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 Week 1/April
New Zealand Junior Development Squad

Tiki Ewing, Robbie Jeffery (both slalom), Kim Snowball and Charles Muir (C2 downriver partnership) are all off to New Zealand on Monday for the NZ Nationals and the Schools Championship, to be held at Wanaka and Lake Tekapo. Best of luck to these West Oz members of the team.

Katherine Canoe Marathon, NT.
The format for this event has been changed this year. It is now a one day event, Sunday, 13th June, with scrutineering the day beforehand. The long course is now 47km, average paddling time being 9 hours and there is a short course as well for juniors and masters (50+). This is the major fundraising event for Northern Territory Red Cross and you need to raise sponsorship to enter. Looks like a lotta fun. 
More info':
http://www.redcross.org.au (soon on the website) or email Susanne <mailto:sbrown@nt.redcross.org.au>sbrown@nt.redcross.org.au or phone (08) 8971 1246.

News and Gossip from Finn Kayaks
The Gizmo
is a lightweight sit-on-top for the surf, river or whitewater and it's super stable and tracks well - it's the latest in the Finn fleet of paddle craft. Check it out at your local paddle store or Finn Kayaks, O'Connor.
Save your back! There's about 6 styles of wheels for paddle craft at Finn Kayaks, from $50.
Andy Sorenson, formerly a gun paddler well known at Swan Canoe Club, now works for Finn and of late so does Charles Muir, C2 downriver paddler, also SCC.
Red flag - Al wants everyone to obey the road rule re craft overhanging rear of vehicles (you must attach red flag) so he has had some very smart ones made up to give to customers.

Wanna Surf?
Al and Andy from Finn Kayaks say Sand Tracks at the North Mole, Fremantle, has had a good swell over the last couple of weeks - and it's suitable for all skill levels. 

Avon Descent
The official Avon Descent website has been updated with the 2004 calendar. Entries open May 23, close July 9, Scrutineering July 25 and the big event August 7 & 8. For full details go to:

Canoeing Down Under . . . Coming Up
Avon Descent Info Night

Monday, 19th April, at The Shop, 144 Railway Parade, Bassendean, 7.30p.m. Booking is essential. phone 9378 1333
Avon Descent Training
6 week Avon Descent Skills Training course starts evening, Tuesday, April 20. Cost: $150.00 includes t-shirt & cap.
Magical Social Paddle in the (almost) full moon, Saturday 3rd April. Meet at Garratt Road Bridge (bottom of Milne Street, Bayswater), 5.45 p.m. BYO: Drinks & Nibbles. RSVP to the shop: As soon as possible.

Event Reminders
Canning Classic Paddle
, 12km, on Sunday, April 4. Rego from 8am. Race start 9am. Meet at Canning River Canoe Clubrooms, Centenary Ave, Wilson. Cash prizes. More info' Garth Civil 0412 602 013, organised by Canning River Canoe Club.
Bevan Dashwood Dash
Darling Range Canoe Club: about 12km paddle from Hester Park to Shelley Bridge & return, afternoon, Sunday, 18th April. More details closer to the event.

Double Kayak
- palstic or fibreglass suitable for Avon descent. Call Ryan, home: 93328525 mob: 0417 183 089
Spirit and/or Endorfinn racing ski, (2nd hand) paddle and other accessories. For Avon Descent (ex avon Ski would be fine). Please call 0407 250 467 or <mailto:tomshanti.cockle@bigpond.com>tomshanti.cockle@bigpond.com  
Finn sit-in kayak, without rudder and in good condition plus any Avon Descent equipment for a medium sized female: helmet, buoyancy vest, paddle (standard) & drinking system. Please contact either Joel 0411 821 109 or Fiona 0421 340 101.
Dagger Transition kayak - please contact Joel 0411 821 109

Week 3/ April
National Marathon Championships

Congratulations to the organisers for a most successful event over Easter. WA paddlers were well represented amongst the winners (well done!), but most Perth paddlers were pleased just to be part of the action in this high level event. Results are here: http://www.canoe.org.au/pdf_results/ma-a-2004_aust_champs1.pdf
Pics will be here: http://www.sportspix.com.au

