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Week 2 /July
Wednesday, 8th July, 2009

Murray White Water Festival
Saturday & Sunday, 22nd & 23rd August
White water paddlers and supporters, The Murray Whitewater Festival is back for 2009. Our focus for this year is "FESTIVAL SPIRIT". Back again is the head to head race to fight it out for King and Queen of the river. 

For 2009 we're introducing a "People's Choice Award".  This will be allocated to the paddler who embraces the festival spirit and demonstrates playboating skill, style and flair". Come dressed on the river in your favourite festival outfit to give yourself a chance. 

Entries are now open! Go to our all new website to fill in an entry form <http://www.murraywhitewaterfestival.com/>www.murraywhitewaterfestival.com  Supporters must also fill in a form.

Our goal is to get 40+ paddlers on the water this year. Please pass this email around to all paddlers and supporters. 

- Your festival committee: Andy, Ryan, Josh, Mike, Paul & Mat

New Front Page Pic
Yvonne Wallace, SCC, sends us <%20http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/%20>this pic of Rodney Coogan surfing a hole at the 'campground' on the Murray on Saturday 4th July ­ 12.0m level.

Freya Hoffmeister in WA Waters . . . soon in Perth!
Terry Boland recently helped out with delivery to Broome and fitting of *Freya Hoffmeister's new Epic 18X . Her retired canoe which has taken her from Melbourne via the top end to Broome is now on display at Terry's shop, Canoeing Down Under, Railway Parade, Bassendean.  There's a possibility that Freya may have time to give a talk to interested paddlers when she arrives in Perth. Don't miss this one!  More on that as Terry brings us that news. Her website with news of her progress is <http://qajaqunderground.com/australia-2008/race-around-australia-trip-report/>here.

*A lone German paddler retracing the epic paddle of Paul Caffyn who circumnavigated Australia in the eighties, taking one year.

Fun on the Blackwood
From Paul Tuckwell: "Just returned from a weekend of whitewater down on the Blackwood River downstream from Bridgetown with a few friends.  The river is at a very nice level at the moment with frequent fun rapids (strong enough to bend one of our paddlers ski in half!" Go <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/blackwdpicspaul.html>here to see some pics. Water level was 12.0 - 12.3m for the weekend, (DoW website).

World Masters' Games, Sydney, 10th-18th October
Entries close 31st July at 5pm, AEST.  The website is <http://www.2009worldmasters.com/>here . There's events in sprint, slalom, marathon and polo.

Breakdown Paddle - 
Wanted for Avon Descent 09, prefer wing blade. Martin Danger, 0414 234 730 or <mailto:martin.danger@gmail.com>martin.danger@gmail.com.
Wavesport, Project 52" Contact Ed at <mailto:edvaneer@hotmail.com>edvaneer@hotmail.com  .
Wave Ski or Surf Kayak - to suit taller paddler (6 3'). Even advice on what would be good for a bit of surfing in small waves would be appreciated. Contact Dave, 0488 770 479 or <mailto:medg1963@yahoo.com.au>medg1963@yahoo.com.au .

Avon Descent Info'
Be quick - entries close Thursday, 9th July. That's tomorrow!

Anyone for Teams?
Wanted: another team of two looking to make a team of four for the Avon Descent. Contact Tully, <mailto:Tully_Robertson@ihi.aust.com>Tully_Robertson@ihi.aust.com or 0438 935 664.
Wanted: one more paddler for a four man team. Contact Terry Reynolds,  0413 994 249 and 9305 7627.

Interstate Paddlers Require Support Crew
"If you're keen to help two Melburnians, doing Avon Descent solo, get down the river this year, read on . . .

"We're doing the Avon on plastic skis and looking to place somewhere in the top 20 long plastics, so we're keen to find a support crew who knows the river well and who can help us to get through the weekend (physically and emotionally!). Happy to cover fuel costs.

