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Week 2/May
Thursday, 7th May, 2009

New Wild Water Coach for 2009
Experienced paddler Keron Hepworth has been appointed as wild water coach for the 2009 season. You will be in good hands as Keron is a downriver* guru: apart from his several Avon Descent successes locally he has participated in two World Cup Down River Championships, his highest ranking being 14th in the world in 1992.

*For Newcomers to Paddling on Rivers 
The terms "wild water", "WW", "WWK1", "downriver", "DR" . . .  all refer to the same thing: the paddling done in the strange shaped (but buoyant and surprisingly stable) rudderless (but manouvrable) 4.5m long (therefore fast) boat designed for racing in rapids. (They're also good for touring.)

Wild Water Coaching Sessions
Times and dates will be announced soon. The course will cover all aspects of wild water paddling. Some ti-tree runs and various Avon rapids training will be included. Wild Water Committee Chairperson, Richard Molek, says, "It should be noted that the sessions are designed specifically for DR boats, plastic or composite. A minimal fee of $5 per session will be charged to assist with training costs and all participants must be members of CWA.

If you have an interest please forward me your e-mail details to <x-msg://2590/wwdr@iinet.net.au>wwdr@iinet.net.au and I'll include you in our "training time" mail out - as they become available. Please note that these sessions are designed for the novice as well as the intermediate DR paddler."

2009 Wild Water Racing Series Starts
#1 Buoys Race - this Saturday, 9th May
: Registration - 8:15-8:45am at Ascot Kayak Club. Short races requiring manouvreability on flat water.  It's for non-ruddered boats (or you can tie up your rudder). Email  <mailto:sammy_pilton@hotmail.com>sammy_pilton@hotmail.com to enter, providing name, race category (ie., either WWK1/Short Plastic or Sundry), age class (Open/35+/45+/55+) and gender. Sausage sizzle available for afters.

#2 Drain Race - Sunday, 24th May: Registration - 7:30-8:00am at Hester Park. This is another short race on flatwater requiring manouvreability . There's trees and other obstacles as well as shallow water on this pleasant course.  Paddle upstream to the start line. To enter email <mailto:goldsea@bigpond.com.au>goldsea@bigpond.com.au , with the information as outlined above for Race #1.

Race fees  ($10 CWA members and $15 for non-members) are to be paid on the day.
Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under.

Kalbarri Canoe and Cray Carnival
Sunday, 31st May (long weekend)

Go to the website <http://www.kalbarriwa.info/accom_result1/kalbarri-canoe-cray-carnival/>here or click <http://www.kalbarriwa.info/images/kalbarri/kcc.pdf>here for more info' about the events of this fun-filled family day. The entry form is also available at both these locations.

Bevan Dashwood Dash 
Sunday, 31st May
Meet at Kent Street Weir, Wilson. Registration: 9:00am; Race Start: 10:00am. The full 12km course starts and finishes at the weir - go downstream to Shelley Bridge to start with, then back upstream to Hester Park and return to the weir. Portaging at the weir is compulsory. There's a short course, 6km, as well (downstream and return only) and a 3km Guppy course. More info' <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/default.asp?Page=16830>here.

You can pre-register <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/site/canoeing/wa/downloads/BD%2520registration%2520form%25202.pdf>here and send it <mailto:joylowther@yahoo.com.au>here and that entitles you to be in the Canoeing Down Under raffle. Otherwise enter on the day. Eats and drinks will be conveniently available at Le Cafè à la Tente, situated at the finish line. (Organisers, Slalom Technical Committee, are fundraising to send their youngsters to the 2010 Nationals in Victoria.)

Who is Bevan Dashwood?
He is perhaps the longest serving paddling person, still at it, in WA! Bevan started as a youngster with an interest mainly in white water. He has had considerable competitive successes, notably in slalom, but also downriver and the Avon Descent.  Mostly though, he has this race named after him for his long time contribution to coaching slalom and encouraging newcomers into our sport. He started Darling Range Canoe Club, located at Hester Park where the slalom gates are.  This stretch of river has been his 'home territory' and hence the race has been named after him.

Thursday Night is Bayswater Club Night
We invite all current Canoeing WA affiliated members to join us each Thursday night for a training session at Bayswater Paddlesports Club (AP Hinds Reserve). Paddlers of all levels are welcome, the only requirements are that you are a member of any Canoeing WA club, or wish to join Bayswater Paddlesports Club, have a basic level of fitness and an all-important light.

The sessions commence at 6pm and will be initially run by Ty Stedman. All sessions are free, although we may ask you for a gold coin donation towards our development fund.
Hope to see you there.

