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Week 2 /January
Thursday, 8th January, 2009
Owing to spilling some coffee onto a keyboard I am temporarily unable to make changes to my website which is on a separate computer. I will put the Classifieds into the email news (see below) until all is back to normal, so keep sending them in.

High Tide/Low Tide?
2009 Tide predictions for the Swan River at Woodbridge (up Guildford way) will be <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/AWDB2009.pdf>here, as soon as I sort out the keyboard problem. During the period of daylight saving, one hour should be added to the times of high and low waters. Thanks to Warren Southwell for organising this so promptly this year.

Here are the Woodbridge tides for this weekend - Sat: 09:49  0.22m; 23:37  1.13m; Sun: 10:19  0.22m; Mon: 00:22  1.10m; 10:45  0.25m. (Add one hour for daylight saving.) The Barrack Street predictions, however, are closer to the location of the Sunday race at Claisebrook and they are available <http://www.dpi.wa.gov.au/imarine/19102.asp>here.  

Race Reminder
Sunday, 11th January: Marathon #3 - Claisebrook. Registration: 7:15-8:15am. Briefing: 8:30am. 13km or 6.6km short course, between Windan Bridge and Heirison Island, starting and finishing in Claisebrook Inlet.

2008 Red Cross Murray Marathon
Leigh Newbery from South Fremantle was placed third in K1 Open class.  Well done! He was the only West Ozzie that I could find via a quick perusal of the results of this 404km paddle over five days, from December 27 - 31, from Yarrawonga to Swan Hill in Victoria.  Results are <http://www.redcross.org.au/vic/murraymarathon_results.htm>here.

" . . . it's just a bit of a collection of stuff . . ."
John Hilton sends us the link to his web page, "Fiasco", with an assortment of paddling links, including, eventually, his current efforts at the Tasmanian Nationals, Wild Water, to be held this weekend :  <http://members.iinet.net.au/~fiasco/fiasco/>http://members.iinet.net.au/~fiasco/fiasco/ .

Stealth Carbon Paddle,
adjustable length, has Canoeing Down Under stickers on the back of the blades. Lost on Tuesday evening, 30/12/08, approximately 7:45pm. Was left on the Bicton foreshore near Blackwall Reach. If found please contact Derek on 0427294970.

Movember Wrap-up 
A big thanks to all who took part or donated to the Movember cause. Special mention to Spirit Paddlesports for donating two Carbon Sport Paddles which were won by Graham Styles and a donator to Peter van Schie. Overall we managed to raise $1943 for Men's Health issues such as Prostate Cancer research and Depression Awareness and look forward to more than doubling that total with your support next year. Ty Stedman - Precision Paddling Australia

FREE Group Training Session
Join Precision Paddling for a Saturday morning structured group training session. Training in a group offers so many benefits. It keeps you motivated, you get to measure yourself against other paddlers on similar craft or of similar ability and you get to meet other paddlers to train with during the week. Sessions also include some technical feedback where possible. The sessions re-commence 17th January and your first session is on us.

For more information visit the <http://www.precisionpaddling.com.au/calendar/>Calendar and <http://www.precisionpaddling.com.au/groups/index.html>Group pages of the Precision Paddling website.

Mainpeak Paddlesports Sale
We have some great deals in store from 2nd January:
Lettmann Vegas Carbon fibre was $4999 now $3495 save $1000
Lettmann Vegas Diolen fibre  was $2999 now $2299 save $700
Lettmann Warp sprint paddles 30% OFF

Lots more . . . follow the link: http://www.paddle.com.au/MPPS020109Sale.pdf  .

Canoeing Down Under - What's On . . . 
Moonlight Paddle - Monday, 12th January
Regular fitness training starts - Saturday, 17th January
Basic Flat Water Course - Sunday, 18th January
20% off rashies and waterproof cags at present.
Contact the shop for more info' on any of the above: 9378 1333.

Paddling Mate Wanted
"I have been sea kayaking for a little while and am looking for a paddler in the Hillarys area interested in having someone tag along on training sessions for an hour or two. I'm an average to good marathon paddler so speed is not too bad.  Mark Alderson,  <mailto:jm.alderson@optusnet.com.au>jm.alderson@optusnet.com.au ."

