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Week 1 /January
Tuesday, 11th January, 2011

Marathon #3
Sunday, 16th January - Claisebrook 

Two circuits of a course based at Claisebrook Inlet and down to Heirisson Island make up the 12km of this race.  Registration: 7:15-8:15am.  Short course, 6km, available as well as long and short Guppy courses. After race food will be provided by the Ascot Junior Sprint parents. Doubles craft owners are encouraged to come along with a paddling mate and fill out the two divisions for doubles. Two divisions also for singles paddlers.

Marathon Series Sponsorship
The Marathon Season of 2010 - 2011 is sponsored by <http://www.kaoskayaks.com/>Kaos KayaksPaddlers that race 6 events, including at least one State Championship Event, will be entered into a draw for a quality hand built Kaos Kayaks at the end of the season. 
Peter Martin

Sprint Events
Vajda Sprint Cup, Wednesday, 19th January, 4pm - 7:30pm, Champion Lakes

200m racing; open to all.  Cafe open aftewards, offering healthy meals.  Classes for all, from Under 10 to 55+, kayaks, skis, plastics and guppies. Find out more and enter <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/default.asp?Page=20620&MenuID=EVENTS%252Fc13288%252F10600%252F>here.

Sunset Sprint Cup, Thursday, 20th January, 4pm onwards, Claisebrook Inlet
100m sprint races with excellent viewing from the walkways surrounding the inlet. Full details, similar to the above sprint event, are <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/default.asp?Page=10942&MenuID=EVENTS%252Fc13288%252F10600%252F>here where you can also enter the event. Enjoy a picnic on the lawns or a meal at The Royal on The Waterfront, cafe-pub and event sponsor.

Guppy Paddlers
Take note: there will be a raffle with a Vajda boat, suitable for younger paddlers, as the prize, on the Wednesday evening at Champion Lakes.  You've got to be there to win it! Contact <mailto:petermartin1953@aapt.net.au>Peter Martin if you have any questions about either of the sprint events above.

Ocean Racing and More
There's a full week of ocean events coming up in January for ocean paddlers. The international event on Saturday, 22nd January, means that some of the best ocean paddlers in the world will be here in Perth. You're likely to see them in some of the other events in the list below as well. Claisebrook has excellent viewing for non-competitors, so come along and enjoy the spectacle of this fast and furious racing with some of the world's best.

Thursday, 20th: Sunset Sprint Cup in Claisebrook Inlet and Champion Lakes
- open to all ski paddlers as well as kayakers. <http://www.oceanpaddler.com/events/sunset-cup/>Link 
Saturday, 22nd: The Doctor World Cup -
an international down wind race between Rottnest and Sorrento Beach, 27.5km. Part of the ICF Ocean Racing World Series. <http://www.oceanpaddler.com/events/the-doctor/>Link
Sunday, 23rd: The Finn Kayaks Coastal Challenge - 24km from Fremantle to Sorrento. <http://www.oceanpaddler.com/events/finn-kayaks-coastal-challenge/>Link
Wednesday, 26th: Aussie Day Challenge - 17km, down south, near Margaret River. <http://www.oceanpaddler.com/events/aussie-day-challenge/>Link 
Saturday, 29th: Mandurah Duel, Ocean Vs Estuary - from the Dawesville Cut to Mandurah, 14km. <http://mandurahduel.blogspot.com/>Link

All the details can be found on the above links. Additionally, check out the newsletter.

Canoe Polo Coaching Clinic 
Sunday, 30th January, 9am - 12 noon at Mandurah

To kick off the New Year we are planning to run another Canoe Polo Coaching Clinic, this time in Mandurah, hosted by the Mandurah Paddle Club. The clinic will be open to all ages and all paddlers who have basic strokes competency (not necessarily just members of PCPC or MPC). The clinic will cater to all levels from beginner players up, with participants divided into smaller groups of a similar skill level. Gear will be provided by MPC, PCPC or CWA.

Mandurah Paddle Club President, Paul Harding, says, "It doesn't matter if you come on your own or as a group, some of you have played before, so please spread the word to your co-workers, students, Scouts and colleagues and get involved in this exciting sport."

