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Week 1 /October
Thursday, 1st October, 2009

Marathon Series Starts This Weekend
Race #1, Island to Island, Sunday, 4th October

Meet at AKC, Garvey Park, Fauntleroy Ave., Ascot, for registration, 7:30-8:30am; briefing, 8:45am. It's about 12km total, down to the turn- around at Maylands and return via Ascot Waters. There's a short course, 6km and junior course, 4km, as well. All welcome. For more info' contact <mailto:marathon@canoewa.asn.au>marathon@canoewa.asn.au . The Marathon Racing Series Handbook, 2009-10, will be available on Sunday, "unless the printers burns down"!

The Marathon Series consists of several races, about a month apart, from 12-27km in length. There are usually shorter options as well. They're held at various locations around Perth and as far afield as the Moore River and the Murray River. Taking part is a great way to give yourself an incentive to maintain paddle fitness throughout the year. 

Good News for Hungry Paddlers!
Chief organiser of the Marathon Series, Julie Morgan, tells us "Kathy Tasovac will be preparing coffee, breakfasts and other delights at the kiosk next to AKC from ~7:15am (before the start of rego!) on Sunday, with a special deal of coffee and breakfast for under $10 for members." Kathy is well known at AKC for spoiling members with the most delicious and nutritious  of meals and snacks. No junk food in sight!

Prague Slalom Course
Yvonne Wallace, SCC, "recently paddled on the Prague slalom course at the Troja White Water Centre whilst on holiday in Czech". She sends us <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/atpragueww09.jpeg>this pic. What an interesting setup they have there!  Accomodation is included in an inexpensive package for tourist paddlers - there's boat and gear hire, tuition and everything else required for a few days on the white water. Yvonne has all the details as well as more pics if you want to know more. Email her, <mailto:rjwall2@bigpond.net.au>rjwall2@bigpond.net.au .  Here's some links to the white water course website and other info:

<http://troja.kanoe.cz/English/home.htm>http://troja.kanoe.cz/English/home.htm .
<http://troja.kanoe.cz/>http://troja.kanoe.cz/ .
http://www.euroagentur.com/en/tourist-tips/white-water-center .

New Front Page Pic
Top skills and much experience are required for the paddle on the white water of the magical Donnelly River. Kelvin Lewis sends us <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>this pic of Steve Myers, AKC, at the bottom of the entrance drop to the biggest rapids. There's another pic <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/donndinucci.jpeg>here of John di Nucci, also AKC, same place, different view, different occasion, showing more of that rather technical-looking rapid. 

Collie River White Water Paddling/Camping
Paddler, Marty Wallace, who's based at Collie, tells us, 24th September: "There's a good flow of water in the Collie river at the moment . . . the Wellington Dam is overflowing. People that enjoy camping on the backwaters of the dam will see the dam at its best, with the water level extending right up to the tree line." 

Earlier, 17th September, Kelvin Lewis, also based at Collie, said it was "at 1.7m which is above the top of the flume." Take care, too much water in the Collie River dramatically changes its character and is not suitable for beginner-intermediate paddlers. With less rainfall recently maybe the overflow has subsided somewhat.

Lower Murray Take-Out
After discussions with the landowner, Glenn, Rodney Coogan wishes to inform Lower Murray paddlers of arrangements to 'take-out' via the farm at the end of Newman Road, thus halving the paddle-out and portage distances at the end of this trip.  Go <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/murrwatlev.html>here to view the conditions for exiting a Lower Murray paddle via the farmer's property. You will need to scroll down to bottom of page.  

Wild Water Planning - Richard Molek
"It's time to begin our preparation for the 2010 WWR season and to kick it off, I have scheduled the WWTC AGM for 8th November, 9.30am at AKC. I would urge anyone interested in helping WWR in WA to attend and put their name forward." Contact Richard, <mailto:richard.molek@iinet.net.au>richard.molek@iinet.net.au for more info' as well as the agenda and the 2008 President's Report.

Spirit Paddle Sports Avon Video
Click on the sidebar of the <http://www.spiritpaddle.com.au/index.asp>Spirit website to view a very atmospheric short video of this year's Descent . There's some beautiful photography and as well it captures the essence of the physical challenge of the event. Jenni Bateman and Justin Farrely are featured as well as many others.  Are you there?

