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Week 2/August
To all Avon Descenters,
Please find below paddling news email for this week, with Descent news at the end. If you do not wish to receive the (about) weekly emails of paddling news please let me know by return email. Happy paddling.
Whopping Big Day Out - from Bevan Dashwood
State Slalom Titles

11th August, Walyunga National Park
Starts: 8am with registration; pre-race course coaching at 9am.
Bring your snaggers and beer, girl friends and boy friends, Mums and Dads.
For more info ring Bevan 9456 0464; Margaret 9293 1909; Brian 9382 3548
If you can help out on the day please ring Margaret beforehand.
Sponsored by Main Peak Paddle Sports
Bridgetown Downriver Paddling Weekend - August 17 & 18
Saturday: fun event - teams racing - must have 1 female, 1 plastic boat in each team of three paddlers. Please book by August 12.
Sunday: State Downriver Championships (Geegelup Cup) - 6km grade 2-3 rapids. Register 10am. All welcome - all classes, ages and novices.
*** Lots of great prizes on both days.***
Share Saturday night dinner with your paddling mates (soup, crusty bread, pasta & salad - all you can eat) at the Pottery Tearooms, $18. You must book by August 12.
For further details and bookings contact Robyn Harris of SWCC: 9720 2123 or <mailto:feral@geo.net.au>feral@geo.net.au
Bridgetown Tourist Centre can help with accomodation: 9761 1740
Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under
From Gunther (Davenwood)
Firstly, I would like to thank the paddling community for all the support they have shown to me over the years. If I have inconvenienced anyone with the demise of Davenwood, I must humbly apologise. I will be continuing to do plastic / composite repairs and glass / kevlar kayak /canoe building, but not accessories retail. I can be contacted on
0417042881, or call in at 31B Stanhope Gardens Rd, Midvale.
Kind regards, Gunther  <mailto:kayaks@davenwood.com>kayaks@davenwood.com
UWA Tetrathlon
October is multisport month in WA with 4 events in 4 weeks. One of them is the UWA Tetrathlon which will be run again like last year, an informal race for individuals. For those interested in tackling an event with some paddling (kayak or surf ski).
Check out more details at the following address:
Estimating Walyunga Water Level
Peter Ewing's updated graph is now at http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/watlevwalygr02.html or click on "River Levels" on front page of my site, then Avon/Swan, then go to 3 - Estimating Walyunga Water Level. This is the first year we have had so much data for the lower water levels since the telemetry became available.
Re' thieves at work - from Elaine Lennox 
"Was up at Walyunga today where a car was broken into. A friend was nearly driven off the road by an old bronze coloured car then saw some paper fluttering in the breeze. When he stopped, he found a wallet with one or two cards in it (but not the important ones). When he reported the find to the Ranger it turned out that the Ranger had taken the license number of the car but when he had contacted the police on a previous occasion he was told that unless he actually saw them committing a crime, there was nothing they could do!  
Moral of the story - 'Don't leave anything valuable in your car!' 
Avon Descent
- available at http://www.avondescent.asn.au/res2002.htm
thanks to Merv Francis
Photos at Toodyay Rapid and Syd's -www.aussiesinaction.com.au
TV Special on the Avon Descent will be broadcast on the Ten Network on 17th August, across Australia- at 3pm in WA - thanks to Ann Coulson for the reminder.
Presentation and Barbeque
Trophies and awards will be presented on Sunday, 11th August at the Power Dinghy Racing Club, Burswood. Full details in competitor handbook. A great place to catch up with fellow competitors. A different TV coverage of the event.
Some Statistics - from Merv Francis - Overall 69% finished - K1 83% - K2 56% - Ski 1 83% - Ski 2 70% - Teams 90% - Sundries 40% - 10hp spt 53% - 8hp spt 40% - 8hp std 51%. Similar overall times to 1997 when the Walyunga level was 0.3m.
Short wetsuit pants
- left behind in the spa tent after finishing the Avon - XL or XXL, black on the outside and dk blue on the inside. There is a small spot of quick grip glue stuck to it. The tie string will have been tied to stop the ends falling through the hole. If someone has found them please contact me on 0897970312 or <mailto:kieran.hynes@wpcorp.com.au>kieran.hynes@wpcorp.com.au
Paddle - Ricky van Dongen, no.755, lost a paddle at Syd's Rapid and is wondering if the paddle has been found. Unfortunately he didn't put any identification on the paddle. Please contact him: <mailto:dongen@vianet.net.au>dongen@vianet.net.au
Skee paddle
- lost then found. Tony Fry who would like to convey his heartfelt thanks to Lee Edward's son who carried it down from Championships to Walyunga during the Descent.
Week 3/August 
Please keep your eye out . . .
for yellow Wavehopper, stolen off a car roof in the Harvey area (belongs to Julie Howlett). It had Avon stickers on it and a new custom fibreglass foot rest, black with an oval cut in the middle. If you see it for sale anywhere please contact Lesley, 0414 645 111
Lost at Bell's, 11/8/02
Mako propellar paddle, very distinct as it is purple and short in length. Has name and number on it, hopefully still visible
Sue Reid 9341 1501.
Avon Descent Video
Professional cameraman, Grant Stephenson, (Pro Cam Video Productions) also part of a support crew in this year's Avon Descent, has made a 70 minute video of this year's event. It is available at Terry Bolland's canoe shop (Railway Parade, Bassendean) or from Grant directly. Cost is $30 plus $5 postage if necessary. Ph: 9310 2151 Mob: 0412 551 522 E mail: <mailto:pro_cam_video@yahoo.com.au>pro_cam_video@yahoo.com.au
Avon Descent Results
have been updated. http://www.avondescent.asn.au
The Crowne Plaza Interstate Cup and the One Day Novice Race results are now also online.
You may need to refresh your browser to see the changes - Merv Francis
I have just updated the link on my website to this famous race, a descent of the River Sella in northern Spain, held this year at the same time as our Avon Descent (only one day, 3rd August). Over 1400 craft in 1994. Guess who holds the record for the 20 km of this race? J. Jacoby (Aust) and our very own West Ozzie, Ramon Andersson! - 1 hour, 6 minutes and 36 seconds, 1988. In 2003 the event will be held on 9th August (just in case you'll be over that way).
More info on Teams Event, Bridgetown Paddling Weekend, 17th & 18th August - from Paul Burke
The teams race (fun event) consists of a group of three paddlers who go down the 6km course together and have to finish within fifteen seconds of each other. The object is to help/support the slowest paddler by showing them the way and getting them to wash ride, etc. Also it's a chance for people to go down the river in a group of three for safety before the BIG race on Sunday. It will be run on a similar format to the Australian championships' down river teams event. Each team should consist of a plastic boat, a female and one other. There is a major prize of a dinner for six at the Pottery Tearoom on Saturday night. Get a team together! The start is for 1-2 pm Saturday, so practice can be done in the morning.
State Down River Championships (Geegelup Cup): Registration - 10am; Race start approx. 11am, Sunday morniing.
Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under.
Two novices sitting in a kayak were chilly, but when they lit a fire in the craft, it sank, proving once again that you can't have your kayak and heat it, too

