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Week 1/January

Kidz & Bigger Kidz! Are you looking for  a d v e n t u r e
Have you done a Kayaking Basic Skills Course? Or do you have kayaking experience? WA Slalom are looking for potential junior members. Here's a three day course for those who love the water, have a keen sense of adventure and just wanna have fun!
Day One will comprise of an Introduction to Slalom, Deep Water Rescues and Support strokes. Three hours.                                                                  
Day Two will be training for moving water and a mini slalom on our summer slalom course at Hester Park. Three hours.                                                    
Day Three will be a fun day on the waves at Point Perron south of Rockingham with a bit of kayak surfing for the paddlers who are ready for some excitement.
Competent paddlers will receive their Level One Slalom Certificate and an invitation to work with the State Junior Slalom Squad.
PROVISIONAL DATES: 15th - 17th January COST: $ 45 CONTACT: Elaine Lennox   <mailto:elaine.colin@bigpond.come>elaine.colin@bigpond.com or 9337 6868.  EQUIPMENT supplied. Just get yourself there and bring lunch. Numbers are limited so apply for a place now.
(PS. If you let Elaine know you are interested she will put on a course for adults as well.)
Cool in the Pool - Ian Kininmonth
Canoe Polo Social Games

These start again on Thursday nights from 15 January. Commencing at 7pm the games are held at the Scotch College Pool located just off Shenton Ave in Swanbourne (turn at the roundabout intersecting Wright St). Instructors will be on hand to teach you the art of canoe polo or to assist you with skills development including rolling. Don't worry if you dont have any equipment as you can hire it for a small fee. A small fee also applies for pool entry.
Canoe Polo Summer Comp
Yes, for fun out of the sun you can't go past the Canoe Polo Summer Comp which will go for 8 weeks from Thursday 5 February. And what better way to get ready than to come along to the social nights mentioned above? If you want to be put down for a team contact Mark, Ian or Trish as mentioned below or just let them know when you come along for the social games.
Contacts: Mark Schutze 0407 426 183, Trish Butler 0422 496 898 or Ian Kininmonth 0401 521 895 if you need to find out more.
At it Again!
Some of you met and helped Huw Kingston from Polaris, Bundanoon, in NSW when he kayaked, walked and mountain biked from Perth2Darwin last year. In March, 2004, he will be completing his Australian City2City odyssey by doing Melbourne2Hobart (it's all to raise money for a good cause).
He writes, "Included in the kayaking legs is to paddle across Bass Strait . . . (Back when I started City2City) it was a rarely achieved feat. In the intervening period it seems to have become a bit of a 'must do' for many experienced kayakers with paddlers achieving not only the 'easiest' eastern approach via Flinders Island, but via the committing western approach via King Island and then recently a non stop 220km, 36 hour solo effort! For me it still remains a major challenge."
He would appreciate any comments on his proposed route -<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/melb2hob.html>click here.
Note: local paddling adventurers Andrew Linton & Gerry Thomas with others completed the crossing in 1998 - <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/lintbass.html>read Andrew's story
From Last Week . . .
Peter Martin thanks all those who volunteered for the Marathon Officials' Course, this weekend, "This will lead to Western Australian putting on memorable National, World Cup and World Championship Canoe Marathon events. With many helpers it will make the work load so much easier."
Epic 2 piece paddle
was left behind after training on Saturday December 20 at Mosman Bay at the park at the bottom of Johnston Street at about 9:00am. It has large blades and a green shaft. Could you please call Mark Pope on 0416 111 454 if you can help out.
Old surfski
- for going to shore from sailboat. Phone (07) 47726374 (Townsville) or <mailto:michaelhaynes110@aol.com>michaelhaynes110@aol.com
Double sea kayak - Dusky Bay prefered - anything considered. Phone Stephen 0412 192 039 or <mailto:stephenscourfield@westnet.com.au>stephenscourfield@westnet.com.au  

 Week 2/January

Recreational Paddlers

<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/whereindex.html>Check out these new pages for info on paddling in the Walpole area: Walpole and Nornalup inlets, Broke Inlet, Irwin Inlet as well as the Deep and Frankland rivers. Several paddlers have had an input and if you wish to contribute, especially the white water sections - photos, info or a story - <mailto:rokhor@iinet.net.au>please let me know! At present there's photos for <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/broke.html>Broke Inlet, with more to come for the other areas.
<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>Check out new pic on front page
Kayaking for juniors - Swan Canoe Club
Wednesdays, 5.00pm to 6.15 pm. during school term. Next beginners' course starts Wednesday, 4th February. Cost $ 20.00 for SCC members and non members $24.00 per session. Non members may try for up to three sessions before becoming a member; parent required to sign insurance form. Bookings are essential - contact Colin Priest 9446 5505.
Results of Slalom Nationals
are available at Australian Canoeing <http://www.canoe.org.au/story.asp?Item=1347>http://www.canoe.org.au/story.asp?Item=1347 or for a summary of the best performances by West Ozzies, <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/locpad.html>go here
Canning River Canoe Club is under way! - Garth Civil
Thursday night time trials are commencing at 6pm, January 22, at Canning River Canoe Club, Centenary Ave, Wilson. They're open to all Canoeing WA members. The course will be about 30mins in length, in full view of club rooms and free to enter - also a short course for juniors with club boats available. For more info' contact Garth Civil 9339 8670 / 0412 602 013 or Bull Orton 9330 8066 / 0419 041 338. (Sounds good to me!)
Courses Coming Up
Canoeing Down Under Intoductory Sea Kayaking

