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Week 2 /June
Wednesday, 10th June, 2009
City of Swan Roadworks
Construction of the new bridge at Middle Swan is not supposed to affect paddlers during the works, according to a liaison spokesperson for the contractor, Leslie Buchanan. This is despite one of the pylons going in the river. The old bridge will be removed. Go <http://www.reidhwyswan.com.au/>here for a pic of the finished works on the construction company's website. <http://www.mainroads.wa.gov.au/BuildingRoads/Projects/UrbanProjects/Pages/UrbanProjects.aspx>Main Roads Department website has the scope of works for the Reid Highway extension and the Upper Swan roadworks. (No new bridge here for the present.)

DR Boats : for gift, loan or purchase, suitable for a junior extension program developed and run jointly by Slalom & DR WA.
Paddlers are experienced in white water slalom. We are prepared to do repairs on boats to get them into service.
Please contact Greg Kippin <mailto:dune@iexpress.net.au>dune@iexpress.net.au or 0428 768 654.

Prizes for DR in Avon Descent
As previously announced, the Wildwater Technical Committee has organised for a Down River class to be added to the race for 2009.  This class is open to all Down River boats ­ K1 composite and plastic (i.e. Wavehoppers).

Here are the prize moneys for this class, with thanks to Canoeing Down Under and Alarm Systems WA for their generosity:
Male: 1st, $500; 2nd, $200; 3rd, $100;
Female: 1st, $300; 2nd, $100.
(There's no gender bias here, the male class is far more competitive! -  Robyn)

Downriver . . . Wildwater . . . ?
Though the term "downriver"  or "DR"has common usage amongst the Perth paddling fraternity, Neville Hine, long time paddler and paddling official from way back, tells us, "But Robyn, they AIN'T "downriver", an obsolete British term from about 40 years ago, replaced completely with the international "Wildwater (one word) Racing"  <grin> .

So, hence the double nomenclature - just a bit of background info'.

Race Postponement
Due to lack of water the Upper Swan Ti-trees wildwater race due to be held this weekend will be postponed until Saturday, 20th June. See details below: "Event Reminders". Please also note the change of course this year.  Great Northern Highway is undergoing  roadworks and there is no river access there at the bridge at present. Organisers are starting the race at Lower Bells.

New Front Page Pic
<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>Here's the southern end of Garden Island on a balmy autumn day, perfect for an ocean paddle. Paddler is Andy Jarman, Swan Canoe Club, taking it easy.

Avon Descent
Only eight weeks to go for this major event. "You can do it!"  Go <http://www.avondescent.com.au/>here for entries (which close Thursday, 9th July).

Disgraced Paddler
Recent news headlines included the sentencing of former champion kayaker, Nathan Baggaley, for dealing in drugs.  He <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/baggaley04.jpeg>visited Perth with celebrity status in 2004 for Flatwater Championships before his fall from grace, due, he says, to his banning from the sport in 2005 for steroid use. There's a summary of this latest news <http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/-/latest/5614669/kayaking-ban-lead-me-to-drugs-baggaley/>here and a background summary <http://au.news.yahoo.com/search/?p=Nathan+Baggaley>here . 

"Camera on Steroids" ?
All keen paddlers should check out the webpage on the  helmet video camera, the <http://www.adventurecamshq.com.au/shop/product_info.php?cPath=50_52&products_id=47>GoPro Helmet Hero 170 Wide. 

This super smart camera is wide angle, waterproof, lightweight, easy to use and to playback footage on your computer or TV. It's also inexpensive. Use it to capture your next paddle in a magic part of the world, use it as a teaching aid, use it to learn the way down the river. Impress your family and friends with your white water or surfing skills. 

Avon Descenters, use it to film the way through the ti- trees and lines down rapids - then review this at home.

Some specifications:
- 170 degree wide angle lens;
- 2GB memory card: up to one hour @ resolution 640x480;
- photo only mode to capture stills @ 2 or 5 seconds - over 1900 images;
- waterproof to 30m;
- includes several mounting kits for different scenarios, including one for vented helmets.

There's more detail <http://www.adventurecamshq.com.au/shop/product_info.php?cPath=50_52&products_id=47>here. 
To view an example of white water footage taken with the camera go <http://adventurecamblog.com/?page_id=35>here. 
Enquiries: contact Steve (a paddler, so he knows what he's talking about) 1300 115 007.

Marathon State Champs and Bevan Dashwood Dash
Results and pics of these well attended events on different sections of the Canning River are both available:  
<http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/?ID=16825>Bevan Dashwood Dash .
<http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/default.asp?Page=17079>State Marathon Champs .
Weather conditions were perfect for both events and we had heaps of good food to finish up with. Our thanks to the organisers for all their efforts in making our racing days most enjoyable.