Bragging Rights Earned!
Lannin French, co-owner of Spirit proudly emailed with this info'. "We are taking on the USA with some fantastic results from a WA manufacturer of premium grade surf skis."  Top results were obtained in the <http://www.spiritpaddle.com.au/content.asp?cId=56>Colorado River 100 and the <http://www.spiritpaddle.com.au/content.asp?cId=57>Junior Texas Water Safari.  For other news check out the "<http://www.spiritpaddle.com.au/content.asp?cId=5>News Archive" section of the website.

Canoeing Down Under: Shipment Arriving
Epic Skis & Kayaks
 container arrives 4th October. The shipment includes V12s, V10s, V10 Sports and Racing K1s. Get your order in now. Also arriving in October are the South African racing K1s & K2s in varying stabilities, single Guppy, double Guppy, kayaks & skis. For further info' contact 9378 1333 or visit the shop, 144 Railway Parade, Bassendean or the <http://www.canoeingdownunder.com.au>website.  

World Masters Games, Sydney
15th October

Margie Jeffery sends us this link to a youtube promotional video on the Masters' Canoe Slalom event to be held at Penrith White Water Stadium. It has footage of the kayak elevator to be found at the stadium.  At the Prague man-made white water course, built some years beforehand, you have to carry your boat back to the start! Marg says, "Don't know why, but Robbie and Kynan appear (WA  paddlers) - they've a long way to go before being eligible to compete in any Masters' categories!."
<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDqMGu8g7ic>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDqMGu8g7ic .

Leonie Cockman of AKC has now retired from her most productive term as President. Shayne Hamilton is the new President.

From NSW Paddler John Wilde: 
Friday night, 4th September, my Nadgee was stolen from a private parking area in Potts Point (Sydney) . . . The boat is quite recognisable, being orange deck, yellow hull, black trim,  the marks of a large shark bite on the hull under the seat . . .  In the rear compartment, below the hatch cover, glassed into the lay-up, is its registration number, with my name. The boat's loss was reported at King's Cross police station. I am offering a reward for information leading to its return." Contact <mailto:Sandy%20Robson,>Sandy Robson, if you see it this far from NSW, admittedly a fairly remote

Paddler Wanted
for the Anaconda Race, 8th November, in Augusta, open ocean paddle. Please contact <mailto:ttmtb@iinet.net.au>ttmtb@iinet.net.au Tony Tucknott 0409 991 322.

Avon Team Wanted
"I last did the Avon in 2006 and am ready to do it again. I am keen to be part of a team of four. I live in the Bicton/Palmyra area and wish to do some lead up events for preparation. I paddle a Finn Endorphin". Brett Christmas, <mailto:hxmas@iinet.net.au>hxmas@iinet.net.au .

Event Reminder
Sunday, 1st November: Classic Paddle

The Early Bird discount fee ($5-$10) is just over one week away from finishing on 9th October. As always, there will be plenty of cash and prizes up for grabs including the crowd pleasing $250 Don't Drink and Drown race ID draw and for the first time ever the new 'dash for cash' prize. Go <http://www.clubsonline.com.au/site/index.cfm?fuseaction=display_main&orgid=1409>here to enter or to find out more about this Narrows to The Left Bank paddle event. Scott Jardine, RLSSWA.

Black propellor paddle
 on morning of 4th September in Mosman Bay near Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club. If found please call Vaughan - 0438 765 730.
Canoeing Down Under paddle, brand new, red plastic blades, 218cm, during kayak accident, in Walyunga National Park, Saturday morning, 26th September. If found please contact Chris, 0403 617 409.

Fenn XT, Mako 6
 or similar? 0428 116 968 or <mailto:zrandell@barrick.com>zrandell@barrick.com . 

Week 2 /October
Friday,  9th October, 2009

2009 Murray Whitewater Festival
Rob Walker sends us this year's video, largely at Baden Powell Water Spout in big water. This was the 'Head to Head' race course this year.  It includes a segment on "Jelly Bean Wrestling".
<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK3_wLcM_X0>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK3_wLcM_X0  .

He says, In "the Head to Head . . . race you may be able to make out the slalom-like gates: the upstream gate is hanging from the tree on river right. Doing a backflip was not strictly the name of the game, however "flair" was encouraged; you might be able to make out the chicken helmet and space man helmet. The force of the water made for some great stacks: Glenn managed the most spectacular with the back flip."

