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Week 1/July
Perth to Darwin: Paddling, Cycling, Walking

<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/huw3.html>Here's an update from Huw Kingston who has reached Drysdale River Homestead.
Great Northern H'way - Walyunga Water Level Graph
Our thanks to Peter Ewing who has updated the graph which predicts the water level on the wooden gauge at Walyunga from the water level at Great Northern Highway (which is on WRC's website). The graph now covers higher water levels, up to 1.5m at Walyunga.  You will find it <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/watlevwalygr02.html>here.
The level at Walyunga, mid afternoon, Tuesday, was 1.2m. 
In the upper ti-trees this morning, Wednesday, 10am, Geoff Barr says the gauge showed 1.2m (thanks!).
Car Thieves
also struck at Fish Market Reserve, Guildford, a few days ago, smashing a window,despite the car being unlocked. Paddlers are obvious targets as the tell-tale roof racks indicate that the owners are going to be away for some time, especially with the Descent fast approaching.
Kayak Chat Forum
Chris Cook in Sydney is the mastermind behind this new canoeing website:<http://kayakchat.ipbhost.com>http://kayakchat.ipbhost.com He hopes it will become a place where "we can share ideas, training methods, race results and basically have a bit of fun. Unlike many other forums there is no pop up advertising and your personal information such as email address is not displayed for public viewing, therefore you won't be bombarded with spam."
Event Reminders
Slalom Race 3, Walyunga ,
Sunday 6th July. 9am ­ 10am, Registration & Pre-race coaching; 10.15am, Body Number Distribution; 10.30am, Race Briefing; 10.45am, Run 1; 11.45am, Run 2; 1.00pm, Presentation. More details contact Margaret Jeffery <mailto:artgraph@iinet.net.au>artgraph@iinet.net.au
Marathon 8, Upper Swan to AKC, 27 km, also this Sunday, 6th. Registration 7 - 7:40 am, Briefing 7:45 am (Div. 4), 8:15 am (Div 1, 2 & 3). Meet at Upper Swan Bridge. More details contact Cathy Fry <mailto:fry@smartchat.net.au>fry@smartchat.net.au
Rubbish Galore!
Steve, our Walyunga Ranger, is 'not happy' having to pick up paddlers' hi-energy bar wrappers & banana peel (how does he know they're ours?). We all have to be nice to Steve and take our rubbish home as you never know when you will need him to collect you from the valley one cold, wet night!
Lost Paddles Galore!
Paddle, 'Skee'
with white blades, and blue and black shaft, at Syd's Rapid, on Sunday, 29th June. The only other identifying feature is a ragged bit of red gaffa tape on the shaft. If found plse phone Gena Binet 9336 7753
Propellor blade paddle, just down river from Emu Falls on the Avon 29/06/03, carbon shaft, black with radiator sticker on the blades, please call Kieran 0404 860 922.  
Black kevlar paddle
just below Bells, Sunday, June 29th. Anne Christie 9387 4978 or 9386 2278 during the day.
Spirit propellor paddle at the Upper Swan ti- trees on Sunday 29th.Owner is Helen Martyn 0421 450 035 . Home phone no. on blades is 9305 6997 .
at the Coombe in Mosman Park. Anyone who thinks it is theirs can call David 0417 877 879. ^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-
For Sale
Finn Kayaks
has a range of second hand paddling craft for sale - see what's offering <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/finn2ndhnd.html>here.
Perception Minnow,
sit-in. Contact Brody (Perth) 9409 9377
Helmet suitable for Avon Descent and I'm pretty sure it needs to be large in size. Contact Joel, 0411 821 109 or <mailto:Joel_Ferguson@bankwest.com.au>Joel_Ferguson@bankwest.com.au
Finnatic, Dagger Infrared, RPM, or anything similar,  <mailto:yfraser@hotmail.com>yfraser@hotmail.com or 0439 966 989.

 Week 2/July
Farewell Western Australia

Huw Kingston who is paddling, cycling & walking Perth to Darwin, writes of his paddling the Kimberley coast & more before he heads into Northern Territory. Read it here.
Diploma of Remedial Massage Student . . .
is looking for people who would like a one hour relaxation massage for $15. Please phone Emily, 9448 8534.
Team member(s)
needed for Avon Descent, either 1 or 2, for Northam-Toodyay and Walyunga- finish line. Please contact John Igloi, <mailto:%20jfi001@mail2me.com.au> jfi001@mail2me.com.au or 0413 993 192.
Please return . . .
Last year we lent out a BV, blue helmet and Stealth paddle, small blades with white shaft (all with our names on).We cannot remember who we lent them to and desperately need the gear for this year's Avon. Can anybody help? Please ring Meg O'Leary 9447 2598 or <mailto:nmoleary@iinet.net.au>nmoleary@iinet.net.au
For Paddlers who also cycle & run . . .
Hartley Estate Chittering Challenge
is on 11th October: 1km Run - 10km MTB - 16km Road Ride - 5km Run. Info & entry details available soon - Rick Lee, Cyclewest Promotions, 0413 867 440
Next Wildwater Race
will be held Sunday, 13th July - from Lookout to Walyunga.
Meet at Lower Walyunga Car Park at 8am
Cost $15.00 CWA members $25.00 non members Please note that a part of your entry fee goes to the Avon Safety Unit who provide rescue for our races