Sunday 1st February, 8.00am - 2.30pm, $100.00 ($60.00 for those who have bought a sea/estuary kayak from Canoeing Down Under) 9378 1333
Event Reminders
2nd Annual Men's Health Ocean Racing Series
, this Saturday, January 17. Long Course from Fremantle to Sorrento - 2pm start. Short Course & Team entries also. Check <http://www.menshealthoceanracing.com.au>www.menshealthoceanracing.com.au to enter online. Many great prizes for competitors and a category to suit everyone's skills & abilities. Please forward this to any and all paddlers you know and any other interested parties.This year we're also staging a 1 km swim at Sorrento starting at 10am - registrations from 8am - open to all comers, more great prizes on offer.
XXXX Bridge to Brewery, 7th February
Swim, paddle, run. Check the <http://website%20www.mybeach.com.au>website www.mybeach.com.au to enter online. A spirit surf ski is up for grabs for the SLSC with the most entries. Info' contact <mailto:aridley@mybeach.com.au>aridley@mybeach.com.au
or other robust white water/down river boat. <mailto:%20jturnbul@argo.net.au> jturnbul@argo.net.au or 0439 979 659

 Week 3/January

Getting away from it all
Paddlers going bush to remote areas of the national parks are encouraged to consult CALM rangers who can provide info which may affect the planning of a trip, eg., road closures, water levels of rivers/inlets. Also, they welcome feedback - if you discover a fallen tree across the road or any thing else which may affect members of the public they urge you to notify them - even car break-ins (these are not frequent!). Also it's a good idea to notify them of your plans - eg., to aid emergency evacuation in case of bushfire. They can also advise if your favourite 'remote' camping spot is already full of fishermen!
Summer Paddling
Have you been on the ocean in the last week? - perhaps you were surfing at Point Peron, maybe you did the Men's Health Ocean Race or the social paddle to Hillarys Boat Harbour. Even if you haven't, <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/sharkspotting.html>read this! Thanks to Mike Edmondson for sending it in.
<>Men's Health Ocean Racing held 17th January
Marathon Paddlers - rule changes
The recent marathon officials' course was well attended. Participants learned much as well as having an enjoyable weekend in the air conditioned comfort of Grant and Kellie's new home. Course co-ordinators from Australian Canoeing advised WA paddlers of recent changes to two rules which have been made by the Marathon Racing Committee of the International Canoe Federation. They now read as follows:
27. Overtaking
When a canoe or kayak is overtaking another canoe or kayak, it is the duty of the overtaking craft to keep clear of other competitors at all times. When a canoe or kayak is racing in a group of competitors it is the duty of all the competitors in the group to keep clear of other competitors at all times. This rule applies to any manouvering within the group.
28. Collision or damage
Any competitor who is considered by a course umpire or race official to have been responsible for a collision, or who damages the canoe or kayak or paddle of another competitor or unnecessarily deviates from their course may be disqualified.
K2 Partners?
Congratulations to long time paddler, Dave Boldy, and his wife on the birth of their twin boys a week or so ago.
Inaugural Time Trial
The newly housed Canning River Canoe Club (Centenary Avenue, Wilson) held its first time trial on Thursday evening with a good showing of paddlers, all skill levels, including a junior contingent. Results and some pics will be <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/locpad.html>here when they come to hand. All paddlers are welcome to join in the series which will consist of ten races. Yesterday's course consisted of laps from the clubhouse to Riverton Bridge and return. More info 9330 9011 or <mailto:bullorton@msn.com.au>bullorton@msn.com.au
Event Reminder
Mainpeak Summer Canoe Polo Competition

Starts 7pm on Thursday 5 February at the Scotch College Pool off Shenton Avenue, Swanbourne and goes for 8 weeks. Prizes galore. Teams are now being formed and players are needed. All skill levels catered for. Contact Ian Kininmonth on 0401 521 895 or <mailto:ikininmonth@hotmail.com>ikininmonth@hotmail.com to register or to get more details.
Sea Kayak
, single, non-collapsible. Ph 9284 2315 (work & home) <mailto:rwtaylor@ca.com.au>rwtaylor@ca.com.au (Email checked weekly)
K1, Clever X (prefer Max Kayaks) Good Condition. Contact Wayne 0419 947 747 <mailto:wayne@ibs2000.com.au>wayne@ibs2000.com.au

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