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Week 3 /September
Sunday, 14th September, 2008

Lost Avon Descent Gear
The gear collected by the ASU (Avon Support Unit) after the Avon Descent was largely deposited at the Brigadoon Voluntary Bush Fire Brigade at Bell's Rapid. The Avon Descent organisers, RLSSWA, then notified the owners who have collected most of that gear.  Today, Sunday, 14th September, only two Spirit surf skis were still waiting to be collected.

If you have recovered your lost items which are on my website <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/lostfnd.html>here I would be grateful if you would notify me so that they can be removed.

Wild Water Racing - World Cup Series, Tasmania, 2009
To see a professionally produced video which features the venues for the 2009 World Cup Series, Wild Water Racing, all in Tasmania: The Mersey, Brady's, Meander and Cataract Gorge, go here: <http://www.wwtv.it/eng/video%20039.html>http://www.wwtv.it/eng/video%20039.html  . (You will need to copy and paste the address as I can't get the link to work.)
The official website with all information and news is <http://www.wildwatertasmania.canoe.org.au/>here. 

2008 Australian Wildwater Championships and 2007 Australian Wildwater Schools Championships
King River, Victoria. September 19-21, 2008. Official Website is <http://www.vic.canoe.org.au/?Page=14937>here.

Sorrento Challenge
Saturday, 20th September 

Multi-sport event to be conducted at Sorrento Beach. It is the only event of its type in metropolitan Western Australia and will feature some of Australia's foremost multi-sport athletes. As well it provides an opportunity for individual and team competitors to tackle the swim-paddle-run format. 1.2km ocean swim, 7km ocean paddle, 7.5km beach/trail run. For full details go to <http://www.sorrentochallenge.com.au>www.sorrentochallenge.com.au  . 

Slalom Winter Series
"Our next race day is the Brevis Choate Memorial on Sunday, 21st September. Venue to be advised depending on Mother Nature.    <mailto:reality.check@bigpond.com>reality.check@bigpond.com ."  Nicki Pope.  (Brevis was a most active President of the canoeing association as well as a keen slalom paddler and supporter. He was tragically killed in a mountain biking accident not so long ago. This event is to remember him by.)

Brookfield Multiplex Classic Paddle
Sunday, 19th October
This very popular annual race, 12km from The Narrows to Stirling Bridge, Fremantle (plus a short course, 4km) makes for quite a spectacle as it winds its way downstream towards Fremantle. It can be a smooth passage all the way, or a major battle against the elements or something in between!  Choose your craft accordingly! Presentations afterwards are held at The Left Bank Bar and Cafe.

The Early Bird Discount is available again in 2008 for competitors that enter the race prior to 9th October. To enter click on <http://www.clubsonline.com.au/this link and go to 'Online Entry'. As always there are plenty of prizes on offer and not just for the winners. Simply competing in the event makes you eligible for the cash prize along with skis, paddles, other cash, t-shirts, dinner vouchers and other gear. Organised by Royal Life Saving to promote their....."Don't Drink and Drown" message.

Something to Keep an Eye Out For - Andrew Linton
"Andrew McAuley paddled from Tasmania to New Zealand in a sea kayak, but inexplicably died within sight of New Zealand. A documentary called 'Solo' about Andrew's preparations and expedition has been completed. It is premiering in the USA on the National Geographic Channel on 15th September, 2008 . The National Geographic has invited Andrew's widow, Vicki, their son Finlay, and her sister to New York City in September for interviews. The film will be screening in Australia on the ABC early next year."

Paddlers Wanted
Kayak guides
 for 2008/09 sea kayak season which started 1st September. Call Rivergods, 9259 0749.

Paddler for Blackwood Marathon -" We will be in it for the fitness and the memories rather than to be super competitive. Give me a call, 0429 498 219 if you're keen."

