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Week 1 /April
Thursday, 2nd April, 2009

School Holiday Courses: Canoe Slalom
Tuesday 14th ­ Friday, 17th April
Swan Canoe Club, Mosman Park
Two school holiday courses for youngsters ten years and older are being presented by Canoeing Western Australia and the WA Slalom Technical Committee. The coach will be Australian Institue of Sport slalom coach, Zlatan Ibrahimbegovic who has recently returned to WA after spending many years as coach for the Australian slalom teams based at Penrith Whitewater Stadium in Sydney.

Introductory Course: 9:30-11:00am
For absolute beginners. Though canoe slalom is a white water sport the basic skills of boat control are learned initially on flat water, such as at Swan Canoe Club. All interested young folk, ten years and older and who can swim are invited to come along. All equipment can be provided.

A more advanced course for those who already participate in slalom will be held afterwards. Current paddlers from Ascot and Swan should talk to their coaches as soon as possible if interested as numbers are limited.

Course fees: $90 CWA members; $100 fnon-members. For bookings and further information, please call Canoeing WA,  9285 8501, or  <mailto:ash.nesbit@canoe.org.au>ash.nesbit@canoe.org.au or call Margaret Jeffery 9293 1909 or Marion Ewing 9384 1692. 

Canning Classic
Monday, 13th April (Easter Monday)

All paddle craft welcome, 4 boats to make a class.
Race distance 12 km, Guppy course 4km
Registration 7:30 - 8:30am on the east side of Riverton Bridge in the gazebo
Race start  8:45am
Entry Fees: $25 Adult (CWA member); $30 Adult (non-members);
 $15 Juniors U16 and Guppies (CWA member); $20 non-members

There's good prizes and all entrants receive a ticket for a major Lucky Prize draw of two nights' accommodation at Preston Beach Holiday House for up to four people, valued at $240. Every paddler receives a hamburger and drink after the race. Hamburgers and drinks are also available for purchase. Enquiries: Christian or Judith Thompson, 9457 4530, or <mailto:Judith.thompson@iinet.net.au>Judith.thompson@iinet.net.au .

Rod Fry Memorial Race
Sunday, 26th April

This is a friendly race morning at Swan Canoe Club suitable for everyone, with distances to suit all skill levels: 3km, 6km or 12km. As well there's raffles, spot prizes, a sausage sizzle, cakes and refreshments.
All classes (kayaks and skis, single and double) and age groups from 14-16yrs juniors to 55+ are available, subject to sufficient numbers.
Registration: 6:45-8:00am
Briefing: 8:15am
First grid: 9:00am
Entry Fees: $15 (CWA members); $20 (non members)
More info' is available at SCC's <http://www.swan.canoe.org.au>website. 
Major Sponsor: Mainpeak Paddlesports

Collie River Canoe Slalom Camp
The WA slalom group is holding a two day camp for advanced junior paddlers on the Collie River over the Easter school holidays, 20th and 21st April. A course of gates will be set up beforehand on the white water below Wellington Dam. Participants will attend two intensive sessions per day. Coaches are Zlatan Ibrahimbegovich (see above) and Robbie Jeffery who is briefly in WA from Penrith. If you don't already have the more detailed info on this then contact the slalom group as above, in the first item of newsletter.

Collie Paddlers on Postcards
Did you catch the Postcards WA episode on the Collie River?  A few paddlers happened to be down there and were included in the footage used on the show. It's on the net at: <http://westernaustralia.tv/video/230>http://westernaustralia.tv.video/230 .  

Yellow boat paddler is Glenn Rogers, the blue boat is Kelvin Lewis and the half yellow/half blue boat is Martin Burgoyne. John Leyendekkers from Bunbury Dekked Out Adventures is also featured.

2009 Hydro Tasmania Wildwater World Cup 
This will be held in Tasmania from October 24 - November 7 this year. The entire six race series is to be held there and it will be the most prestigious paddling event yet to be held in Tasmania. Canoe Tasmania is now looking for volunteers to take on roles to help organise and run this event.

Whilst most volunteers are expected to be Tasmanians, there may be some folk available from WA accompanying paddlers.  "Some of the roles are simply "on-the-day" whereas others will involve pre-event planning starting now. Some roles cover the whole six race series, while others can be done by different people at different races."

