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Week 2 /February
Wednesday, 11th February, 2009

Bell's Rapids Development
You may have heard of the plans to develop the large tract of land on the eastern side of the Swan/Avon between Bell's Rapids and Woorooloo Brook (which enters the Avon near the top carpark at Walyunga). The land is privately owned.  Here's a website dedicated to preventing the development:  <http://www.bellsrapids.com/>http://www.bellsrapids.com/ . There's a petition there to sign if you would like to see this kept as bushland.  

I wonder what the implications are for paddlers? Most of us would not have been aware that this bushland which overlooks the most paddled section of our most paddled river was privately owned as it seemed to be part of Walyunga National Park.

Water Level
The Avon was paddleable two weekends ago, reaching 0.7m at Walyunga on the Saturday, according to Matty and Legsy. (Thanks for sending in the water level.) It had fallen to 0.5m by Sunday. Many paddlers went to enjoy the summer white water over the weekend. Thunderstorms over the central wheat belt  with falls up to 70mm were recorded in the few days beforehand.  To check out future thunderstorm activity go  <http://www.bom.gov.au/cgi-bin/wrap_fwo.pl?IDW60045.txt>here to see the details.  Scroll down to 'Central Wheat Belt'.

New Front Page Pic
<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>Here's a couple of paddlers enjoying the recent white water - it was a 40 degree day in the hills. That's Steve Bird (front) and Ty Stedman just below the V-drop at Bell's. Photo by Jesse Phillips. Also on that trip from Lookout was Josh Kippin. Ty says, "The water on the way down was fantastic, barely touching a rock the entire way. The only really "boney" section was heading down Syd's, but who could complain when summer paddles such as these don't come along too often?"

My understanding re the proposed development at Bell's is that those hills in the background would be included.

The Murchison in Flood!
Alwyn (Finn Kayaks) Duke's sister, Allison, who lives in Kalbarri tells us this big news for big white water paddlers.  The river seems to have peaked at 4 metres, yesterday, 10th February, and is sure to be up for a while. Go <http://kumina.water.wa.gov.au/waterinformation/telem/702001/tel.htm>here to see for yourself. If you need a massage and some relaxation in a float tank after too much paddling Allison has a business, Seashores Day and Beauty Spa in Kalbarri.

New to Competitive Paddling?
You may need some help with the jargon specific to paddling. Here's some explanations, sent to us by a couple of experts, Grant Pepper and Daniel Hocking:
(from a UK website)

Canoeing Technique

Big Plan = Sort of plan that is more statement of "desirable outcome" than "intent" but certainly involves a top three place in Mens B final at the Nationals next year tho might have to downgrade that to "Top three finish in anything"
Power Circles = Sort of satanic rite thing, 5 pointed star and all that
Stroke Phase = Bit rude but can be helpful to analyse it
Hydodynamic lift = The buzz you get from falling in
Catch = as in "...I can't catch those damn juniors..."
Winging = making it up
Rotation = Something to do with crops?
Draw stroke = Possibly illegal
Bow rudder = I thought the steering bit was at the other end?
Support stroke = Applause heard when someone falls in
High brace = A bit like High Tea without scones
Low brace = Back support for veterans
Slap support = Firm, open handed blow applied to hysterical paddler
Interval training = Tiring stuff, best avoided

Racing Terms

Le Mans Start = Have to run to your boat at the start. Sounds daft and probably is.
Monte Carlo starts = Bit like Le Mans start but more of a lottery
Wash hanging = considered cheating by those who can't do it. Arrestable offence when sprint racing
Cheating = see "Wash Hanging"
Burn = Setting fire to competitors boats or, more accurately, "Burning" past them.
Regatta = Sprint racing, often at Bayswater, with a party on the Saturday nite
Marathon = Long distance stuff, generally no party

New Paddlecraft Business in WA
AquaTech Designs is a new business in WA manufacturing SLSA approved racing skis and other recreational skis. They also do repairs to composite paddlecraft.  "We are also importing Pyranha and Venture Kayaks from the UK," says Cyrus Hands, Owner/Manager.  These include the new Pyranha Speeder (Avon/general purpose), Ammo and Rev (white water) as well as the Lightning, from Venture Kayaks, aimed at the young racer. "This is a plastic entry level racing kayak we are sure will be a big hit in WA". Venture Kayaks sea kayaks will also be stocked. They're based in Carlisle.  Check out their website here: <http://www.aquatechdesigns.com.au/>http://www.aquatechdesigns.com.au/ .