Coaching Course Attendees wishing to be assessed or have coaching hours logged
All paddlers who have attended a Level 1 Flatwater Kayak Coaching course in the past couple of years are invited to join me for the Thursday night sessions at Bayswater to either earn some invaluable logbook hours, or to have a coaching session assessed. Please contact Ty (<mailto:ty@precisionpaddling.com.au>ty@precisionpaddling.com.au) to make arrangements.

2009 Winter Slalom Series
Here are the dates:
Race #1 - 17th May. The venue is Canning River, Hester Park, Langford.
Race # 2 - 21st June, Avon River, Walyunga National Park
Race # 3 - 5th July, Avon River, Walyunga National Park
Race # 4 - 19th July, Avon River, Walyunga National Park
Race # 5 - 9th August, WA State Titles, Avon River, Walyunga National Park
Race # 6 - 30th August, WA Schools Championships and Race # 6, Avon River, Walyunga National Park
Race # 7 - 21st September, Brevis Choate Memorial, Avon River, Walyunga National Park

Avon Support Unit - "Volunteers, Please!"
The Avon Support Unit participants are those who stand by to help out at the major rapids, recover paddlers stranded along the valley and man the sweep craft. Anthony Dean, the manager, is looking for more assistance in this year's Avon Descent. "We are all about supporting the guys and girls who enter the race, so if you are taking a year off this year maybe you could help us support them." There's all kinds of roles to be filled (people for rescue, people in boats, drivers, radio operators, cooks at the campsite and more) and you will be trained well beforehand. For more info' contact Anthony, <mailto:a.c.dean@bigpond.net.au>a.c.dean@bigpond.net.au .  You're welcome to go along to a training session and see what it's all about.

Mainpeak Paddlesports and the Avon Descent
Avon Descent Information Night, Tuesday 12th May, 6:30pm at Paddlesports in Cottesloe

This will be presented by Ken Miller who has done the Avon Descent over ten times in C2, K1 and K2 classes. Bookings essential, 9284 3759, free admission.
Next Avon Descent Training course commences 14th May: this course is made up of four 2 hour training sessions run weekly, over a month, covering all the skills for handling the craft competently. The course includes the Avon Descent Competency Test. Price $195 for non members, $175 for members. Contact the guys at Mainpeak, 9284 3759.

Canoeing Down Under - Beginners' Course
Sunday, 24th May,
9:00am-12pm. Learn all the basics from the experts at CDU. $60 with your boat; $85 with a CDU boat. Contact CDU, 9378 1333 .

Race Reminder
2009 Paddle Challenge, Sunday, 17th May
 - 3 separate courses, long (18km), short (11km) and Guppy/ Novice (7km). Registration ­ 7.30-9.00am; Briefing ­ 9.10am;Start ­ 9.30am. Enter online <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/?Page=16656>here .

Synergy Surf Skis from Custom Kayaks
Check out the excellent review on <http://www.surfski.info/content/view/869/156/>http://www.surfski.info/content/view/869/156/ . If you wish to try one out please give me a call -  Steve 0438 993 426 or <mailto:floyds1@iinet.net.au>floyds1@iinet.net.au .

I lost my Garmin GPS Forerunner 305 at the Indian Ocean Paddlers Race 2 on Saturday, 25th April. If anyone has picked it up, please can they call me. Thanks, Craig Sands, 0402 039 321.

For Sale
Rivergods has the following craft for sale:
Single sea kayak: Miwok from Dag kayaks, plastic with rudder, near new, $1400.
Branka says, "We still have a few doubles left for sale (Biwok from Dag kayaks), $1600."
Contact them, <mailto:rivergods@iinet.net.au>rivergods@iinet.net.au .

TK2 - good condition, prefer light weight. Contact Miranda 0405 516 714.
Stable deep-seated spec surf ski to fit 5' 10", prefer Renegade, Rhino Chaser, Burton or other.  Will pay what you ask if the ski suits my needs. 
<mailto:tdbnapier@gmail.com>tdbnapier@gmail.com . 
K2s, several - I'm looking for a number of K2s in good condition that will be used as club boats by Ascot Kayak club. Old shape sprint boats, Avon 3 or similar would be great - any construction. Prefer under $500, may pay more in top condition. Trevor, 0431 678 500
Finn Affinity ski or similar. Please contact Tara, 0410 601 730 or <mailto:jess111@westnet.com.au>jess111@westnet.com.au .
Kid's PFD to suit 6-10 year olds. Please email <mailto:jmt.buyandsell@yahoo.com.au>jmt.buyandsell@yahoo.com.au or 0403 111 709.
Tui or Penguin Kayak - contact Julie 0417 626 625.

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