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Week 1 /December

Friday, 4th December, 2009

Freya Hoffmeister: The Last Stage
This intrepid paddler has started the last leg of her around-Australia odyssey, 805km, from Victor Harbor to Queenscliffe, the start/finish. 

Brad Butler of SA Marathon tells us, "What a fantastic night in Victor Harbor last night as Encounter Paddling hosted this legendary adventure paddler. A lucky few got to paddle with her on Wednesday afternoon and a small crowd saw her launch at 6:15am this morning." For the story and some pics of her Victor Harbor (close to Adelaide) arrival and evening spent with local paddlers go to SA Marathon's <http://www.mcc.canoe.org.au/>website and Encounter Paddling's  <http://www.encounter.canoe.org.au/>website.  

For Ocean Paddlers
Perth hosts the Doctor Surf Ski World Cup 
 on 16th and 17th January next year. That's two races: on Saturday it's Rottnest - Hillarys Marina or vice versa, depending on the weather, and on Sunday there's the Teams Relay (2 or 4): Fremantle - Hillarys Marina. Cash and prizes to be won. For more information and registration details visit <http://www.oceanpaddler.com/>here.

Be Warned . . .
"Last night I was just turning on to Guildford Road when I noticed a police car behind me with lights flashing. I pulled over wondering what offence I may have committed.  They said they were concerned about the overhang of my craft (a Spirit PRS) which I have only recently got. As it turned out, I was actually just over the 1200mm limit but fortunately was just given a warning. They advised that the fine for exceeding this is $400.  So just a word of warning to other paddlers to be sure of how much overhang especially if you upgrade to a longer craft. Its a big fine!" Frank Patterson

Transporting Your Kayak/Ski
*For those who are not aware of the official rules they can be found <http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/mediaFiles/lic_IB-117B.pdf>here. They are based on tradesmen's vehicles and loads but are the closest to our craft situation, I have been advised by the state government's licensing department. In short, the length of the craft that you may carry on your roof rack depends on the length of your car, but the rear overhang may never be more than 1200mmIt's less for small cars; find out how much less by referring to the link. ("In no case must the rearward projection beyond the vehicle's rear axle exceed 60% of the vehicle's wheelbase.") 

Those who transport craft on a trailer can read those rules <http://www.dpi.wa.gov.au/mediaFiles/lic_IB-107A.pdf>here.

In November, 2007, I also contacted the WA Police and received this reply:

"Clause 11 of Division 4 of Schedule 1 of The Road Traffic (Vehicle Standards) Regulations 2002 allows for a maximum projection of any load of 1.2m from the rear of a vehicle. This distance must be measured between two vertical lines at right angles to the rear of the vehicle and the end of the load.

The regulations further state where any portion of the load projects in such a manner it would not be readily visible to any person following immediately behind the vehicle, the driver of the vehicle must- mark the load with a brightly coloured piece of material or at night-time a red light. Regards, Dave Eggett, Acting Sergeant 6242, Project Officer, Traffic Policy Unit.  Ph: 9222 1091; Fax : 9222 1766; Email: <mailto:dave.eggett@police%20wa.gov.au>dave.eggett@police wa.gov.au . "

*Largely reprinted from WA Paddling News, November, 2007. (I will also add the above info to my website shortly.)

Lots of New Stock at Canoeing Down Under
Terry advises that CDU has a container of kayaks and skis just arrived from South Africa. In it there are several kevlar kayaks, K1s, K2s, Guppy K1s, Guppy K2s, Double Skis and Single Skis. There's  this year's winning Avon Descent K2, second place K2 and third place K2. They also have the third place K1 and five different K1s with varying stabilities.

Also there's a ski that is 5.2m long, the same length as a K1.  Being a shorter ski it is better for storing and carrying on the car and you should be able to race it against the K1s. For those ski paddlers who want to paddle double, CDU has double skis in stock as well.

Paddlers with children, the Guppy is a great Christmas gift!

CDU also stocks Epic Skis and Epic K1 kayaks.

Bell's Bushland
Several concerned paddlers forwarded me an email from the Bells Rapids Preservation Group which is even more concerned than ever that the subdivision and housing development will be going ahead in that area with, they regard, ineffective mitigation plans for the endangered Carnaby's Black Cockatoo habitat. And this is after the Federal Environment Minister Peter Garratt has viewed the development proposal. For the update go <http://www.bellsrapids.com>here. There's a petition to sign as well, if you want to keep the bush at Bell's.

