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Week 1 /March
Wednesday, 2nd March, 2011

City Lights
Sunday, 6th March

Here's some more info' on this unique event, so don't miss out on the fun and get your entries in.

Organisers are providing entertainment at the finish line: acoustic guitarist, Ivan Ribic, will play a wide variety of classic rock and modern rock tunes as the paddlers come in. A great dinner (AKC has the support of an excellent caterer.) is included in the entry fee for race participants and is available to purchase for others at the event. This is a club championship event; the club with the highest proportion of its members participating will be the winner of a perpetual trophy and a significant cash prize. Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under and Alarms Systems, WA.

Entries close 6pm, Thursday, 3rd March. Go <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/?Page=13120>here to enter and to see all the details of this event.

Registration, on the lawns between Shelley Bridge and Riverton Bridge, is from 4:15pm - 5:15pm with the compulsory briefing soon after.

Dashwood Dash
Sunday, 13th March
Registration and payment: 9am; race start: 10am

Paddle 12km from Kent Street Weir to Shelley Bridge, then upstream to Hester Park and return to the weir. There's a short course, 6km, and a Guppy course, 3km, as well. A portage at Kent Street Weir is included. This is a twisty-turny course in a narrow river, past leafy banks, mostly with shelter from the wind. The race is named after Bevan Dashwood, long time paddler and contributor to slalom and a life-time member of the canoeing association. These are his 'home' waters.  

Enter online <http://www.slalomwa.canoe.org.au/event.asp?ID=12649&format=popup>here to be eligible for Canoeing Down Under raffle. (I assume you can also enter on the day but won't be in the raffle. Check with organisers on this.) Great food available at finish line, courtesy of the slalom mums. Organised by Slalom Technical Committee; sponsored by Canoeing Down Under. 

Further info': Joy and Richard Lowther 0459 685 359.

Part proceeds of the event will go to help "Hannah's House", Perth Children's Respite Centre, which is planned to be built as a home away from home for children with life-limiting conditions and their families. Martin and Jacky Watson, together with their daughter, Tess, very active club members at AKC, are very involved in this project.  For more information go to  <http://www.hannahshouse.org.au/>www.hannahshouse.org.au . You may wish to donate to this very worthwhile cause.

Boundless Adventure Racing: Paddy Pallin "Killa" Events
Here's a new adventure style racing series which mostly includes a paddling leg. The series is intended to present a shorter option for would-be adventure racing participants, as well as introductory to the longer, multi-day events held in WA. The experienced organisers, John Toomey and Ian Dalton, both Perth based, have a rogaining-orienteering background and have also competed in adventure racing events for a number of years. Ian says, "The races we offer are aimed at people keen to try adventure racing but don't want to jump into the multi-day events without testing the waters, so to speak." 

"Open to individuals and pairs the Paddy Pallin Killa events are shorter style true adventure races, ie. team work and basic navigation are part of the events. No sleep deprivation, no soul-destroying treks, no heavy packs, no blackberries - and all over and done with by lunch time! The 2011 races include navigation on foot, mountain bike and the first and last events have flat water paddling."

Their very readable and easily navigable website is <http://boundless-ar.com.au/>here. Details of the first event in the series follows:

KillaMetro, Sunday, 20th March
This will be based around Guildford. Each leg, paddling, biking and on foot will be about 45mts. with 10mts. of orienteering at the end. Website with more info', plus online entry, is <http://boundless-ar.com.au/?page_id=9>here.

Improve Your Paddling Technique
Ty Stedman, of Precision Paddling, reminds us, "Now is the perfect time to focus on your technique in the lead-up to the winter and Avon season. Check out our website, <http://www.precisionpaddling.com.au/>www.precisionpaddling.com.au for all of your technical coaching needs or email <mailto:ty@precisionpaddling.com.au>ty@precisionpaddling.com.au for more info' on lessons and the services we offer. 

Stay tuned for our popular technique clinics, which will recommence at the end of March after the Sprint season has wound down.

Margie Jeffery
Our thanks must go to Margie Jeffery who has served the slalom community so capably for many years in the role of Chairperson and much more, and who is now stepping down. The good news is that she "will continue to be involved with slalom in other ways if I can be helpful." 

Event Cancelled
Organisers of the Fifth Marker Cup, due to be held on 13th March, have had to postpone their event due to a clash with another main event on the Mandurah calender, Crab Fest.  New date will be announced.

