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Week 3 /February
Wildwater Clinics

Dave Worthy is running a number of Wildwater clinics at Ascot Kayak Club starting at 8.30am Saturday, 19th February, and every fortnight thereafter.

Juniors and seniors are welcome: just bring your boat and take the first steps to improving your technique and refining your training regimen. All downriver boat paddlers who are members of CWA are invited to join in.  You just have to turn up.

Dusi Canoe Marathon
17th-19th February

Leading Avon Descent paddler and ex-South African, Kevin White, says of this major South African event, "I am fortunate enough to be going over to participate again. This time in a plastic ski; it will be a first for the Dusi. Will let you know how it goes. I already have a few interested takers for next year." Dusi website is <http://www.dusi.org.za/>www.dusi.org.za. There's a brief story on Kevin's background on the website (in which he also gives a plug for Avon Descent).

Canning Ascent, Marathon #4
Sunday, 27th February

14km from Deepwater Point to Hester Park, with one portage at Kent Street Weir. Registration, 6:45-7:45am at Deep Water Point; briefing, 8:00am. Short course from Centenary Avenue, Wilson, to Hester Park, 6km.

Come and Try Slalom
9:30am, Sunday, 27th February @ Ascot Kayak Club

The energetic and enthusiastic slalom juniors at Ascot would like to share their love of slalom and are looking for paddlers to try out for 2011. It is free of charge.

Girls and boys aged 10 to 14 are welcome to come and try, no experience is necessary, but all should be enthusiastic, motivated and competent swimmers. We also have a few places available for parents to try slalom, but Mums & Dads will need to book their spot beforehand. 

For more information or to register for the "Come and Try" please contact Charlie Collin, 0411 237 931. 

5th Marker Cup Race
Sunday, 13th March

10km course from "Kayaks 4-U", on the Western Foreshore, Mandurah, to the fifth marker in the estuary and return.  It's a morning race, so maybe conditions won't be as challenging as they can be on the open waters of the estuary.  But be prepared, just in case! There's also a 4km course for juniors and beginners. Prize money for first and second place. Register <mailto:pastynchips@bigpond.com>by email to Paul Harding, or on the day. Enquiries also to Paul. Registration: 8:15am; briefing, 8:45am and race start, 9:00am.

"The Duel is on!"
Sunday, 20th March

Colin Bartley has chosen an autumn date with hopefully suitable wind conditions this time after two postponements for this new event . . .  so far! He says, "Thanks for your support and patience."

If you haven't already entered and wish to do so entry has been re-opened and closes on Thursday, 17th March.

Registration and briefing on the day are at the same times (<http://mandurahduel.blogspot.com/p/program.html>see website) but are now @ The Dome, which is the finish line.  Well, the park right next door. 

Due to the bad luck with the weather so far, and being a good organiser, Colin has prepared Plans D, E, F and so on, for other worst case scenarios, which I am re-printing here (as they made me smile!).

"Tidal wave: We will hold a surfing contest.
Flood: Paddle anywhere you want to, first to the finish wins.
Bush Fire: Who gives a damn we're on the water.
Solar Eclipse: Wear head lamps and glow sticks
Locust Plague: Skis aren't edible.
General acts of God : Only atheists can race (conversions done on the day)
Another Cyclone or Twister: We take everyone and the prize money to the pub and random draw all the prizes.
No wind: Don't make me laugh!"

Coastal Clash - Lancelin
Saturday & Sunday, 26th &  27th March

Here's another new event for WA organised by the Rapid Ascent folk. Join other paddlers and sports men and women in this weekend multisport event which includes running, swimming, cycling as well as two different paddle events.  These are an 18km downwind Ocean Paddle and an 8km Novice Ocean Paddle in more sheltered waters. Join in the fun by doing one event or more or even all of them. All the details are here: <http://www.coastalclash.com/>http://www.coastalclash.com . There's even a kids' triathlon.

2011 Wild Water Nationals
Nymboida, NSW, 2nd-5th January, 2011

The WA contingent had their names high on the results list.  Go here to see the results from the different events.  (Steve Muir, from NSW, is the manufacturer of many of the boats that we use, eg., Wizard, Avenger.