Demo Day* of New Craft
AquaTech Designs is having a DEMO day at Champion Lakes on Saturday, 14th February, 11am - 3pm (a triathlon will be on at the same time). The new Rev and Speeder from Pyranha as well as surf skis and more will be available to try. To see Canoe Kayak Magazine Speeder review <http://www.canoekayak.co.uk/categories/articleitem.asp?cate=12&topic=23&item=74>click here . For more info contact Cy, <mailto:cyrus@aquatechdesigns.com.au>cyrus@aquatechdesigns.com.au or 0408 927 476.
*Parking: Please note that parking at Champion Lakes will be shut at 11.30am to allow for road closures to be set up and will not re open until the last person has finished the bike leg and has started the run. Parking after this time will be available on side streets north of Champion Drive.

New Website
Bayswater Paddlesports Club has just announced its 
<http://www.bayswater.canoe.org.au/>new website . They also have a newsletter which can be viewed online <http://www.bayswater.canoe.org.au/newsletter/>here.

For Sale
All new, at discounted prices.

· Synergy surf skis from Custom Kayaks ­ in 18kg glass & 14kg epoxy hybrid models
· K1 Legend, Custom Kayaks, in a river setup, glass, $1,550
· 3 x Guppies, includes a paddle & splash cover, $950 each

Enquiries : call Steve, 0438 993 426.

Finn Kayaks News
Alwyn tells us the new lightweight plastic is back in stock and back orders of Endorfinns and Multisports have been completed. It's available for all other craft - it's about 30% lighter than the normal plastic.

Precision Paddling Junior Team
Nominations close this Friday. "We have just organized 2 SKINS sponsorships for 2 junior paddler as well." For more info' contact Ty,  0400 723 359 or <mailto:ty@precisionpaddling.com.au>ty@precisionpaddling.com.au or visit the <http://www.precisionpaddling.com.au/>website.

Courses/Training with Canoeing Down Under, 9378 1333

Fitness Training Saturday Mornings: Sandy Beach, 7:15am. $5.00. This ongoing training will benefit all paddlers entering the Avon Descent or those paddlers who just want to keep fit. "It's great to see a few more new faces," Terry says.

Avon Descent Training: It's that time of year for paddlers to think about training for the Avon Descent. If you know anyone taking up the challenge please let them know that our first Flat Water Skills Training will start in 3 weeks' time. Register your interest now...

Basic Flat Water Course: next course is: Sunday, 15th March, 9:00am-12:00. $60.00 with own boat; $85.00 with our boat. 

For Sale 
Fenn Mako XT
, fibreglass, excellent condition, one careful owner, $1800 ono, call Julie 0420 960 840 .

Fenn Mako XT, recent model in good condition, 
<mailto:sven@me.com>sven@me.com .
Slalom kayak, any condition. Please send photos to <mailto:edlamperd@hotmail.com>edlamperd@hotmail.com or 0414 396 306, Ed Lamperd.

Mirage TK1, contact Dave , 9275 5654 or <mailto:dgibb1@dodo.com.au>dgibb1@dodo.com.au . 

Week 3 /February
Tuesday, 17th February, 2009


Invitation to Slalom Celebrations
The efforts of the slalom community over recent years have culminated in WA's largest ever representation at the 2009 Nationals in Tasmania. With 16 competitors we came away with 25 individual medals. The squad represented their state with pride and success. To celebrate our success we are holding a celebration night at Ascot Kayak club at 7pm, Wednesday 18th February.

We have stories to tell, videos of the squad on the great Mersey River to watch and photographs to see.

We would like all kayaking community members (young & old) plus parents to join us in the celebrations. Please bring a plate to share. The committee will provide the drinks. -  Greg Kippin

Slalom AGM
This will also be held at AKC, Wednesday, 18th February, but at 6pm.  The present committee is keen to find volunteers to continue the good work. So be sure to come along if you think you can lend a helping hand over the next year.

City Lights Long Distance Event
1st March 2009

Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under
You have a few weeks to get in shape so get training for this true marathon race with its 30km of everything from the tranquil isolation of the Canning River to the sometime turbulent Perth Waters. Paddlers must paddle the entire course with a buddy, (i.e. another single, or enter in a double. If you have too many friends, you can even enter a single and a double, but organisers will not settle arguments as to who gets to paddle on their own!).

