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Week 2 /July
Monday, 11th July, 2011
Canoe Slalom World Cup
Australia had two paddlers from Perth at the World Cup series of races in Europe, though they both now train in Sydney. Robbie Jeffery, AKC, and Kynan Maley, SCC, teamed up together in C2 to come 8th in the final of World Cup Race 1, held in Tacen, Slovenia. Congratulations to them for this superb performance. Robbie also came 18th in the C1 semi-final.  There's more successes to come for this pair, I am sure. There are excellent videos to watch on both the semi-final and final of the C2, and the same for C1 at <http://video.digotel.com/eurovisionbest/icf/index.html>this address. Just scroll through the index, left and right, located under the main screen, to find the race you want to view. Results are here in PDF format: <http://www.timing-mojstrana.com/rezultati.php>http://www.timing-mojstrana.com/rezultati.php

This course has an amazing drop soon after the start line.

Race 2 was held two weekends ago on a natural river course at L'Argentierre la Bessee, France. Kynan had a great result this time, coming 13th in C1 semi-final.  Other Australians have made podium positions: check out on the website <http://www.largentierecanoe2011.com/fr/?gtlang=en>here. (I suggest you look at C1 women!) View videos <http://video.digotel.com/eurovisionbest/icf/index.html>here. (Same site as above.)

Race 3 was held last weekend at <http://www.slalomworldcup.com/>Markleeberg, Germany, on an artificial course. Our boys were 13th and then 16th in the heats and semis respectively, in C2.  Kynan made the semis in C1. Looking forward to things to come! (Race videos available at same address mentioned above.)

Slalom Training
There's an ongoing very strong group of youngsters in WA who have excellent white water skills, participating in national championships and overseas ones, too, with considerable success. Much of this is due to the experitise of Zlatan Ibrahimbegovich, who himself was a champion slalom paddler in Europe before migrating to Australia some years ago. He's holding training classes these school holidays.  <x-msg://454/zlatanibrahimbe@hotmail.com>Contact him if you'd like to join in with slalom paddling.

New Front Page Pic
Here's a group of the Avon Women Network about to take off on a training run through the Toodyay ti-trees, Saturday, 2nd July.  Water level was a very paddleable 10.5m (Toodyay gauge) or 0.4m (Long Pool gauge). No portages required!  From left, Sandi, Rosie, Sue and Julie. If you're a hopeful Avon Descent paddler and you're female and would like some support, do check out details of the Avon Women Network <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/?Page=21695>here or contact <mailto:akcmarketing@gmail.com>Leonie. Experienced paddlers should also make contact if they're needing some support, as there is sure to be someone suitable in our group to share with.

Team Member Wanted
 Flat water paddler looking for white water paddler for 2011 Avon Descent in team of two. Contact Michael, <mailto:msg50@bigpond.com>msg50@bigpond.com.

Lettmann Paddle -
 (Nordic White Water, full carbon kevlar) left on the grass next to the little car park on the East Fremantle side of the Swan (between the bridges) on Wednesday night about 7pm. I raced back after I realised I left it (probably only 10mins later at most) but it was gone. It has my name and mobile phone number on it: Paul Browne, 0403 577 732. If anyone hears of a lost paddle being handed in I would love to get my paddle back.

Carbon Fibre Paddle - lost on Tuesday, 5th July, near Riverton Bridge. Please contact Jamie Ingram, 0406 320 453, if found.

Lost and Found
I place all these items sent to me <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/lostfnd.html>here, as well, so check it out if you find something belonging to a paddler. I've left 2009 items on the list as sometimes old paddles turn up in the river and they're still usable.  (Not often, mind you.)

Gear Reminder!
Make sure you label everything with your name and phone no.  Much lost gear is simply left on the bank after paddling; see above.  If another paddler finds your gear you're guaranteed to get it back if you can be located. There is an assortment of white paint pens at Bunnings, designed to write on all sorts of surfaces. Remember to check every so often that contact details have not washed off.

Event Reminder
Sunday 17th July:
 Northam 2 Toodyay
Here's a good warm-up for the Avon Descent: the first 32km of moving water and a rapid or two. Cost: $30.

Enter online now <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/Entry/01comp.aspx?EID=11613&Format=popup&Tkn=65422>here. Entries close Friday, 15th July at 5.00 pm. No late entries are accepted and there will be no entries on the day. For more information, event flyer and online entry go <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/?Page=17175>here.

Event Coordinator: Eric Cromb ­ President, Ascot Kayak Club. <mailto:akcpresident@gmail.com>akcpresident@gmail.com or 0439 070 307.

On Sunday, 10th July, a group of Avon women paddled Katrine to Toodyay, with plenty of water, (we were surprised) and that's before the rain, as I write, came through, late Sunday-Monday. And there's more rain forecast for the end of the week. Go <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/atglenavon.jpg>here for pic of Glen Avon and <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/atextrctsjuly.jpg>here for Extracts. Water level was 10.36m @ Toodyay and falling.