Marathon Rules
All competitive marathon paddlers should view the competition rules which are designed to ensure the honourable nature of race participation. Go <here to view. Check out the Racing Regulations in Chapter 4,  Items 24-30 in particular.  Avon Descenters are advised to read this, too. (The section on the different starts, Item 22, makes for interesting reading.) 

Riverland Paddling Marathon, South Australia
This event has just been held, 6th-8th June, Queen's Birthday weekend in South Australia.  Just in case you're interested for next year and need to plan ahead, here's some details:
Several events over three days to suit all levels of paddler.
Murray 200: 208km  (single or double)
200 Relay: 208km in a relay team (singles)
Murray 100: 93km  (single or double)
Mini Marathon: 10-11km on any day or over the three days

Need a boat?  This year the Marathon Canoe Club of SA had the following craft available for loan to interstate paddlers wishing to participate, without the hassle of transporting a craft to South Australia:
·         2 x K1 Woodpecker style craft
·         2 x TK1's
·         1 x TK2
·         1 x Double Mirage 730
So if you're interested for next year, <mailto:brad@bbpl.com.au>contact Brad Butler .  Visit the website here: <http://www.mcc.canoe.org.au/>www.mcc.canoe.org.au/ . 

The state's canoeing association, Canoeing WA, now has a page on YouTube where the emphasis is on local paddling events, eg., the Murray White Water Festival, the National Sprints at Champion Lakes and more. Ash Nesbit says, "CWA  . . . are happy to upload any DVDs" of local paddling events.

Slalom Coaching Camp on the Collie River
Go <http://www.youtube.com/user/CanoeWA>here  (YouTube) to view a short video on the recent coaching camp for youngsters conducted by well-known coach, Zlatan Ibrahimbegovich. The course was set up near the gauging station, not far below the dam.

Murray White Water Festival
This unique freestyle (playboating) event on the Lower Murray one day and then, the next day, on a slide to enable aerial acrobatics in a kayak is to be held 22nd -23rd August this year. You need to be skilled to take part. For others, it makes for great viewing and photo opportunities, all in a relaxing bush setting. Mark this in your diary. But get fit for the hike to the river! More details soon.

Champion Lakes Kayak Club
Club nights are Thursdays, 6pm, for a time trial that varies from 2.4­4.5km. Lights required. The club is also offering canoe polo training sessions on Saturday mornings. Check the club <http://www.championlakes.canoe.org.au/>website .

For Sale
Riot Boogie Surk Kayak -
great plastic surf kayak to suit all levels of experience. Good condition. Includes set of fins and spares, stretch cover, two air bags and a Solution spray deck. $850 the lot. Ryan 0429 442 497.

Cleaver X - all carbon-kevlar, 9kg, very strong, Avon ready, including pump, $1800. Contact Dave, 0431 983 324.
Cleaver X - glass epoxy, very strong, blue deck/black hull, Avon ready, including pump, $1200. Contact Dave, 0431 983 324.

Mould for Arrow K1 - ex Davenwoods, K1 Avon, $200. Contact Dave, 0431 983 324.
Mould for Cleaver X - ex Davenwoods, excellent condition, $300. Contact Dave, 0431 983 324.

Race Reminders
Wild Water Series #3, Upper Swan Ti-trees, Saturday, 20th June.
 Meet at Lower Bells car park for registration, 7:30-8:00am, briefing at 8:30am and starting at 8:45am, for the paddle downstream to Amiens Crescent and the Historic Tree (ask Dave Tupling about this). White water gear is required. Enter via email to <mailto:Ryan.Goodchild@maptek.com.au>Ryan.Goodchild@maptek.com.au with your name, race category (boat type), age class and gender. Contact Richard Molek, 0412 076 173, for more info. Car shuffle needed for this event, so arrive early.
Marathon Series, Race #  Upper Swan Race, Sunday, 28th June. Meet at Middle Swan Reserve to register, 7:00-7:45am, briefing is at 8:00am. 27km long course and 12km short course, finishing at Ascot Kayak Club. 

Secondhand fibreglass TK1. Contact Erica, 0404 546 172.
K2 suitable for the Avon.  Good condition. Contact Matt 0413 201 854.
Finn Multisport Kayak - Contact Mark, 0403 171 611 or <mailto:mtsedg@bigpond.net.au>mtsedg@bigpond.net.au .
Bracsa VII Paddle / Blades - Contact Mark 0412 227 554.
Wavehopper , ph Daniel,  0438 155 902 .
Double Ocean Racing Ski - Adjustable foot rest front and back. <mailto:gpower2@optusnet.com.au>gpower2@optusnet.com.au .
Finnatic or RPM- Contact Steve 0422 313 779  or <mailto:swe47091@bigpond.net.au>swe47091@bigpond.net.au .

