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Week 2/August
Multiplex Avon Descent Pics
Aussies in Action,
the official photographers, have uploaded onto their website pics from the following locations:Northam start, Extract's Weir, Toodyay rapid, Emu Falls, Syd's Rapid and the finish.  View pics: click on 'latest events'.

No Ordinary Kayak Race
Melbourne paddler, Brendon Grail, put pen to paper (ie., fingers to keyboard these days!) to record the tale of his novice attempt at the Descent. (He and his mate only arrived the day before!) It's highly amusing - read it here: http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/brendgrailavon.html

Picture Story . . .
from this year's Multiplex Avon Descent - <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/avdesphot04d1.html>Day One and <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/avdesphot04d2.html>Day Two

Found . . .
during the Descent - MP3 player . Contact Ross 9443 5055

State Slalom Championships
Walyunga, Sunday, 15th August. 
Sponsored by Main Peak Paddlesports. The organisers of the slalom races thank Main Peak very much for their continuing support.
Registration: 9am - 10am. Depending on entries, there will be classes for C1, C2, plastics and playboats. If there are not sufficient entries to constitute a class, then classes will be mixed. Entry $10/adult; $5/under 18. (Please bring the correct change as it's pretty impossible finding change for $50 on the banks of the Avon!)
- Marg Jeffery 9293 1909

WA Schools Slalom Championships
Please spread the word that the Schools Slalom Champs will be held on Sunday, 5th September. All competing paddlers will score a point for their school for participating. Further points will be scored for wins and places
and the school with most points will be the winner. The competition is open to students of all schools in WA, both primary and secondary.
- Marg Jeffery 9293 1909

White Water Park - Can you help?
Friends of White Water Park (FOWWP's) will be holding a White Water Park display in Carousel Shopping Centre from Thursday to Saturday, 9th - 11th September. We are hoping to gain large numbers of "Friends" from people in the key Federal seats of Hasluck and Canning that adjoin the possible location of the White Water Park at Champion Lakes in Westfield.

If you can help would you please contact Colin Thorpe 9386 6842, 0409 88 7011 or  <mailto:thorpec@icenet.com.au>thorpec@icenet.com.au

FOWWPs are growing rapidly with more than 5000 people joining since June. More than 600 new "Friends" joined over the Avon Descent weekend. Our special thanks to our helpers Jane and Alan Dallison, Yvonne Fraser, Carly Waters, Kierstan and Sandy Maley, Margaret Jeffery and Sue and Peter Walker.

And very special thanks go to:
Sue Walker who has been entering FOWWP registrations on to our data base;
Peter Ewing who has developed our website and database;
Tom Suffling who gathered over 200 new FOWWPs at his River Gods display at the Big Boys Toys Expo recently.

Endorfinn Surf Ski -
Teal Green in colour with a white rudder. Ski was in new condition and has been reported stolen to the police. The ski was last seen on the floor of the Swan Canoe Club clubrooms around 21st July. If anyone has information on its whereabouts, please contact Martin McNiff 0403 800 428.

Ocean Kayak Sprinter
in good condition. Contact Peter 0409 707 409 or <mailto:pashby@compubiz.com.au>pashby@compubiz.com.au

Event Reminders
Slalom: see above

Collie Descent: Saturday, 21st August, start 10am. An informal, unofficial 27km paddle down the Collie River from Harris River Winery, upstream of the town. There's trees, a couple of small rapids, two portages, but mostly flatwater. Finish below the town at Black Diamond bridge near Alanson. BBQ or afternoon tea at winery afterwards. You need a car shuffle or driver. More info':  http://www.hyperactive.oz.nf/Collie_Descent/2004/Collie_Descent_2004.htm or Marty Wallace <mailto:mart@geo.net.au>mart@geo.net.au

Geegelup Cup - State Wild Water Championships
Sat & Sun, August 28 & 29. Blackwood River at Bridgetown. Teams (Sat pm) and individuals (Sun am) races. Paddlers' dinner on Saturday nite. (You need to book for this). Suitable for all Avon Descenters - plastics, sit-ons. More info': 9475 0111

