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Week 3 /October
Monday,  18th October, 2010

Pairs Enduro
Sunday, 14th November

There's a shortened version of this wash-riding race for 2010.  Pair up with a similarly paced paddler and take turns at wash-riding for 14km, from Middle Swan Bridge to Ascot Kayak Club. All craft are welcome. Closing date for entries is Thursday, 11th November. For more info contact organiser, <mailto:sammy_pilton@hotmail.com>Sam Pilton, or 0422 903 056. Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under. There'll be a handicap start this year. Late entry fees apply. Registration: 7:30-8:30am at Middle Swan.

Mainpeak Paddlesports Bay2Beach
Sunday, 28th November

Mark this date in your diary. It's a 17km paddle from Mosman Bay to Cottesloe via Fremantle Harbour, for ocean going craft. More details later. The webpage is <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/default.asp?Page=10999&MenuID=EVENTS%252Fc13288%252F10600%252F>here.

Spirit in the Avon Descent
Lannin French of Spirit Paddlesports gives us a report of Team Spirit in this year's Avon.  Go <http://www.spiritpaddle.com.au/content.asp?cId=95>here to peruse the report and watch a short video and <http://www.spiritpaddle.com.au/gallery.asp?galleryID=36>here to view photos.  The American visitor, Carter Johnson, is featured - it will be interesting to see if he comes again next year, after a tough time for all in this year's drought conditions. 

Hansa Powerade Fish River Canoe Marathon
A small team paddling the locally manufactured Spirit PRS attended the 2010 82km paddle on the Fish River in South Africa, 1st-2nd October: Mark Cadle, Kevin White, Michael Baker and Sean Rice. There's interesting photos <http://www.spiritpaddle.com.au/gallery.asp?galleryID=39>here of these Perth paddlers and a report <http://www.spiritpaddle.com.au/content.asp?cId=101>here.  Well done to Michael Baker who finished 2nd in the K1 Class out of a field of more than 80. Lannin French, naturally, is pleased with this inaugural performance for Spirit PRS craft in this huge event. "You little ripper!" he says.

to local paddlers Stephen Bird and Jesse Phillips who were 7th overall in K2 in a huge field of more than 640 teams in K2 Class.

K3 appears to be popular for this race - 70 teams. 

The event website is <http://www.fishmarathon.org.za/>here. To view results - just click on "Results & Stats" in the top navigation bar, then view the Excel version which is easier to read than the other one.

Another site <http://www.actionography.co.za/action/index.php?category=gallery/Events/Canoeing&start=0>here has more photos, free to download.

New Front Page Pic
Not concerned about this state of affairs!  <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/index.html>Great photo by Sam Gabell.  Paddler is "Stu".  Sam has taken many other pics at this spot, main drop at Bell's, of course. Email him with your race number and craft colour and type, to see if there's one of you. Sam says, " I got some pretty good photos of probably two thirds of the entire field as I was there from 10am until 3pm."  <mailto:samgabell@gmail.com>samgabell@gmail.com

Dubai Shamaal
3rd December

The world's richest ocean paddling race attracts a truly international field of competitors, with some from West Oz usually taking part.  It's a minimum length of 20km, the actual course being chosen out of three on the day, depending on wind direction.  It's possible it might be started out at sea, with craft being transported on a barge and the paddlers on traditional Arab dhows.  Find out more <http://www.dubaishamaal.com/index.php>here.

Victorian Sea Kayak Forum
12th-14th November

Terry Bolland will be attending as guest speaker on the Saturday evening. For those of you who are unaware Terry has done many sea kayak expeditions,  recently the fearsome Zuytdorpf Cliffs north of Kalbarri. He'll be talking on some of the highlights of his adventures. Some of his escapades are written up in his books.  Go <http://www.canoeingdownunder.com.au/who.php>here to view Terry's many and varied achievements; scroll down for book titles.

Beaches of the Western Australian Coast: Eucla to Roebuck Bay
I have purchased a copy of this book by an academic but written for the average reader.  It was compiled to aid beach safety for swimmers, being sponsored by Surf Life Saving Australia, but has much valuable information for surfers of all kinds, ski paddlers and sea kayakers.  Beaches are classified according to surf dangers for typical conditions and these are described.  Every beach in WA! (Including Rottnest.)  Good to know for take-off and landing! And there's much more.  In fact, not only is this info' available for W.A. beaches, but I would guess by now that every beach around Oz has been done, with a separate book for each state and one for the north. At the date of publication of the book on W.A., a few years ago, only Tasmania and the north were still to be done. So if you're planning to do a "Paul Caffyn/Freya Hoffmeister" epic paddle, or even just a little bit of it, then perusing this series is a must. 

If you want to know more, email me.

Oz Epic Paddler
Stuart Trueman, who is currently attempting the big paddle around our shores, wrote up his latest web report in Edithburgh in South Australia on 17th October, so he has safely negotiated the most isolated and perhaps most treacherous part of the southern coastline. His website is <http://nadgeekayaks.com.au/news-events/australia-by-kayak.html>here if you want to follow his progress.  Stuart is sponsored by Nadgee Kayaks.  The agent for these (and Mirage Sea Kayaks) in W.A. is Terry Bolland at Canoeing Down Under. 

