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Week 1/June
Vacancy: Part Time or Casual

Mainpeak Paddlesports are looking for a paddlesports salesperson with expert knowledge of kayaking and the use of kayaking equipment. There are also vacancies for experienced bushwalking and snowboarding salespersons. Applications close 10/06/2002 For more details contact Ken at MainPeak Paddlesports, Cottesloe, 9284 3759 or <mailto:ken@mainpeak.com>ken@mainpeak.com.au. He will send you a PDF file of their full advertisement.
Water Level at Walyunga
What has all this rain done to the Avon? 0.4 m, or just over, at 4pm, 5th June. Thanks to Stephen Myers for sending this in.  

Walyunga (wooden post) water level is available on my website whenever someone sends it in - or if I am paddling there.  
Feathercraft Folding Kayaks
have an interesting website - they have a list of websites of the kayak tour companies that use their product - in some amazing locations throughout the world ( these boats travel easily!) : <http://www.feathercraft.com/home.html>http://www.feathercraft.com
(<mailto:bolland@multiline.com.au>Terry Bolland is the local agent in case you have plans for adventures in far away places)
Marathon # 7 , Sunday, 10th June
Meet at Claisebrook Inlet, East Perth. Briefing: 8.30am (You need to register well beforehand)
Start Type: By Division, slowest first. Distance: Long -- 12 km, Short - 6 km.
Start & Finish: Underneath Footbridge in new development .
Enquiries: Dave Russell 9307 9606 E-mail: <mailto:davidmaryanne@bigpond.com>davidmaryanne@bigpond.com or <mailto:davidr@ventra_homes.com.au>davidr@ventra_homes.com.au or marathon@canoewa.asn.au
Avon Valley
If you're a walker you can get excellent views of the Avon Valley (and much more) from Paruna, which is a wildlife sanctuary (open to the public) with walk trails. It connects Avon Valley and Walyunga National Parks mostly on the south side of the river. Some of you will have seen the high fence (to keep out feral foxes and cats) at Lookout which is the western boundary of the sanctuary. To walk at Paruna you need to book in advance and pay a small fee : ph 9572 3169. There is no river access at Paruna for cars carrying canoes (I've already asked!). 
Canoeing Down Under's Down River Race #3, 2/6/02
AKC's webmaster is out of town so the results of this race can be seen from the WA Paddlers' News page of my website: http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/locpad.html and not AKC's site as normal.

Week 2/June
WA Sprint Superstars

We look forward to news of Rachel Simper who has just left for Europe to compete in two world cup regattas as part of the AIS squad. Fellow Canning River Canoe Club member and WAIS paddler, Lisa Oldenhof, is in the national women's K4 this year and will head off to compete at world championships in Spain in a few months.
From Steve Strachan, Ranger, Walyunga N.P.
Steve has kindly let us know that due to drainage construction works the lower car park and picinic area is likely to be closed between Monday, 17th June and Friday, 28th June. These are preliminary works before more remedial landscaping which will take place next year. (You may have noticed the canoe launching area is becoming quite eroded.) The upper car park will be open during this time. As parking will be in short supply for the busiest day, Sunday, (23rd June) visitor numbers may have to be limited and the PARK FULL sign displayed. So if you don't want to miss out get there early!    
Walyunga Water Level
Thanks to those who sent in the Walyunga water level after the heavy rain in early June. 
The water disappeared quickly (as most noticed!) as it was mostly local runoff from the hills.

For newcomers to paddling: we always refer to the upstream side of the wooden gauge at Walyunga. You can just make out that from 0m to 1m is shaded brown (used to be black), from 1m - 2m is shaded white and above 2m is shaded brown (black?) again. Increments, 0.1m, are indicated by small notches with a longer notch for the half metre and a full width notch for the full metre.
More on the water level: Avon ti- trees gauge, Cobbler Pool
Also for newcomers:
There is usually a rough correlation between this gauge and that at Walyunga - depends how quickly the river is rising from inland catchment rains, etc. The gauge in the ti- trees at Cobbler Pool showed O.2m at midday on Sunday, 9th June.(thanks to Ian Costley who sent this in) - also the level at Walyunga at that time. Last year we did practise the trees at this low level (no choice!) but if you do be prepared for logs (more than usual) and much shallow water, especially in the long pools. Cobbler Pool 0.2 m approx equates with 10.11m on WRC Toodyay gauge.
Event Updates for weekend, June 15-16
- from Penny Bates and Margaret Jeffery
Already well publicised to those who regularly take part:
Down River Series Race #4 (Walyunga - Bells) is cancelled.
Slalom Race #2 will be held on Saturday,15th - at Hester Park. Pre-race coaching to start at 12-30pm. Registration 2.00pm. Cost is $10 for adults and $5 for Under 18's. Contact: Margaret 9293 1909

 Week 3/June
From Fitzy in Bunbury :
Learn Korean in time for the Avon Descent . . .