Week 3 /June
Friday, 19th June, 2009
Canoe Slalom 2009 ICF World Ranking Series

Well done, indeed, to Robbie Jeffery, AKC, who came 7th in the C1 semi-final and 5th in the final of this event, held in France, last weekend. Go to the website <http://foix2010.wifeo.com/acceuil-ang.php>here for full details. It was held on the River Ariege, Foix, which is in the south of France, near the Spanish & Andorran borders.

News of West Oz Paddlers Overseas
Ty Stedman is keeping track of performances by our local paddlers in international events: "We have had a number of WA athletes representing their country around the world of late. Some have just returned form the World Cup Sprint series and are now preparing for the 2009 World Championships in Canada, whilst others such as Daniel Bowker (flatwater) and Robin Jeffery (slalom), are currently in Europe."

Visit <mailto:www.precisionpaddling.com.au>www.precisionpaddling.com.au and click on the "Athletes" tab to find out more. Ty also has lots of information on current junior athletes involved in the Junior Ambassador program and a news article on their last mentoring session which included an afternoon coaching the guppy squad at Ascot.

FINN KAYAKS Avon Descent Promotion
20% off kayaks for all Avon Descent paddlers when you purchase a FINN craft from your local stockist:
· Canoeing Down Under - 144 Railway Pde., Bassendean, ph. 9378 1333
· Kayaks 4 U - Shop 5, 264 Pinjarra Road, Mandurah, ph. 9582 9995
· Finn Kayaks - 4 Jones Street, O'Connor, ph. 9314 3109
HOW?  Just show your Avon Descent registration to one of the above stores, choose your FINN Kayak and receive the 20% off the RRP.

FINN KAYAKS and EPIC ADVENTURE have teamed up and will be doing Competency tests for the Avon Descent. Stayed tuned for further details . . .

Avon Information Evening
Monday, 22nd June, 6.30-8pm
Join us to find out about the race, recommended equipment, nutrition and making the most of the short preparation time remaining.
Location: Spirit Paddle Sports, 20 Sundercombe St, Osborne Park. To reserve your place, email <mailto:ty@precisionpaddling.com.au>ty@precisionpaddling.com.au or call 0400 723 359.

Champion Lakes Boating Club - 'Club Night' Programme
Starting next week, 25th June - Week One: time trial 2km (and afterwards hot food is available $5); Week Two: time trial 3km; Week Three: time trial 4km; Week Four: skills session.   The distance for time trials will be lengthened in the future. For more info' contact Robyn Brown, Sport Development Officer, <mailto:Robyn.Brown@ara.wa.gov.au>Robyn.Brown@ara.wa.gov.au .

More on "Downriver vs Wildwater"
From "long-time-no-see" paddler, John Talbot: "So even forty years ago the English paddlers had it right. Downriver (one word) as a descriptive term concisely informs all new and experienced paddlers which way the race goes. "Wildwater" could go anywhere, like slalom or playboating, etc. Up, down or round and round . . . fun, but not downriver racing."

From Greg Kippin, who is involved with the junior white water paddlers: "On Neville's comments re DR/ WW, we have to call it  "Downriver" so that the slalom kids know which direction to paddle.
To them, paddling up is the "wild" part." 

No Water, No Race
The Upper Swan Ti-trees Downriver Race postponed to this Saturday, 20th June, from last weekend, was cancelled earlier in the week, with little confidence for water in the river for tomorrow.

However . . .
The current cold fronts have brought some good falls to the hills in the Woorooloo Brook* catchment, eg., 30mm at Gidgegannup, overnight and up till 10am today.  It is likely this will be enough for paddling the Upper Swan ti-trees on the weekend. Great Northern Highway gauge only needs to be 11.3m (even a bit less). This morning at 5am it was 11.159m. So check the gauge tomorrow morning. If the 'Plot' looks wrong, always check the 'Report', on the Dept. of Water's <http://kumina.water.wa.gov.au/waterinformation/telem/616076/616076.htm>website

Paddling from Walyunga to Bell's requires about 11.5m at Great Northern Highway, and that's a very low level, about 0.3m, but paddleable for plastic boats which can endure a scraping here and there.

*Woorooloo Brook enters the Swan/Avon at the start of the Walyunga white water run.