If you are interested in helping out, or would like more details, please contact John Borojevic, <mailto:john.borojevic@infrastructure.gov.au>john.borojevic@infrastructure,gov.au or Andrea McQuitty, <mailto:tasmania2009@canoe.org.au>tasmania2009@canoe.org.au .

More details about the World Cup can be found on the event website at http://www.wildwatertasmania.canoe.org.au/ .
- Stewart Bennett

Avon Information Evening - Canoeing Down Under
7:30pm, Monday, 20th April

Mark this date in your diary to hear Avon guru, Terry Bolland, talk to you about everything you need to know for the Avon Descent: amongst other things, your equipment, training on flat and white water, food and drink and the event itself. Booking is essential, @ 9378 1333. Entry is $5 donation to the CDU junior fund. 

Capel Descent
Sunday, 21st June, 2009

This 15km race, part river, part ocean now has an updated website.  Go here: <http://www.capeldescent.com>http://www.capeldescent.com  . The contact is <mailto:peter@capeldescent.com>peter@capeldescent.com . 

Anyone for a Paddle?
But you'd better be quick before it all goes. Two locations: <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/aaronlakesa.jpeg>here 
and <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/atOpthalm.jpeg>here.*

Interesting Links: Keep your eye on these . . .
Devizes to Westminster Race: http://www.dwrace.org.uk/results/2009/Results/OverallClassResults.html
From 10th - 13th April.  Participating are AKC members Grant Pepper and Dan Hocking (Entry No.314) in the Senior Double, non-stop race with about 150 craft and Leonie Cockman (Entry No. 224) in the Senior Single race over the four days, about 40 entrants, only seven of whom are female. Just in case you want to keep your eye on their progress! We wish them the best of luck.

Paddling Around Australia: Freya Hoffmeister
She's now reached Cairns. Her trip website is regularly updated with pics and text - http://qajaqunderground.com/australia-2008/race-around-australia-trip-report/  . 

Double Plastic sit in Kayak
 in good condition, MI 515 or similar. Please call Julian 0400 608 228 or Lance 0409 426 484.
Finn Multisport or Endorfinn in good condition.  PFD also needed. Contact Chris 0423 843 978.

* SA's Lower Murray lakes (Lake Alexandrina) and aerial view of Pilbara floods, near Nullagine  (Photos courtesy of Aaron Gove and Tony Bowman.)

Week 3 /April
Thursday, 16th April, 2009

Devizes to Westminster
Our local paddlers, Leonie Cockman, Grant Pepper and Daniel Hocking have all completed this gruelling UK race and have done very well.  Check their results for yourself <http://www.dwrace.org.uk/results/2009/Results/results.html>here.  "Senior Doubles" for the guys and "Senior Singles" for Leonie.

From Mick Gerritsen, 13th April
"I happened to be pretty close to the fires burning near Kelmscott yesterday and noticed the choppers weren't going too far to refill... it turns out <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/Champhelicop.jpeg>Champion Lakes is good for more than just kayaking."

For Multisport Competitors/Ocean Paddlers
Tony Bowman, President, Canoeing WA informs us of an upcoming multisport race at Coogee Beach on Sunday, 19th April, the last metropolitan event before the season ending Busselton Half Ironman - The Coogee Beach Triathlon + An Ocean Adventure: add an extra section - a ski paddle leg as an option. The event is open to both individuals and teams. <mailto:sportsperformance@iinet.net.au>Email for more info and entry form.

Synergy Surf Skis from Custom Kayaks
Check out the excellent review on <http://www.surfski.info/content/view/869/156/>http://www.surfski.info/content/view/869/156/ . If you wish to try one out please give me a call -  Steve 0438 993 426 or <mailto:floyds1@iinet.net.au>floyds1@iinet.net.au .

Visiting NY Paddler
Belinda Ber: "I am fortunate enough to be working in Perth for the month of May. As a native New Yorker, (New York City has amazing kayaking) and avid paddler I am greatly looking forward to touring the native waters around Perth." 
If you have any paddles planned with a spare kayak that Belinda would be able to join in on please let me know. She would be interested in any touring type paddle that will allow her to explore Perth and its surrounds, or if you have a spare kayak that you would be happy to lend Belinda that would be great as well.
She has also very kindly made a reciprocal offer to anyone visiting New York in the future to contact her, and she will lead you on some of her favourite paddles in the New York area.
Please contact Ty if you can help (<mailto:ty@precisionpaddling.com.au>ty@precisionpaddling.com.au).