Week 3/August
Collie Descent

If you're joining in the fun on this 27km paddle on the Collie River this Saturday, 21st, there's a paddlers' dinner being held at the Premier Hotel, 38 Forrest St., Collie, tonight, Friday night, 7pm, for those going down the night before. (If there's too many for that restaurant organiser Marty says we will adjourn to the Chinese Restaurant instead) For a picture of "the chute" (which is near the end of the paddle) <http://www.hyperactive.oz.nf/Collie_Descent/2004/Collie_Descent_2004.htm>click here. More info: <mailto:mart@geo.net.au>mart@geo.net.au

More Fun . . .
and white water thrills are in store for those going to the Geegelup Cup weekend at Bridgetown, Saturday and Sunday, 28th and 29th August. Don't forget to book for dinner. Organised by the SW Canoe Club and the Wild Water Committee. Contact 9475 0111 or SW Canoe Club.

Chicks with Sticks do the Avon
<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/avstbelinda.html>Here's another Avon story, from a different perspective - with a few words about cut-off times - Belinda Skinner

Toodyay Water Level
The Department of Environment (formerly Water & Rivers Commission) water level gauge at Stirling Terrace, Toodyay has been repaired. (The level in the trees earlier in the week was around 1m!) Here's some fairly subjective and approximate figures of mine which are a guide to the level on the wooden gauge just before Long Pool. They're from 2003 and 2002.
Trees Toodyay Trees Toodyay Trees Toodyay
1.35m 11.0m 0.98m 10.71m 0.35m 10.25m
1.2 10.88 0.82 10.71 0.33 10.17
1.15 10.80 0.75 10.62 0.24 10.22
1.1 10.72 0.6 10.5 0.20 10.11
1.05 10.70 0.38 10.27 0.20 10.09

An Aussie in Action
Love <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/index.html>this picture of a paddler in a place where he would rather not be - now who has a good caption for this gem? Pic is courtesy of Aussies in Action, the official photographers of the Multiplex Avon Descent. For all the Avon pics go to<http://www.aussiesinaction.com.au> their website.

Another Aussie in Action
Congratulations to all the OZ paddlers at the Olympics, but particularly to Robin Bell, who paddled brilliantly in the C1 slalom event to come fourth, so close to a medal. Many of you will not know that Robin is from Perth and started his paddling career at Swan Canoe Club.

Slalom State Champs Results
<http://www.canoewa.asn.au/raceresults/ws04-5-state-champs.pdf>Go here

Perth Canoe Polo Club
Their new website is at  <http://www.pcpc.canoe.org.au>www.pcpc.canoe.org.au

For Multi- sports Persons and Ski Paddlers
Here's a new community event: 2004 WA Ocean Endurance Championships. It includes distance swims, paddles and runs - to be held at Cottesloe Beach, Saturday October 23, 2004, from 7am. Go to  <http://www.mybeach.com.au>www.mybeach.com.au for more information. Email Andrew Ridley for entry form:<mailto:aridley@mybeach.com.au>aridley@mybeach.com.au 

, good condition for young paddler. Contact Vince 0412 540 851.
Arro or similar, K1 carbon/kevlar, light weight in good condition. Contact Joel 0411 821 109.

For Sale
Spirit triple surf ski.
Completed 5 Avons, looking for new owners. Needs some TLC but has another Avon left in her. $400. Phone Jon 0413 044 734 or <mailto:jonh@fremantlec.com.au>jonh@fremantlec.com.au

Week 4 /August
The Wildwater Adventure continues . . .

Geegelup Cup weekend coming up . . . this Sat and Sun, 28th and 29th August. If you've done the Avon you can do this 6km of Grade 2-3 whitewater. Plastics and skis very welcome. Meet under the bridge. Enquiries Grant 0417 945 577 or Neil 0417 928 676.
Teams Race
(3 persons - one female, one male and one plastic craft) @ 1pm, Sat.
Dinner Sat night @6:30pm, Bridgetown Gardens Community Centre, $20/person, byo alcohol and soft drinks.
Geegelup Cup Downriver Race @ 10am, Sun. Register at dinner Sat night or on the day.
Presentations @ 2-3pm, Sun, Pottery tearooms, nibbles provided.
Just come for the day if you can't make the whole weekend.
You must book for dinner  <mailto:barb@geo.net.au>barb@geo.net.au or 9725 2584

