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Week 1 /May
Tuesday, 3rd May, 2011

Good Luck, Sandy!
Starting in mid-May, Perth sea kayaker, Sandy Robson, will be paddling from Germany to Cyprus, as part of a greater ambition to retrace as much as possible of the 1930's journey of a young German man, Oskar Speck, who eventually paddled all the way to Australia. (He certainly saved on air fares!) You can find out more about this and follow Sandy's journey at <http://www.sandy-robson.com/>http://www.sandy-robson.com

You may remember Sandy from her long paddle up the east coast of Australia - ending with a croc attack in far North Queensland.  Her website of that trip is <https://netstorage.penrhos.wa.edu.au/slap/>here.

Mainpeak Multisport
Sunday, 25th September

Here's a new event on our calendar for teams and individuals - you'll need to train for this one: 158km from Toodyay to Guildford which involves trail running, road cycling and paddling.

7.5km Toodyay trail run
58km Julimar road ride
24km Avon Valley trail run
32km Chittering Valley road ride
7km Bells white water paddle OR Bells trail run
16km Swan Valley Vineyard River Paddle
12km Guildford River Paddle

You can have up to 6 in a team and can mix 'n match with 2-5 in a team. All the info' is <http://www.mainpeak.com.au/content/community_EVENTS.html>here.

Mainpeak: "A Night with John Jacoby"
6:30pm, Wednesday, 4th May, Osborne Park Store

Accomplished and well known adventure racer, John Jacoby, is visiting to talk about "all things endurance, from training to competing, and how you can improve your running, cycling and paddling performances too. " This is part of the lead-up to the Mainpeak Multisport Event outlined above. You need to phone 9242 8600  to register for the evening.  Space is still available.

Rivergods now on Facebook
"where people can find information about our tours, as well as photos and videos."

Wildwater Series Starts
Saturday, 7th May, Ascot Kayak Club

The first in the series of wildwater (or downriver) races is on this weekend: the Buoys' Race at Ascot Kayak Club.  Participants race up and down the river and around obstacles to emulate a twisting, turning river course. It's a fun event and is suitable for DR boats or others with their rudder tied up. Many paddlers have been attending the valuable Saturday morning DR classes run by DR Superstar, Dave Worthy, so there's sure to be some stiff competition!  Food available at conclusion of the racing.
Registation: either <http://www.wildwaterwa.canoe.org.au/>online now, or on the day, from 2:00-2:30pm at the event. Briefing: 2:45pm; race starts 3:15pm.

For more info' contact Richard Lowther, 9291 8041 h; 0408 271 795 or <mailto:richlowther@gmail.com>richlowther@gmail.com .

Wildwater Series: Other Races for 2011
#2: Sunday, 22nd May, The Drain Race
#3: Sunday, 19th June, Upper Swan Ti-trees
#4: Sunday, 21st August, Bells Rapid Race
#5: Saturday & Sunday, 27th & 28th August, State Titles/Geegelup Cup, Blackwood River, Bridgetown
The series of races is sponsored by Canoeing Down Under.

Canoeing Down Under Paddle Challenge
Sunday, 15th May at AP Hinds Reserve, Bayswater

There's differing distances up and down the Swan River depending on how prepared you are: 17km; 11km; Guppy courses 6km and 3.5km. Cash and prizes generously provided by Terry Bolland of Canoeing Down Under. This event also marks the official opening of entries for this year's Avon Descent.
Registration: 7:30-9:00am; race starts: 9:30am. More info' here.

Crazy Creeker
Some huge water and massive drops after a night of heavy rain in New Zealand's North Island Wainui River make for some <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnPbl2wCAIA&feature=player_embedded>riveting viewing.  Paddler is a local (NZ), Ben Brown.

From Paul Harding: "We found a set of keys at a Dawesville beach on Friday 22nd; they should be fairly distinct as they were attached to a 'Hamilton Island Outrigger Canoe Club' key tab. The owner can contact me on 0400 842 445."

Australian Masters Games
7th-16th October, Adelaide

Sprint and Marathon events are available for paddlers and a myriad of other events. You need to be >30 years to participate.

Go to <http://www.australianmastersgames.com/>www.australianmastersgames.com for more info'.

2011 RPM
The <http://www.mcc.canoe.org.au/?Page=6845>Riverland Paddling Marathon (RPM) is South Australia's premier long distance paddling marathon. The RPM incorporates the Murray 200, the Murray 200 Relay, the Murray 100 and the Riverland mini-marathon. The three day event runs from Berri to Morgan over the Queen's Birthday long weekend every year in June and attracts kayaks, canoes, surf skis and dragon boats with recreational classes run in conjunction with competitive classes.