In case you've missed the publicity: ABC1 TV's documentary on Andrew McAuley's tragic attempt at paddling alone to New Zealand is on tonight, 8:30pm.

John Sims Race, Ascot Kayak Club
Sunday, 3rd May; Registration 8:00-9:00am
11.5km & Guppy courses
There's a festive atmosphere at this popular race for all classes of craft and age groups. Beginners are encouraged to come along and give it a go. There's cash prizes for fastest male and female, senior and junior paddlers, PLUS heaps of other prizes for lucky participants - you don't have to be a winner, just get lucky! AKC is renowned for the variety and quality of the eats available after the race so don't plan to rush home.

You must enter <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/>online. There will be no entries on the day. More info is available on the <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/>AKC website. Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under.

But Before Then . . .
Sunday,19th April, Pinjarra to Ravenswood Marathon,
17km. Registation: 8:45-9:45am@ Henry Street boat ramp.
Sunday, 26th April, Rod Fry Memorial Race: 3, 6 or 12km downstream from Swan Canoe Club and return. Registration: 6:45-8:00am.

Mainpeak Paddlesports Easter Sale Continues . . .
See below under "Avon Descent".

Paddle left behind in South Perth car park (near the Causeway) about four weeks ago. Anyone out there found it? Please contact <mailto:sally_wynn@hotmail.com>sally_wynn@hotmail.com .  

Jesse Phillips
now has a BLOG on the precision paddling website: http://www.precisionpaddling.com.au/athlete%20blog/index.html .

Dagger RPM 
or similar play boat up to $500- for Easter.  Phone Mike on 0404 252 378.

Epic V10 L Ultra - contact Geoff, <mailto:geoff.mclean@bigpond.com>geoff.mclean@bigpond.com or 0427 080 208.

Finn Endorfinn, Multisport or similar in good condition. Contact Geraint 0427 886 059.
PFD for 85kg male
, preferably near new condition. Contact Chris, 0423 843 978.

Avon Descent
Entries open 17th May. Below is more info on courses and info evenings to be held by those in the know as well as equipment specials by retailers. If you're new to this event or are looking to upgrade equipment you should check these out:

Avon Descent Information Night - Precision Paddling
Monday, 20th April, 6:30-8:00pm

Join us for this FREE Information Session covering all aspects in preparing for this fantastic event. We will advise you on the what the race entails, equipment required, training and race specific preparations. Bring your support crew along for the session as we will cover important points on their assistance over the race weekend.
To be held at Spirit Paddle Sports, 20 Sundercombe St, Osborne Park. Reservations essential: please email <mailto:ty@precisionpaddling.com.au>ty@precisionpaddling.com.au
Further dates and sessions are available at <http://www.precisionpaddling.com.au/>www.precisionpaddling.com.au.

Avon Descent Information Evening - Canoeing Down Under
Monday, 20th April, 7:30pm
You will get to know everything about preparing for the Avon Descent: equipment, training flat water & white water, food & drink, the event itself and much more. Please RSVP 9378 1333; booking is essential. $5 donation to the CDU Junior Fund (which helps parents of aspiring paddling champions to send the youngsters interstate).

For Canoeing Down Under related news, paddling tips, product specials, paddling courses, stories, Avon Descent info, etc., <http://www.canoeingdownunder.com.au/>subscribe to the Canoeing Down Under Newsletter.

Mainpeak Paddlesports Avon Descent Flat Water Training Course
Due to popular demand Mainpeak are conducting an extra course: Thursday, 23rd April for four weeks and it includes the competency test. This is for you if you're a complete beginner! From 5:30-7:30pm.

Mainpeak Paddlesports Easter Sale Continues . . .
until 25th April and while stocks last. There's still heaps of bargains. All of the ex demo kayaks are on SALE as well as other stock, check the Mainpeak Paddlesports 
<http://www.paddle.com.au/>home page for the brochure. There's a wide range of craft available; this is not just for Avon Descenters! Both Cottesloe 9284 3759 and Osborne Park stores 9242 8600. 