Other videos on this event are available at:
'07 The Steps Mike Collister: 
<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8m6A1TQveQQ&NR=1>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8m6A1TQveQQ&NR=1 .
'08 Kicker Ramp: 
<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mU49-nEZPzM&NR=1>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mU49-nEZPzM&NR=1 .

Blokes! Grow Your Mo for Men's Charity
Ty Stedman tells us, Movember is on its way!
All participants must have a clean-shaven face on 1st November and then have a month to see what they can grow. Friends and rellies sponsor them for the month.
"Precision Paddling is once again building a team of unlikely heroes to help raise funds for the Movember Foundation this November. The vital funds go towards prostate cancer research and to the Beyond Blue Foundation. We are hoping to at least double the money raised last year with your help.

Visit the Precision Paddling website for information on joining Precision Mo's or visit <http://www.movember.com.au/>www.movember.com.au to pledge your support. Mo Sistas are also welcome to participate. We will once again be running our fundraising paddle from the Middle Swan Bridge to the Left Bank on the 29th November. Register your interest now."

Technique Clinics
Also from Ty, "Due to the popularity and great feedback from the initial clinics that were run, Jesse and Ty have decided to offer another couple of sessions in early November. More information is available at <http://www.precisionpaddling.com.au/>www.precisionpaddling.com.au. Numbers are strictly limited to ten per group."

Paddling in New Zealand
Heidi and Peter Hutton, formerly AKC, send us news from New Zealand and <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/huttonpicsnz.html>a couple of pics:
"We are currently based on the North island of New Zealand and have done a couple of sea kayaking trips since being here. I always enjoy . . . seeing the pics of the beautiful places that people go paddling to all over the world. So I thought that I would send a couple of our own. The first is from a sea kayaking trip in the Marlborough Sounds at the top of the North Island and the second is of a trip close to home on the Whanganui river. The river photo is proof that NZ does have some flat water rivers available for touring. The Whanganui offers about 140km of flat but fast flowing water. We are planning to do the full Whanganui trip and a heap more sea kayaking once we have acquired our own double sea kayak. 

All the best.

PS We have been doing no racing here and are very unfit for paddling at the moment."

Slalom Summer Series Starts 
Here are the dates. Venue is Hester Park, Langford, except this weekend's race may be able to be held at Walyunga. Contact <mailto:joylowther@yahoo.com.au>Joy Lowther or <mailto:lcollin@iinet.net.au>Leesa Collin for more info'.
Race 1: Sunday, 11th October
Race 2: Sunday, 1st November
Race 3: Sunday, 13th December
Race 4: Sunday, 11th April
Online registration is available >here. Pay on the day.

Collie River Take-Out No More?
Paddling on the Collie River is a popular summer activity for white water paddlers. The Lower Collie, from Honeymoon Pool downstream to Burrekup Weir is good for new white water paddlers.  As there is no vehicle access for the public at the weir paddlers transfer their boats from the weir to the open irrigation channel, float down a kilometre or so and take-out where there is road access.

All the open irrigation channels are now going to be replaced by pipes to reduce evaporation and save water, including the one from Burrekup Weir used by paddlers.  This will happen as soon as funds are available, within 2-3 years, I believe. What will happen to paddlers' access?

Another Tree Down
The Upper Swan Ti-trees are paddleable still (today is Thursday, 8th October). There is a big tree down and it blocks the river at this level, 11.85m at Great Nth Highway. It is just above the railway bridge.  It is not dangerous as you can see it well in advance and the water flow is very gentle, but you will need to portage. At higher water levels we will be able to go river right.

Female Paddler Wanted
A female canoeist is required for a competitive ladies team for the Blackwood Marathon Relay which will be held on Saturday, 31st October. Please contact Alison, 9761 7507.

Chilean Adventure
Came across this website of a series of adventures for rafters/kayakers/trekkers in some spectacular locations world wide, eg., Upper Yangtze, Tibet and the incredible Colca Canyon, Peru.  In particular, Futaleufu River, Patagonia, Chile, looks amazingly beautiful and not too fearfull. And you get to sleep in treehouses! Even this company's <http://www.earthriver.com/>website is special.

If you think the Futaleufu River is beautiful, then check out 
<http://patagonia-under-siege.blogspot.com/2007/12/double-threat-of-cyanide-leach-mining.html>this .