Keep on Canoeing
Here's a good idea! You can keep on exercising on the water whilst you rest shoulder/wrist injuries or surgery with one of these!  It's a sit-on paddle craft, the Hobie, with pedals that you use to propel you, thus resting the upper body. There's one for sale <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/newsfl.html>here, though it's not cheap. Nigel, a physio, is selling his now that he has recovered from his shoulder surgery.

Film Fund Raising Night
6:30pm, Friday, 1st April
Windsor Cinemas, 98 Stirling H'way, Nedlands

Swan Canoe Club long-time paddlers, Colin and Gail Priest, Gisela Cannon and Rikus Kaijer are swapping their kayaks for mountain bikes and taking on the <http://www.thegibbchallenge.net.au/information.html>2011 Police Legacy Gibb River Road Mountain Bike Challenge. All funds raised will go to Police Legacy (assisting families of deceased police officers) and a charity of our choice, being Rocky Bay (optimising the quality of life for people living with disabilities).

The film is Never Let Me Go. Wikipedia says of the film that it "met with generally positive reviews from film critics, with most reviewers praising the cast's overall performances, and was placed on several critics' top ten lists for the year." Go <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Never_Let_Me_Go_(2010_film)>here on Wikipedia to learn more. Could be an interesting film.

For tickets please contact Gail Priest, 0439 969 221 or email <mailto:cag2@westnet.com.au>cag2@westnet.com.au .
Tickets: $16

For Sale
End of Season Vajda Craft 

Vajda Infusion K1 (Basic Layup) RRP $3290 sale price $2600
Vajda Accelero K1 (Racing Layup) RRP $4990 sale price $3750
Vajda Minisonic Guppy K1 - Brand New RRP $1390 sale price $850
The Orca Ocean Racing Ski is available for extended demo. Contact Ty (0400 723 359) for more info.

Kayak Trailer 
Registered, in fantastic condition. Able to carry up to 12 craft. Perfect club runabout and small enough to store as a family trailer for those paddling families with too many boats for the roof of one car. $1800ono. Contact Ty (0400 723 359) for more info.

Plastic double kayak, MI 515 - 
average to good condition. Contact Matt - 0413 201 854 or <mailto:sustainfitness@live.com.au>sustainfitness@live.com.au.

Week 4 /March
Thursday, 24th March, 2011
Coastal Clash
It's on this weekend at Lancelin for all sport lovers - swimmers, paddlers, runners, riders, triathletes, kids and supporters ­ all welcome. There's an 18km ocean paddle race on Saturday and an 8km Novice Paddle & Stand-Up-Paddleboard paddle on Sunday.  For the full programme and other details go here: <http://www.coastalclash.com.au/default.aspx>http://www.coastalclash.com.au/default.aspx . Presented by Macpac.

Online entries have closed, BUT you can still come ane ENTER ON THE DAY. Organisers say, "Come to Lancelin and we will still accept your entries during the times listed for 'registration' in the event schedule."

Open Day @ Canning River Canoe Club
Jamie Ingram, new Pres of CRCC tells everyone, "My club is holding an open day this Sunday, 27th March, between 10 am and 2pm, on the lawns between Shelley Bridge and Riverton Bridge. Come and visit and enjoy a burger!"

Josh Singleton at the Murchison In Flood
"At the end of Feb a crew of us headed up to the Murchison and I made a video of it with my GoPro camera (water proof camera on my head) and thought all might like to see it  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4nTpjN-NFI&feature=autofb"

Water level at Emu Springs was just under 3m (ie., 13m, where 10.00 = "no flow"). 

The group paddled Ross Graham Lookout to The Loop in the one day, through "Killer Fang Falls" and "Purgatory", etc. The second day was spent at the notorious and long Hardebut Rapid, further upstream at the start of the national park, "but my camera ran out of battery unfortunately".

Monsoon Madness White Water Festival
Josh also informs us of the "Monsoon Madness White Water Festival", held by Cairns Canoe and Kayak Club, which he attended a couple of weeks ago.

"I competed in the National BoaterCross Championships (the first time a BoaterX has ever been sanctioned by a Canoeing Federation (Australia) in the world, and National Freestyle Championships (12th and 13th March, respectively).  

The Boatercross was held on Freshwater Creek - Crystal Cascade, a stretch of Grade 4 water about 750m long.  My results weren't great, especially given I had only run the stretch of water once before competition and took a few wrong turns during the race but still managed a top 30 finish.  