If you have a car big enough to carry 2 skis, 2 blokes and a bunch of gear, and can accommodate us on Friday and Saturday nights (even if it's just a floor to sleep on) and pick us up from the airport and drop us back on Sunday night, that would be fabulous. We arrive on a flight from Melbourne on Friday afternoon and fly back on Sunday night at 7:30pm.

Does anyone happen to know where we can borrow or hire a couple of Spirits?  Also happy to consider buying a couple of second hand skis if no-one is prepared to loan or hire them."  Please contact Brendon Grail, <mailto:brendon@burnet.edu.au>brendon@burnet.edu.au .

Avon Water Levels 
Currently the Walyunga DoW gauge is not operational, therefore I have reinstated the <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/awalygnh09.jpeg>Great Nth H'way & Walyunga wooden post graph which gives an indication of the level on the wooden gauge at Walyunga. 

There are three different graphs <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/avonrivwatlev.html>here to relate Department of Water's (DoW) telemetred readings posted on their website to the wooden post levels at Walyunga and at Long Pool in the Toodyay ti-trees. This is just a comfort factor, as we should all get used to the meaning of the DoW readings!

Over the years paddlers have sent in the readings on both these wooden gauges which they've read as they've paddled past.  The three graphs have come from these many dozens of readings.

Thanks to all those who have been sending in the gauge levels this year - for those who aren't aware wooden gauge levels for Walyunga and Long Pool in the Toodyay ti-trees are kept <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/waterlev99waly.html>here.

Most years recently you will see a lone C2 in the Avon Descent - that's veteran Descenter Geoff Barr and paddling partner, of late, Wayne Poulsen. Make sure you give them a cheer when you see them on the river. <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/emu01c2geofjohn.jpeg>Here's Geoff at The Washing Machine with John Price, 2001.

Mainpeak Paddlesports - Deal of the Week
9th-16th July

· 20% off bladders
· Nalgene bladders from $36
· Have you got a spare/breakdown paddle? Come in for a deal.
· Finn Endorfinn & Multisport kayaks now 20% off.

Also discounted: Bic Sport Scapa Kayak - was $1099, now $899.

Avon Descent Support Crew Info' Night
Tuesday, 14th July & 20th July, 7:30pm, Ascot Kayak Club

The all important support crew may be new to the river so 'learning the ropes' is essential! You must book for these sessions, Canoeing Down Under, 9378 1333.

Avon Training with Epic Adventure
From Guy Power, "We take small groups with qualified instructors on our mid week and weekend valley runs and ti-tree runs. Bookings are essential." He tells us that there are a couple of places available tomorrow, Thursday, 9th July, for a Toodyay ti-tree run and Sunday, 12th July, for a valley run, but don't delay. More rain is on the way. He also says he will be running Avon Competency Assessments at Bells on Saturday morning at 8:30am if you still need to be assessed.

For bookings or more info' call Guy, 0407 474 659.

Mainpeak Paddlesports - Avon Training
Go to the <http://www.paddle.com.au/eventlist.aspx?MasterID=146>webpage  to see all the details, but here's what's programmed for the next week: Saturday, 11th July - Posselt's Ford to Walyunga; Sunday, 12th July - Walyunga to Amiens Crescent; Wednesday, 15th July - Day One Ti-trees.

Canoeing Down Under - Avon Training
The next week's programme will be announced once the water level can be gauged as the showers forecast for the next few days arrive.  To keep in touch, contact CDU, 9378 1333 or email <mailto:terry@canoeingdownunder.com.au>terry@canoeingdownunder.com.au . Booking is essential.  There will definitely be moving water/white water trips and/or skills training,  the location depends on the water level.

Week 3 /July
Friday, 17th July, 2009

Emu Falls Notes for Novices
Go <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/emufallsnotes.html>here to see lots of pics with notes on paddling Emu Falls, one of the main rapids of Day Two Avon Descent. Other Avon rapids are also described, such as Syd's, Championships, Lookout - go <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/avonrapids.html>here to see the list. 