Great Avon Descent Kayaks @ Canoeing Down Under
 special, $1310;
Pyranha Speeder $1950;
For other specials check details on <http://www.canoeingdownunder.com.au/>web site.

Week 4 /April
Friday, 24th April, 2009

Kalbarri Canoe and Cray Carnival
Sunday, 31st May

Here's a fun filled family day to be held over the Foundation Day long weekend. Kids and oldies can take part in relay and individual canoe races, some novelty, and including the Murchison River Dash marathon event of 18km, from Murchison House Station to the finish line at Kalbarri.  As well there's "Pirates of the Murchison" (What is this? Find out <http://www.kalbarriwa.info/accom_result1/kalbarri-canoe-cray-carnival/>here.) which sounds just the thing for fun loving youngsters and even those 'not so young' any more! As well there will be market stalls, rides, lots of food available and the crayfish cook up in the evening, with musical entertainment.   
Check out the <http://www.kalbarriwa.info/accom_result1/kalbarri-canoe-cray-carnival/>website for more detail. Be quick to <http://www.kalbarriwa.info/>book your accomodation for this weekend. 

2009 Paddle Challenge 
Sunday, 17th May
Entries are now open for this upstream from Bayswater (near Garratt Road Bridge) and return race of three different lengths: 18km (long), 11km (short) or 7km (guppy/novice). Go <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/?Page=16656>here to enter online.

Registration: 7:30-9:00am; Briefing: 9:10am; Start: 9:30am

After the race presentations the official opening of entries for the 2009 Avon Descent will take place, around 11:30am. In addition, the official opening of the Bayswater Paddlesports Club will be conducted.

Presented by Be Active

A little bit of news from Canoe Polo . . .
Jenni Schutze and Nikky Lee went to the Australian Canoe Polo Championships in Sydney last weekend (photo of Jenni scoring a goal is <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/canpoljen09.jpeg>here). The girls played in a draft women's team and managed a bronze medal. They were also both (unofficially) selected for the Australian Team for the up coming Oceania Championships to be held in Sydney in October.

The 2010 Canoe Polo National Championships
will be held in Perth at Easter, so now is the time for all aspiring polo players to start training. In particular, we need players for WA Junior, Youth and Women's teams. Come down to Beatty Park on a Wednesday evening and get involved. Mark Schutze

Paddle for Starlight Children's Foundation
Saturday, 2nd May, 7:30am
Join us for our Group Training session, and all session fees will go to the Starlight Children's Foundation to assist with their annual appeal. It would be great to see as many paddlers down at Banks Reserve, East Perth to show your support. Oh, and you'll benefit from a great training session that will improve your performance on the water. To register, email <mailto:ty@precisionpaddling.com.au>ty@precisionpaddling.com.auSession cost: $10 + any additional donation you would like to make.

White Water Park News
Canoeing WA is currently negotiating with Water Minister Graham Jacobs' Principal Policy Advisor, re Water Corporation contributing funds for the white water park proposed for Champion Lakes. Water Corporation promised to replace the lost Harvey International Slalom Course which was lost when they built they Harvey Dam. They have not honoured their promise. We are asking people to email the Minister expressing their concern. If you want more information on this please email me on <mailto:thorpec@icenet.com.au>thorpec@icenet.com.au.

Ron Farris Real Estate is currently seeking companies interested in developing the white water park proposed for Champion Lakes. Contact person is paddler Trevor Longwood. 936 77 888

Australian Canoeing has applied for Federal funds for the white water park.

Colin Thorpe
White Water Park spokesperson
Canoeing WA

Indian Ocean Paddlers, Race Two
Saturday, 25th April; Registration - 2:30-2:45pm

The ANZAC day event is a 4+km loop, the same course as last time. C Grade - 12.5km; A & B - 17km. At this stage light offshore winds are forecast, S at 10 knots.

Prizes will go to the first three paddlers with the biggest percentage increase on the winner's time. Only paddlers from the previous race will be eligible for prizes and you must also be at the presentations at Salt on the Beach afterwards. In addition, there will be one random draw at this event, the winner to receive a Spirit voucher . . . in other words stay back for a beer, wine or softy and remember the Diggers! Remember, 60% of any money raised on the day will go to a Returned Servicemen's Club (To be nominated).