For those wanting to participate please let <mailto:kcocliff@bigpond.net.au>Kevin Cocliff (MPC)  know ASAP or alternately click on the following link to respond: <http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QBR6NKZ>http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QBR6NKZ

This will ensure that we have the correct amount of coaches/equipment etc to suit the participants. Numbers are limited if you don't have your own gear. Cost is $10 or free to members of PCPC and MPC.

It has also been suggested and if we have the interest that we may run an informal refereeing clinic for parents, players, non-players, etc."
For more enquiries please contact Kevin, 0409 554 594, or email as above.

World Record:Kayak-Waterfall Attempt, Palouse Falls, Washington
You may have already seen a still shot of this world record 186ft kayak plummet down a waterfall, but <http://www.dump.com/2010/11/30/highest-waterfall-in-a-kayak-189-ft-video/>here's an excellent video of the event.
(Thank you to my Canadian friends who sent this.)

Paddler Wanted
Here's the first of requests for paddler assistance for the 2011 Rottnest Channel Swim, 26th February:
Duo team, experienced with experienced skipper of escort boat, a 10m ex-cray boat. Accomodation is arranged for the evening of 26th so as to enjoy post event celebrations. Experienced paddler wanted. Michael, 0404 847 947 (anytime) or 9731 1611 (working hours).

Tide Chart 
I have just updated <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/tideindex.html>the tide chart for Woodbridge (Guildford) on the Swan.  Thanks to Warren Southwell for organising it again this year.

Vic Super Murray Marathon
West Oz was well represented in the 2010 event. Darryl Long, John Breed and John Hilton from AKC were all very well placed in K1 class despite little preparation beforehand.  The distance was indeed body punishing but they were all paddling again at AKC on 6th January!
Go <http://www.murraymarathon.ymca.org.au/Pages/default.aspx>here to see results.

John Hilton has written <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/murrmarahilton.html>a detailed account of his experience of the gruelling event.  It's compulsory reading if you're a marathon paddler considering taking up the challenge at the end of 2011. Here's the <http://www.murraymarathon.ymca.org.au/Pages/default.aspx>website for the event. There's many pics, particularly of Darryl, who did very well.

New Front Page Pic
Mandurah has a myriad of waterways for paddlers to explore: man-made canals, rivers, estuaries and the ocean. <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>Historic Cooper's Mill is located on an island where the Serpentine and one of the Murray River delta channels meet. There's calm waters here on a windy day. Go <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/urbpadmanindex.html>here to find out more.

What Do You Think?
Bassendean resident, Graeme King, contacted, saying he has "the opportunity to lobby the council for a new facility to support canoeing (and possibly other water sports too) in Bassendean. . . . a proposal in the form of a presentation at the next council meeting in January so (he is) trying to pull together some info . . . He says, "Could you please ask (via your newsletter) what level of interest is there for a new facility to support all forms of canoeing / kayaking in the Bassendean area - probably around the Sandy Beach Reserve area - just upstream of the Ascot Club?"

He continues, "I don't see it as competition to the other clubs but more as support for the sport(s). I also understand that the Ascot and Garret Rd boat storage facilities have run out of space ? I am open to advice / suggestions." Please respond to  <mailto:graeme.ksh@bigpond.com>graeme.ksh@bigpond.com .

White Water Park Update
"The business case for the white water park has been completed. It is a very detailed analysis comprising detailed market research, a market research report, two costings for the white water park, a financial analysis and a final business case including an assessment of a range of business models.

Canoeing WA will now work to achieve commitments from either the government or the private sector to go ahead with the white water park.

We now have over 13 000 registered Friends of the White Water Park.

2011 will be decision year."

Colin Thorpe, Chair, White Water Park Committee, Canoeing WA

Slalom at 2012 Olympics
Slalom paddlers will be interested to see the completed venue for the 2012 London Olympics, the Lee Valley White Water Centre.  It was recently launched, by royalty, no less.  Here's some Youtube videos of the launch (with much talking).  The first video has an aerial shot of the whole complex.

Then, here are a couple of short 'pans' of  the intermediate course, Part 1 and Part 2.  If you search enough you may find more film of the Olympic course.

Slip-sliding in New Zealand
Heavy rains (Queensland style) 200ml overnight, over the catchment of a spectacular section of Waihi Stream, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, enabled a keen group of paddlers to tackle a first descent there. There are  several massive sliding drops which make the kayaks look very small. The river drops 101m over 1km! Go here to view - <http://vimeo.com/17831516>http://vimeo.com/17831516 . There's a bit of drama at the end.