Plenty of Water at Ascot . . .
but not last week. 
<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/akchimay09.jpeg>This pic was taken a few weeks back after heavy rain on the coastal plain. This is the highest I've ever seen the river at Ascot Kayak Club.  The rain did not go far beyond the metro area, however.  <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/amienslomay09.jpeg>Here's the Amiens take-out on the Swan, on the same day!

Canoeing Down Under - Upper Swan Paddle
Sunday, 21st June

If you want to join a group for either a 2-3 hour fitness paddle from Middle Swan or an Upper Swan ti-tree paddle, depending on the water level, contact Terry at CDU- 9378 1333. You need white water gear if it's going to be the ti-trees; just a PFD for the flat water paddle. Meet at 8:30am, location to be decided! Numbers might be limited for the ti-trees, so be quick.

Who's Going to the World Masters' Games?
These are to be held in Sydney in late October. Here's the <http://www.2009worldmasters.com/>website. Events in Canoe Polo, Marathon, Slalom and Flatwater are all being held.

And More in Sydney . . .
The <http://www.canoeclassic.asn.au/>Hawkesbury Canoe Classic, the moonlight paddle extraordinaire, is held soon afterwards, Saturday (night), 24th & Sunday, 25th October. That's 111km paddle. This is a major charity event with about 600 participants.  Amongst others, Alwyn Duke of Finn Kayaks and Dave Boldy from WA have done this event and am sure there's been others.

Event Reminders
Sunday, 28th June - Marathon # , Upper Swan Race
, 27 km from Middle Swan upstream to Barrett Street Bridge, then downstream past Ron Courtney Island, then upstream, finishing at Ascot Kayak Club. Short course, 12km, from Middle Swan downstream only. Registration is 7:00-7:45am at Middle Swan, and the briefing is at 8am.
Sunday, 5th July - Northam to Toodyay, 33km, organised by Canning River Canoe Club. More details later.
Sunday, 5th July - Winter Series Race 3 at Walyunga.

Mirage 530 Sea Kayak
 - kevlar. Call Yvonne 0439 966 989.
Spec Surf Ski; Interceptor "Glide" or Dolphin 580, in good condition to suit guy 6 ft or 183 cm. 0438 081 452 or 9448 1452
Molokai "Epic V10; in good condition to suit guy 6 ft or 183 cm. 0438 081 452 or 9448 1452
Avon K2 - call Matt, 0403 055 412 .

Week 4 /June
Wednesday, 24th June, 2009

2009 Northam to Toodyay Race
Sunday, 5th July : 32km
This is the first half of Day One of the Avon Descent. 

It's good to be familiar with this stretch of river as even though it's mostly flat water, the current (and therefore the deeper water) meanders all over the river bed at lower water levels. It's better to have an educated guess at where to go next on your Day One of the Descent! (Sandy stretches of river can be different every year; the sandbanks tend to move around.) Plus, there's Glen Avon Rapid and Extracts' Weir to be negotiated or portaged.  

Meet at Broome Terrace, Northam for Scrutineering, 6:30-8:00am; Registration, 7:00-8:00am; compulsory safety briefing, 8:15am; 8:45am assemble on the water; 9:00am sharp, first grid away.
More info' and online entries at <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/>http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/ . Entries close, Thursday, 2nd July, 2009, at midnight. Late entries or entries on the day NOT accepted.

Competitors will need to make arrangements for a car shuffle/driver. There will be no spectator access to Extracts' Weir but there are other viewing areas along the way.

It is hoped that Kathy Tasovac, much appreciated for her culinary skills, will be on hand to provide 'something warm and hearty' for hungry paddlers and supporters after the race.

Entry fees: CWA members, $30; non CWA members, $40.
Now hosted by Ascot Kayak Club. Prizes and race sponsors TBA.

Shayne Hamilton, Race Coordinator, 0408 056 462


Mainpeak Paddlesports - Courses for Avon Descenters
Avon Descent Competency Assessment

Sunday, 19th July. This is a pre-requisite for new Avon Descenters. It can be done on any of the courses listed below. Otherwise an assessment will be conducted at Bell's Rapid for those who still don't have it, on 19th July, 2pm (after Scrutineering). $30*

1  Bell's Rapid Skills Development
Saturday, 4th & 11th July - half day, $90*

2  Walyunga - Upper Swan Ti-trees (Amiens Crescent)
Sunday, 5th & 12th July - half day run, $90*

3  Day One & Day Two Ti-trees
Wednesday,15th & Saturday,18th July - finish at Super Chute, $120*

4  Posselt's Ford to Walyunga
Wednesday, 2nd & Saturday, 11th, Saturday, 25th & Sunday, 26th July - 30km paddle of the entire whitewater section of Day Two. You need to have completed a skills session, either Course 1 or Course 2 above. $120*

All courses are subject to the water level .