Week 4/August
Results- Geegelup Cup

Go to http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/geegres02.html
Slalom Race
Saturday 24th August, Walyunga National Park in the afternoon. Course setting will be from 10.30am - 12 noon; registration from 12 noon to 2pm; pre-race coaching from 12pm - 1.30pm; body number distribution - 1.30pm; race briefing - 1.45pm; demonstration runs. 2pm; race starts with Run 1 - 2.30 pm; Run 2 - 3.30pm; presentation - 4.30 pm. Contact: Margaret Jeffery 9293 1909
Sponsored by Main Peak
From the Down River Committee
DR race scheduled for Sunday, 25th August at Bell's has been cancelled due to lack of water.
White Water Paddlers
Marty Wallace found this website: http://mountainbuzz.com/Boating.htm
which has some great whitewater pics - not as good as the real thing, mind you.
Grant Stephenson's video of paddlers in this year's Descent
This is worth adding to your Avon memorabilia collection - there's footage of the start and finish line on both days as well as several spots on Day One, including Extracts', then Posselt's , Syd's, Bell's and more along the Swan Valley. There are glimpses of the top paddlers, but it concentrates on the bulk of the field. 

As I watched it I jotted down some of the numbers of the paddlers who feature. Are you here?
There's heaps more, but I couldn't write any faster.

The video is available from Grant, Ph: 9310 2151 Mob: 0412 551 522  pro_cam_video@yahoo.com.au
or from Canoeing Down Under in Bassendean, where you can also watch it to see if you caught the cameraman's eye! $30. (70 mts.)
Channel 10 's Avon Descent programme, 17th August
As I was away for that weekend I missed the show - did anyone tape it - if so would it be possible to borrow a tape off someone, please? <mailto:rokhor@iinet.net.au>rokhor@iinet.net.au
From Penny Bates - Down River Goes Up River
- a new race to replace the Len Miller Race.
Sunday 1st September
9am registration Briefing 9.30 Race start 10am
Meet at Baden Powell Water Spout, Dwellingup

