers and smells bad, and the other one's a fish.

Hawkesbury Classic
1st and 2nd November, 2008
Raises funds for The Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation. From Windsor to Brooklyn, NSW, 111km overnight (full moon). A most interesting event, over the years some West Oz paddlers have made the journey to Sydney to take part.

Red Cross Murray Marathon
27th - 31st December, 404km from Yarrawonga to Swan Hill, Victoria. Dave Ahmed (formerly Swan Canoe Club) still holds the record for WWK1 in this event (set in 1991).  Entries are due by Monday, 8th December. The event has now been going for forty years. Many West Oz paddlers have completed this gruellling marathon. 

Incorrect Links in Last Issue
Mike Wood tells me the website for the Australian Himalayan Foundation is '.org" not '.com'.  So you should get through to it here:
<http://www.australianhimalayanfoundation.org.au>www.australianhimalayanfoundation.org.au .

Secondly, the story every paddler should read is here:
http://www.rapidascent.com.au/Forum/ForumMessages.aspx?t=800&o=1&e= - I had the address correct but the link was wrong. (You probably worked that out.)  Done in haste! Scroll down to the fourth post, made on 6/10/08. Thanks to Hugh for letting me know.

For Sale
Avon 3 Double kayak:
 entry-intermediate level K2. Boat is fibreglass/Kevlar, has done a few Avons but is built to last a long while yet. Asking $700, and if you offer me the asking price I'll throw in two new spray decks that fit the boat (Would retail for $120+ each). Photos online <http://www.aussiesinaction.com.au/>www.aussiesinaction.com.au look up craft 421 in this year's Avon Descent. Contact Dave Boldy <mailto:daveboldy@iinet.net.au>daveboldy@iinet.net.au 0413 986 248.

Plastic surf ski for Avon
, prefer Finn Endorphin or Spirit. Phil on 042 990 6662 or <mailto:pbrooks@multiline.com.au>pbrooks@multiline.com.au . 
Spirit CTR - or similar cross trainer style sit on top. Good condition. Call Dave 0411 816 434.
2nd hand Finn Endorphin, good condition. I am based in Perth, please call Rob 0407 992 510.

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