At Home in the Avon 
Look who I found lives in the Avon! <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/turtleavon.jpg>This pic was taken a few days ago.  You'll have to look carefully. Hint: focus on foreground rocks and the inhabitant's name starts with "t". (River is looking a bit bony!)

Family Paddling
The Moore River has plenty of water at the moment if you're looking for a location for a spring family outing.  Many different types of craft (all family-friendly) are available for hire at the car park at Guilderton. With a bit of luck (and no fallen trees) the more ambitious can paddle upstream almost 12km.

 - left behind by someone on morning of 12th October, at Matilda Bay. Contact Shane if it's yours, 0403 355 172.

Fitzroy River Videos
Here are three sites which contain videos and information on an Australian and international group of paddlers taking on the Fitzroy River to promote environmental awareness, due to mining and industrialisation possibilities for this pristine and unique part of our state. February, 2010. There's footage of a couple of interesting drops included and much scenery.
And very similar, but with more talking: <http://vimeo.com/14868249>http://vimeo.com/14868249
Australian Conservation Foundation pages on this trip: <http://www.kayakthekimberley.com/>http://www.kayakthekimberley.com/

Slalom Summer Series Started
Race 1 has been held and Race 2 is to be held Sunday, 31st October. To be notified of slalom news register your email address <mailto:slalomWA@gmail.com>here.

What's On in 2010-2011?
The latest programme of competitive paddling events was made available recently. Click on the sidebar <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/>here for a printable version.  Always check for updates closer to scheduled dates and times as occasionally external factors cause unavoidable changes. I will update details of events that the canoeing association does not cover <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/cancal.html>here, as they come to hand.

Mainpeak Sale
Saturday, 30th October

Osborne Park store: amongst other outdoor gear there are BicSport kayaks (50% off) and ex-demo and ex-hire kayaks (from $100) included in this sale. Starts 8am. Phone to find out details of sale kayaks, 9242 8600 (Osborne Park) or maybe 9284-3759 (Paddlesports).

Event Reminder
Sunday, 31st October - Classic Paddle
, from The Narrows to Stirling Bridge, about 12km. Registration opens 7am - get there early as this is a well attended event and the parking, registration queue take time. Briefing is 8:45am. All the details are on organiser's website, RLSSWA, (Royal Life Saving). Entry is online here.

Two- man Davenwood canoe
 in good condition, 0418 881 100.
Epic V10L Performance Ski. Karen,  <mailto:k.staudte@gmail.com>k.staudte@gmail.com or 0417 519 241.
Legend wildwater paddle. Geoff, <mailto:gedickson@iinet.net.au>gedickson@iinet.net.au .
Skee - Asymetrical Paddle. Gordon, <mailto:gomalex@iinet.net.au>gomalex@iinet.net.au .
Second hand Endorfin. Sean, 0438 956 049.

Week 4 /October
Thursday, 28th October, 2010

Denmark Adventure Race
Paddling is a large part of this annual adventure race held over two days. The <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/index.html>new front page pic shows paddlers off the coast during the 2010 race. (Photo: E. Dimasantos)

Sam Maffet from Rapid Ascent, race organisers, says,"120 inspiring competitors raced over 200km off road in a unique discovery of this beautiful area, which saw them tackle some particularly spectacular paddle legs on the ocean, on inlets and on rivers. Read an article on the event website here: http://www.rapidascent.com.au/asp/NewsInDetail.aspx?e=&n=1135  ."  It gives a good idea of what this race is all about. 

The next race will be held early October, 2011 ­ location to be revealed.

Solahart Donnybrook Adventure Relay
Saturday, 20th November

This is a friendly, annual relay event which starts at Glen Mervyn Dam to the east and finishes at Donnybrook.  The legs consist of a 12km run through the bush, 19km mountain bike ride, 7km paddle, 1.4km swim and 50km cycle. There are categories for all age groups.  There's more detail and entry form on their website <http://www.donnybrookmarathon.org/>here or else contact Jill McLean, 9731 1822. You need to register by 13th November. Late entries are possible on the day, between 8am and 10am, at the dam.

Mainpeak Paddlesports Bay 2 Beach
Sunday, 28th November

This "almost-summer" event is for competent paddlers with ocean going craft: from Mosman Bay to Cottesloe Beach, about 17km, so it combines river paddling with ocean paddling. There is self-assesment as to suitability of your paddling experience and skills along with the entry form which are available <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/default.asp?Page=10999&MenuID=EVENTS%252Fc13288%252F10600%252F>here. Race details are also at that address. Contact <mailto:jesse.phillips@canoe.org.au>Jesse Phillips if you have a problem completing the self-assessment. Presented by Be Active.