No perusal of a website or Terry Boland's book, Canoeing Down Under* (it describes every rapid in the Valley, and much more) however, take the place of practice on the river.  There's lots of training trips available for novices - see below.

* Available at the store, $40.

A Couple of Bargains from Rivergods
, used, orange Flirt, small, in good condition. $800
New Playboat, green Flirt, medium, $1000.  
Call Rivergods, 9259 0749 to find out more.

Rafting With Rivergods
Rafting is NOW RUNNING. Book early as spaces are limited.  Half day trips on the Avon (easy) or a full day on the Lower Murray (for the more adventurous). Contact Rivergods, 9259 0749.

Creek boat selected as top boat
White water paddlers should note that "Canoe ­Kayak Magazine " has just announced its "Boat of the Year" ­the process was interesting and you can see it at 
The winning boat was the Fluid Solo ­Tom at Rivergods has one available for test drives, 9259 0749.

Avon River Water Levels
Our thanks to Lincoln Kay who sent us this:
"Just thought I would let you know the DoW Avon level pages are up and running again. I work for the Department of Water and am an Avon paddler so was quite keen to have them available and chased it up last week."

Double Canadians in the Avon
Andrew Wilson (Indi) corrects me re C2s in the 2008 Avon, mentioned in last week's news:
"Just thought I would let you know that last year there were two canoes in the Avon . . . <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/andrewC209.jpeg>Indi and Charles in the OC2 (Open Deck Plastic) Canadian and Geoff and Wayne in a closed deck C2.

We know of only one other plastic C2 to finish the Avon in recent times (Duncan Picknoll & ?) but are sure that there are more. If anyone wants to <mailto:andreww@mainpeak.com.au>let us know perhaps we can have an unofficial record keeping . . .  We are keen to get enough competitors to get a class together for this up & coming division (Plastic Canadian). It is a very comfortable way to do the race."

South Australian Avon Descent Contingent
"It looks like there are six paddlers coming from SA ranging from elite paddlers to scrubbers (*?)," says Brad, "like myself."
(* This must be a South Australian term for 'ordinary paddler'? - Robyn)

Team Wanted
"Just to give you a bit of a background. I have been paddling for 30 years and during that time have done seven Avon Descents. On my last attempt in 2008, my sister and I pulled out at Walyunga bordering on hyperthermia after a couple of nasty swims.
I won the +45 in 1992, 2nd in 1995 and 1997 and 1st in the +55 in 2000. The other 3 races I completed with my sister, Glenda Taylor from Mandurah.
Although I am reasonably fit at present, I would prefer to join a relay team, failing which, someone might be interested in teaming up in a K2. I have a very stable Accord over there which we can use." Roy Swingewood

A pair of paddling gloves sitting on a wooden post, bottom car park at Bells. Quote size and make and you can have them back. Paddy 0410 357 669.

New black wing paddle with carbon shaft.
Lost 5/7/09 somewhere downstream of Emu Falls. No markings but has locator bar held on with silver tape and silver tape over cord wrapped around both ends of shaft. Contact Greg Hilton 9332 1560, 0400 990 305.
Spirit carbon wing paddle -
lost at Super Chute on 12/7/09. Name and/or mobile number in white on both blades. If found please contact John Berkin, 0433 421 550.
Finn wing paddle, lost between Emu Falls and Stronghill Farm on the Avon, 12/7/09. Unfortunately did not have name or mobile no. on it. If found please contact Matthew O'Brien, 0402 883 735.
Spirit carbon paddle with Race No. 797 and mobile on it but it would be faded. Mobile no. is 0408 919 182 should anyone find it. Lost at bottom of Syd's drop on the weekend, 4th/5th July. Mark Coughlan
Spirit carbon paddle, coming through Bells, 11th July. Paddle has a smart shaft and also reflective yellow stickers - name and mobile was
also on both blades. If found, please contact Andrew Berkin 0425 874 133.