For more info' and bookings contact Mainpeak Paddlesports, 6103 4530 or <mailto:paddle@mainpeak.com.au>paddle@mainpeak.com.au .

*Wednesday, 24th June: Mainpeak Paddlesports has just advised the following: "We have reviewed our pricing on events and there will be a price increase for all bookings made after 30th June . . . a great saving can be made on all bookings made and paid before 1st July. Also get a free Avon beanie or cap if you pay before 1st July.

Canoeing Down Under - White Water Instruction & Competency Assessment This Weekend
Saturday, 27th and Sunday, 28th June
Two courses will be held on both days, each for 3 hours, at Walyunga National Park. Course fee: $90, includes park entry. Bookings are essential; numbers are limited to eight for each course. Needless to say, white water gear is compulsory. Meet at the lower car park.
Saturday: 9am-12:30pm and 1:30pm-4pm
Sunday: 8:30am-12pm and 12:30-4pm

Booking is essential: 9378 1333.

Canoeing Down Under Fitness Training
Saturday morning is cancelled this weekend. Monday evening will be run as normal. For more info' regarding joining the fitness training group contact T2, 9378 1333.

Race Essential Supplies at Scrutineering
Mainpeak Paddlesports will again have a stall at Scrutineering for your last minute scrutineering and race necessities.

Avon Descent Teams
There's often a paddler or two floating around, looking for a team so as to participate.  <mailto:rokhor@iinet.net.au>Send in your details if you're one of these paddlers and maybe some new teams can get together.

Park Passes
If you're likely to be at Walyunga National Park and upstream now that the rain has come it's time to purchase a National Parks Pass from the Department of Environment and Conservation.  Go to their website <http://www.dec.wa.gov.au/shop/park-passes/view-all-products.html>here for all the details and costs.  You save money on entry fees by having one of these. Avon Valley-Walyunga are covered by the one pass. You can order online or by phone.

Toodyay Ti-trees
People have asked at what level are these ti-trees paddleable?  There's a graph <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/toodyaygraph05to07.xls.pdf>here which is an indication of the level on the wooden gauge just before the start of Long Pool, about three quarters of the way through the Day One trees.  You can see from the graph that people go through at very low levels, around 0.2m (DoW, 10.4m) but others are happier not to scrape too much over pebbles and logs, so wait for 10.5m, DoW, at Toodyay, about 0.4m wooden gauge.  This info is based on previous years paddling. 

Capel Descent
Kelvin Lewis sends us some pics of the well attended inaugural Capel Descent, held down Busselton way last weekend. Click on the pic on the front page <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>here to see more.  Kelvin says, "They had an excellent day with beautiful weather, challenging but not too serious conditions and 126 paddlers." For results and pics, go <http://www.capeldescent.com/>here. Well done to Sam Pilton, AKC, who was the leading lady in the long plastic class.

Watch the 2009 European Wildwater Championships
Wildwater TV ITALIA will broadcast this Wildwater event in Valtellina from 23rd-27th June, releasing one or more videos every day.  Go here, <http://www.wwtv.it/eng/>http://www.wwtv.it/eng/  to view.  There's an exciting stretch of river amidst some beautiful scenery, not to mention the paddling (and some good looking guys)! Thank you to Richard Molek, Wildwater Chairperson, for letting us know.

Nothing to Do With Paddling, But . . .
isn't this little creature, a Woylie, just beautiful!  (You may need to wait a while for the pic to download, but it's worth the wait.) There's a photo competition with $60,000 prize money for a good cause. 

Lisa Mantellato from Australian Wildlife Conservancy sent me this: "A student from Murdoch University who is working on Woylies has entered a cute photo of a baby Woylie in a competition and nominated us to get the $60,000 prize if it gets the most votes. 

So if you have a minute can you go to this website link (it takes a little while to load) and vote for our photo. Also please send this message to everyone else you can think of so we can rack up the votes. Voting closes 10th July."

Event Reminder
Sunday, 28th June - Marathon # , Upper Swan Race
, 27 km - Middle Swan upstream to Barrett Street Bridge, then downstream past Ron Courtney Island, then upstream, finishing at Ascot Kayak Club. Short course, 12km, from Middle Swan downstream past Ron Courtney Island and hence to AKC.
Registration: 7:00-7:45am at Middle Swan; briefing, 8am.

Beginner Kayak
 - Gekko, Seratago or similar with paddle and jacket. Narelle, 0412 135 501.

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