Again, thanks to Spirit Paddle Sports and Salt on the Beach for providing our prizes for the day and the discounts on food and drinks. P.S Don't forget to collect your Salt discount voucher at registration! Ash Nesbit

More info, including map of the course, available on CWA website <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/default.asp?Page=16747>here.

Synergy Surf Skis from Custom Kayaks
Check out the excellent review on http://www.surfski.info/content/view/869/156/ . If you wish to try one out please give me a call -  Steve 0438 993 426 or <mailto:floyds1@iinet.net.au>floyds1@iinet.net.au .

Summer Slalom
Sunday, 26th April
Race 5 of the summer series is to be at Swan Canoe Club in the afternoon to allow for tides. Contact <mailto:joylowther@yahoo.com.au>Joy, to register.
Welcome to all the new TID's from Swan, looking forward to meeting you and hope you have a good day watching the racing and having a go yourselves. There will be a barbeque after the races - this is a very social race so bring along goodies for the BBQ and enjoy the wonderful location. Presentaions will follow the race. 

Down River Series Starts Soon
First race is the Ascot Buoys Race, Sunday, 9th May.  It's a short course involving manouvres around buoys, at Ascot Kayak Club. More details later. Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under.

Canadian Canoe Safety Tips
Came across <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/canadsafety.html>this shortlist of do's and don'ts for open Canadian canoeists.  There's lots of other tips on this site as well, for paddlers of other craft .  The site is Canadian, <http://www.mec.ca>Mountain Equipment Co-op, but is mostly applicable to WA. From the home page, go to "Learn", then "Watersports", then choose your topic. (Note: I've had to reproduce the Canoe Safety list onto my site as the link would not work.)

Low Water on the Blackwood
This came from Steve Sutherland in Bunbury:

"Have been leading senior (high school) outdoor ed classes from above Sunnyside (about 15km above Bridgetown) through to Rocky Bluff in Canadians since 1998 . . . we have just ( a few weeks back - Robyn) finished taking three overnight camps in the lowest water yet: two canoes bent and one destroyed. Learnt a whole new set of lines through rapids and ti-trees, sometimes the hard way!"

"Over the many years we have used this stretch we have named the rapids and ti-tree sections using local names and our imaginations for reference purposes."

Below is a list of Steve's names with those I've used on my website, <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/blackwrbrdgdwn.html>here(in green) to identify the river features.  Interesting to find out how others view the same thing!

From the bridge:
(1 - Corner)
CV, after the "Cultural Vandal" that sawed out the fencepost (2 - Narrow Chute)
Haystacks (3 - The Haystack)
Ledge (4 - The Big V)
Pumphouse (5 - Photographer's Rapid)
Elbow (6 - The Trees)  
Blind Alley 
(7 - Rock in the Middle at the Bottom)
Twins, two small drops (8 - Current through trees)
Big Rock (9 - The Chalets)
The Sweeper (10 - Fast current through trees)
Rollercoaster (11 - Very fast current with hole)
Rocky Bluff exit (12 - Take-out)

I've just added a new page <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/blackwdhay.html>here with pics and notes on The Haystack.  More to come for the other Blackwood rapids on this stretch.

Found . . .
in my boat after car shuffle after the Pinjarra-Ravenswood race, a camel back, paddling leggings and a beach towel. Very classy gear.The rich chick that lost them can ring me 0408 933 482 and we can arange a discrete meeting. Ha Ha. Dave

Rod Fry Race -Sunday, 26th April
; Registration - 6:45-8:00am. 3km, 6km or 12km from Swan Canoe Club downstream and return. Sponsored by Mainpeak Paddlesports.
John Sims Race - Sunday, 3rd May; Resgistration - 7:30-8:45am. Long course 12km from Ascot Kayak Club upstream and return, short courses as well. Enter <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/>online before 11:30pm, 30th April.  No entries on the day. Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under.

For Sale
Finn Multisport - excellent condition, never used on whitewater. $1,000 firm with Solution spraydeck. Mike 0433 117 463.

Spirit Cross Trainer/
Recreational Fitness SKI ( CTR SKI) -  secondhand. Call Kev 0408 029 277
2 to 3 person Canoe - secondhand, all considered. Call Kev 0408 029 277

2 fishing kayaks for under $500 if possible. Pls phone Mason on 0438 928 709.

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