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Week 2 /August
Monday, 10th August, 2009

Peel Region Canoe Week Plus
Below is a brief outline of all the events to be held and a contact number for that event.  Email Barry, <mailto:beejays@tadaust.org.au>beejays@tadaust.org.au for a detailed programme.

Saturday - Sunday, 22nd - 23rd August
Murray White Water Festival - lots of white water thrills and spills. Great for spectators if you're not a serious playboater. Go <http://www.murraywhitewaterfestival.com>here for all the details.
Saturday, 5th September
Free Come 'n Try - paddling, 0419 885 710/dragon boating, 0412 848 408/outrigger canoeing, 0428 468 884
Swiftwater Awareness - prepare for course to be held, Saturday, 12th September. Dwellingup Adventures, 9538 1127.
Nanga Challenge Practice Session for event, 12th September - see website <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/?ID=11122>here for details.
Sunday, 6th September
Free Come 'n Try paddling - 0419 885 710
Monday , 7th September
Free Seniors' Paddle: over 55s, 9586 1408
Tuesday, 8th September
Free River Paddle (byo fish 'n chips lunch), 9586 9504
Wednesday, 9th September
Free Sea Paddle -  Shoalwater area - byo craft, 9586 9504
Free Seniors' Paddle: over 55s, 9582 8675
Thursday, 10th September
Free Paddle: Vietnam Vets and Ex Defence Force Personnel, 0417 984 948
Free Time Trial: Mandurah Paddling Club, 0419 048 467
Friday, 11th September
Free Come 'n Try Canoe Polo, 0419 885 710
Free Presentation by canoeing legend, Terry Bolland, " Kayaking the Kimberley", 9586 9504.
Saturday, 12th September
Swift Water Awareness Course, Dwellingup Adventures, 9538 1127
Nanga Challenge - annual multisport <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/?ID=11122>event at Lane Poole Reserve - Ascot Kayak Club
Free Come 'n Try: dragon boating, 0412 848 408
Sunday, 13th September
Free All Clubs Finale Event: paddle, sausage sizzle and 'lucky' participation prizes. 0419 885 710

Activities at Champion Lakes, Armadale
Beginners' Lessons
: the Champion Lakes Boating Club (CLBC) is running a series of beginners' kayak lessons, 22nd August and 5th September. They are looking forward to seeing local enthusiastic people utilise the great facilities at Champion Lakes Regatta centre while they learn how to paddle safely. Contact Robyn Brown, 9390 7051 or <mailto:robyn.brown@ara.wa.gov.au>robyn.brown@ara.wa.gov.au .
Seniors' Day: 26th October - displays and activities to promote opportunities available to this section of the community. Contact: Daniel Cain, 9399 0652.
Day of Disability: 3rd December - displays, activities and workshops to inform the disabled of "accessible and inclusive activities that people can engage in." Others are welcome to this free event as visitors or if they wish to have a display or activity.  Contact: Daniel Cain, 9399 0652.

To Middle Murray Paddlers
Re: Access to rapids

Roger Smith has important info' regarding short and long term access to the Middle Murray.  There's a letter from the Senior Ranger <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/midmurrletter.html>here, which includes this paragraph:

"The land tenure along Rapids road is a Conservation Reserve so it is land that is managed for conservation values and hence has minimal public facilities and preferably minimal recreational impacts. The draft Lane Poole Reserve Management Plan is currently open for public submissions. I strongly recommend that you and your user group get hold of the draft plan and read it. We have copies at the Dwellingup office or copies can be downloaded online from the DEC website."

Register Yourself
Paddlers wishing to access Rapids Road in the short term need to register with a ranger at Dwellingup, but for full details read the letter. 

Freya Hoffmeister and "Race Around Australia"
Terry Bolland will be giving land support for this incredible paddler's paddle past the Zuytdorpf Cliffs, from Steep Point at Shark Bay to Kalbarri, on her way circumnavigating the continent.  This paddle is up to 200km long, with no landing spots until 175km and only then if conditions are favourable.

To view her progress go <http://qajaqunderground.com/freyas-blog/>here.