Race Notes: Approximately 11km of flowing water with a few hazards on the way and including ti-trees and a compulsory portage. Race suitable for novice paddlers --buoyancy vests and helmets compulsory. A suitable family day out -no car shuffle,toilets nearby and all facilities available in Dwellingup - the pub and cafe especially good for a Father's Day lunch (suggest bookings). Details: Penny Bates 9299 6512 or Paul Burke 9379 0400
Sponsored by Terry Bolland's Canoeing Down Under
Big Brekkie Bash
It's on again this year -a last chance to relive all those wonderful moments.Join us for breakfast and informal prize presentations at a venue yet to be decided. We do know the date so mark this in your diary now - Sunday 8th September 8am Cost --no more than $15.00 More details closer to the time. BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL Phone NEIL LONG 9379 0191
Albany Canoe Club
Calendar is updated. Check it out at : http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/albanycc.html They welcome visiting paddlers, if you're down that way and would like to join in - you need your own gear and appropriate skills - just let them know you'd like to come!
From AIS National Canoe Slalom Team
At Bourg St Maurice, in the French Alps, the team has been faced with what is commonly accepted as the biggest and most challenging whitewater course in the world. The course is 350m in length and drops over 10m vertically. At only 10 to 20m wide the 21 cubic metres of water per second rushing down creates big waves and fast eddies.

Racing started on Wednesday, but the qualification race for C1 West Ozzies starts on Thursday (today). It will see Justin Boocock (AIS/TIS), Robin BellAIS/WAIS), Kynan Maley (AIS/WAIS) and Hew Roberts (AIS/WAIS) in action.

The individual event finals commence on Saturday (C2 and K1) and Sunday (C1 and K1W), with the team event finals scheduled for Friday.

For more information on the competition visit the official website: www.lesarcs.com/canoe-kayak

Week 5/August

Snowgum is clearing stock to allow for a bigger summer range of recreational craft and accessories. They have discounted all canoeing clothing and PFD's in stock by 20%. Plus there are significant savings on recreational kayaks in store now.
Slalom News
The members of the junior team for the National Slalom Championships (coached by Bevan Dashwood) are Robbie Jeffery, Charles Muir, Kim Snowball, Tiki Ewing, Joshua Kippin, Jonathon Rumford and Cameron Pattrick.
A summary of the results of the State Championships can be seen from WA Paddlers News page or click here:<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/slalres99.html> http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/slalres99.html
For full results email <mailto:pageage@iinet.net.au>pageage@iinet.net.au
Sponsored by Main Peak
Have Kayak, Will Travel
Mainpeak is now stocking Feathercraft Kayaks as the sole Western Australian Distributor. Ken says to come in and check out these incredibly crafted folding kayaks. In stock K1 Expedition Sea Kayak and Kahuna Touring Kayak. Their website: <http://www.feathercraft.com>http://www.feathercraft.com
Forest Escape - Nanga Bush Camp (Brad Reed, Pres., SCC)
Friday night, 30th August to Sunday, 1st September
Organised by Swan Canoe Club. One of the social highlights of the year - there's the paddling, of course, (Upper Murray) but also cycling and bushwalking in the Lane Poole Reserve (near Dwellingup) for outdoor enthusiasts. Then there's lounging by the fire with a good book for couch potatoes. Suitable for the whole family. Most meals are included as well as lots of fun and camaraderie. Bunk beds in rooms of four. There's still room for more (they've catered for another fifteen) but you can BYOF as well.
To join in -contact Ian Garthwaite, 9448 1452, for cost, other info' and bookings.
DR Racing
Also this Sunday at Dwellingup is the last of the 2002 Down River Series races. This new course (replaces Middle Murray Len Miller Race) is mainly flatwater (but moving in places- maybe one small rapid, some narrow sections with trees). Turn up at Baden Powell Water Spout for rego at 9am.
Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under   
Avon Story - Dinner with Pamela (Anderson)
Malcolm Peacock wrote this for his kids, but then decided to share it with us. For a good read and much amusement go to http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/avstmalpea.html
From Rob Reeves, Avon Descenter
Does anyone have video footage or still photographs of boat 020 in the Descent? Footage of us shooting Extracts' Weir would be brilliant. Please contact: <mailto:rob@robreeves.com>rob@robreeves.com or <mailto:robreeves@bigpond.com>robreeves@bigpond.com
Relay Marathons
Coming Up! These fun/serious (?) events have a paddling leg as well as the usual run, swim and cycle, plus (it varies) mountain bike, horse ride, power walk. 
Collie - Sun., 29th September  <> http://www.geo.net.au/~mart
Blackwood - Sat., 26th October <http://www.mccays.com.au/theevent/> http://www.mccays.com.au/theevent/
Donnybrook - Sat., 30th November  http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/donnymara.html
- Second Hand, Up to 3m, possibly Minnow, Finnatic etc. Contact Neil <mailto:angry60@bigpond.com>angry60@bigpond.com

2nd hand K1 "Woodpecker" Kayak - contact David Abbott 9448 5208

Double Cross Trainers (Second hand) Contact : Scott McDonnell at Emmanuel Catholic College PH. 94144000 or Email smcdonnell@emmanuel.wa.edu.au

Surf Ski, fibreglass with ocean rudder. Good Cond, no damage. Contact Neil PH: 9593 2453, or 0414 242 195
Thank You . . .
to those who offered to lend me their copy of Channel 10's Avon Descent programme.

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