The last time the Nationals were held in WA was in 2004, a winter event on the Blackwood River, at two locations, both above and below Bridgetown. Prior to that the location was the fabled, natural, but dam fed white water course on the Harvey River, just below Stirling Dam. Last Nationals to be held there were in 1993 - a summer event, held at the same time as the Slalom champs.

The 50 Miler
Kevin White sends us <http://www.vimeo.com/19433699>this video of a South African race, the "50 Miler". This race has some interesting technical sections (ie., rapids) as well as fast moving water. The video is long, so you'll need more than a couple of minutes, but there's some quite beautiful scenery to complement the paddling.

Flooded Fitzroy River
One of our northern paddlers sent us this <http://au.news.yahoo.com/local/wa/a/-/local/8833848/kayaker-conquers-the-fitzroy-in-the-wet/>news item on eastern states' paddler, Lachie Carracher, who successfully paddled the flooded Fitzroy River, alone, just a few days ago. There's no detail or pics much, yet, but these are to come, I believe, in Outer Edge magazine and no doubt on Lachie's website. Here are some links for more news on this.


Always thank you for newsy items on WA paddling and paddlers!

Flooded Murchison Gorge
The Murchison also flooded a few weeks back and a group of Perth white water paddlers made the journey to have some fun.  They've caught the action on their video, <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s-j_K3iKGE>here.  The weather bureau has been warning of a flooded Murchison catchment, again. You can check the river level <http://kumina.water.wa.gov.au/waterinformation/telem/702001/tel.htm>here. It's only the cyclonic rainfall in the catchment, however, that gives a high river level for weeks. Otherwise you have to be quick to take advantage of high flows. Thanks to Yvonne for preparing and sending us the video.

Experienced Murchison paddler, Tom Suffling of Rivergods, tells me you need about 1.5m of water (11.5m stage level) to have some white water fun. "And the sky's the limit!"

Potential Kayak Facility in Bassendean
If you wish to know how Graeme King's presentation to the council went contact him <mailto:graeme.ksh@bigpond.com>here. I believe a "motion was passed to make the old toilet block (and some carpark space) at Point Reserve (midway along North Rd) available for boat storage (at a peppercorn rent) as a temporary measure".  There are visions of something much grander but write to Graeme for all the detail.

Paddler Swims to Rottnest
Paddler, David Heldsinger, is joining a four person team for the Rottnest Channel Swim to help raise money for a young guy working hard to overcome his spinal chord injuries after a sporting accident. He is 18 year old Sam Buhagiar who fractured two vertebrae in his neck - now friends are fund raising to purchase equipment that will help in recovery - yes, he is progressing, despite the initial prognosis. Contact David <mailto:dheldsinger@hlslegal.com.au>here, if you would like to help this young guy and donate.

Mainpeak Paddlesports Specials for February
Tarpon 120 Ultralight, only $1699, get a swell glass paddle for only $50 with this kayak. RRP$1899+ $149
Pamlico 135t, now only $1299, get two swell 1pce alloy paddles for $50. RRP$1499+$158
Stand Up Paddleboards
All 71 Stand up paddle board packages are now 20% off,  boards come in 4 different sizes, 10ft, 10.6ft, 11ft & 12.6ft.
Packages include board, board bag, glass 71 sup paddle, paddle bag, deck mounting and leg leash.

Patagonia & NRS Rashies are also on sale.

Event Reminder
City Lights, Sunday, 6th March

Paddle with a mate either in two singles or a double from Riverton Bridge to Ascot Kayak Club with dinner provided afterwards. You can also do it as a relay team, with the changeover at South Perth.  Entries close Thursday, 3rd March, at 6:00pm.  All the details are <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/?ID=13120>here. This is a club event, with the winning club receiving a trophy and a cheque! Major sponsor is Canoeing Down Under.

Perception Tribute 12 Airlight Kayak or L'Attitude Mercury 13 Kayak
. Kevin, 0412 275 785. Email photo if possible to <mailto:autos@iinet.net.au>autos@iinet.net.au .

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