Can you help?
Freya is looking for reliable land support from Kalbarri to Augusta. Terry is organising folk who might have a week or two to spare over the next several weeks. Contact him, <mailto:terry@canoeingdownunder.com.au>terry@canoeingdownunder.com.au, or phone the shop, 9378 1333,  if you'd like to help out. The aim is for the land crew to carry some of the gear Freya needs so as to lighten the load in the kayak.

Slalom State Champs
Sunday, 9th August, Walyunga National Park

Results will be <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/default.asp?Page=5746&MenuID=DISCIPLINES/383/0/>here.

Collie Descent - Oops!
Marty says the distance of the Collie Descent, Saturday, 15th August,  is 16.5km, not what was stated previously - when he measured it initially he didn't notice the Google ruler was set in miles.

Walyunga National Park - top car park road closed
5th August: The Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) wishes to advise that there has been a soil subsidence under the access road to Boongarup Pool in Walyunga National Park. In the interest of public safety the road is closed until repairs can be undertaken. . . Even though the access road to Boongarup Pool is closed, Walyunga Pool and picnic area is still accessible. . . DEC apologises for any inconvenience caused. For further information please contact Paul Udinga or Jamie Ridley at the DEC Perth Hills District office, 9295 9100.

Spirit wing paddle
 at Hillary's Marina, Friday 31/07/09. Bob, 0403 844 136.
Black wing paddle with smart shaft, no stickers, but looks like a Spirit
Tyronsea paddle - white blades and shaft
Carbon nose cone, possibly off a PRS.
All found at Bell's. Contact Warren 9252 0361 or 0407 423 060.

Canon Digital Camera in blue/grey soft carry case. 
At Extracts Weir Day 1 Avon ~ 11:30 am. If found please call Mike 0409 107 094 or
<mailto:Mike.haederle@riotinto.com>Mike.haederle@riotinto.com .
Rhino canoe roof carrier 
- half of the pair, lost - probably on Cobbler's Pool road 2/8/09. Neal 9312 1953
2 SKEE carbon paddles: white blades - one has black handle, one has blue handle, lost at Emu Falls Sunday 2nd August. No numbers on. Please Phone / Msg Josh, 0404 982 686.
Stealth carbon epoxy paddle 
with a carbon shaft and a yellow piece of tape in the centre of the shaft stuck on so a tag hangs off it at Syds on day two - some letters from the stealth carbon epoxy sticker on the inside of the blades are missing - please contact me on 0438 940 120 if anyone has found it - I will swap it for my carbon Lettman as it doesnt suit me
Bratcha IV paddle, Black carbon fibre blades , smart shaft, yellow tape on left side of shaft . lost on day 2 of Avon, in Ti trees after Moondyne Please  call Mike 0423 552 890.  Thanks.
- Lost 2nd day Avon 09, at Emus (of course). Carbon shaft and blades, silver tape middle of shaft, red tape at hand length, silicone where blades join shaft. Has a Finn Kayaks sticker on each blade. A reward if found, pls phone or text, 0412 227 554, Mark.
Black wing paddle with Canoeing Down Under stickers - lost at Bells when water was very high. Name and phone number on blades. Has probably floated downstream. Warren 9252 0361/ 0407 42 3060.

Wavesport Project 65
 - contact Jason on 0414262285 or <mailto:bishjb@hotmail.com>bishjb@hotmail.com
2nd hand carbon touring paddle
 with adjustable feather - suit low angle style. 215cm+  Matt 0409 684 067 or <mailto:mattchecksfield@hotmail.com>mattchecksfield@hotmail.com .
Interceptor "Glide" Surf ski or a Dolphin "Dominator 580" ski 
to suit a guy 182 cm or about 6 feet. Please contact Ian Garthwaite,
<mailto:iangarthwaite@bigpond.com>iangarthwaite@bigpond.com or 0438 081 452.
Epic V10 "Performance" or "Ultra" Molokai ski. 
Please contact Ian Garthwaite,
<mailto:iangarthwaite@bigpond.com>iangarthwaite@bigpond.com or 0438 081 452.

For Sale
Mako 6, 
glass Molokai ski, good condition$1550. 
Dominator, all kevlar, light and stable kayak. $900
Arrow 1
(Lancer hull) carbon/Kevlar 10.5 kg 1 Avon $990 needs some TLC. Phone Paul 9331 4565.

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