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Week 1/December
West Coast Kayaks Demo Sale
sea kayak, Salamander Expedition sea kayak and Endorphin are priced to go. Be quick if you are interested 0419 900 715.

Sprint Regatta
Sunday 5th December:
2000m K1, K2, Single Ski: 2000m Handicap Race (Skis and Kayaks combined)
Can you beat World Champion Nathan Baggaley?
Cash and Prizes: Open M, F, Masters, U/18
ANA Rowing Shed
AP Hinds Reserve, Bayswater Registration 6.15am , Racing starts at 7.00am
CWA Members$10, Non Members $15 Canoeing Western Australia 9285 8501

Main Peak - Paddling Perfection
Our new shipment of Paddling Perfection sea kayaks has just arrived. We have the Slingshot, EuroX and Sea Bear. If you are after a beautifully designed and built sea kayak this is for you. Drop in for a look or go to <http://www.paddlingperfection.com/>http://www.paddlingperfection.com

Sea Kayak School
Australian Canoeing Sea Skills Award sea kayak trip on Monday, 3rd January to Friday, 7th, starting and finishing at Jurien Bay. Learn skills, play with the female sea lions and have an exciting time. Use your own kayak or one of ours. $150.00 for the training plus $66.00 if you want an Australian Canoeing Award Certificate. Phone Les Allen 0419 900 715 for details.

Slide Show
Sam Maffet who was part of the Austalian Geographic Kamchatka (Siberia) Ski Mountaineering Expedition is holding a slide show on this expedition on the world's highest active volcano. It's at Mountain Designs Perth store, Tuesday, Dec 7 at 7pm, 862 Hay Street, Perth. The show is entitled 'The Ring of Fire'. Please call MD Perth to book 9322 4774 - Mike Wood, Mountain Designs, WA. $5 donation to Friends of the Bibbulman Track.

Wilderness First Aid 2 Day Course
Saturday 4th - Sunday 5th December

For outdoor enthusiasts, guides and instructors- the Wilderness Medicine Institute (WMI) offers this course as an introduction to the world of wilderness medicine. WMI specialises in teaching first aid and patient care skills for those that by definition are greater than one hour from definitive medical care. WMI courses are delivered and recognized globally. Bookings essential. Call Mainpeak Subiaco 9388-9072.  
Location & Time:
Perth Venue TBA, Saturday and Sunday from 8am-5pm
Cost: Members $260 Non-members $270

Lost Paddle
" I supported a friend - Kim Bingham - in the 2004 Avon and while at Emu Falls I 'donated' an old wave ski paddle of mine (aluminium shaft, blue 'square end' blades) to an Avon descenter who had broken one end of his good paddle. In the confusion of the race I lost his contact number and boat number so I still have his paddle and he has mine. I imagine his is worth a lot more than mine even with a damaged blade and probably wants it back and I would like mine back also. His has those fancy aero foil shaped white blades with a Davenwood canoes sticker, black and blue shaft.
If anyone has contact details of this person - could they let me know."
Thanks, Clint Lucy 6250 8100 mobile 0403015172 or <mailto:clintlucy@angloamerican.com.au>clintlucy@angloamerican.com.au

"Being a ski padddler I am constantly bemused as to the reference to SIT ON TOP skis. As there are all types of kayaks, but are generally refered to as kayaks why can't our SIT INSIDE friends refer to skis as just that? >From now on I, and my friends, will endeavour to refer to all kayaks as SIT INSIDE KAYAKS." - Andy Garswood (It's not as bad as being called a rower ! - Robyn)

Event Reminders
Sprint Regatta:
(see above)
Canning Ascent: Sunday, 12th December, 14km from Canning Bridge to Hester Park. Rego at rowing club car park near Canning Bridge, 2-3pm. Short course available. Contact Cathy:  <mailto:fry@smartchat.net.au>fry@smartchat.net.au 

Sprinter or Wizard K1,
Good condition please contact Joel 0411 821 109
Finn sit in, or Wavehopper. Finn with rudder and good cond. Wavehopper in good
cond. <mailto:troy@conceptcabling.com.au>troy@conceptcabling.com.au or 0438 282 801

Week 2/December
Mixed Doubles Special at AKC, 8th December

A fun race was had by the motley collection of young, old, fast and slow paddlers on their motley collection of craft. There's some pics by Russell <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/mxdbles04.html>here .

For the Slalom Community in WA - from Samantha Hutchins, Australian Canoeing
2005 Australian Senior & Junior Canoe Slalom Team Selection Handbook is now available: email <mailto:Samantha.Hutchins@ausport.gov.au>Samantha.Hutchins@ausport.gov.au
"In this handbook you will find all the documents you require to nominate for selection to the 2005 senior and junior national teams. Also included in this handbook are details on Australian Canoeing's Performance Incentive Scheme which rewards quality performances at World Cups, World Championships and Olympic Games.
Please note the deadline for nominations for the Junior and Junior Development Teams is Friday 17 December 2004. The deadline for Senior and Team 22 nominations is Friday 11 February 2005. The handbook and relevant forms can also be downloaded from the AC website - <http://www.canoe.org.au>www.canoe.org.au. Please contact Sam Hutchins on 02 4729 4256 if you have any questions."