Ban The Dam
Plans to dam a popular kayaking and rafting gorge in Mokihinui River, New Zealand have prompted Lesley Cameron to send us this video of the threatened area: <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXq9EZLMOXs>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXq9EZLMOXs .

OC1 Outrigger Canoe -
any condition, happy to repair. Toby, <mailto:toby.wilks@yahoo.com.au>toby.wilks@yahoo.com.au
Fast, plastic expedition Sea kayak. Would prefer P & H Scorpio, Dagger Exodus etc...Please email pics to Dave at <mailto:oziedave@hotmail.com>oziedave@hotmail.com 

For Sale
3 x Contour 490
 - double plastic sea kayaks, with rudders + 2 hatches. Stable boat, good for estuary, river or ocean, day trips or expeditions. $1600 ono (discount for bulk purchase) <mailto:hal@capricornseakayaking.com.au>hal@capricornseakayaking.com.au or 0427 485 123. 

Week 4 /January
Thursday, 26th January, 2011

Coming Up - This Weekend . . .
Mandurah Duel, 29th January -
 "Ocean vs Estuary" is a 14km paddle from the Dawesville Cut to Mandurah town, for ocean paddlers and those in craft for more sheltered waters. Organisers have just announced an extension to the closing time and date for entries - now midnight, Thursday, 27th January.  Website and entry details are <http://www.mandurahduel.blogspot.com/>here.  Late entries will be accepted on the day, but they carry a $10 surcharge.

Race organiser, Colin Bartley, says, "This is a race for everybody, not just the elite."  A wide variety of craft have entered already and there will be heaps of support boats to ensure your safety. Best of all, <http://www.seabreeze.com.au/graphs/wa.asp>Seabreeze is predicting strong southerlies for Saturday afternoon to assist you northwards! Enquiries: Colin Bartley (Race Director) 0428 468 884 /<mailto:colin@bluedge.com.au>colin@bluedge.com.au or Mark Hardie 0427 845 251.

Australian Canoe Slalom National Championships
Here's a <http://www.canoe.org.au/default.asp?Page=20748>video, results and report on the recent Slalom Champs held at Nymboida, northern NSW.  And yes, it rained heavily there during the event, with competition having to be curtailed due to the conditions.

The video contains " brief clips on Robbie Jeffery who won the C1 Championship and the C2 Championship (with Will Forsythe) and the C1 Pre-Australian Championship. 

The video has other WA paddlers (Harri Whitlock, Georgina Collin and Richard Lowther in his judging role). Five WA juniors were selected to the National Talent Squad (Georgia Rankin, Ben Pope, Tim Whitlock, Brodie Crawford and Steven Lowther) and one to the NTS Cadets (Georgina Collin). Georgia, Ben and Brodie will be competing in the Australian Open at Penrith, NSW, 18th-20th February, as these are the last selection races for the 2011 Australian Junior Canoe Slalom Team. In addition to being selected to the NTS, Brodie Crawford won the Junior Male Champion at the Australian Schools Wildwater Championships. " 
Margie Jeffery

Congratulations to Robbie Jeffery, AKC, and the youngsters who've had so much success with their paddling. 

Australian Masters Games
Adelaide, 7th-16th October

Paddling events are scheduled for 8th & 9th (marathon) and 11th & 12th (sprint). Marathon racing distances are 13km (60+yrs), 17km (45-59 yrs) and 21km (30-44yrs). Sprint races are 200m and 500m. Registration opens on 14th February. Event website is <http://www.australianmastersgames.com/>here.

In the Steps of Oskar Speck
You may remember local paddler, Sandy Robson, sea kayaker extraordinaire, who paddled up most of the east coast a couple of years ago,  to see how far she could go around Australia in one year. Her attempt ended when she was attacked by a crocodile in far north Queensland waters. (Read her journal <https://netstorage.penrhos.wa.edu.au/slap/>here . Day 166, June 5, has the croc attack.) Sandy is now planning another adventure, to retrace the steps of Oskar Speck who paddled from Germany to Australia in the 1930s. The first stage for Sandy will be to paddle from Germany to Cyprus, starting in May this year. She's keen to enlist support and so anyone who can help sponsor or provide assistance in any way should contact her: <mailto:robsonsandy@hotmail.com>robsonsandy@hotmail.com .