Avon Video
Grant, Avon Video producer of the last couple of years, did not film this year as he was paddling his new Wizard, with some finesse (he came 23rd in K1) but next year he's hoping to film again. By the way, he still has copies of 2003 and 2002 Descents for sale. Contact him 9310 2151 to purchase. His videos are popular as there are heaps and heaps of ordinary paddlers featured, including many from the back of the field.  The 2002 video won the National Awards of the Video Producers Association of Australia: Sporting Event Coverage.

Pic Caption Competition (from last week)
And the winner is . . . Brian W. of CAD Resources:
"Mark Pieri (stuck in the washing machine) and I paddled and trained together for the Avon this year and I was right behind him when he went into the washing machine. I knew it was tight in there but from the cheers I also knew he made it! Was a tough ask to follow and I got wedged. By the time I dislodged my boat and floated through the pool there he was with a big grin on his face. Stoked the photo did him justice because it was very skinny and tough to muscle through!"

Now I know this is a canoe/kayak website but this <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>next pic from official photographers, Aussies in Action, is just to warn you what happens if you switch to a double ski for the big race. (Click here to view all the Avon pics from 2004)

Collie Descent
A great time was had by all - numbers are growing for this new event - <http://www.hyperactive.oz.nf/Collie_Descent/2004/collie_descent_2004_Results.htm>results are online. Paddling a new stretch of river with fast current through trees and with many small rapids is exciting. "The chute" was even more exciting.  <http://www.hyperactive.oz.nf/Collie_Descent/2004/Collie%20Descent%202004%20pictures.htm>View pics. Thanks to Marty and Nial for their organisation and giving us a good time.

Canning River Canoe Club Time Trials
are going to be under way again in the evenings from Thursday, 2nd September, with the spring competition. New courses and prizes to be won. Contact Garth 0412 602 013 or Bull 0419 041 338.

Canning 5000
Race 2
: 3 person teams 5th September (placings on aggregate time) 8:30am
Race 3: Doubles 26th September 8:30am (club K2's available)
All races run from the Canning River Canoe Club, club rooms, Centenary Ave Manning, Part of the Canning Sea Scouts.
BBQ and drinks available at completion of event, BYO or buy some of ours.
Heaps of great prizes thanks to Perth Kayak Centre Sports and cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd over the whole series.
Lots of fun - if you have 5 or more craft we will make a class. Total points count across classes.
$10 for members $15 for non-members per race
For more info email Garth <mailto:garth04@optusnet.com.au>garth04@optusnet.com.au  or ph 0412 602 013

Claisebrook Inlet Wash Hangers and Debating Society
Here's a new group of paddlers that train in the wildwaters of . . . Claisebrook Inlet! Spanner, Shagger, Greased Lightning, Rowdie, Mal and Duchess - watch out for them at this week's Geegelup Cup - swimming , that is!

Nanga Bush Camp - Friday, evening 10th September to Sunday, 12th
For paddlers, bushwalkers, mtb cyclists and those who just want to relax, read a book or see the sights of Dwellingup, whilst nestled in the forest on the banks of the Murray River. This is a very social weekend in the rustic Nanga Bush Camp and has become quite a tradition for Swan Canoe Club each year.  All are invited, but you need to be a member of the canoeing association to join in the paddles: both upper and middle Murray trips are planned, dependant on water levels. There will be more details and booking forms soon on my website, but in the meantime contact Mary 9380 6313 or Gena 9385 0802.

2004 Mainpeak Bay to Beach paddle race
It's on again - the race for surf skis, outriggers and sea kayakers. Starts Mosman Bay and Finishes at Leighton Beach. Sunday, 7th November. Entry forms available soon

For Sale
Spirit triple surf ski.
Completed 5 Avons, looking for new owners. Needs some TLC but has another Avon left in her. $400. Phone Jon 0413 044 734 or <mailto:jonh@fremantlefc.com.au>jonh@fremantlefc.com.au (Please note last week's email address for this advert was incorrect.)

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