Race Notes: this race is not suitable for novices. Several rapids will need to be paddled to reach Walyunga safely.These rapids include Championships and Syd's.There is also a long walk to the start of the race that requires a degree of fitness Having said all that, this is a great race --lots of whitewater and not too far to paddle.The water level should be high enough to make for an exciting race for all. Please make sure that you have paddled this stretch of river prior to the day We will have rescue at some rapids but many smaller rapids will not be supervised. Meet at Walyunga, drive to the start, a long walk down hill and paddle to Walyunga. Another day in paradise. All enquiries to Penny Bates 9299 6512, Grant Pepper 0417 945 577 
Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under
Syd's Rapid
Newer paddlers may like to read the story behind the naming of this infamous stretch of river. Go here The author, Peter Dear, is one of the founding fathers of canoeing in this state.
Lost Paddles & Mobile Phone
Carbon propellor paddle
, with purple/pink floral back and big Mrs Mac's Beef Pies Stickers on the back, at last drop at Bell's. Please contact Rob Jenkinson 08-9448 8041 or jenkinsonrj@bigpond.com.au
Skee paddle, Sunday, 6th July, 1 km below Superchute, blue shaft, white blades with pink spray pattern, Avon no. 307, name & ph.no. on paddle. If found plse. contact Linda Glover, 9364 7735 or lmglover@optusnet.com.au
Spirit Carbon Propeller Paddle - Sunday, 6th July - between Posselt's Ford and Emu Falls. Has white gaffa tape in middle of handle with "Doyle 93850416" written, although writing has probably washed off. Contact Jeremy on 93850416 or 0413 224098 or doylefam@vtown.com.au Nokia 6210 Mobile Phone [silver] with the number in black pen on the front 0439 990 059, at Bell's Rapids, Sunday 6th July. Please contact Ken Sheldrick 9277 8893 : 9249 3522 or kyak1@iinet.net.au
Carbon fibre scoop Paddle - lost in the middle of the Ti trees on Saturday 5 July, it is clearly marked Alwyn 0412 401 034
Black Propellor paddle with name and phone number on it, at Syd's. Alan Hardman 9296 1202. It is new and if returned I will offer a reward.
Mako Paddle with white blades, black fibreglass shaft and blue hand grips, at Bells 2/7/03. If found please contact Michael Poole 9374 8300(wk) 9296 9326(a/h) email michaelp@scea.wa.edu.au. It may have Swan Christian College marked on it somewhere.
Endorfinn ski
for Avon, will pay good price. Must be watertight and good cond. Please phone Catherine, 0419 160 067

Week 3/July
Reminder: Here's a Date for Saturday Night!

Come and have a bit of off-river fun with your fellow paddlers & friends - Quiz Night - tickets available at the door - it's for a very worthy cause - helping two of our dedicated youngsters to achieve their paddling goals. Be at Sorrento Surf Club rooms at 1900 hrs. Enquiries to Geoff Davey on 9317 2321. Bar available, byo supper. Make up a table of 6 or 8 or just come along and you'll be found some team members.
Paddling the Avon Descent? Looking for a Massage?

I am a student of Diploma of Remedial Massage offering one hour massages, $15

Please phone Emily on 9448 8534
Event Reminder
Race No 4 - Slalom Winter Racing Series,
Walyunga, Sunday 20th July in the afternoon.
12pm-1pm -Registration; 10am-12pm- Course Setting; 11am-12pm- Pre-race coaching;1pm - Body Number Distribution; 1.15pm - Race Briefing; 1.30pm - Run 1; 2.30pm - Run 2; 3,30pm - Presentation. All competitors are requested to enter by email by Friday 18 July. Helpers are needed, please contact Margaret, <mailto:artgraph@iinet.net.au>artgraph@iinet.net.au
Sponsored by Main Peak
Wild Water Paddlers! Geegelup Cup & State Downriver Champs - from Penny Bates
Aug 16th-17th, 2003

6km grade 2-3 whitewater suitable for Avon descenters. Bring your support crew to Bridgetown for the weekend as a reward. Contact the Bridgetown Tourist Bureau for all accommodation needs.
Teams (3 persons mixed) race 16th @ 1300 - start under bridge
Geegelup Cup Downriver Race Sun 17th @1000 (register at dinner Saturday or on day)
Plastics and skis welcome
Presentations @ Pottery tearooms. Sun (approx 2-3pm) +nibbles provided

Enquiries <mailto:barb@geo.net.au>barb@geo.net.au or 9725 2584

Dinner Sat 17th 6pm @ The Pottery Tearooms- Restaurant
BYOG $20 per person payable at door. Must book with Barb on 9725 2584 or barb@geo.net.au by 13th Aug, Raffle & Door prize
Sponsored by Canoeing DownUnder
Available for Substitution . . .
Two entries to the Avon Descent - good condition (unlike the paddler, who has withdrawn due to injury). Available as entry for two person team or as two separate entries: includes: campsite passes for 3 and 1 bag firewood. Phone: 0401 993 398

