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Week 1/December

Albany Canoe Club Xmas Function - change of plans
Sat 6 December, from 1pm. Nanarup Chalets.
Activities: walk or paddle Saturday afternoon depending on weather, barbecue/shared meal Sat night, shared breakfast after early morning swim, paddle or walk Sunday morning. Bring your own food, plus something to share (liaise with Daphne), your own drinks. Tap water available on site. For those staying overnight, sheets, pillows, towels are provided.
Contact: Daphne Cotton, 9842 3779 or 0427 423 779, <mailto:daphcot@omninet.net.au>daphcot@omninet.net.au
Solahart Donnybrook Marathon Relay
Results are <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/donresu03.html>here
Collie River
High water levels all week! (1.1 - 1.2 m) but Saturday looks to be just paddleable. If anyone has free time mid week, a short plastic boat and white water skills there's always other paddlers keen for a trip at the usually, from now on, high water level - <mailto:rokhor@iinet.net.au>email me
Eildon Downriver Challenge (Victoria) - Australian Wildwater Development Team Fundraiser
Dust off your Downriver Racer and get ready to rumble - three races to be held on Tuesday & Thursday, 6th & 8th January during the national white water racing there.100% of funds go directly to Australian Wildwater Development Team 2004 NZ Tour. More details: Margaret Jeffery -  <mailto:artgraph@mail.iinet.net.au>artgraph@mail.iinet.net.au
BankWest Channel Seven Classic Paddle
Some people had trouble accessing Perth to Freo Race results last week - try again here: http://www.lifesavingwa.com.au/results.asp
From Tom at Rivergods
Stuck for gift ideas for kayakers? Try these Xmas toys from Rivergods! The new Riot Turbo (two sizes) will be here in December, also arriving is a new plastic sea kayak from Riot called the Excursion. Here already are the Riot Tekno, Booster, Air 45 and Air 55, all ready to be tried out in the surf.(No you can't take them to Collie and scratch them) OK if you can't afford a boat how about a gift voucher? These can go towards tours, courses or gear. Check out Rivergods website.
Courses - Canoeing Down Under - 9378 1333
1. Flat Water Intro + 2. Flat Water Plus
1. Sunday December 7th, 9.30 a.m. - 3.00 p.m. $100.00 including boat hire or $80.00 if have own boat - a fun day
2. Sunday December 14th, 9.00 a.m. - 12.00 p.m. $75.00 including boat hire or $60.00 if have own boat - more advanced skills and strokes.
Christmas Social Sunset Paddle - Canoeing Down Under
Canning River from Riverton Bridge to Kent Street Weir (& return) for nibbles. Saturday, 13th December.5.45pm. Meet between Riverton and Shelley Bridges, Riverton Drive East. Please let us know if you are attending. We can supply some boats for friends. RSVP 9378 1333
Wanted to Buy
Double Surf Ski
- in good condition for Avon Descent to suit 2 x 5' 9" paddlers. Phone Jeremy or Emma 9385 0416 or <mailto:doylefam@vtown.com.au>doylefam@vtown.com.au
Double Surf Ski - kevlar/fibreglass for Avon Descent to suit 2 x 5'8, 5'9 paddlers, phone Paul 0413045520 or <>pauld@pgdconsulting.com.au 

 Week 2/December

New Home! Congratulations . . .
to Canning River Canoe Club who now have a new home at Cannington Sea Scouts Hall, Centenary Rd, Bentley. (Runs between Leach Hwy and Manning Rd).
Orientation & 30th Year Anniversary Family BBQ - all welcome! 
Canning River Canoe Club would like to invite all those interested to come along and check out the new clubrooms at above address, from 11:00am, Sunday 11th January. Open to members and non-members to view craft and gear storage facilities (there will be small fee for craft storage) and renew membership. For more information contact Garth Civil 9339 8670 / 0412 602 013 or Bull Orton 9330 8066 / 0419 041 338.
Capricorn Kayak School
Hal Paine's <http://www.capricornkayak.com.au>Capricorn Kayak Tours has recently become a National Training Provider offering Australian Canoeing approved courses in flatwater, white water and sea kayaking. The Australian Canoeing award schemes offer skill awards, rescue awards as well as guide and instructor awards in the three disciplines.

Hal says, " We are developing a team of qualified and experienced instructors and assessors to run a variety of courses and there will be an even greater range as the winter white water season begins. We have 36 kayaks on three trailers ready to go . . . and these include single and double sea kayaks, flat and white water kayaks.

The Capricorn Kayak School of course has $10m public liability insurance, as well as the necessary Operations Manual which includes Risk Management Plans and Emergency Evacuation Plans."