My results in the National Freestyle Championships were much more suprising though, finishing 5th in the Open Mens with a score of 220. The competion consisted of 2 x 45 second runs per competitor on the Barron River at Tinaroo Waves across 3 features: two waves and one hole."

The website here <http://www.cairnskayaking.com.au/>http://www.cairnskayaking.com.au/ has a video of some of the tricky looking local river runs as well as a wrap-up of the weekend's events.

Fitzroy River Paddle
There's a few shots of Lachie Carracher whilst on his recent lone paddle of much of the flooded Fitzroy during this interview video: 
The video contains other waterfall tackles as well as the Fitzroy footage.

Mainpeak Paddlesports Sidewalk Sales
From time to time Mainpeak Paddlesports have massive sidewalk sales with super bargains.  To make sure you don't miss the next one get onto their email list here: <mailto:enewsletters@mainpeak.com.au>enewsletters@mainpeak.com.au .

Senior Slalom Team
Kynan Maley and Robin Jeffery, both West Oz C1 and C2  paddlers,  but now based in Sydney, have been selected for the Australian Senior Slalom Team competing in 2011. World Cup events are midway through the year: 25th-26th June, World Cup 1 in Athens; 2nd-3rd July, World Cup 2 in L'Argentierre la Besse in France; 9th-10th July in Augsburg, Germany.

Later in the year the Canoe Slalom World Championships will be held in Bratislava, Slovakia, 7th-11th September.

WA Sprint Juniors
Well done to other young WA folk who were selected in national sprint teams. They are Shannon Reynolds (Junior), Jamee-Lee Martin, Lachlan Cooke and Brendan Rice (Under 23),  Olympic Hopes Team, Tess Watson (Under 16) and Bronwyn Martin (Under 15), as well as Mitchell Jenkinson (Under 17), Alexander Graham (Under 15) and Nicholas Pond (Under 15).

Easier Boat Loading for Kayakers/Canoeists
Mary Herbert sends us this link to the website of inventors of another kayak loading device: <http://www.boathoist.com.au/strongarm_kayak_loader.php>http://www.boathoist.com.au/strongarm_kayak_loader.php . It was featured on "The New Inventors" on ABC recently.  They're not cheap but if you've tried all else this might be for you.

Rod Fry Race - Swan Canoe Club
Roland Bodt tells us this race will now be held later in the year.

Bassendean Boating
Progress is being made with regard a storage facility for kayaks at Point Reserve.  If you're interested in supporting this proposed facility contact Graeme King, <mailto:graeme.ksh@bigpond.com>graeme.ksh@bigpond.com .

Basic Skills
Australian Canoeing directs us to these very concise and clear instructional videos which have been produced by Canoe Tasmania. For beginners.
<http://www.canoe.org.au/?page=21259&format=>http://www.canoe.org.au/?page=21259&format=  but nothing is as useful for new paddlers as personal instruction.

Canoeing Down Under - Introduction to Flat Water Course
9am-12pm, Sunday, 17th April

Learn the basics to get you started and have fun with other beginners at the same time.
$85 includes craft or $65 with your own craft.
Bookings and further enquiries: 

Mandurah Duel
A well supported and successful inaugural event was held last weekend with all enjoying the day.  Wind conditions were both advantageous and challenging, not unusual for our coast! Thank you, indeed, to the enthusiastic organisers. In case you want to check results of friends:
<http://blastpaddlers.com/rms/results/show/437>Ocean Results   <http://blastpaddlers.com/rms/results/show/437>http://blastpaddlers.com/rms/results/show/437

<http://blastpaddlers.com/rms/results/show/438>Estuary Results <http://blastpaddlers.com/rms/results/show/438>http://blastpaddlers.com/rms/results/show/438

Event Reminder
Marathon #5 - Pinjarra to Ravenswood
Sunday, 3rd April

Meet at boat ramp car park, Henry Street, Pinjarra, for the 17km paddle to Ravenswood. Registration: 8:45am-9:45am; briefing: 10:00am. Make sure you allow time for the car shuffle for this race.

Large playboat
. Good condition.  Please contact Ewan - <mailto:ewan.dowie@gmail.com>ewan.dowie@gmail.com or 0428 391 653.
Double Ace Explorer, plastic, Martyn, 0421 097 823.

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