For Sale
Wavesport Habitat Creek Boat 
- brand new, hasn't even touched the water.  Excellent creek/instructors' boat with a comfortable fit-out and plenty of room to carry gear. Also, great for those looking to get started in some white water paddling. $1050. Ty, 0400 723 359.
Wavesport Transformer 3 Play Boat - reasonable condition, suit medium size person. $550. Call Andy, 0448 568 054.
Ski - old, but in great condition (ex-Darryl Long's). Kevlar/fibreglass construction. Avon ready. $450. Call Andy, 0448 568 054.

Wavehopper ­ blue $350. Karen, 9331 4565.

Week 4 /July
Thursday, 28th July, 2011
Country to City: Mainpeak Multisport Challenge
Sunday, 25th September

Here's a new event for the outdoor sporting enthusiast's calendar with cycling, trail running and, of course, paddling. This event is the first to use the quite unknown north side of the valley, Moondyne Joe territory, for adventure racing. It's especially pretty in spring with all the wildflowers strutting their stuff, as well as you. And you might even compete with emus for use of the run trails. (It's not called Emu Falls for nothing!)

Start at Toodyay and run the undulating environs of one of our most charming inland towns, cycle and trail run the farmlands and national park on the north side of the Avon Valley, down into the Chittering Valley with its citrus groves and vineyards, eventually finding yourself in familiar territory (in a boat) at Walyunga, Bells and the Swan Valley. Finish at Garvey Park. 

That's 158km in all! Obviously it's for the hardy individual or you can form a team, a small one or a large one. All the details and online entry are <http://www.mainpeakmultisport.com.au/>here. Organisers say, "For paddlers who reckon their legs aren't up to the ride or run legs, get your mates on board for a team entry or alternately we can put the word out to find you some team mates; there are plenty of competitors wary of the paddle legs looking for suitable team mates."

Early Bird Entries
Enter before the end of this month (5pm, AEST, Friday, 30th July) to receive a special Early Bird offer of a voucher for between $30 and $120 towards some great Icebreaker gear and remember you receive a sensational New Zealand Merino Tech T Lite valued at $80 just for entering.

Organised by Rapid Ascent, Adventure Event Management

Group Training
If you're up for some group training for this event, check into Rapid Ascent's Perth Paddle Training Forum found here: http://www.rapidascent.com.au/Forum/ForumMessages.aspx?e=&t=1337

Western Australia on the World's Adventure Challenge Map
I received a surprising email recently; the wording included: "We are in the initial stages of researching a new adventure travel series in conjunction with the Lonely Planet travel guides & for BBC Televsion. It will be presented by Ben Fogle (British adventurer, presenter, author & special correspondent for NBC) to be shown worldwide in 2012. Ben, among other things, has rowed the Atlantic Ocean in 49 days and crossed Antarctica in a foot race to the South Pole.

The idea behind the series is that Ben will take part in various challenges or adventures in various territories around the world including, we hope, Western Australia. Every adventure needs to be publicly accessible albeit push Ben to the limits in some way. . . . Sadly we won't be in the country to take part in the Avon Descent race . . . "

They were enquiring about other suitable paddling events or other events within their time frame. 

Then came a further email, "As it stands, we're planning to do an off-road race - the Kickstarter's Gascoyne Dash on the 28/29th October out of Carnarvon and Gascoyne Junction and then the Ananconda Race in Cape Leeuwin, 5th November. So we have a gap in between these two sets of dates which we'd like to fill with some sort of endurance test or extreme experience."

Are there other W.A. event organisers who have another suggestion?  Contact me for email address if "Yes".

Terry Across Canada
More adventures, too, for paddling guru Terry Bolland who has been paddling through the wilds of Canada for a few weeks now. You can keep up-to-date with his progress <http://terryacrosscanada.wordpress.com/>here, though, as you can imagine, often he does not have access to a computer! Leonie Cockman from Ascot Kayak Club and Alaine Davin from the CDU shop will be joining him shortly, paddling most of the way across Canada, from the west to the east.
Magic Happens!
The stolen ski reported here a few weeks back has been returned! A member of the public reported to the owner, Martin (who had left signs in the vicinity of the sand dunes of northern beach from where it was stolen) that there was a ski sitting in the scrub.  Martin says, "Interesting that there were two weeks from being nicked to appearing in the bushes. Maybe someone took it home and realised that they can't do anything with it. I'll probably never know and it doesn't really matter as I HAVE MY SKI BACK! It's got a few scratches from the bush but looks ok.  The paddle was attached via the straps on the rear deck, a neat thief?"