For Sale
Epic V10L Ultra
 ­ Excellent condition. Light and rigid layup approx 10kg. Boat suited to smaller paddlers ­lower volume with shorter leg length settings. Rudder, rudder assembly, bung system and foam pads on footbar have all been upgraded to new Epic specs. $3700. Call Ben 0403 322 611.
Spirit Cross Trainer, very good condition, colour Aqua/White, includes paddle, screw on/off nose cone, drink bottle holder and fishing rod holder. $725.00 Please phone Helen Morbey 0438 513 167.
Riot superstar playboat $450ono. 0439 733 122.
Interceptor Mark 3 surf spec ski $750ono.  0439 733 122.
Finn Endorphin Surf Ski: Near new condition as used less than ten occasions. Never used in racing or Avon Descent. White in colour. Varying leg length. Plastic, stable surf-ski for the beginner or novice. Added back support as extra. Brought new for $1200 six months ago. NOW BARGAIN AT $800.
Contact David 0439 351 067 or <mailto:david@totaltriathlon.com.au>david@totaltriathlon.com.au .

Stable, cheap K1 
(TK1 or X-Lancer etc) Contact Dave - 0411 816 434
Finn, Grifinn kayak in new / very good condition. Please contact Lindsay, <mailto:loldfield@iinet.net.au>loldfield@iinet.net.au .
515 Kayak - Will pay up to $1300 for boat in good condition or swap Endorfin with accessories and some cash. Contact Jo 0412 915 388 or <mailto:jo@funderboxers.com.au>jo@funderboxers.com.au .
Spirit CTR Ski sit-on cross-trainer. Please ring John on 0402440141 or <mailto:johnalyon53@yahoo.com.au>johnalyon53@yahoo.com.au .

Week 3 /January
Thursday, 15th January, 2009

Wild Water Technical Committee Newsletter
Go here to read all the latest DR news: http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/?Page=14461
Chair, Richard Molek says, "The major item of interest is NADA's acceptance of adding a DR category to this year's Avon Descent. This will allow Down River crafts to compete in a comparable category whilst adhering to ICF rules." Craft can be plastic or composite.  Special prize money for this category.

Some Dates for DR Paddlers: 2009 Races 
9th May
 - DR Race 1, AKC Buoys Race 
24th May ­ DR Race 2, Drain Race 
14th June ­ DR Race 3, Upper Swan Ti Trees 
15th August ­ DR Race 4, Scorpion's Tail (Posselts Ford to Emus) 
22nd and 23rd August ­ DR Race 5, Geegelup Cup (Bridgetown)
6th September ­ DR Race 6, Bell's Sprints  

Canoeing Down Under (CDU) has generously agreed to be the major sponsor for the 2009 White Water Race Series and the Avon DR category for 2009.

2008 Red Cross Murray Marathon
Seems I missed a couple of West Ozzie paddlers in the results list of this event.  Received this during the week:
"Myself and my mate Ben Coleman (we are both from Perth) also completed the Murray Marathon in the TK1 Open Division - full distance. Great event and more WA people should get over for it.

Interesting to see the changes for next year with the YMCA running it from now on." Adam Chinnock

(These guys also did very well in their class, Adam from Muchea coming 1st and Ben, from Yokine, 3rd - Robyn)

Pic - Paddling Empire Heir
<http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/al+son.jpeg>here to see our local paddling entrepreneur, Alwyn Duke, Finn Kayaks, with his son and heir, training him early for the family business. (Looks just like his Dad!)

Finn Kayaks Demo Day
Sunday, 18th January, 10am - 12pm
Just turn up at Lucky Bay, cnr. Dunkley and Cunningham streets, Applecross, to test paddle the full range of Finn kayaks, sit-ons and racing skis with no obligation to buy.  All ages welcome. More info',  9314 3100.

Basic Flat Water Courses -  Canoeing Down Under
Sunday, 1st February and Sunday, 15th February, 9am-12pm
Contact the shop for more info' or to book.  $60 (own boat) or $85 (CDU boat)

Sea Kayaking Know How
If you want to learn the practical skills needed for the ocean. Les Allen conducts Sunday classes for those interested. It's $30 for a one hour and a half hour lesson. All instructors are Australian Canoeing qualified. Contact him 0419 900 715 or <mailto:les.kayak@hotmail.com>les.kayak@hotmail.com .

Paddlers Wanted - Australia Day Swim
"The organisers are seeking 6-8 paddlers to accompany the Australia Day 2km Open Water Swimmers at Scarborough Beach - Monday 26th January - generally in the vicinity of 300-350 swimmers. The swim starts 0800 hrs with safety briefing 0725 hrs. Contact Jude Crawford 0417 098 218 or <mailto:rcphysio@iinet.net.au>rcphysio@iinet.net.au if able to assist in this community event, with proceeds going to charity". 

Jude says, "Of course with 'shark concerns' it may not go ahead, in the interim we need to know we have water safety in place." 

