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Week 1 /September
Friday, 3rd September, 2011

2011 Canning Nomination Race
Sunday, 18th September

"The race with a difference." You guess your race time with prizes given to the finishers closest to their nominated time. No watches or GPS allowed. All paddlecraft welcome.
Long course: 12km; short course: 5km. Registration: 7-8am at the gazebo, east side of Riverton Bridge, Fern Road, Wilson. Briefing:8:15am; race starts: 8:30am.  Presentations by 11am. Enquiries: Jamie, <mailto:jamiekingram@gmail.com>jamiekingram@gmail.com or Christian and Judith, 9457 4530 or <mailto:judith.thompson@iinet.net.au>judith.thompson@iinet.net.au.

There are significant cash prizes for winners of both the long and short courses and second and third place getters as well - that is, the winners are those closest to their nominated time! The first paddler to the pipe is also rewarded AND there are spot prizes as well.

Event Reminders
Saturday, 10th September:Nanga Challenge

Hurry and get your entries in for this multisport event: 10.5km paddle, 21km mountain bike, 9.6km cross-country run in the forest nearby Dwellingup. It's for iron persons, pairs or teams, with age groups junior, open and veteran (over 45). There's a practice day tomorrow, Saturday, 3rd September, for all sections of the course.  All the details are <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/?Page=11122>here. Enter online <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/event.asp?ID=11624&format=popup>here. The main sponsor is Mountain Designs with Canoeing Down Under, Alarm Systems WA, RFID and Ascot Riverside Kiosk helping out as well. Some teams are looking for a biker or a runner. Contact Helke, 0400 560 145, if you'd like to join in.

Saturday, 8th October: Collie Adventure Race
Another excuse to have a weekend away: multi-sport event, Collie River Valley, based at Minninup Pool: road cycle, 25km; canoe, 10km; optional horse ride: 13km; swim: 1km; mountain bike, 25km; run, 10km. More info' is <https://sites.google.com/site/colliemultisports/collie-adventure-race>here on the website.

Bassendean Boat Storage/Canoe Club
Contact <mailto:graeme.ksh@bigpond.com>Graeme King if you want to express interest in forming a new canoe club or in using a boat storage facility at Bassendean. There may be an opportunity to use an existing building for canoeing purposes and Graeme has been pursuing the idea, but needs to know how much support there is amongst canoeists or would-be ones. Might be ideal as a base for recreational paddling.

Murray Mayhem
The 2011 Murray White Water Festival last weekend was again a spectacle. The racing at The Steps consisted of groups of six paddlers hurtling down mostly Grade 4 rapids in an attempt to find the King and Queen of the River. That's the <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/index.html>new front page pic.*  Much fun was had by all, including the supporters, perched high on a grassy bank with grandstand views of all the action.
*As part of the fun paddlers were to 'dress up', so <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/amwwf11drssup.jpg>there were a couple of clowns, Darth Vader, some cross-dressers, a super hero and more, on the river.

Avon River Playlist
Mat (aka Rookie) has compiled a video of the Avon Rapids, from Posselt's to Bell's, @ 0.85m (Walyunga, old wooden post) which is a medium level, just. Go <http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1B3E0E051D521191>here to view. "Not necessarily the best lines", he says, but he seems to have survived the rapids!  He has divided up the footage according to the names in Terry Boland's book, Canoeing Down Under, though some folk may not be familiar with these.  The main thing is to recognise the BIG ones! Mat says he welcomes comments on the You Tube site. 

White Water @ Les Alpes
Yvonne Wallace sends us these pics of enticing white water in the beautiful surrounds of the Southern Alps of France, taken during the recent trip organised by Martin Burgoyne. The group paddled different rivers in the area, of varying difficulty. Here are some; <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/ayvnalp1.jpg>River Ubaye race course; <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/ayvonalp2.jpg>River Onde; <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/ayvonalp3.jpg>Middle Guil River.

Moondyne Pics, Avon Descent
Steve Floyd who took all those pics on Day Two @ Moondyne has selected the best ones (72) and posted them <http://www.flickr.com/photos/moondyne11>here.  Perusing these will save you wading through one thousand on the Picasa website where all the pics were placed. If you do want to find yourself on the Picasa website you need to <mailto:sfloyd@universityclub.uwa.edu.au>email Steve who will give you access directly.

Slalom State Champs
Thanks to Adrian Quick there's some pics <http://www.flickr.com/photos/qiki/sets/72157627443419950/>here of the folk at this event.  Results are <http://www.slalomwa.canoe.org.au>here.

Slalom Races Coming Up . . .
Sunday, 4th September
: Race 6, Schools @ Walyunga; 
Sunday, 18th September: Race 7,  Brevis Choate Memorial Race @ to be advised.

Canoe Slalom World Championships
7th-11th September, Bratislava, Slovakia

Best of luck to the two C1 and C2 West Oz paddlers, Kynan Maley and Robin Jeffery. The event website is here: <http://www.canoeslalom2011.com/>http://www.canoeslalom2011.com/  .