Snowy Champs
The Australian Junior Development Team, Canoe/Slalom, currently touring and competing in New Zealand are having the experience of a lifetime: paddling whilst it's snowing! Check out pics and all the other news of these Champs at http://users.tpg.com.au/adslsp4y/index.htm

Letter to all canoeing association members from Joy White, Russell Miles, Cathy Fry, Rosalie Evans, A.K.C.
Are you concerned about the future of canoeing in WA? Are you concerned abut the cancellation of planned events? If so, please make the time to attend a members' form that has been organised by the members, for the members.
Wednesday, 14th April, 7:30 pm, after AKC club night, at Bayswater Sea Scout Hall, end of Milne Street, Bayswater, next to the ANA rowing club at Garratt Road Bridge.

This is a brainstorming session, so please bring along your positive attitude. If there are any issues that concern you, please speak up and together we will try and come up with reasonable workable solutions. The board of the canoeing association will be presented with the outcomes of the meeting and asked to address each issue within a reasonable time frame.

Any issues may be sent to madsparky@bigpond.com prior to the forum if you prefer.

More Info' - Katherine Canoe Marathon, 13th June
Short course is 20km.
Transport assistance for canoes is available. Camping arrangements are the responsibility of the canoeist. However, Katherine Tourist Information Centre is happy to help with suggestions - it is contactable on (08) 8972 2650. (Correction to last week's info': the average paddling time for long course, 47 km, is 7 hours.)

For more info' on the event email Susanne: <mailto:sbrown@nt.redcross.org.au>sbrown@nt.redcross.org.au

Crossing Bass Strait
Huw Kingston emails us that he and paddling partners have just finished their Bass Strait crossing. Read his tale <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/huwtas.html>here. (Newer canoeists may not be aware that Perth paddler, Andrew Linton, also made that crossing in 1998; read his story<http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/lintbass.html> here.)

Fremantle - Rottnest Open Water Classic
Results - <http://www.waterpolowa.asn.au/rotto.htm>http://www.waterpolowa.asn.au/rotto.htm

Giveaway Garage Cleanout! The following highly desirable items are free!
- suits youth or small person - also small cockpit - was used on DR boat.
Old tent - 2 man, dome, lightweight, purple - will need some repair but if you're a handyperson with tape it's a bargain! (Or else use parts as spares).
Old surfboard - fibreglass - well, the nose is a bit banged up and you will need to reglue a fin, but otherwise you can't lose!
Old bike - hardly used Malvern Star (some rust), girl's bike, pale blue, 3/4 size, gears. Might need a few new bits and pieces.
Phone Robyn, 9386 1737

New Paddlers - give it a go!
Novice paddlers, plastic boat paddlers, sit-on paddlers, ski paddlers, etc., are ALL welcome in the events publicised below. When there's enough of you there is a class - otherwise you're in "sundries", or similar. You don't have to be fast to enjoy these events. Competing makes you a better paddler and you'll enjoy the friendly and fun atmosphere. The marathon distances are mostly moderate (Upper Swan race is longer), Down River events are much shorter but require some manouvrability in the early races and white water skills once these races are held on rapids.  Hope we see you there!

Event Reminders
Races 2 & 3, Triple Challenge Series*
#2 - Bevan Dashwood Dash -
13.6 km (+ short course, 7.2km, if requested) Hester Park to Shelley Bridge and return: Sunday 18th April, 2004. Meet at Hester Park, off Spencer Road, Langford. Registration: from 12:30pm, classes will be finalised at 1:30 sharp.
Briefing : 1:45 pm, start soon after. Spot prizes for participants.            
Entry Fee : $20:00 Senior $15:00 Junior Canoeing WA Members - $5 discount.
If the river above the weir is closed due to algae the race will commence at Kent Street Weir and will consist of two laps, as per last year. Sausage sizzle and drinks available.

#3 John Sims Race - 12km (or 8km short course) from Ascot Kayak Club to Barker Bridge & return. Meet at Garvey Park, Redcliffe. Registration from 1pm, briefing 1:45pm. Plastics and novices are welcome. Fees: $10 senior, $5 junior (plus $5 for non canoeing association paddlers). Contact: Kim Jones, 9477 3436.

*Race 1 in the Triple Challenge Series was Rod Fry Race. Trophy is up for grabs for most successful club.