From Peter Ewing, Swan Canoe Club
"I've made a small start to Swan Canoe Club's web site . . . " Check it out: http://www.swan.canoe.org.au  

Be Active Summer Paddle School - Holiday Program
Day 1 - Basic Skills
Day 2 - Marathon/ Sprint
Day 3 - Canoe Polo
Day 4 - Slalom
Free Be Active Fun Pack and all kayaks, life jackets supplied.
10th - 13th January 2005 - Garret Road Bridge, Bayswater
17th - 20th January 2005 - Johnston St Boat Ramp, Mosman Park
Cost - $120. To register call Pirra - 9285 8501. Places are limited

For Canoe Equipment Suppliers
"We would like to offer you or your competitors/players our canoe-slalom and canoe-polo top-level equipment. We are a producer of racing boats and next canoe accessories from composite materials from the Czech republic. Our products are using a competitors on the Olympic games, World championships and World cups and our company is still more famous all over the world."
To check out their boats go to: http://www.charles.cz/charles/anglie/default%20ang.htm

Spirit CTR Plastic surf ski -
long - please call Kerry 0403 959 659 or <mailto:kerrytye@iinet.net.au>kerrytye@iinet.net.au
Racing Surf Ski in good condition, for paddler 171cm. Please contact John 9332 2072, 0418 228 990 or at <mailto:jmm@wa1.quik.com.au>jmm@wa1.quik.com.au
Plastic Ski either a Finn Endorfin or Spirit ski (has to be plastic but a long one). Wanting to spend $400 - Dean Chalmers. - 9433 1678 or 0417 438 858

Week 3/December
Sprint Regatta with Nathan Baggaley

Blustery conditions and even a few sprinkles of rain did not dampen the ardour of paddlers on this morning. Especially keen was Mr T Fry, AKC, who handsomely won the handicap race. <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/sprint04dec6.html> Here's a few pics, and one or two of Nathan (girls!)

Sprint Regatta Number 1
It's this Saturday, 18th Dec 7am - 10am (6.15am Registration), Hind's Reserve, Bayswater. Race distances will be 500m and 1000m in K1s and K2s for Men, Women, Juniors and Over 35s. Also due to popular demand the 2000m handicap race will be run as a finale to the regatta to see who can get revenge on Tony Fry. We will also include surf ski events should we get sufficient interest.

To enable us to schedule the race program please advise entries to Dave Russell at <mailto:madavid@bigpond.net.au>madavid@bigpond.net.au by 7pm this Thursday night. - Ramon Andersson

Mandurah Revisited
I have just revised the "Where to Paddle" pages for Mandurah which has some great summer paddling - click <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/urbpadmanindex.html>here for suggested trips. Mandurah Sportz has a variety of boats for hire if you want to take the kidz for a paddle over the holidays - go <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/mandhire.html>here for contact details.

Some Good News for White Water Park - From Colin Thorpe, Canoeing Western Australia
East Leisure Group has been named by the Department of Sport and Recreation as the short-listed company to submit a proposal to develop the White Water Park in Perth. The Sydney based company, has considerable experience in white water parks including the Penrith Whitewater Stadium in NSW. A director of the company visited Perth recently for discussions with key stakeholders and visited possible sites.

FOWWPS Galore!
Our Friends of the White Water Park is still growing with almost 7400 now registered as "Friends". If you would like to become a "Friend" please check our website at <http://www.whitewaterperth.org.au>www.whitewaterperth.org.au

Where have all the rivers gone?
"We have also been contacted by several people expressing their concern of a continual pattern of ongoing loss of white water for sporting and recreational purposes. Over the years the community has lost access to white water on the Helena, Canning, Wungong, Serpentine, North Dandalup, South Dandalup and the Harvey rivers. In addition the Collie River is under threat" - Colin Thorpe

Surf Ski
- please keep a lookout for my kevlar surf ski fitted out for the Avon - covered in stickers back to '94. It was stolen from the front of my house at Dawesville. It is a once off construction, unique, quite old, but should be easy to spot at any paddling event. - Ian Bolton, <mailto:giltedgeholdings@iinet.net.au>giltedgeholdings@iinet.net.au

For Sale
A kayak mould
: TK1 shape. "I think it's called a Scorpion." 4.2 metres long - $400 <mailto:mart@geo.net.au>mart@geo.net.au or 9734 2316.

Slalom Kayak
- kevlar and/or carbon in reasonable condition to suit adult. Please call Peter 08 9284 6500

Attention Wildwater Paddlers, Coaches & Managers - From Ben Maynard
If you're intending to nominate for the Junior B (New Zealand Tour), Junior A (Junior World Championships, Italy) or Senior (World Cup Series, Great Britain) Teams for 2005, all the info' you need has recently been updated on the Australian Canoeing home page under "General News":

Any queries about selection for Wildwater Teams in 2005 can be forwarded to Ben Maynard <btma@deakin.edu.au> or asked of Wildwater Committee members Ben Reitze (NSW), Ben Jones (NSW), Ben Maynard (TAS/VIC) or Paul Burke (WA) at the relevant selection events.

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