Further enquiries - contact Hal 9438 1911 or <mailto:info@capricornkayak.com.au>info@capricornkayak.com.au  Calendar of skills and guide and instructor courses for Jan- March, 2004, is available.
Adventurer Extraordinaire - from Mike Palmer
Barry Geldard from Albany Canoe Club writes:  "I'm off to the Himalaya of India in a week's time to join up with a bunch of top paddlers from England, Scotland and Italy on a trip led by "Living Legend", Pete ("Slime") Knowles, writer of the guide book to the rivers of Nepal and the European Alps and, believe it or not, the inventor of the Throw-Bag! We are to attempt the second descent of the Brahmaputra River from the Tibetan border to the plains of India. Should be very exciting, the stories from the first decent last year include waves up to 30 feet!!! I hope to have some good stories when I get back. I have enclosed <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/brahmdescent.html>2 photos from the first decent of Paul 'skinny" Jones to whet your appetite!!!" (Great pics!)
Collie Revisited
Not having done a trip for two years we noticed some changes this week at the Burrekup take-out : the rope ( a new one! Thanks to whoever put it there!) is now tied securely around a large tree in nearly the same place as the old fencepost we used to use. (We added some more knots). The fence has been re-aligned. The long grass has been cleared and there is a shallow drainage ditch which enters the irrigation channel, about 3 metres after the tree, same side. This gives an "easy" exit from the water as well. So now you have a choice as to how to get out. By the way, the water level was low and it was a rocky paddle - not hot enough this week for volume!
For Down River Paddlers - National Email Database - from Ben Jones
"This is being formed to improve communication between down river paddlers. If you wish to be included please email <mailto:OZWildwater@tpg.com.au>OZWildwater@tpg.com.au with "Please add" in the signature header to join the database direct. I would also like to broadcast any event wrap-ups, results, stories and sports science or training information in monthly e-newsletters, so feel free to email these in: <mailto:OZWildwater@tpg.com.au>OZWildwater@tpg.com.au. We guarantee that this database will not be sold or used for any purpose other than issues of direct interest to Wildwater."
Event Reminder
Canning Ascent,
Race 3 of the marathon series, this Saturday, 14th Dec. Registration from 2:30pm at the Canning Bridge. Finish Hester Park. There will be a BBQ and soft drinks avaliable at finish. More details contact Garth 9339 8670 / 0412 602 013.
Lightweight Tourer
with rudder, preferably kevlar. Please phone Mary, 9528 1116.
Fibreglass Surfski  required by 6' paddler, in good condition for surf racing. Alan, 9358 1542 or 0407 774 097

 Week 3/December

M e r r y C h r i s t m a s a n d H a p p y N e w Y e a r t o a l l .
Port Catherine?
Annie & Ole Otness are concerned about a proposed new coastal development with marina to the north of Woodman Point and south of the old power station (sea kayakers take note!) where it is proposed to disrupt the natural coastline of beach and small dunes with ocean infill to allow for urban development and a small marina. If you disagree with the proposals they urge you to contact the relevant politicians and express your concerns. Read about it here:  <http://members.iinet.net.au/~robret/Introduction.html>http://members.iinet.net.au/~robret/Introduction.html
For more info contact Annie or Ole at :  <mailto:otness@primus.com.au>otness@primus.com.au They can also send you a submission form for the Cockburn Council.
Canning Ascent
Marathon #3 results are here: http://www.canoewa.asn.au/raceresults/index.html
XXXX Gold Bridge to Brewery Relay
Paddle 7km, swim 1.2km or run 8km (or all three) in the second year of this event coming up, Saturday, 7th February. It's based on the South Perth foreshore and the paddle is on Perth Water. Last year saw some very challenging conditions for paddlers on the city side of the river with swimmers galore and boats being emptied everywhere - though the onlookers at South Perth had no idea what we were going through, it being flat as a pancake on that side! Contact Andrew 9244 1222 or <mailto:aridley@mybeach.com.au>aridley@mybeach.com.au at Surf Life Saving WA for more details or go to http://www.mybeach.com.au for an online entry form.
Event Reminder
Sprint Regatta
-Saturday 20th December, AP Hindes Reserve Bayswater. Rego 6.30am. $10 Entry Fee (includes drink & sausage sizzle). Events Include: 1000m 500m 200m: K1, K2, K4. Surf Skis Welcome. Further info: Taryn 0407 475 385.

 Week 4/December

Sea Kayak
, white fibreglass Mirage 19, perhaps the only one of its kind in Perth. It has had two grab loops added to it - fibreglassed in; they don't come standard with grab loops. Either contact Pam Riordan, 9378 2523 h or mob 0408 909 897 or <mailto:inspire@multiline.com.au>inspire@multiline.com.au or police if you see it (or see it advertised).

Note: all paddlers should have name engraved on boat or some other identifying feature which absolutely proves that the boat is yours, in case of theft.

Wild Water Paddlers
If you're not already on Oz Wildwater's email list and would like to receive the latest news just send your email address to Ben Jones <mailto:OZWildwater@tpg.com.au>OZWildwater@tpg.com.au Results of Tasmanian State Wildwater Championships held on the Upper Mersey, 13th
December are available (just email Ben).