"Get Right!" Rapid
<http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/baldhillrapids.html>Go here to view just installed pics and notes of this rocky rapid below Bald Hill on the Avon. It's on the page with the other rapids beneath Bald Hill; it's the last one, so you'll have to scroll down.

<http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/abaldgetpan2.jpg>Here's a panoramic view of this rapid in low water (smaller version) and <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/abaldgetpan3.jpg>another here (larger version). The larger version which can be viewed on larger monitors has amazing detail. (The larger you make it the clearer it becomes.)

Terry Bolland rates this as a Grade 3 rapid with difficulty 3.1, calls it "Raging Thunder" and it's on page 248 of his book, "Canoeing Down Under".

Murray on the Moore River
Humorous writer, Murray Corp, from AKC, will make you laugh with this <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/mooremurr.html>trip report on a leisurely paddle at this popular location for summer paddling.

Kayak Fishing
Was surprised to learn how popular kayaks are for this pastime. <http://www.yakfishwest.com/%23>Yakfishwest is a local group which has an extensive forum page and lots of links, including a couple of eastern states groups' websites, <http://www.kfdu.com.au/>Kayak Fishing Down Under and <http://www.AKFF.net/>Australian Kayak Fishing Forum, in case you're travelling some time soon. 

Hawkesbury Canoe Classic
Results for our adventurous local paddlers who travelled to NSW for this annual fund raiser can be viewed <http://www.canoeclassic.asn.au/files/Draft-Results-Sunday-24October.pdf>here. To see Leonie Cockman and Grant Pepper look for 40+Mixed K2 and Matt Pilbeam and Jason How, Open K2. 

At Home in the Avon (from last email news)
For those who could not recognise it, I was surprised by a tortoise, with a carapace (shell) of about 10" diameter, clambering over the rocks.  He/she made quickly for the nearest pool after noticing me. <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/turtleavon.jpg>In the pic his/her head is about to enter the water.  Didn't know the Avon had these - after all these years of familiarity.  I knew there were large tiger snakes, having met one of these, too, at close quarters, in the Day 2 ti-trees!

Snow Kayak Champs
It's amazing what you can do with a short plastic kayak! Here's an entertaining <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVbOSclErT0>short video of some European winter antics. I wonder if this would work on sand?

Buyer's Guide
Kayak Session Magazine has released its 2010 Buyer's Guide (white water boats). Go <http://kayaksession.com/barre.php?no=http://www.kayaksession.com/buyers-guide.php>here to download.

More on the Mainpeak Mega Sale
Osborne Park Superstore, Saturday, 30th October, 8am-5pm
 (one day only)

These are just a few of the paddler deals, with a heap more on the day (click on boat name for the specs):

Wildernesshttp://www.mainpeak.com.au/paddle/113585.html>Acadia 11.5Save $550! Was $1,099; Now $549
BicSport http://www.mainpeak.com.au/paddle/015548.html>OuassouSave $300! Was $749; Now $449
Wavesport http://www.mainpeak.com.au/paddle/014066.html>ProjectSave $750! Was $1,499; Now $749

As well, there's 20% off all full-priced stock store-wide and much more.

Learn to Paddle @ Canoeing Down Under
9am, Sunday, 14th November & Sunday, 5th December

This beginner's course covers all the basics to get you started in paddling. Courses are for three hours and cost $65 with your own craft and $85 to hire. Contact CDU, 9378 1333, for more info' or to book a place.

For Sale - Capricorn Seakayaking
4x Contour 490
 - double plastic sea kayaks, with rudders + 2 hatches. $1750 ono. Hal, 0427 485 123.

Doping Issue
"The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) is today warning Australian athletes to carefully consider their use of supplements following nine positive Australian test results for the prohibited stimulant methylhexaneamine.

Over the past two years, there has been increasing evidence that methylhexaneamine is present in supplements and other products and this spike in positive test results is a timely reminder to the sporting community to exercise the utmost caution in checking the contents of supplements and other products that athletes use.

Methylhexaneamine is classed as an S6 stimulant on the World Anti-Doping Agency's Prohibited List and is prohibited in-competition. Bans involving this substance can range up to two-years.

Further important information on methylhexanamine and supplements can be found on the <http://www.asada.gov.au/>ASADA website  ." 

Down River Kayak
 ­ carbon/kevlar, suitable for Avon Descent. Pay up to $600. Daniel, <mailto:Daniel@adcoelectrics.com.au>Daniel@adcoelectrics.com.au.
Paddle - Suitable for paddler approx 178cm tall, 78Kg. Suitable for Avon Descent. Pay up to $200. Daniel, <mailto:Daniel@adcoelectrics.com.au>Daniel@adcoelectrics.com.au .
Epic V10L in good condition , Andre 0422 083 138 or <mailto:akvillemin99@aapt.net.au>akvillemin99@aapt.net.au .
Second hand Finn "Affinity" cross-trainer or sit-in Finn kayak. Willing to pay up to $750 depending on age, condition and accessories. Pam, <mailto:pam.formby@nd.edu.au>pam.formby@nd.edu.au.

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