Open Letter to the Paddling Community
Paul Browne sends us this: "I saw this letter in a Kayak blog (see link below), I thought it might be interesting to see if the WA paddle community would be up for it. It is signed by some of the best and most influential kayakers of the time."

http://wavesport.ning.com/profiles/blogs/an-open-letter-to-the-paddling .

Events Coming Up
Blackwood Marathon Relay, 31st October: multi-sport event of long standing.  Check out 
Classic Paddle, 1st November: late entry fee payable after today.  Please note there is a changed course this year.  Paddlers must go to the outer northern side of Rocky Bay, to avoid the big boat traffic at the marinas.  Details are on the <http://www.clubsonline.com.au/site/index.cfm?fuseaction=display_main&orgid=1409>website.
Marathon Series, #2, 22nd November: 12km paddle from Guilderton upstream on the Moore River and back again. 
This has been a dramatic race to date. in its first year we saw a massive thunderstorm pass by, causing the race to be delayed. In its second year environmental vandals removed part of the sand bar just the night before. This sand bar normally keeps plenty of water in the river, but it drained out overnight! So our race saw very shallow water and plenty of mud! Maybe this year will be normal!
Bay 2 Beach30th November: 17km from Mosman Bay to Cottesloe Beach. For ocean going craft, eg., sea kayaks and skis. Go to organisers', CWA, <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/>website for more info'.

Double Hayden surf ski
, number 580, found at Bells Rapids, very damaged. Contact Matt 0413 201 854.

Whitewater paddle
 - lost at the last drop, "Dave's Delight", on the Lower Murray. H20 brand, one yellow blade and one black, cranked shaft with yellow hand grips. Rivergods stickers on both blades. Contact Alan, <mailto:nala_nal@yahoo.com>nala_nal@yahoo.com .

DR boat - Crest, Obsession or Savage. 
Will pay good money for good condition and give consideration to all else. Please contact Alan, 0421 543 586.   
Composite ski,
any rudder configuration. Must be in good condition, looking to spend upto $2000. Ring 0427 447 963 to discuss and arrange viewing.
K2 fibreglass,
reasonable to good cond, after 2 kayaks if possible. Cash buyer. Located in Busselton. Matt 0437 205 030.   

Week 3 /October
Thursday, 22nd October, 2009

Spirit Ocean Challenge Series: King of the Cape
Saturday, 7th November

18km paddle from Smith's Beach to Bunker Bay. Generous cash prizes for top three in men's and women's divisions. There are stringent safety requirements and lots of water safety and support craft in attendance for this ruggedly beautiful but on occasion challenging stretch of coastline.

This year there's an all new plastic category. 

Enter online <https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?ID=2172>here or for more info' contact Dean, 0402 255 500 or Ash, 0413 177 927. Organised by Indian Ocean Paddlers and sponsored by Spirit Paddle Sports.

Pairs Enduro Race
Sunday, 8th November

Paddle 19km from Barrett Street footbridge to Ascot Kayak Club with a paddling mate - as a pair. Each pair must remain together (within 20 meters at all times) and wash ride their way to the finish line. Times are taken as the second paddler in the pair crosses the finish line. Lunch at Ascot Kayak Club after the race. Registration: 7:30-8:30am, Barrett Street; briefing: 8:45am; race starts, 9:00am.
$10/paddler for all AKC and Canoeing WA members;
$20/paddler for non AKC and non Canoeing WA members.
Enter by 4th November via email <mailto:sammy_pilton@hotmail.com>sammy_pilton@hotmail.com or in person at the club on a Wednesday night before the event. Late entries $25/paddler.

For more info' contact Race Coordinator, Sam Pilton, at the above email or phone 0422 903 056.
An Ascot Kayak Club event, sponsored by Canoeing Down Under.

World Masters' Games, Sydney
Margie Jeffery sends us these links to short videos on the Australian Canoeing You Tube Channel:
Canoe Slalom - <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ_wAgLa1Qw>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ_wAgLa1Qw .
Canoe Polo - <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emeZdXup2v0>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emeZdXup2v0 .

Canoe Polo: Junior Team Wanted
The 2010 Australian Canoe Polo Championships will be held in Perth over Easter, 2nd-5th April, 2010. The competition is being hosted by Australian Canoeing, Canoeing WA, Perth Canoe Polo Club and Champion Lakes Regatta Centre.