Mainpeak Paddlesports - Classes and Events
"The new programme of paddling events and paddle classes is about to get under way. There's everything from our coffee club to rolling classes.  Check out the action here or call our paddle shop, 9284 3759."

Things that go bump in the night!
Nicky Pope and Margie Jeffery send us this link to a short video of some night slalom racing with an unusual format, in Europe: <http://www.canoeworldseries.com/video/view/428>http://www.canoeworldseries.com/video/view/428 .  Margie also tells us that son, Robbie, from Ascot Kayak Club, and the Under 23s are racing in Solkan this weekend in the <http://slovakopen.canoeworldseries.com/en/news>World Open Series. Kynan Maley, who is originally from Perth's Swan Canoe Club, will be participating as well.  Results will be <http://www.mates.sk/>here.

Volunteer Organiser Wanted
Slalom Racing Co-ordinator
 - Nicky Pope is retiring. Please contact her 0400 101 775 if you want to know more about what the job entails.

Unfair Parking Tickets?
To any of the support crews who got a parking ticket at Duigee Park, Toodyay, on the first day of the Avon.

"I'm currently lobbying to get them rescinded. I believe the council stuffed up big time with the terrible parking there. We had to park about 700m from the place and still got a ticket. Contact me, Bob Bright, at <mailto:randjbright@bigpond,com>randjbright@bigpond,com with your details and I'll see what we can do as a group. "

Paddle - On the Wednesday after Avon (6th August) we did the "Valley Run" and I managed to lose my paddle in Syd's. It is a black wing with a carbon shaft and a blue foam float in the centre. It has my name "Graham" and my mobile number 0400 424 800 painted on both wings.  I am sure it would love to come home, look forward to a call . . .

Paddle ­"Sea Passage". Detachable carbon paddle -blades painted yellow and blue, grey shaft. Lost in the Day One ti trees section. Contact Xavier 0431 336 684.

Spirit scoop paddle  - Tuesday 9th September, left it on the edge of the river at Belmont boat ramp (water skiing area). I can't remember if I put my old race # from the Avon on it (#922) or not. I forget lots of things. Especially paddles Many thanks, Andrew, <mailto:astock@swg.com.au>astock@swg.com.au or 0439 963 242.

Paddle lent and not returned: "I gave a breakdown paddle to a guy (Anthony, I think) at the bottom of Championships during the Avon this year. It wasn't a great paddle (white bladed paddle, home made cut down to fit in a ski) but was handy as a backup. I asked him to contact me through your email newsletter but I haven't seen anything from him on your newsletter since the race. I was wondering if you could put something in your next newsletter asking him to contact me on <mailto:j.how@ecu.edu.au>j.how@ecu.edu.au. (Race ID 833). Thanks a lot. Cheers, Jason."

Cleaver X Sprint Kayak, carbon fibre or kevlar, good condition please call Sam 0422 903 056.

Wizard or DR Boat ­ good condition, preferably kevlar/carbon. Email Yolande <meow@unleashedpets.com.au>meow@unleashedpets.com.au or call 0400 313 426.

Second Hand Surf Ski in good condition. Surf Club Specs. I am 1.73cm and will pay cash. Please contact Kelly on 0424 584 418.

Single Ski - for Ananconda Adventure Race, any type and good condition. Contact Peter on 0400 232 482 or <mailto:peter.fisher@per.jpkenny.com.au>peter.fisher@jpkenny.com.au . 

Endorfinn racing ski - buy, borrow, lend or rent, urgently needed for Anaconda race in November and need boat now to get into ocean training. Can anyone help?  contact Paul McDonald 0412 610 194 or matthewsmcdonald@bigpond.com  . 

More Avon Descent Stories
The challenging high water level for this year's Descent has inspired more than the usual number of paddlers to share their story in pictures and words.
Amy Gluyas - kayak vs surf ski? single vs double?  Dagger Trinindad vs MI515?: an <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/avstamy08.html>entertaining novice story.
Mat - also a novice - "Avon Descent 2008 "rookie" video on youtube: <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klH8GcGoOns>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klH8GcGoOns . Mat says, "For a few chuckles," - I agree!
Hell and High Water - also a video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RUm6IjKTfE&NR=1 . As it's taken by a headcam you get a great idea as to what it was like in the high water - spills and all.