Epic Adventure Training
Saturday morning training with Guy Power is on 5th and 12th December at Hillary's Boat Harbour, 7:15am.  For Christmas race training, 19th December, go to Matilda Bay, again, 7:15am.  Morning tea is included with this one, so please RSVP Guy so as he can cater for the numbers, 0407 474 659 or <mailto:gpower2@optusnet.com.au>gpower2@optusnet.com.au .

Capricorn Sea Kayaking
Hal Paine tells us he has organised the sea kayaking training programmes for 2010. On offer are 'Sea Kayaking Basic Skills Course' all the way through to 'Australian Canoeing Sea Instructor'. <mailto:hal@capricornseakayaking.com.au>Email him for full details or visit the website <http://www.capricornseakayaking.com.au/>here.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page for course details.

Hal says, "We have also finalised our Ningaloo 5 Day Sea Kayak Safari calendar, starting in April and going through to October. We are offering a 10%
discount for bookings made before 31/12/09."

Fund Raising by Sprint Paddlers
Save on your entertainment (wining, dining, kids' stuff and much, much more) and help sprint paddlers at the same time. "Entertainment Values" books are now available from <mailto:royandandree@bigpond.com>royandandree@bigpond.com. $30 each.  FAL (known as 'Cash and Carry' these days) is new to the book.

Sit-on Kayak
, on Collie River, below the dam wall. Contact Rod, 0417 965 133.

Event Reminder
Ten Kilometre Championships
 - Sunday, 27th December. At Champion Lakes, Armadale. Meeting times to be announced.  This one has a theme . . . 

For Sale
 a plastic sea kayak, with both rudder and skeg. Red, comes with paddle and spray deck, in very good condition, rarely used.  $1100.  Contact Hal,
0427 485 123 if interested.

Guy Power is selling these:
Vajda K1 F/Glass approx 10kg good cond $950 ono. 
Red 7 Surf70 F/Glass fast, very stable ocean racing ski exc cond $1800
1 x Finn Multi sport ex demo in vgc $850.
2 x Finn Endorfinns ex demos in vgc $850 each. 
Contact him, 0407 474 659, for more info'.

Nelo K1 Vanquish XXL
. Paul 0419 916 069.
Finn Endorfinn with surf rudder. Contact Dave, 0438 468 965 or <mailto:daveandjules@westnet.com.au>daveandjules@westnet.com.au.

Week 3 /December
Thursday, 17th December, 2009

Freya Hoffmeister Finishes Circumnavigation
This is the big news of the week, of course. Our heartiest congratulations go to this amazing wonder-woman of paddling. 

The Victorian Sea Kayak Club gave her quite a welcome home.  There's some pics and stories on <http://www.vskc.org.au/>their website and more to come, as well as on Freya's <http://qajaqunderground.com/2009/12/14/circumnavigation-finish-at-queenscliff/>blog. If you go to the "trip dates table" on the blog you will see just how many days she paddled with a fully loaded boat, how many nights she spent in her tent, on the beach and how many nights at sea! 

Terry Bolland was at  the welcome-home and he's sure to fill us in on the occasion after he returns to Perth.  Andy Skreiner from Swan Canoe Club sent some great pics for us, some of which are <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/freyafinish.html>here.

Paddling Masquerade (aka 10km Championship)
Sunday, 27th December, Champion Lakes, Armadale
Work off some of those Christmas calories by joining in this fun morning. You're asked to come masked!  There will be a masked warm-up paddle and judging before the Championship race, with prizes for the best mask, the least recognisable person and more. Colin says there will be "a full reveal prior to the championship race - masks not required during the race."

Registration: 7:30am; masked paddle: 8am. Championship race soon after.  Short course available: 5km.  Guppy course available as well.
Entry fee is $10 for CWA members and $20 for non members.

To all paddlers using the upper Canning River . . . 
The Slalom WA group has a training/racing course set up at Hester Park, Langford, on the Canning River. The site is conditionally approved by the Swan River Trust on the basis that after use the gates/poles at Hester Park, Canning River the must be stowed back to the north-eastern bank, well out of the "channel". Also, the warning floats must be redistributed across the high wire.

The Swan River Trust sends a large boat up the Canning River to test water conditions on a weekly basis and requires a clear run.

In the interests of continued multi use of our rivers, could paddlers using the course please abide by this requirement and stow the gates/poles safely out of the channel on the north-east bank once they are finished using them.

Any enquiries, please contact Slalom WA, Margie Jeffery at <mailto:artgraph@iinet.net.au>artgraph@iinet.net.au .

New Front Page Pic
<http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/>Here's some of the slalom gang at a recent race on the leafy Hester Park, Canning River, course. (Photo courtesy M. Jeffery.)