Sea Kayak Enthusiasts
You can now try out the new sea kayak from Riot called "Excursion" as it has just arrived in Perth. It is plastic, 17.5 ft long, really comfy and has a fantastic rudder system. Contact Tom at Rivergods 9259 0749 or <mailto:rivergods@iinet.net.au>rivergods@iinet.net.au

Marathon Officials Course
Available to everyone!

Many receiving this email newsletter may not be aware that Perth will be playing host to several national and international marathon paddling events culminating in the Canoe Marathon World Championships, during 2004-05. See next news article below.

Australian Canoeing (national association) together with Canoeing WA (state association) will be running a course to train officials for the national events. Qualifying as an official for national events is preliminary to becoming an official for an international event.*

Friday, 9th January 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Saturday, 10th January 9.00am - 12 noon and 2.30pm - 5.30pm
Sunday, 11th January 9am - 11am
You need to do 6 hours theory and 8 hours practical, 3 of the hours will be in setting up and delivering the next marathon.


One of the marathon officials says, "The Shelley Twilight Race of Saturday, 10th January is going to be part of the course. You can be part of the officials' course even if you are paddling in this race but you will need to do further practical sessions"

Course is free of charge.

Want to book in? Need more info? Call Peter 9277 4704 or  <mailto:peter_judy@myaccess.com.au>peter_judy@myaccess.com.au
(Please note there is an underscore between "peter_judy".)

Who is conducting the course?
Greg Kaeding is President of Australian Canoeing and an International and Olympic Sprint Official (also President of WA canoeing association for many years)
Robin Belcher is Australian Representive to the ICF and International Marathon Official.

*To become an International Official and fill the higher level tasks (eg., Jury, Chief Umpire) at an international event you need to sit a higher level exam and it costs $US25 . It can all be found on the AC website at <>www.canoe.org.au\library\index.html

Exciting Two Years Ahead for Flatwater Paddlers!
2004 National Canoe Marathon Championships
, Friday, 9th April - Sunday, 11th April, 2004
Open to all (U14 to 65+) with veterans at 10 year intervals. There will be a TK class (an Oz addition!). Distances will vary according to age group.

2004 Canoe Marathon World Cup, Sunday, 10th October and Friday, 15th October - Sunday, 17th October, 2004
Two World Cups are generally held every year. Open to the selected team from each country. Each team will consist of 3 Singles and 3 Doubles in male and female kayaks and male Canoes.

2005 Masters Canoe Marathon World Championships, Tuesday, 11th October - Thursday, 13th October, 2005
ICF World Masters Marathon Canoeing Event. This will be the biggest event of the series. To make it widely available age groups will be from under 14 to 65+. As many as want to can enter these events and if enough paddlers in each age group the veteran classes will be done at 5 year intervals (eg., 35-40, 40-45, 45-50, etc) as well as all the junior classes (U14, U16, U18, U22). Distances will vary for the different age groups similar to the Nationals courses.

2005 Canoe Marathon World Championships, Tuesday, 11th October - Monday, 17th October, 2005
The World Championships are held every second or third year and are the top event for marathon paddlers since it is not an Olympic sport. Open to the selected team from each country. Each team will consist of 3 Singles and 3 Doubles in male and female kayaks and male Canoes.
During this event you will see the world's best Marathon paddlers performing to the limit. The course has been set up for maxiumn spectator interest.

Info available from:

All West Oz paddlers wishing to participate please note: Entrants in the Nationals must be an affiliated canoe club member . The Masters event is open to members of recognised national associations.

Avon Descent Already?!
Yes, here's something to get you started in plenty of time; tell your mates!
Canoeing Down Under, 2004 Avon Descent Training: six week course on skills and techniques. includes lectures on equipment, fitness, nutrition, support crew information and the race - starts Tuesday evening, January 20. Flatwater Fitness Training will start on Saturday, January 24 at 7.30 a.m. More info' 9378 1333 <mailto:terry@canoeingdownunder.com.au>terry@canoeingdownunder.com.au

Event Reminder
Marathon # 4, Shelley Twilight Race
, Saturday, 10th January. Registration: 3pm - 3:55pm. Meet between Riverton and Shelley bridges. 15.8 km long course and 6 km short course. More info' <mailto:peter_judy@myaccess.com.au>peter_judy@myaccess.com.au

Plastic Canadian Canoe(s), paddles, buoyancy vests, helmets
, for an Otdoor Education Program at Manjimup Senior High School.Contact <mailto:milburnphil@hotmail.com>milburnphil@hotmail.com
Racing TK1. Good condition, not too old. Adrian. 9249 8682, <quickas@bigpond.com>quickas@bigpond.com
Double Sea Kayak (fibreglass) - reasonable condition for social paddlers. Something around $1000.
ph Graeme 0405 464 605,  <mailto:graeme.ksh@bigpond.com>graeme.ksh@bigpond.com

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