There is also a plan to have a schools' competition alongside the championships, open to all high school students. If you think you might be able to enter a schools' team please contact Stuart Midgley, <mailto:sdm900@gmail.com>sdm900@gmail.com .

Elaine Lennox of Swan Canoe Club adds, "This is a great opportunity to promote team work, get fit and continue to improve boat skills. . . . Swan Canoe Club has polo balls and a few helmets to practise with if slalom paddlers are interested in putting in a team.  Perth Canoe Polo has lots of boats and equipment too and they can arrange weekend coaching sessions at Ascot if anyone is interested in organising a team. " Parents?

Perth Canoe Polo's website: <http://www.pcpc.canoe.org.au>www.pcpc.canoe.org.au .

New Front Page Pic
Here's <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>another pic from the Burrup Peninsula paddle, this one by trip member, Helen Breed, AKC. The columnar jointing of the rocks dominated this small bay, our campsite. That's Helen's husband, John, in the boat and son, Andrew, donning his spray deck.

Wedding Bells
Congratulations to WA slalom paddler extraordinaire, Robin Bell, and bride, Julie, who were married last weekend. Julie (Jules) was a rower in the Athens team during the Olympics held there. Margie Jeffery says, "Jules is the lass who was in all the Beijing footage as one of Rob's supporters wearing the green t-shirts." (For those who have footage of this.)

Mainpeak Mega Sale: Osborne Park Store
2/94 Hector Street
Saturday, 31st October, from 8am
. There'll be many bargains for those with outdoor pursuits.

For paddlers!  AJ tells us, 
· All plastic kayaks will be 20% Off. 
· There's going to be some awesome deals on top of that with discontinued and 2008 models.
· Ex-demo and hire kayaks from $100
· Plus he's  going to have his RED pen on him and will be wheeling and dealing. 
"This is the sale I tell all my mates about ­ we should have called it The Mainpeak Mates Rates SALE! Anyway hope to see you there."

Outside the store, in the carpark there'll be heaps of interactive events such as outdoor gourmet food cooking demonstrations, a World Expeditions stand, and 'Snowboard City' being run by our snow gurus.  "In conjunction with World Expeditions we are also lucky enough to have Tim Macartney Snape with us for the day."

Spring Sale at Aqua Tech Designs
Get ready for Christmas! You will never see these prices again.
SALE prices are in red. RRP in black.
Pyranha SPEEDER Rapid $1950  $1400
Pyranha SPEEDER Connect30 Used once only  $1950  $1400
Luxury of the Connect30 fit-out! ABSOLUTE BARGAIN!

White Water
Pyranha Medium REV Connect30 $1800  $1500
Pyranha Large REV Connect30 $1800  $1500
Pyranha Medium Z-ONE Connect30 $1500  $1250
Pyranha TG Lite $850  $715
Pyranha TG Masters $850  $715

Sea Kayaks
Venture Easky13 $1495  $1250
Venture Easky15 LV (low volume) $1495  $1250
Venture Easky15 Weekender $1895  $1500
Venture Easky17 $2195  $1850

Prices include GST. 

Unit 2, 232 Planet St., Carlisle. 9355 4805 / 0408 927 476

Murray River Marathon, Victoria
Team Members Wanted: 

Matt Hewitson writes: "I want to do the Murray River Marathon in Victoria at Christmas, and have registered to do it as part of a charity event with Raw Challenges. They provide everything, boat, transfers, accommodation, food etc, each participant just has to raise $2500. So far only myself and a person from QLD have registered to be on the team, and there needs to be 8 people to enter. I think this would be great preparation for the 2010 Avon Descent. Essentially all people have to pay out of their own pockets is their flights to Melbourne.
We only need 6 more people. Go to the <http://rawchallenges.com/tour.php?cd=ICPMM7>website for more info' or contact <mailto:Matt.Hewitson@harrierrp.com>Matt .
Paddling Mate(s) and Support Crew Wanted
Travis Reid is participating solo in the 2009 Murray Marathon and would like to hear from anyone else who is also doing the marathon. Travis is also in need of a support crew for this event and so anyone that might be interested please call 0408 945

Freya Hoffmeister Update
This courageous paddler, on her way paddling around Australia, is about to undertake the lengthy and challenging cliffs section of the Great Australian Bight. We wish her well for the remainder of this tremendous undertaking. Her <http://qajaqunderground.com/australia-2008/race-around-australia-trip-report/>website is updated regularly with her progress.