For Sale
Used Necky Amaruks, plastic double sea kayaks
 with rudder, $900.  Contact Tom at Rivergods, 9259 0749.

TK1 Mirage
- please phone 9275 5654 or <mailto:dgibb1@dodo.com.au>dgibb1@dodo.com.au .
515 double plastic kayak 
for the Avon descent. Contact Heather 0409 596 665.

Stable, cheap TK1 or Phantom K1, Contact Dave - 0411 816 434.

Week 4 /January
Thursday, 29th January, 2009

Andrew McAuley Documentary
Andrew Linton kindly informs us that the documentary on adventurer Andrew McAuley's tragic trans Tasman trip, "Solo", will be screened on ABC 1 on Thursday, 19th March, at 8:30pm.  They also advise, however, that as schedules may change people should check their guide as it gets closer:   <http://www.abc.net.au/tv/guide/>http://www.abc.net.au/tv/guide/ .

Donnelly River
There was plenty of water for the picturesque 12km paddle to the mouth of the Donnelly River over the Australia Day weekend. The sandbar had been in place for a while, causing the high level, but the river is expected to break through again within a few weeks, a local resident of the holiday shacks informed us. The river level then drops about a metre.  <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>Here's a pic of paddler, Lisa Bastian, not far from the river mouth.

Summer Dash
Sunday, 1st February

12km race, consisting of four laps of 3km, between environs Swan Canoe Club jetty and Chidley Point.  Available to teams of two, teams of four and to individuals. Registration - 3:30pm; briefing - 4:15pm; start - 4:30pm. Cash prizes. Barbecue available after the race or BYO picnic.  More info' <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/default.asp?Page=10942&MenuID=Events/c13288/10600>here and enter online <https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?ID=1601>here. Entries close Friday, 30th January, 10pm.

Sponsorships for Junior Paddlers
Precision Paddling
 is offering some junior sponsorships to paddlers from all disciplines and age groups. All the information is available by following the link on the right hand side of my website front page, <http://www.precisionpaddling.com.au/>www.precisionpaddling.com.au.

We are not necessarily looking for someone that wins every race, but more for those juniors that love to paddle, show discipline in their training and at school and set a good example to others. Basically, those juniors that are great ambassadors for paddling. There will be 4 x Level 1 sponsorships, and 6 x Level 2 sponsorships available. Anyway, all the details are available on the site.  If anyone has trouble getting through please let me know. Nominations are open until 13th February.

Marathon Series Race # 4
Canning Ascent, Sunday, 8th February

14km from Deep Water Point, Mt Pleasant, to Hester Park, Langford.  Short course, 6km, available. Registration, 6:45am-7:45am at the start.

Post World Cup Ski and Kayak Sale
Saturday, 31st January, 8am-12pm 
Items available include:
· Carbon and Standard Fenn Wlites  & Mako 6s
· Fenn XT; Fenn Millenium
· Sprint & Recreational kayaks (ocean and flat water)
· Some plastic skis; fishing skis
Prices range from $300 to $4200. Go to 19 Spence Street, Trigg. For more info contact Ash 0413 177 927 or Dean 0400 389 730.

Slalom Results
WA had a very strong contingent at the recent Nationals in Tasmania.  Read the results here: <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/?Page=16112>http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/?Page=16112 .

Down River Nationals
A smaller contingent of WA wildwater paddlers also did well, their results also being available at the above web address.

Paddler Wanted
For the Rottnest Channel Swim. Please contact Craig Rodin 0408 910 101 or <mailto:craig@rodinplumbing.com.au>craig@rodinplumbing.com.au .

Spirit Paddle Sports
Thank you to Spirit Paddle Sports for their recent support of Canoeing in Western Australia website and this email news.

From Andy Jarmon . . .  to make you laugh (some old ones)

Two paddlers sitting in a kayak were chilly. They lit a fire in the craft. It sank, proving once and for all that you can't have your kayak and heat it t29.

My paddling friend drowned in a bowl of muesli. A strong currant pulled him in.

A paddler walked into the doctor's, he said, "I've hurt my arm in several places". The doctor said, "Well, don't go to those places."

Open Canadian Canoe
 (or similar) suit 2 - 3 people. Untidy and/or minor fibreglass repairs OK. Pref with paddles. Pay $100-$150.00 contact Dave 0429 874 437 or <mailto:hevs2704@westnet.com.au>hevs2704@westnet.com.au .

V10L Ultra. Contact Robyn 0422 990 134 <mailto:robynmac3@hotmail.com>robynmac3@hotmail.com .   

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