Since my team has had to withdraw due to injuries we can change the names
on the entries, so if anyone was planning on entering but missed the
closing date this could be their chance.
From Belinda Skinner
Does anyone know of anyone doing an Avon Descent video this year? It was really good to have one last year, would love to see another one done!
From Dawn Lessard, President, Canoefest, Atikokan, Ontario, Canada
1-888-334-2332 <mailto:canoefest@atikokanchamber.com>canoefest@atikokanchamber.com        <http://www.canoefest.ca>www.canoefest.ca
I know we are located VERY far away from you, but we had some very friendly and enthusiastic visitors from Australia last year, so I'd like to encourage more people to attend from "down under"! Held annually during the 3rd week in July in Atikokan, Ontario, Canoefest offers many recreational and competitive canoeing/kayaking events for the entire family. Atikokan is the headquarters for Quetico Provincial Park and is an entry point to the White Otter Wilderness Area, so the canoeing possibilities are endless! ^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-^-
Albany Canoe Club
Calendar has been updated - <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/albanycc.html>July to October
Stranded - K2 orange plastic at Walyunga National Park. (In fact, wrapped around a ti- tree, in the patch below Syd's). If any one sees it floating in bits down the river please contact Andrew York 0409 688 389 or <mailto:Andrew.York@cocwa.asn.au>Andrew.York@cocwa.asn.au P.S. It was not even in a rapid  (New paddlers take care as this boat partially blocks the narrow channel - Robyn K.).
Breakdown paddle, on Sun 13 Jul. Black. Between Lookout and Championships. Has brand and store markings. Please call Bradley 0414 552 626 if you think it is yours. (Paddle was very useful because I had just broken my own :-)
Black propeller blade paddle
at Syd's on Sat 12 July. Has phone number on it 0412 090 965 but numbers have faded. Would appreciate anyone finding it to call. Reward for its return. Jim Bramley 0412 090 964
Paddle.  Walyunga, 12/07/03. Ainsworth, black and purple blade, no labels etc. Please phone Aaron, 0405 063 930.

Week 4/July
Scouring of Wellington Dam

Non Avon Descenters may be interested to know that Wellington Dam on the Collie is being scoured at present - water is released annually in winter to reduce the salinity levels of the summer irrigation water. According to the Water Corporation's media release the discharge would be about 450,000 kilolitres of high salinity water each day, equivalent to about 1.1 - 1.2 m at the gauging station. Very paddleable. The scouring will continue for next two weeks at this level, but after that may be variable so check with Peter Buckley, Water Corporation, business hours, 9791 0493, or 0407 425 495, before you head off on your white water weekend.
Thanks to Alex Fox for letting us know.
Carboshotz Energy Gel
is specifically designed to energise and maintain performance during activity. Carboshotz keeps the mind active, alert and provides fast-sustained energy to the working muscles. During the Avon Descent the challenge is to be able to maintain the high levels of energy being used and replace the carbohydrate based calories being exhausted. Because of the liquid/gel consistency and ingredients, Carboshotz is absorbed quickly, will help you feel strong and energised, maintain a consistent effort, feel better when you finish.

Consume one Carboshotz sachet with a mouth full of water 15 minutes before activity and every 30-45 minutes during, depending on intensity. Get them at:  Canoeing Down Under, Bassendean; Mainpeak Paddle Sports,Cottesloe; Runners World, Perth.
From Last Week . . . Stranded
"The K2 has been rescued from its watery demise. Thanks for all the info' and to everyone who made a sarcastic comment. Yes, we were paddling upstream into a rapid at the time and the support strokes deserted us. (Anyway, that's my story)." Andrew
Summit Homes 2003 Avon Descent Video
Yes, Belinda, someone is videotaping the whole Descent again this year. Though Grant Stephenson who filmed it last year was inspired to do the Descent himself this year, he has organised three camera coverage, including one from the paddler's perspective, a "kayak cam". This professional production by Pro Cam Video Productions will be available for sale @ $40 each, includes postage & GST. You can pre-order it by <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/avonvideo03order.html>clicking here. Last year's is also available @ $30 each.
Speed Limits
Take care with your speed on the way to Northam and environs on the Avon weekend as (apart from being safe) speed cameras are usually at favourite locations - on the outskirts of the towns and the long straight with the turnoff to Emu Falls on Toodyay Road.
Update on Hartley Estate Chittering Challenge....
Entry forms are available by emailing Rick -  <mailto:lee57@optusnet.com.au>lee57@optusnet.com.au
Double plastic kayak
- not for Avon, suitable for family recreational use (wide and stable). Please contact Belinda 9288 2000. <mailto:bskinner@srk.com.au>bskinner@srk.com.au
K1 sprint boat under slung rudder system. Cleaver X or Viper. Please contact Glen 0412722665 or <mailto:shaw73@optusnet.com.au>shaw73@optusnet.com.au 

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