Bells Rapid Racing
Recent rains resulted in a good flow of water for this DR race.  Greg Hilton (brother of John, AKC) spent some time on rocks photographing paddlers on their way down. Go <https://picasaweb.google.com/fiasco.hilton/GregSBellsSprint2011>here to view. 

Spirit Overseas
Local watercraft producer, Lannin French of Spirit, is proud to announce overseas expansion in recent times.  He's appointed agents in several European countries and will have a stand at the trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, in September.  That's Kanu Messe - a very popular European showcase of what's happening worldwide in paddle sports.  Read both full articles <http://www.spiritpaddle.com.au/content.asp?cId=120>here and <http://www.spiritpaddle.com.au/content.asp?cId=118>here.

Spirit in the Avon Descent
Spirit was well represented amongst the winners in the long plastic class in this year's Avon Descent. Lannin French, owner, would like to congratulate all of Team Spirit on their performances. Go <http://www.spiritpaddle.com.au/content.asp?cId=118>here to read the details of the "who's who".

Paddle, Skee
 - white blades with black and blue shaft.  Lost at Syd's on Saturday,  27th August .  Last seen heading down the main drop. had name and number on it - "Craig Nob Beech - 0419 899 363".  If found please contact Craig, 0419 899 363.
Lettman Paddle - blue, lost just after first rapid down from Walyunga in tree chute. Name and phone no. on paddle may not be readable any more. Steve, 0438 993 426.
PFD, spray deck, white helmet with Avon no. 301 and bootees - at finish of Bell's Rapid Racing, Sunday, 21st August. Please contact Helke, 0400 560 145, if found.
Black plastic cover for surf ski rudder hatch. Left on Trigg Beach, morning of Saturday, 27th August. Fits Stellar SR. Dom, 0417 717 070.

Carolina 12, plastic recreational kayak
- yellow-red-orange, 2 hatches and rudder. Missing from Bells where it was last seen stuck on the right hand side below the main drop but later disappeared. If located please contact Gordon Jackson, 0403 732 813.

Stolen Gear
Apart from always having a legible name and phone no. on all paddling gear it is a good idea to engrave your licence no. on craft in a non-obvious place - in case of theft. If it is located it is then easy to prove your ownership to police. Over the years theft of craft has not been commonplace, but it can occur anywhere: off the top of cars in shopping centres, from your yard or even from the middle of the river, as in the case above. (Though the finders might have thought they had salvage rights!)

Albany Canoe Club Calendar
This active, mostly social paddling club has just updated the outings calendar for the next couple of months.  Go <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/albanycc.html>here to view. They're planning to explore the upper reaches of the Kent River shortly: "some rapids expected". It will be interesting to read what they find.

Avon 3 warhorse
 in reasonable/good condition. Contact Keely, <mailto:KLRobinson@scotch.wa.edu.au>KLRobinson@scotch.wa.edu.au .

For Sale
Paddle "Hammer" -
 made by Jason Wright, full carbon, wing, as new, length 2214, $140, Ken, 0437 804 536 or 9336 4404. (Fremantle) 

Paddle "Skee" - blue and white, kevlar re-inforced, as new, length 2218, $70. Ken, 0437 804 536 or 9336 4404. (Fremantle)

Week 3 /September
Tuesday, 13th September, 2011

Mainpeak Multisport 
25th September: From Toodyay to Garvey Park, Ascot Kayak Club

Heaps of people have entered this new event on our multi-sport calendar.  The individual category is popular; wow, a big challenge to do all this in one day.  I guess the scenery might take the mind off the pain! Much of the course is on the north side of the Avon Valley National Park, in the Chittering Valley and in Walyunga National Park. There are also categories for teams of three or six as well as the ironman category. Entry deadline is 14th September, tomorrow (!!!) so don't dilly-dally. You can enter after this date but it carries a 15% surcharge.
<http://www.mainpeak.com.au/content/Multisport/outdoor/products.html>Information .
<https://www.rapidascent.com.au/MainpeakMultisportChallenge/entry.aspx>Entry Form .

At the top end of the field are World Multisport Champion Richard Ussher, a Kiwi, and local champion, Sean O'Neill, from Scarborough. O'Neill says of his main rival, "Even though he won't have previewed the course, the style of it will certainly suit him. I'm nervous about the distance as my longest race is generally four hours long, whereas the Mainpeak is expected to take more than seven hours, something Richard is more conditioned to."

I guess most of the ironpersons will be happy just to finish the 158km course: trail running, road cycling and paddling.

Volunteer Helpers Required: Mainpeak Multisport
Help your club financially and be part of this new and interesting event at the same time! "We are prepared to make a donation back to your club at a rate of $35 per person per half day and $70 per person per full day," says Bridget Leddin, one of the organisers at Rapid Ascent.  <x-msg://1306/admin@rapidascent.com.au>Contact her if you would like a copy of the volunteer document which outlines the roles required and to register your interest.