The start is in the late afternoon from the Canning River Canoe Club at Riverton Bridge Paddlers move through the Canning water and as the sun descends over Kings Park paddlers light up glow sticks and white lights and head for the Causeway and the luxury of the Ascot Kayak Clubrooms where a lavish meal, a hot shower and most importantly a captive audience is waiting to hear the tall tales and true of yet another adventure accomplished. - Leonie Cockman 

Event Coordinator: Grant Pepper 0417 945 577 ­ Entry Form, Flyer and more details can be found at <mailto:http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/>http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/ .

New Ocean Paddle Events . . . Coming Up!
Indian Ocean Paddlers Club (IOP), is in the process of setting up a winter series of paddle events which will run in the Fremantle area from April to September with an event every 4 ­ 5 weeks. Dates to be advised.  Watch <http://www.indianoceanpaddlers.com/>www.indianoceanpaddlers.com and the CWA paddle calendar - Ash Nesbit.
·         All are Saturday afternoons from 3pm.
·         Triangle course start and finish at the same point
·         A,B &C divisions
·         Distances shorter for C divisionsranging from 9km to 18km (each event different in some way)


The Murchison in Flood
<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>Here's some big brown water with a tricky looking stopper at the end of the free ride.  Photo by Kelvin Lewis, paddler is Heinz Panek from Busselton on "Shark Tooth" rapid. The guys (Steve, Bryan, Chris and Charles as well) found that the level on both days that they paddled, between 12m-13m, was about as good as you can get - not too high, not too low. Discharge fell from about 130m3/sec to 45m3/sec over the two days - falling rapidly.  

Paddling in Europe
Aaron Gove of Swan Canoe Club was lucky enough to work in Northern Europe for a spell recently and discovered some of the rivers in Sweden and Slovenia.  He sends us <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/aaronslov.html>these pics of a white water paddle in Western Slovenia - spectacular setting. "It was the start of the season - middle of April, once the snow starts to melt. It's a popular rafting river with good road access. The gorge is around grade 4. Unfortunately, There's not a lot of other paddling rivers in the region - it's no Murchison, although the Soca River itself is beautiful."  

Devizes to Westminster
From the town in Wiltshire, UK,  to just below Westminster Bridge in London. <http://www.dwrace.org.uk/>This is a 125 mile (200 km) non-stop race for Senior Doubles or over four days for everyone else, sometimes in canals, but ending up on the tidal lower Thames.  There are 77 portages!  It's held over Easter.  Ascot Kayak Club members, Grant Pepper and Daniel Hocking have teamed up to attempt the non-stop race and Leonie Cockman will be attempting the individual race over four days. Best of luck to the adventurers!

"Finn kayak
 at Hillarys Beach, just north of the marina. It looked to be abandoned or dumped and I'm sure someone is looking for it. It was handed in to Warwick Police Station Saturday, 14th February" -  From a concerned paddler.

From Cyrus at AquaTech Designs
Dear Paddler,
Road closures at Champion Lakes on Saturday 14th Feb, it made it difficult or even impossible to enter the facility to access and demo our new world class kayaks from Pyranha. On the up side, AquaTech Designs would be happy to meet you on the water at a time that suits you. If you have an interest in a boat, you may 'Try Before You Buy' any of our performance paddlecraft. Please call or email Cyrus for further information.
Tel. 0408 927 476 or <mailto:cyrus@aquatechdesigns.com.au>cyrus@aquatechdesigns.com.au or <www.aquatechdesigns.com.au>www.aquatechdesigns.com.au .

Paddler on front page in white helmet is Josh Kippin, not Steve Bird, as stated last week. Scroll down front page.

 for '09 Descent. If you have one that you want to sell call Jan 0401 653 432 or drop me a line at  <mailto:jkarpinski_oz@hotmail.com>jkarpinski_oz@hotmail.com .
Legend "Wild Water" paddle. Contact Cara at <mailto:cara@arach.net.au>cara@arach.net.au or 9384 4024.
Multisport Kayak - Tribear or similar. Phone Nigel, Bunbury, 9791 1014 or <mailto:ozglider@yahoo.com>ozglider@yahoo.com .

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