There's a concise account of Oskar's seven year paddling journey on the Australian National Maritime Museum's website <http://www.anmm.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=1260&c=915>here - a most interesting read. The museum, located at Sydney's Darling Harbour, has been bequeathed all the artefacts from the voyage.

"Lot 41"
If you're in Sydney and visit the maritime museum look out for the specially designed double sea kayak, named Lot 41, that was used by Justin Jones and James Castrission to paddle across the Tasman to New Zealand, a couple of years ago. Many other items used by them during the crossing are also included in <http://www.anmm.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=1260&c=4559>the display.

Albany to Broome Kayaker
"Whilst at Penguin Island on 11th January I met a sea kayaker paddling solo from Albany to Broome. His name is Budha and he is pretty easy to spot in a fully loaded Polar Bear sea kayak with two solar panels on the deck. So far he has paddled Albany to Walpole, portaged from Walpole to Augusta and paddled from Augusta to Rockingham. He's got some good stories after seeing about fourteen white pointers so far (thanks to towing a shark shield).

If you would like to offer him local advice/assistance, paddle with him for a day or give him a place to stay for the night then please give him a call on 0429 930 222 and have a chat."
Sandy Robson

Progress Around Oz
Stuart Trueman, who is paddling his way around Australia, is well on his way up the east coast now. On 21st January he filed a report from Coff's Harbour, NSW, on his website. Read it <http://nadgeekayaks.com.au/news-events/australia-by-kayak.html>here  .

Not Paddling, but . . .
Kevin Kelly tells us of another adventurer, British Ros Savage, who intends to row from WA to India.  She will be giving a talk at the Royal Perth Yacht Club in March sometime (date to be decided) on her rowing achievements so far, across the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. Here's her <http://www.rozsavage.com/>website.

Save $1000 on an Epic Ultra Ski
If you're quick you might pick up one of these. Terry says, 
"Several of our Ultra Epic Skis that are being used for a couple of days in the World Cup ski races on the 22nd 23rd January will be sold off after the event. If you are interested in saving $1,000 off an Ultra V10, Ultra V10L, Ultra V10 Sport or Ultra V12s please let us know. Canoeing Down Under, 9378 1333
Normally $4,995.
Special Price $3,990."

Paddlesports Buyers Guide, 2011
Here's a buyer's guide to paddle craft and gear, based on "Kanumesse", a trade show for the industry, held in Germany last October. Craft and gear featured are the latest for whitewater, sea kayaking, stand up paddle boarding (SUP), recreational paddling, kayak fishing, canoeing and collapsibles. Next show will be 18th-20th September, 2011.

The guide iw the entire guide at no cost, (through our flick through system)
Or download it at no cost on 

Missing Kayak
Red Finnatic
 (play boat), missing on Tuesday or Wednesday last week from a fleet of kayaks based on a farm on East Bank Road in Kalgan, Albany way. The kayaks belong to Scripture Union of WA which was conducting youth camps over the last two weeks at the farm. It has been reported to the police as stolen. If you notice it contact police or Jo Poole, 9844 9321 or <mailto:smpjmp@bigpond.net.au>smpjmp@bigpond.net.au . 

K1, flat water -
 lightweight, around 8kgs, prefer Viper or Raptor. Contact Jason 0422 925 350 or <mailto:Jason.Bresanello@fesa.wa.gov.au>Jason.Bresanello@fesa.wa.gov.au .

Coming Events
Marathon # 4, Canning Ascent, Sunday, 27th February

14km from Deep Water Point or 6km short course from Centenary Avenue, Wilson, to Hester Park, Langford, via Bull Creek. There's an early start to avoid water skiers and, hopefully, the wind: register 6:45- 7:45am. 2011 Marathon Series is sponsored by Kaos Kayaks.
City Lights, 6th March
Long distance event from Riverton Bridge to Ascot Kayak Club. Compete as a K2, as a duo in K1s or in a relay team of K1s or K2s, but always as a pair.  Mark the date on your calendar - more details will be available closer to the event. Organised by Ascot Kayak Club with assistance from Canning River Canoe Club. Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under and Alarm Systems WA.

Event Organisers
From Kelvin Lewis: "This may be of interest to anyone who organises paddling events <http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/21902.asp>http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/21902.asp

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