Entries close, 12th May.  Late fee applies then until 4th June, after which no entries will be accepted.

Mainpeak Avon Descent Courses
Thursday, 5th May AND/OR Thursday, 26th May

These skills courses are designed to get you race-ready for the Avon Descent: 3 x 2 hour sessions. There will also be Avon Valley training runs as soon as practicable.
Contact Paddlesports for more info': <http://www.mainpeak.com.au/content/menuCONTACTUS.html>http://www.mainpeak.com.au/content/menuCONTACTUS.html .

Canoeing Down Under Course: Flat Water Intro
9am- midday, Sunday, 22nd May

Last chance . . . for ages to learn all the basic strokes from great paddling gurus and meet others in a morning of fun on the river. $85 or less if you have your own craft. Contact Canoeing Down Under, 9378 1333.

Avon Descent Specials @ Canoeing Down Under

Spirit PRS - all models special - includes Sport Wing Paddle, PFD & 8 litre dry bag, save $270.

Spirit Racer - special includes Sport Wing Paddle & 8 litre dry bag, save $150

Finn Endorfinn - special includes Finn Wing Paddle & 8 litre dry bag, save $150.

Finn Multisport - special includes Finn Wing Paddle & 8 litre dry bag, save $150.

If you already have a paddle, let us know, and we will see what other deal we can do.



For Sale


3 x Necky Eskia Single Sea Kayaks ­ plastic, good condition. For more information please call Rivergods,  9259 0749. 


Ty, Precision Paddling - Ty, 0400 723 359 or <mailto:ty@precisionpaddling.com.au>mailto:ty@precisionpaddling.com.au

Vajda Infusion K1 (Basic Layup) RRP $3290 sale price $2600.

Vajda Accelero K1 (Racing Layup) RRP $4990 sale price $3750.  

Vajda Minisonic Guppy K1 - Brand New RRP $1390 sale price $850. 


Hal, Capricorn Sea Kayaking. To view in East Fremantle Ph Hal 0427 485 123.

2 x Mission Contour 490 Double Sea Kayaks ­ plastic, have front and rear hatches for gear storage. Excellent condition. $1750 each. Great boats for day trips and expeditions. Come with PFDs and paddles. 

1 x Mission Eco Bezhig Single Sea Kayak with front, rear and day hatches for storage. Plastic. Excellent condition. $1750. Great boat for day trips and expeditions. Comes with PFD and paddle.

Boat Specs:



Week 3 /May
Tuesday, 17th May, 2011

Down River Series: Race #2 Coming Up . . .
Sunday, 22nd May
The Drain Race
 is a short 3.4km race with many twists and turns through the leafy upper Canning River. From Hester Park, Langford, paddle upstream to the startline, checking out the course as you go. It's open to all non-ruddered boats or else you can tie up your rudder. 

Bring your winter woollies and ugg boots as it's an early start and the forecast is for a chilly 9ºC. Registration is 7:00-7:30am. (Wildwater is sharing part of this course with the slalom group which races here later on this day.)

Enter online by emailing <mailto:spencer@minstruct.com.au>Spencer King your boat type (WWK1/Short Plastic/Sundry), your age class (U16/18; Open; 35+; 45+; 55+) and gender. Pay on the day. Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under.

New Front Page Pic
<http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/>Here's coach Dave Worthy instructing keen, new(ish) DR paddlers on the ins and outs of paddling the upper Canning. That's Ben and Spencer from AKC listening to the well known DR guru and I think that's Patrick making his way upstream.

Slalom Winter Series
Sunday, 22nd May

Race #1, Hester Park. Morning? Contact organisers for actual times.

Event Reminder
Sunday, 29th May - Marathon #6: The Double Barkers Race

Long Course, 23km - 2 laps from Ascot Kayak Club to Barkers Bridge and return; Short Course, 12km - 1 Lap From Ascot Kayak Club to Barkers Bridge and return; Junior Course, 8km - U14 K1 / TK1; Guppy Course, 6km -- U10s paddling GK2 , U12s paddling GK1.
Registration: 6:45-7:45am. All entries are taken on the day. Meet at Ascot Kayak Club. Food will be available both at AKC and the next door cafe.
For more info' contact Peter Martin, <mailto:petermartin1953@aapt.net.au>petermartin1953@aapt.net.au.

And Coming Up . . .
Western Australian State Marathon Championships, Saturday & Sunday 11th & 12th June

The Marathon season of 2010 - 2011 is sponsored by KAOS Kayaks, <http://www.kaoskayaks.com/>http://www.kaoskayaks.com or 0431 205 477. Paddlers who race six events, including at least one State Championship event, will be entered into a draw for a quality built KAOS kayak at the end of the season.