Reminder: Lost Gear in the Avon
Make sure your name and phone no. are on all your gear and that they're legible - for any white/moving water activity. Lost paddles are the most frequent, though in last year's flood conditions there were heaps of lost boats too - Syd's being the most popular venue for this! Gear is sometimes left on the bank whilst packing up, as well.  There's a 'lost and found' page <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/lostfnd.html>here.

C2 Downriver Racer 
- hull, plans or mould. Contact Oliver, 9574 6704, ah, or <mailto:ollyjoe@hotmail.com>ollyjoe@hotmail.com .

Epic Adventure Avon Training
Valley runs will be held 18th, 22nd, 25th July.
Ti-tree run to be on 24th July.
Guy says he is also available for last minute Avon Descent Competency Assessments during the week.
Bookings are essential!  Contact Guy, 0407 474 659 or <mailto:guy@epicadventure.com.au>guy@epicadventure.com.au  .

Canoeing Down Under Avon Courses Coming Up . . .
Toodyay Ti-trees
: Saturday, 18th July. Contact the shop to find out more or to book your place. 9378 1333
Avon Competency Assessments, Saturday, 18th July: at Walyunga. Again, book at 9378 1333.
Support Crew Night: another will be held on Monday, 20th July, at Ascot Kayak Club. Please book.  $5 donation to paddlers' fund.

Mainpeak Avon Training
AJ says: Our events are going gangbusters and there are still a few places left on some of the valley runs, call 9284 3759 for bookings.

On Sale at Mainpeak Paddlesports
"We have come up with an awesome deal on Wavesport playboats EZG rrp$1695 and ZG rrp$1495. They are going on SALE while stocks last for $999 with 5 already out the door! Only at our Cottesloe Store."

New Stuff at Mainpeak 
"We have just received two books from the US. Paddle your own Canoe and Paddle your own Kayak by Gary & Joanie McGuffin ­ lots of photos and great instruction."

Scrutineering, 19th July, 8am, Hines Reserve Bayswater
Mainpeak Paddlesports will be there selling merchandise (Jackets and T-Shirts), number stickers ($10 single set), whistles ($2.50ea), PFDs, Carbo Shotz ($2.50ea), paddles, helmets, hydration bladders (from $36) and all the other bits event goers will need. There will be Credit Card facilities for MasterCard and VISA (drivers licenc required) but 'Cash is King'.

Mainpeak Avon Descent Deal of the Week
16th-23rd July
: 20% off any pair of paddling gloves in stock! 4 styles to choose from
23rd-31st July: 25% off any item of Sharkskin clothing.  Carboshotz- buy a box for only $50: great saving of $18.75

Week 4 /July
Friday, 24th July

Attention All Canoe Organisations
Bunbury Carnaval, 7th March, 2010
Organisers of the above event are wondering if the local kayak community would be interested in participating.  "We are looking at making the event multi faceted, not just dragon boating. I envisage that all (canoe/kayak) disciplines invite both experienced and novice paddlers to compete."

"Just a quick initial response at this stage to let me know whether interested or not. If yes, we can sort out logistics later."

Please respond to Mark Kusin, Manager, Forza Dragon Boat Club, 9792 2113 (w) or 0408 927 646 or Mark.Kusin@housing.wa.gov.au or <mailto:umfkin@dodo.com.au>umfkin@dodo.com.au .

Slalom Activities
The high river levels have been enjoyed by slalom paddlers who are about to have some extra activities. There's a Walyunga session with top coach Zlatan on this Saturday, 25th July - 12:30pm for the TID and less experienced paddlers; 2pm for the seniors and more experienced paddlers. Contact Lucie <mailto:river@iinet.com.au>river@iinet.com.au for more info'. As well, Bevan Dashwood is organising a Posselt's Ford and environs training day for the less experienced, this Sunday. (Too much water at Walyunga!). Contact Bevan, 0419 953 463 or (h) 9456 0464 if you want to know more.  Slalom teaches you great white water skills.