Down River Series - starts soon!
First race in this exciting series is AKC obstacle race around buoys. Meet at Garvey Park, 1pm, Saturday, 24th April. Go <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/locpad.html>here for more details when they come to hand.

Sit on kayak
- must have room for the dog. Whiz, Squirt or Escapee - around $400 - $500. Trish 9586 2628 or mb 0438 905 415
Double Ski -in very good condition for Avon, call Cameron Murray on 0409145076 or <mailto:cmurray@euroz.com.au>cmurray@euroz.com.au
Double Ski suitable for the Avon Descent. Contact Bruce - <mailto:brmcdonald@wn.co.au>brmcdonald@wn.co.au
Cleaver X or similar up to $500 must be straight call Ken Fogden 9380 3552 (W) , 9319 9264 (H) or <>kfogden@ee.uwa.edu.au

 Week 4/ April
Island Hopping in the Archipelago

Members of the Sea Kayak Club spent an enjoyable week exploring the many beautiful and pristine islands of the Dampier Archipelago recently - there's some scenic pics <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/dampjwass04.html>here - photographer is John Wass.

Avon Descent News, News, News!
New major sponsor, new format for teams and a paddle competency requirement instead of a swim test - all great news for Avon paddlers.
From Dave Hunt, Manager, Community Lifesaving, RLSSWA
Multiplex confirmed as major sponsor: naming rights sponsor for a period up to 5 years. This is great news for the event.
Teams Relay Challenge: now contested as four stages each day (compulsory changeovers: D1 - Katrine, Toodyay, ti- trees and D2 - Stronghills Farm, Bell's, Middle Swan) and no craft requirement. The stages can be contested in a team of two or four. This will greatly open the options for access to the event. Some details on <http://www.avondescent.asn.au/index.asp?cat=cMenu&page=cInfo>website already, more to come as they are confirmed.
Paddle competency replaces the swim test: Paddle competency is now based on current ability, not on a swim. Participants will be able to supply evidence of current ability through previous Avon Descents, similar events, paddle qualifications or by completing a skills test through an accredited instructor. <http://www.avondescent.asn.au/index.asp?cat=cMenu&page=pSkills>More info.
(Official website is currently being updated with changes). Entries open May 23.

"S.A. Murray 200" - Marathon Canoe Club of South Australia
June 12, 13 & 14 - Three events: paddle single or double either 200km or 100km or as part of a team for the 200km race, from Berri to Morgan on the mighty Murray. More details from Martin, (08) 8443 7881, <mailto:Martin.Finn@spotless.com.au>Martin.Finn@spotless.com.au or David, (08) 8379 8148, <mailto:specks@ozemail.com.au>specks@ozemail.com.au

Forgot to mention the date for the John Sims Race in the last email - Saturday, 1st May. That's the 12km (short course as well) race from AKC to Barkers Bridge and back to AKC. (Now what do you have to do to get a race named after you? Long time paddler John was very instrumental in AKC obtaining its current premises many years ago and his efforts have not been forgotten.) Rego is 1pm to 1:45pm - don't be late! Terry Bolland's Canoeing Down Under is sponsoring this event - so there's gonna be lots of spot prizes for paddlers - you've got to be in it to win it!

Down River Series Race#1
AKC obstacle course race scheduled for this Saturday, 24th April, has been postponed. A new calendar for the Down River Series will be available soon.

Training for the Avon?
Swan Canoe Club Friday Night Time Trials are an ideal way to:
- monitor your progress as your fitness improves
- improve your paddling stroke - go further with less work!
- get tips (and tales) from seasoned Avon campaigners
Arrive by 6pm to warm up for a 6.15pm start. Stay for a beer afterwards. New series starts Friday 23rd April. Bring an all-round white light (available from all kayaking outlets) and PFD. Further details from Cara at <mailto:cara@csse.uwa.edu.au>cara@csse.uwa.edu.au.

"May the wildwater be with you . . ."
Email Ben Jones <mailto:OZWildwater@tpg.com.au>OZWildwater@tpg.com.au for a copy of the latest news about the Oz Wildwater team's antics in New Zealand. Kim Snowball and Charles Muir, C2 paddlers, are included.

Ex-lancer, Arrow or similar stable K1
preferably kevlar with a trailing rudder. Contact Dean 041 771 4020

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