broken paddle..............................Sum Ting Wong
peeing behind a tree..............Wat Hu Yu Hai Ding fa
support crew lost..............................Eh U Kum Hia Na
support crew, still confused........................Dum Gai
surf ski...................................Tai Ni Yak
I paddle a surf ski.......................Wai Yu So Wet
I tripped over a log.....................Ai Bang Mai Ni
helmut won't fit this year ..................Chin Tu Fat
lost in the ti-trees........................Wao So Dim
boat too low in the water..................Wai Yu Mun Ching
stuck on a sandbank.......................No Pah King
don't forget scrutineering...................Wai Yu Kum Nao Dmy
low branch..........................Lei Duck Wik
he's cleaning out his kayak .................Wa Shing Yak
if you pee in your kayak...............Yu Stin Ki Pu
Are you here?
I have added another page of Richard Hathaway's dramatic 2001 Avon pics to the <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/avdesc.index.html>Avon Descent section of my website - go to Photo Gallery for a photo story on The Washing Machine.
From Steve Cooney at Wildside Adventures
White water kayak instructors wanted for upcoming work. Please email resume to <mailto:steve@wildside.net.au>steve@wildside.net.au
Avon Descent Information Night - Finn Kayaks
If you missed it earlier this year it's on again: 7:30 - 9:30 pm, Wed., 26th June at Swan Canoe Club, Johnson Parade, Mosman Park (next door to Mead's Fish Cafe). 
Experienced Avon Descenter Alwyn Duke will cover all the main points for novices, support crew and other interested persons. Avon Descent booklets and entry forms will be available. Finn Kayaks' range of Avon craft will also be on display, including the Endorfinn, the new 5.2m plastic racing ski. For more info contact Carolyn, 0402 817 041. All welcome. Entry is free.
New Web Site
Finn Kayaks
has a new website: <http://www.finnkayaks.com>www.finnkayaks.com (or click on the link at the bottom of my home page). All the details of the new Endorfinn are there.
Mainpeak Paddlesports
Trading hours are now:
Mon - Wed 9.00am - 6.00pm
Thurs 9.00am - 8.00pm
Fri 9.00am - 6.00pm
Sat 9.00am - 5.00pm
Walyunga Wooden Gauge Water Level
Terry Bolland was there Wed., 19th, and tells us it was just under 0.4m. Thanks, Terry.
Classifieds - Canoeing in Western Australia website
Please don't forget to let me know if you sell your boat/gear or find what you are looking for (and no longer need your advert) as soon as possible. Thanks!
 Week 4/June
From Gunther at Davenwood
Year End Stock Clearance
SALE. Demo craft are from $200 upwards including paddle while stocks last.
Accessories also on huge specials, up to 50% off some products. Sale ends Saturday, 29th June. Hours are 9 to 5 workdays and 9 to 1 Saturdays
2002 Swiftwater Rescue Technician 1 Courses coming up . . .
Rescue 3 International
is one of the world's leading rescue, research and instructional organisations. Their courses are state of the art. This one covers swiftwater, rope, helicopter, boat based and other technical rescue disciplines. This course is of great value to river guides, rescue personnel, outdoor recreation teachers, climbing and abseil instructors and all those who participate in adventure activities. It will be conducted by Peter White of Dwellingup Adventures. There are two (three day) courses being offered:
1 - Sunday, 18th and Saturday, 24th and Sunday 25th August;
2 - Wednesday, 9th to Friday, 11th October.
For more information contact Peter White, 9538 1127 or <mailto:dwgupadv@southwest.com.au>dwgupadv@southwest.com.au
<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/dwellresc.html>check out the web page
Extra at Extracts' - From Merv Francis
In an attempt to add something new and exciting to the Avon Descent the committee have just finished building a chute on Extracts' Weir. It is constructed of rows of 100mm (4") poly pipe. Each length of pipe has a length of chain through the centre of it to keep it in place and is placed horizontally across the weir. The chute is situated centre right of the weir so as to avoid the whirlpool on the left. It is expected to be a permanent fixture at this stage. Practice is invited as soon as there is sufficient water.

Subject to Bayswater Council approval there may also be an exciting new finish line for the power boats. Stay tuned for more information. Hint: If you own a powerboat, check out its speed on dry land.
Toodyay Trees
Sunday, 23rd June ti-trees water level was 0.2m at the Long Pool gauge in the middle of the trees. Thanks to Peter van Maanan for this info'. (nearly 10.100 m on the WRC gauge at Toodyay)
Bruno from Brazil
is a 15 year old champion white water paddler (slalom, freestyle) who may be coming on exchange to Australia next year. His home town is one of the best places for white water in the whole of Brazil, he says. He wants to know: "I`d like to do High School as well as practise canoeing. Would be possible to train with you? Is there any High School or English School for foreigners near your place ? I`m really looking foward to going canoeing with you. I`m waiting for your answer.Thank you.
Brazilian Champion - 2001/2002
-Champion of the State of Rio
- Champion of Friburgo - 2001/2002
-the third in Brazilian Ranking (of Descida ) - 2001
Contact Bruno Pagnoncelli:  <mailto:flordomato@uol.com.br>flordomato@uol.com.br
Event Reminders:
1 - Canoeing Down Under's
Down River Series, Race #5, Lookout to Walyunga, 6 km rapids-pools
scheduled for this Sunday, 30th June. Meet at Walyunga, 7:30 am. For the update from the Wildwater Committee (as to whether it will happen, due to low water levels) phone canoeing association's event line 9487 1666 or contact Paul Burke 9275 6622 or check out the <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/locpad.html> Local Paddlers' News page, closer to the weekend.
2 - Marathon Series, Race #8
Upper Swan Bridge to Ascot Kayak Club, July 7th 2002 - 25km.
Registration : Division 4 -- from 7:30 am; Divisions 3, 2, 1 -- from 8:05 am
Briefing: 7:45am - Division 4 at Start Location; 8.30am - Divisions 3, 2, 1 at Start Location
Start: Upper Swan Bridge - Great Northern Highway - by Division, slowest first ( Division 4 starts 30 mins early)
If water level is low start will be at Ascot Kayak Club ( watch e-News or ring Eventline 9487 1666 )
Enquiries: Cathy Fry  9277 7489 (Please ring before 8.00 pm.)

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