Save Bell's Rapids
Jo Turnbull reminds us "to sign the "Save Bells Rapids" petition (if you haven't done so already) to help stop the new development* going ahead. Here's the web address:  <http://www.bellsrapids.com/>www.bellsrapids.com/ ." 
* Much of the land between Bell's and Walyunga on the eastern side of the river is owned by a developer.  They are now proposing to subdivide it and sell the blocks for housing.  More details on the website.

Lasting The Distance . . .
Ever wondered why you run out of energy a lot faster than you would like? Click on this link <http://shotz1.com/news_detail.asp?i=57>http://shotz1.com/news_detail.asp?i=57 to find out what goes on with the body while you put it through its paces.

Lost Boats
Purple Dagger Outburst
 - stuck in a ti tree (currently submerged) at the bottom of the main chute of Walyunga, in the middle of the river. If found or retrieved please phone 9443 5055 or 0437 818 002.
Red Explorer 515
, double plastic kayak - lost at Bell's, 22nd July, either stuck in the foam or washed down the river. Race ID 969. Contact Sean, 0413 485 892, if found. Needed for the Avon Descent!

Lost Paddles
Paddle with blue blades, lost at Super Chute, Saturday, 18th July. Has mobile no. on blades, 0438 956 049, Sean.
Black Finn paddle, aluminium shaft. Lost at the Walyunga national park rapids on 9/7/09. No name or mobile number on it. If found, please contact Callum on 0409 378 253 or email <mailto:chopperchods@hotmail.com>chopperchods@hotmail.com."
Paddle -  carbon fibre, black, with yellow painted trim on edges and tip of paddle, has 2 distinct large yellow "M"s painted on back of paddle. Lost at The Washing Machine. May well be under rock ledge. Frank Patterson, 0419 937 369.
Jantex/Bennett paddle lost 23/7/09, on Syd's. It has the name 'Brock' printed on one of the blades. I would like to offer a reward for its safe return. I am contactable on 0448 623 068.
Paddle, black 'glitter' winged blades and smart shaft plus breakdown paddle half with blue heat shrink. Lost above Syd's, 21st July. Paul, 9331 4565.

Want a tip on labelling your paddle?
Kevin Kelly says, " I've used one of those liquid paper pens to label both blades on my paddle and it hasn't washed off in years.  I've lost count how many km's/valley runs/Avons/ti-trees, etc. No guarantee of return, though ­ I am still missing a perfectly labelled paddle up near Walyunga rapid a few years back!"

Jim Bramley, also an experienced Descenter, uses the kind of pen used to mark steel, available from Bunnings.

Break down paddle - in the middle of the valley, 18th July. Has plastic blades and alloy shaft, could be from last year. Conact Warren 0407 423 060.
Wing paddle
 ­ spilt, with plastic blades, found below Syd's, 17th July. Coran 9377 1968.

Lost and Found Notices
are also placed <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/lostfnd.html>here .

Wavehopper original plastic seat.
Please contact <mailto:jmt.buyandsell.yahoo.com.au>jmt.buyandsell.yahoo.com.au .

Week 5 /July - Week 1/Aug

Thursday, 30th July, 2009

Getting Ready for The Avon Descent
<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>New front page pic shows one of the training groups taking a breather part way down Syd's Rapid last weekend after a valley run. River level was Walyunga, DoW 12.25m, which is about 1.5m wooden gauge. 

Most paddlers expect a river between medium and low water on Sunday - go <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/sydsat09m.html>here to see medium water at Syd's, and click on the series of pics to see the rapid at low water. 

More Slalom Training
Coach Zlatan is holding another couple of sessions this Saturday at Walyunga, whilst there's water available. <mailto:zlatanibrahimbe@hotmail.com>Contact him to know more. You must register by 21:00 this evening.

2009 Collie Descent
Saturday, 15th August

"The Collie Descent will be on again - the short version that we did last year; it's about 11km." says organiser, Marty Wallace. This is a fun day of very informal racing and lots of camaraderie, all on a different river. Paddlers are fit after the Descent and ready for another challenge! Go <http://sites.google.com/site/colliemultisports/collie-descent>here for more info'.