Avon Descent New Sponsor
"Act - Belong - Commit" . . .
a Healthways initiative, is the new naming rights sponsor of W.A.'s most popular paddling event. Entries are now open for this year's event on 6th & 7th August.  Go to the <http://www.avondescent.com.au/>website for all the up-to-date info'. There is a new structure for paddlers' entry fees which you will find under "Competitor Information".

Paddling Down South
Autumn is a great time to venture south with your kayak or canoe as the winds are often less just before the winter with all its strong cold fronts. Steve Morup and friends paddled Broke Inlet recently. There's some pics of this rewarding paddle <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/brokepics.html>here.

If you're thinking of exploring the region with your boat there's enough paddling info' <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/whereindex.html>here to get you started.  

Tuesday Paddlers
A new group of recreational paddlers has started up in Perth, in addition to the Over 45s and the Over 55s, both of whom have been operational for some years now. The main contact is Bill, 0412 219 254 or 9446 2848, in case you're looking for a weekday group to join in with.  They call themselves "Leisure Paddlers 45+" and it is a fully incorporated club. Their itineraries number about twenty in the metro area, river and ocean.

Kalbarri Canoe and Cray Festival
4th & 5th June
, Foundation Day long weekend. You may need to check on your accomodation now.  More details of this year's two day event are <http://www.kalbarri.org.au/pages/kalbarri-canoe-cray-carnival/>here  as well as entry forms. Paddling events include the Murchison River Dash which starts at Murchison House Station on the Sunday. There's much for families at this event, especially if they're into pirates!

Capel Descent Postponed
From organiser, Peter Pavlinovich, "Zero rainfall has the (Capel) river looking very sad. The river is actually paddleable due to the closed floodgates, but no influx has made it a bit on the nose in places.We've decided to postpone the event for the time being . . .  At this stage we are looking at either the last weekend in August or the first weekend in September for this year. We can't really push it into July as the seasonal thunderstorms make the ocean leg quite dangerous." The event was to have taken place in June.

How to Make a Whitewater Course
Well, it helps if you have a real river to start with!  Robbie Jeffery sends us this video which "shows an ingenious solution for crossing a river and making a whitewater course in Taipei. Worth a look!!" Check it out: <http://youtu.be/QJ3LnSIIEEA>http://youtu.be/QJ3LnSIIEEA
(Reminded me of the work carried out below the Stirling Dam on the former Harvey White Water Course, organised by Colin Thorpe, in the 1990s. The lower section thus created followed on from the top section which was created by the original pioneering white water paddlers in WA, a decade or two earlier.)

Sponsorship Request: Robbie Jeffery
Perth slalom paddler, now based in Sydney, is seeking assistance with his paddling career and pursuit of Olympic stardom. He says, " I am the number one ranked (C1) boat in Australia. I am doing everything I can to represent Australia at the 2012 Olympics. The funding I recieve is greatly appreciated but does not cover many of my expenses. I need your support to achieve my dream. In return I can provide a variety of services, ie. coaching, public speaking, brand recognition, publicity." If you might be able to help out please contact Robbie, 0431 101 105 or <mailto:rjeffery87@hotmail.com>rjeffery87@hotmail.com.

For Sale
Nelo Vanquish 2004.
 Used for 2 seasons, yellow in colour, comes with original Nelo cover. Always stored in a shed, excellent condition. $2500 ono. Must sell. Maree, 0418 911 981 or <mailto:pmdehaas@bigpond.net.au>pmdehaas@bigpond.net.au.
Fenn Mako 6 -  good condition, $1750. Fremantle area. Andrew, 0411 55 6927.

Canoeing Down Under Avon Descent Information Night
7:30pm, Thursday, 19th May
 (This week!)
To be presented at Ascot Kayak Club. $10 donation to the Canoeing Down Under Junior Fund. Booking is essential, 9378 1333. Learn lots of tips from Avon gurus.

Mainpeak Avon Special
From Dave @ Mainpeak: "For the Avon enthusiast or even first-timers, we have a fantastic deal on the Perception Wavehopper - was $1299, NOW $899.  Details here:

Mainpeak Special of the Month: May
The Perception Tribe 9.5 - was $699, NOW $499, save $200. This great little family-fun sit-on-top is light and easy to paddle. Perfect for the river or ocean and a great craft for those holiday getaways!"

Kevlar ski
 with trailing rudder suitable for Avon. Doesn't need to be in fine condition but don't want anything too heavy. Steve,  <mailto:egger@coronacapital.com.au>egger@coronacapital.com.au or 0402 312 620.

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