Robin Bell* sums up Olympics
"Hi All.

Thanks for all the messages through my Olympic campaign. It has been an unbelievable ride for the slalom team. 2 medals from 4 classes, awesome. The Australian slalom team is ranked 3rd in these games, behind Slovakia (3 Gold) and Germany (1 Gold). Well above France the coaches keep smiling about.

The venue was brilliant. It had a twelve thousand person capacity grandstand which was right on the white water. Most people could see ninety per cent of the course. The actual whitewater is the toughest in the world. They have written China in foot high concrete on the bottom which sends the water in random directions creating a massive challenge. The international canoeing body ICF had appealed to the Chinese officials to change it, there was no love.
The ICF set the course so we new it was going to be a relative easy gate setup on the hard variable water, they had no option. With only one wave surf in the final coach Ben and I were hoping for a little more use of the features. The water proved to be so hard and variable, mix in some Olympic pressure the big mistakes started flowing. Three medal potential athletes missed the semi final in both the men's and women's kayak.

The first big fatality in C1 was Tony Estanguet, the 2000 & 2004 Olympic Gold medalist knocked out after the semifinals. I was positioned 5th after a 2 second penalty knocked me from 2nd going into the finals. It was always going to be hard to push for gold from 5th. I knew the minor medals were achievable with a good performance. I had a good run, I was hit by the 'stir-fry' wave and dropped a bit of speed, other than that I was really happy. Dave Florence from GB followed me down and went into the lead by just under 2 seconds. He was killing me both runs from gates 6 to 9, I tried to pull some back but struggled all week through this section. I had him on all the other splits. Sitting at the finish was similar to Athens for me, my fate was in other racers' hands, somewhere I don't like to be.
I was in 2nd with 3 boats to go. Polish, Czech and Slovakian. I thought I would take the Polish, but was unsure of the Czech and knew the Slovakian was good. I watched the Polish guy loop around for gate 15, and Jezek the Czech, a good mate of mine, came unstuck on the cross from 3 to 4. Michal Martikan from Slovakia was awesome. He put down 2 fast runs that won him his 2nd Olympic Gold to go with his 2 Olympic Silvers, dating back to Atlanta, impressive.

It has been nine days since my race, and I am struggling. There has been some sickness floating around the Australian team. I had a few nights with 17 mates who watched the event. They were awesome dressed in fluoro green and gold, I could see them while warming up 600m away.

I will be back in Sydney on 26th, and I am touring the country for the welcome home parades, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth. All this happens in the third week of September. I should also be in Perth for the first week of October.

*For those new to the world of canoeing Robin Bell is from Perth and started his paddling career at Swan Canoe Club.

Week 4 /September

Saturday, 20th September, 2008

Wild Water Nationals
Grant Pepper, Dave Worthy (current State Champ) and Daryl Long , all Ascot Kayak Club members, will be participating in the Masters' Class at the Wild Water Racing in King River, Victoria. this weekend.  September 19-21. Best of luck, guys!

New Front Page Pic
<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>This is part of the popular 8km course of rapid-pool below Bridgetown, the venue for the annual Wild Water State Championships (aka. the Geegelup Cup). Paddlers in the pic are Dave Worthy (left) and Louise Sandercock, nearing the end of the course. Check out the results of the racing weekend www.ascot.canoe.org.au/

Canoe Polo Beginners' Course
Perth Canoe Polo Club will be running a one day beginners' course on 2nd November at Scotch College from 9:30am to 4:30pm. The cost, $150 for adults and $100 for juniors, includes coaching, all equipment supplied, pool hire fees, and three months' membership to Perth Canoe Polo Club. Club gear is available at no further cost for members to take part in our B Grade Competitons. Participants will require some basic paddling ability for this course. Contact Peter Ross at <mailto:ppppeter@iinet.net.au>ppppeter@iinet.net.au for further information.