Terry Bolland has written a good-humoured and amusing account of the trials and tribulations of being a support crew in the uninhabited sections of our coastline and that was one section only!  Go <http://qajaqunderground.com/2009/10/18/terry-bollands-story-from-augusta-to-windy-harbor/>here to read it on Freya's website.

Also on her <http://qajaqunderground.com/category/australia/stage-11-kalbarri-perth/>website are some pics of a most touching plaque at the home of a Kalbarri resident who has recorded the names of those who have paddled the daunting Zuytdorp Cliffs.  Just a handful.

Lettman paddle
 with a 'DHS Canoe Club' label on it. Found underneath the Narrows Bridge on Sunday, 6th Sept. Contact Stuart, 0409 605 058. This has been advertised before, but the finder's contact number has changed.

Woodpecker or similar K
1 for training. Please contact Ian, 0417 209 313 or, <mailto:ianb08@bigpond.com>ianb08@bigpond.com .
Wavehopper or plastic sit-in suitable for Avon and flat water work. Good condition. Contact Aidan 0427 893 883 or <aidan.ryan@lycopodium.com.au>aidan.ryan@lycopodium.com.au .
Plastic surf ski and paddle suitable for paddling the Avon Descent in 2010. Uni student so looking for as cheap a craft as possible. Willing to spend up to $600. Contact Tristan 0407 388 315.
Wave Ski or Surf Kayak - to suit a 6 3' paddler. Even any advice on suitable surfing crafts for a taller paddler would also be appreciated. Please phone Dave 0433 770 479 or email <mailto:medg1963@yahoo.com.au>medg1963@yahoo.com.au  . 

For Sale
Viper K1 
(carbon) EC $2500 Contact Antony, <mailto:wabcc@bigpond.com>wabcc@bigpond.com or 0439 933 355.
Sea kayak Raider X EC $2600 Contact Antony,  <mailto:wabcc@bigpond.com>wabcc@bigpond.com or 0439 933 355.

Event Reminders
Marathon Series, #2, Moore River Race, 22nd November
: 12.5km paddle from Guilderton upstream on the Moore River and back again. Short course is 7km. Registration: 7:30-8:30am; briefing, 8:45am, at Guilderton foreshore.
Bay 2 Beach30th November: 17km from Mosman Bay to Cottesloe Beach. For ocean going craft, eg., sea kayaks and skis. Go to organisers', CWA, <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/>website for more info'. Sponsored by Mainpeak Paddlesports.

Tuesday, 27th October, 2009
Important Issue
In case you are not a member of our canoeing association I am forwarding their email of importance to all river paddlers.
Recreation Activities within Public Drinking Water Source Areas

To All Members,
The Standing Committee on Public Administration has commenced an inquiry into Recreation Activities within Public Drinking Water Source Areas. This all related to the Department of Water's Policy 13.

Canoeing WA is putting together a written submission to the committee to be completed by Wednesday 11th November. It is really important that Canoeing WA submits this report on behalf of all of the paddling community.

How you can help. If you have any information in regards to:
Highlighting problems that you have had in getting permission to run events; or
Detailed instances where you have been questioned, fined or approached by the Water Corporation or Department of Water officers. Or any other comments to be made under the History, Current Implications, Incidents or the future of the policy please contact,
Kylie Broad

Mainpeak Mega Sale - Osborne Park
2/94 Hector Street
Saturday, 31st October, from 8am
AJ tells paddlers, "We now have a list of the big deals ­ check it out."

http://www.mainpeak.com.au/content/pdf/OPK_OctoberSale_PaddleSpecials.pdf  .

 - white fibreglass repair on one of the black blades. Left behind at Matilda Bay, on the grass between the footpath and the parking lot, on morning of Friday, 23rd October.  An old but good paddle.  Please contact Geoff,  if found, 9387 2233 / 0418 953 498 or <mailto:gmullins@it.net.au>gmullins@it.net.au .

Finn Beachcomber plus or Spirit CTR 
with backrest in good condition for beginner. Please contact Lisa, 0422 066 690.

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