Out and About on White Water
Kelvin Lewis came across a couple of expeditions that may be of interest to WA paddlers to peruse; one in Indonesian Papua and the other in the Kimberley. The Kimberley expedition group is all-women, "Kimberley White Water Women", who will be rafting the Isdell and Charnley rivers, hiking to the headwaters and more. Not sure when they're going.  One of the aims is to highlight the conservation values of the Kimberley region. For more info' on the Save the Kimberley campaign, <http://www.savethekimberley.com/>go here.  The second expedition is by three Brits attempting a first kayaking descent of the Derewo River in Papua Indonesia in September.
<http://www.kimberleywhitewaterwomen.com/>http://www.kimberleywhitewaterwomen.com/ .
<http://www.derewo-descent.com/>http://www.derewo-descent.com/ .

White water kayaking is indeed popular the world over.  <http://www.kayaksession.com/barre.php?no=http://www.kayaksession.com/video346.php>Here's a Russian video of a group paddling the Biluti River in Siberia (+ sub titles). What scenery!  See also <http://www.kayaksession.com/barre.php?no=http://www.kayaksession.com/video342.php>this first descent of Piute Creek in California for scenery and magic white water.

New Front Page Pic
White water paddlers get to see some of the best scenery in places that you can only get to in a small manouvreable craft.  If you have not been to the lower Murray for the White Water Festival yet then <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/index.html>here's a sample of some of the scenery in which one can luxuriate. Make sure you go next year, at least as a spectator!

Sprint Season Starts Soon
The WA sprint kayak racing season will begin with Regatta One on Saturday, 15th October, at Champion Lakes starting at 9.00am (briefing 8.30am). <mailto:aceg@iinet.net.au>Contact Sara Trown if you need more information and also to be included in the Sprint e-newsletter which has all the news you need to know about this discipline.

Sprint Grand Prix 1: Perth
This national series of races starts Friday, 2nd to Sunday, 4th December, with this first race to be held in Perth.  It's exciting news for Perth sprint paddlers and they're hoping for an excellent turn-up. Sara tells us, "For those of you not familiar with the GP format these are a series of national regattas that lead up to the nationals, if you like they are a mini national titles."

"A picture speaks a thousand words."
Alwyn Duke says his Finn Molokai is too fast!  <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/alwyncar3.jpeg>Here is the evidence.

Happy Workers Wanted
Rivergods Kayak Adventures are looking for happy workers for the office and also to guide kayak tours. Send resumes to <mailto:rivergods@iinet.net.au>rivergods@iinet.net.au.

Vajda Summer Promotion: 20% off new stock
All Vajda Orca skis have been discounted in preparation for a great summer of paddling.
Racing (15kg model) RRP $ 3990 reduced to $ 2990 (plus domestic freight)
Elite (11kg model) RRP $ 4990 reduced to $ 3990 (plus domestic freight)
Elite Pro (9kg model) RRP $ 5990 reduced to $ 4790 (plus domestic freight)

Visit: <http://www.vajdasurfski.com/>http://www.vajdasurfski.com/ to view the range.

Some stock available now, with a container due to arrive at the end of October. Don't miss the boat, stock will be limited as new international dealers are stocked. 

The Vajda Orca has been receiving some great publicity recently, check out <http://globalsurfski.com/2011/07/31/my-new-vajda-orca-surfski/>Global Surf Ski and <http://www.surfski.info/reviews/item/1287-review-a-paddlers-opinion-of-the-vajda-orca.html>SurfSki.info.
For enquiries contact Vajda WA Agent, Ty Stedman (<mailto:ty@precisionpaddling.com.au>ty@precisionpaddling.com.au / 0400 723 359)

Mainpeak News: good deals this month
Perception tribe 9.5
RRP$699 now only $499 with a paddle till the end of October. Great little sit on top .

New Astral PFDs in store now.

Event Reminders
Sunday, 18th September: Canning Nomination Race. 
Long course: 12km; short course: 5km. Registration: 7-8am at the gazebo, east side of Riverton Bridge, Fern Road, Wilson. Briefing:8:15am; race starts: 8:30am.  Presentations by 11am. Enquiries: Jamie, <mailto:jamiekingram@gmail.com>jamiekingram@gmail.com or Christian and Judith, 9457 4530 or <mailto:judith.thompson@iinet.net.au>judith.thompson@iinet.net.au.
Saturday, 8th October: Collie Adventure Race. Multi-sport event, Collie River Valley, based at Minninup Pool: road cycle, 25km; canoe, 10km; optional horse ride: 13km; swim: 1km; mountain bike, 25km; run, 10km. More info' is <https://sites.google.com/site/colliemultisports/collie-adventure-race>here on the website.

Epic V10 Sport Ultra -
 Dom, 0417 717 070.

For Sale
1 x Jackson Allstar, playboat
, in good condition ($1000)

1 x Riot Astro 54 playboat ($600) 

Call Tom @ Rivergods, 9259 0749, if you would like to try them out.

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