Lost and Found
 in Day 1 ti-trees: Stealth medium carbon\kevlar breakdown paddle. Found in same spot, 2 x aluminium shaft, plastic, single blade canoe paddles. Call Paddy 9309 2725.

19th September: Paddy says, "I went up this morning to look for my Stealth break down paddle near the end of Day One ti-trees. The river gods gave me two aluminium shaft, single black plastic blade canoe paddles back (also a whistle) but they decided to keep my Stealth until I try again (unless someone else has found it). The water was flowing a little, enough to tip you over but not enough to paddle. If the owners want them back, call me on 9309 2725, otherwise they will be donated to the Ascot Club."

World Canoe Marathon Championships
Currently being held in Czech Republic. Go here - http://www.canoemar.cz/2008/main.php  .
And the results are here - <http://www.canoemar.cz/2008/results.php>http://www.canoemar.cz/2008/results.php  .
News of the Australians over there is <http://www.marathon.canoe.org.au/?Page=15458>here .

Ascot Kayak Club AGM
The new executive for 2008-09 consists of  President, Leonie Cockman; Vice President, Shayne Hamilton; Treasurer, Rebecca Crawford and Secretary, Amanda Thompson.

Canoeing Down Under - Basic Flatwater Skills Course
Sunday, 12th October, 9am-midday.
 Learn the correct techniques from the start. Also, Terry says,  "This is a fun day kayaking and an opportunity to meet other people." $60.00 with own boat. $75.00 boat supplied. Private lessons available Saturday morning. More info' or to reserve a place: 9378 1333.

Canoeing Down Under - Saturday Morning Fitness Training
Due to start soon. It's for all levels of paddler. Contact Terry if you're interested: 9378 1333.

On Sale at Mainpeak Paddlesports
1. Perception Contour 450 RRP $1975 SALE price $1499 1 left
2. Perception Ecobezhig RRP $2895 SALE price $2295 2 left
3. RIOT Litespeed HV RRP $2195 SALE price $1749
4. Feathercraft Canada Kahuna RRP $4800 SALE price $1999
The store is at 2A Railway Street, Cottesloe WA 6011
Ph: (08) 9284 3759

Forgot the link in last week's news: Mainpeak Paddlesports - "Classes and Events" are <http://www.paddle.com.au/waterevents.aspx>here .

For Sale
Dekked Out Adventures
 are selling the following boats from their fleet:

1.       Dagger Apostle with rudder (sit in)-blue/white 5yrs old - $1200
3.       Dagger Cayman x 2 (sit on)- 1x blue/white, 1 x red,  4yrs old - $400ea
4.       Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 (sit on)- blue/white 4yrs old - $650
5.       Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160 with rudder (sit on), red - $1400
6.       Finn Shockwave (sit on)-turquoise 1yr old - $400

Contact John 0428 943 483 or <mailto:john@dekkedout.com.au>john@dekkedout.com.au . 

Spirit Surf Ski
 (with adjustable foot settings) up to $500. Phone Jeremy 0411 589 992.
Slalom (racing) kayak, in good condition. Contact Dave on 0402 043 594 or at <mailto:davestephens@iinet.net.au>davestephens@iinet.net.au .
Ace 515 Double plastic (sit in) Kayaks for addition to fleet used for Youth Camps. Ex Avon Descent would be ideal, need to be in good condition. Please email Steve and Jo at <mailto:smpjmp@bigpond.net.au>smpjmp@bigpond.net.au.
Canadian Canoe - second hand. I live in the south west and am keen to paddle the many rivers in the region. <mailto:aaronellis@westnet.com.au>aaronellis@westnet.com.au .

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