Wild Water Racing Series - Bell's Sprint Race
Sunday, 16th August
The race is open to all boats which have no rudders or alternately have their rudders tied up. Helmets, air bags and PFD are compulsory. Meet at the bottom carpark for registration, 8:30am-9:00am. Briefing 9:15am; race starts 9:45am. Contestants can enter via e-mail to: <mailto:amorbey@citymotors.com.au>amorbey@citymotors.com.au with name, boat type, age category (open/35+/45+/55+) and gender. Contact Alan Morbey 0421 543 586 for more info'.  Entries will close on Friday, 14th August. Pay on the day.

Big Water on the Blackwood
"Paddled the Geegeelup course Saturday 25th July. Extremely high . . . most rapids washed out with a few standing waves on some. Will make for good race in August if we get some continuing rain between now and mid-August. Road under town bridge is well underwater." - Peter Morgan 

Wildwater State Championships - Geegelup Cup
Saturday - Sunday, 22nd - 23rd August

Set aside this weekend for lots of fun on the 8km stretch of the Blackwood River below Bridgetown. There's a teams event as well as the race  for the State Wild Water Champions. And there's plenty of time for becoming familiar with the course. Contact <mailto:shaynehamilton@bigpond.com>organiser, Shayne, for more info'.  All the details later.

Nanga Challenge
Saturday, 12th September
Paddle, mountain bike, run -  at Lane Poole Reserve, environs Murray River, Dwellingup - get your team organised now. Ironman competiton also available. Entries open 8th August and close 8th September.  Go to the sidebar  <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/>here for more info'. Presented by Ascot Kayak Club and Mountain Designs.

Mainpeak Collie Adventure Race
Saturday, 10th October
Do it solo or in a team: road bike, paddle,  swim, optional horse ride, mountain bike, run. It's a 10km flat water paddle, no ti-trees.
http://sites.google.com/site/colliemultisports/mainpeak-collie-adventure-race .

Stand Up For The Burrup
Those who've paddled The Burrup Peninsula may wish to have a look at this site: <http://www.standupfortheburrup.com/%20>http://www.standupfortheburrup.com/ . Thanks to Andy Jarmon for sending this in.

Paddle the Preston
Geoff from Australind is looking for a buddy to paddle the Preston River from Boyanup to SW Hwy near Bunbury, about 20km.  There's a good flow at the moment and Boyanup Bridge is 10.6m.  Contact him on 0447 961213.

ICF Freestyle World Championships
30th August - 6th September, Thun, Switzerland

There will be live coverage of this available <http://www.kayaksession.com/>here.

Tyler Bradt and The World Record
You may have seen this kayak run of a massive waterfall, nearly 60m, Palouse Falls, Washington State, on TV. Kayak Session magazine has an interview with the paddler.  There's also some great photos of Tyler's passage over and down other falls around the world. Go <http://www.kayaksession.com/tyler-bradt-waterfall-record-palouse.php>here.

York to Northam by river?
Has anyone done this section of the Avon?  Aaron Gove is interested but needs more info' on what it's like at different water levels.  <mailto:A.Gove@exchange.curtin.edu.au>Contact him if you can help.

Avon Descent Reflections 
Len Christie <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/abattlesh.jpeg>here, you may remember him, has sent us <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/lenstips09.html>these thoughts which all the novices (and a few others) might appreciate.

Canoeing Down Under - Special Avon Prizes
To be eligible your craft must have two CDU stickers on the front side of the craft.
A CDU gift voucher is to be awarded as prize to first place getters, the value as follows:
·  Male Hopper without rudder, $300
·  Female Hopper without rudder, $150
·  Male Short Plastic kayak or ski, $150
·  Female Short Plastic kayak or ski, $75
·  Male Long Plastic kayak or ski, $150
·  Female Long Plastic kayak or ski, $75

Best Wishes for 2009 Avon Descent
Be safe on the river and have a good time. For those who are aiming for a high finish best of luck.  (Remind your drivers of the speed limits and the parking restrictions - they are strictly enforced!)