City of Perth Surf Life Saving Club ­ Boards and Skis for Sale
- ranging in price from $200 to $1800 still available
Boards ­ ranging in price from $60 to $200 still available
Please contact John Wilkie for further information: 08 9385 9232 (City of Perth SLSC) or <mailto:admin@citysurf.asn.au>admin@citysurf.asn.au

Paddle Training in Mandurah
Mandurah Paddling Club has regular and ongoing training sessions for basic skills and sea skills training, including assessments, for all paddlers as well as various other programs for more advanced paddlers at various times. Contact : Mandurah Paddling Club - Paul Harding (President) 0400 842 445 or, for more info':

Jeffery and Maley
Perth paddlers Robin Jeffery and Kynan Maley will be participating in an Olympic Canoe Slalom Test at the new Lee Valley White Water Centre, the course for the 2012 Olympics, this weekend. Then in September they'll be participating in the World Championships to be held in Slovakia, in both C1 and C2.  All of this is preparation for the Olympics and possible selection next year.

Water at Walyunga
Slalom folk have been blessed with quite a good flow at their favourite winter playground. Race 4 of the winter series was held last weekend at Walyunga and fingers are crossed for more wet weather, so that Race 5, State Titles (Sunday, 14th August) and Race 6, the Schools' event (Sunday, 4th September) can be held there as well.

Moondyne Rapid
<http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/moondyne.html>Here's a few pics of (and tips for) Moondyne rapid which is located just below the accomodation/convention centre on the northern side of the valley.  Water levels in the pics are low, but paddleable (10.63m @ Toodyay and about 0.55m Long Pool gauge). Also go <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/avonrapids.html>here to see pics of and notes on Syd's, Championships, Lookout, Bald Hill rapids, Emu Falls, Superchute, Extracts. 

Browsing down the valley via Google Earth is a great way to become more familiar with the layout and location of rapids and other features. The start of Moondyne Rapid has Google Earth co-ordinates: 31º 37' 40.65"S; 116º 11' 13.47" E 

. . . But A Good Time Was Had By All!
"The water was good at the weekend, but our valley run took six hours and had too many incidents. Four of us set out from Posselts, with two paddles each. At Bells we were down to four paddles total. This was Dave T, Phil, John O. and moi (Patrick - he's been watching the Tour de France); totally squeezed between two rocks in the middle section of Emu Falls.

John O.  broke his first paddle below Emus; and so it went, all day. Fiasco caught us up half way down the valley, smiled knowingly as we all searched for John O's second paddle, in vain, and then fell in, chatting to Phil in flat water. He wisely then decided he'd seen enough of us, and whistled away. Understand Fiasco took 3hrs 20, for his run, just over half our time.

Breaking things included my rudder on the Finn which has been good since 2003. Hear John T. nearly broke his head. 
Is there something in/on the water?" (Yes, Patrick, rocks!)

Avon Old Boys' Club
Andy Hewlett (Swan Canoe Club) is doing his 20th Avon Descent this year; John Sims (Ascot Kayak Club) his umpteenth and I am sure Darryl Long has lost count by now!  Who else has a claim to longevity at this event? (Wot about the women?)

New Front Page Pic
Avon women help each other out all the time.  <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/>Here's experienced paddler, Louise, left, guiding relatively new paddler, Tania, during a practice session, at low-medium water. Hopefully this water level (a bit on the low side, mind you, but anything is better than last year, as we're all saying!) keeps up after the Descent so aspiring Avon women can participate in some white water training this year, for next year.

For Sale
Viper K1
all red, carbon epoxy. Max Abbott manufactured. Excellent condition. Fitted with foot pump. $1400. David, 9448 0794.
Diesel plastic creek boat. 75 Litres. Orange. Excellent condition $700. David, 9448 0794.

Downsizing fleet, they have to go.
Fenn Mako 6. Good condition, $1650
Dominator K1, glass, good condition. $350.
I also have an old spec ski, suitable for shortish teenager, unknown make, but in pretty reasonable condition, ie., watertight but missing the detachable wave deflector. $100 firm.
Contact Andrew, 0411 556 927.

Slalom boats:
do you have any in your shed that you're not using?  Slalom folk are looking to buy some. Contact <mailto:slalomWA@gmail.com>slalomWA@gmail.com.
Epic V10 Sport to borrow/rent for this year's Anaconda, 6th Nov. Coming from Vietnam for the race. Contact Michael at <mailto:mgmccourt@bigpond.com>mgmccourt@bigpond.com
Epic V10 to borrow/rent for this year's Anaconda 6th Nov. Willing to pay a very good rate for borrowing it for the weekend. Bryce, 0407 661 813 or <mailto:favfc@hotmail.com>favfc@hotmail.com
Kasako that can take a few more knocks. Dave, 0438 185 564. 
Canadian Style Canoe - 2-3 person, priced around $500, give or take a bit. Can be glass, plastic or ali. Jake, <mailto:j.perger@hotmail.com>mailto:j.perger@hotmail.com or 0409 100 466.

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