Frothy White Stuff, Again
In case the link to the MEC (Canadian outdoors supplier) Youtube video competition winners (including white water paddling) did not work in a November issue of Email News here it is again:

<http://www.youtube.com/mecvideos>Good viewing . Click on "2009 Sweet Spot Winners", then click on "Mikkel Alberta and B.C. 2008" on the sidebar. 

Canoe Slalom Australian Championships,  2010
Margie Jeffery sends us <http://www.slalom.canoe.org.au/default.asp?Page=17538&MenuID=Event_Details/20225/0/>this link to the provisional programme for this event to be held at Eildon, Victoria, in early January. In addition to the main event the programme includes the Schools Wildwater Championship, 2009, as well as the Southern Cup or "Pre-Aussies".

Mainpeak Cottesloe Ocean Adventure
Saturday, 13th February

Mainpeak Paddlesports are sponsoring this new multisport event for serious sportspersons (individuals or teams) which includes a 6km ocean paddle as one of the legs. it's based at Marine Parade,Cottelsoe. All the details are <http://www.mainpeak.com.au/content/menuEVENTS_PADDLE/paddle/products.html>here. There's shorter racing available as well, but they do not include a paddle leg.

News from Mainpeak Paddlesports
Mainpeak Club Membership now includes kayaks. Click <http://www.mainpeak.com.au/content/menuMPCLUB_WHYJOIN.html>here for more info'. AJ also says, "We have some <http://www.mainpeak.com.au/paddle/sale-items/products.html>ripper sale items before Xmas at the moment, some <http://www.mainpeak.com.au/paddle/index.html>great ideas for loved ones and there's  a new <http://www.mainpeak.com.au/paddle/index.html>kids' kayak in here, too."

Canoeing Down Under
Terry advises that 515s (double plastic kayaks) are now in store. This is a popular Avon Descent doubles craft.  Also in store are lots of <http://www.canoeingdownunder.com.au/news.php%23172>specials! There's also a Christmas prize draw for those who spend more than $700 before Christmas. The prize is an Ocky sit-on-top with PFD and paddle.

Learn to Paddle with Canoeing Down Under
Here's a gift idea for a non-paddling rellie or friend!
Basic Flat Water Course, Sunday, 17th January, 9am- midday. $65/$85.  You don't need to own a boat. Contact 9378 1333.

For Sale
Custom Kayak "Icon" ocean racer
, 22 ft fiberglass/foam sandwich ­ No. 5 leg length (suit around 6ft paddler), good condition: $1,200. Contact Steve (in Rockingham) 0417 098 883 or <mailto:steveford@iinet.net.au>steveford@iinet.net.au .

For Sale at Rivergods
After 18th Dec we will be selling 10 used open double kayaks - they are Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135Ts -they track straight, are really comfortable, very stable and will be selling for $600. They will sell fast, so try them out and reserve one now. For pics use the link on the canoeing page at <http://www.rivergods.com.au>rivergods.com.au .

Also we now have only 4 near new Biwoks from Dag left ( plastic double sea kayaks with rudder) for $1600. There is pic of one near the bottom of our sea kayak pics page at <http://www.rivergods.com.au>rivergods.com.au- the pic with a whale, or you can check the <http://www.dag-kayak.com/uk-canoe-kayak-dag/mer-biwok.php>Dag kayaks website.

Also For Sale
Guy Power is selling these:
Ski, Red 7 Surf 70 fast and stable ocean racing ski excellent condition, $1800;
Think Fit Kayak ex demo suit new buyer, they normally cost $3350 inc freight selling for $2500 to clear;
Finn Multi sport blue ex demo exc cond $850;
Ruahine Opus Multisport - kevlar kayak $1800ono.
For more details call Guy,  0407 474 659.

TK1 or something similarly stable
. Will pay up to $750. Cindy 0422 717 717 or <mailto:demicin@hotmail.com>demicin@hotmail.com . 
2nd hand TK1 kayak in good condition. Will pay up to $600 Contact Graeme 0419 907 354 or 
<mailto:graemejp@iinet.net.au>graemejp@iinet.net.au .
Nelo K1 Vanquish XXL. Paul 0419 916 069.
Old K1, fibreglass, suitable for beginner. In reasonable condition. Contact: Robyn 0401 311 817.
SLS Spec Ski for 5'6" upwards. Paddy, 0410 357 669 or 9309 2725  or <mailto:patrickb@amnet.net.au>patrickb@amnet.net.au . 

Event Reminder
Sunday, 20th December
: Spirit Paddle Long Distance Championship from Port Beach to Sorrento SLSC - 24km. Registration:1:15pm-2:30pm; briefing: 2:30pm; race start: 3:00pm. <https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?ID=2306>Enter online.

Have a Happy Christmas!

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