Found and Thank You
"I am happy to report that we found and retrieved our kayak (red 515) . . . It was hidden in the foam in the ti trees below Bell's drop.

On a really positive note, I had a call from one guy who saw our notice and he offered the use of an old 515 for the Avon if we couldn't get ours back. I was really impressed with his thoughtfulness and it generally sums up the supportive attitude that I have found from the paddling community as a whole." - Sean

Paddles Found
Mark's friend, Paul says, "You will be happy to know there are still some decent people out there as a young man found the paddle, rang the number on it and then dropped it round to Mark's house. A reward was offered but refused.  

Blue paddle owner, Steve, says, "My telephone no. was deciphered & thanks to Ryan from AKC I have been reunited with this beloved piece of equipment."

John, on behalf of Andrew and himself, "Both (paddles) have been found and returned. . .  Next time we'll endeavour to not capsize in the first place  . . ."

Carbon Kevlar flat blade Knysna paddle. 
Lost at Bells  - river left of surfing wave, on Sunday afternoon (26/7). It may still have my phone no. on it (9448 5696) John Di Nucci
Paddle (ATX ­ Flexi ­ Carbon) on the Lower Murray River. Last seen at the bottom of the steps - river left of the rock garden in the tea-trees. Please contact Mat Hyland 0427 775 659.
Propellor blade paddle "Slipstream" brand, has smart shaft. Lost at the last rapid before Bells". If found, please contact Helen Smith on 0432 660 326.
Black Spirit paddle
 at The Washing Machine, Emu Falls, in high water, Saturday, 25th July. Has race number, name and phone number on each blade in white paint pen marker (888, Peter Johnson, 0400 212 317).
Black Spirit wing paddle at Championship's on Sat 25th July. It has red tape around mid point of shaft and name Marsh and phone number 0404 800 028 scratched into blade / shaft junction. May be remnants of white paint showing same.Happy to fund its return if found.
Black paddle, plastic blades and alloy shaft. Lost after leatherhead in the tea tree's. Apparently washed downstream was found, and then stuck in the sand in an obvious position. Nathan Millard - 0409 108 717
Lost, slipstream paddle halfway down bells rapid on 26/07/09.  Has name and mobile phone on. Also red electrical tape in centre of shaft. Please call Rob on 0412245916.
Lost a black winged Finn paddle with blue stripes on Sat 25 July at Emu Falls. No other identifying features I'm afraid. My number is 0424 013 756 and there'll be a bottle of wine or six pack of some nice beer to enjoy after the Avon if anyone finds it!

Spirit propellor paddle with red lines on blades, found 27/7/09 in the short section of ti-trees after Syds. Ryan 0412 280 789.

For Sale
K1 Flatwater Marathon
: Full carbon construction lightweight (7.5kg ? ) underslung rudder controlled by pedals on bulkhead. Suit experienced paddler only, upto 5'11" or taller if willing to move the bulkhead. Almost new condition. Comes with padded bag. $1000 firm.

K2: Strong kevlar construction, with recent tidy-up and deep blue paint job, hull somewhat similar to a Zepher? Fast-ish, low-ish volume, pointy nose, fairly light. Done plenty of Avons and seen plenty of work so expect it to look used! $800.
Both located at Ascok Kayak Club, K1 in bay 40A, K2 in top rack nearest door. Feel free to have a look but please call to arrange trial. If you're an AKC member you'll get the storage bays too till Sept (jumping the queue).

Sean Killen - 0402 760 568 (during working hours sms only please) or <mailto:killen_sean@hotmail.com>killen_sean@hotmail.com .

"Copies of any photos of me playing on the main wave at Bell's, 3:30-4:00pm, Saturday, 25th July. Please contact Aaron Williams,  <mailto:aaronclimbs21@gmail.com>aaronclimbs21@gmail.com . There were lots of spectators and a few cameras on the bridge." 

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