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Week 2/June
Walyunga Water Level

If you're paddling at or through Walyunga please check the water level on the wooden gauge (upstream side) and <mailto:rokhor@iinet.net.au>email it together with the time and date of the reading. It will be recorded <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/waterlev99waly.html>here for the info' of all paddlers. Thank you to all those who've sent it in already.

(All agree, "what a good job they did with the new wooden gauge at Walyunga" , "they" being Bevan Dashwood and Colin Thorpe.) 

Toodyay Ti-trees Water Level
Stirling Terrace, Toodyay, WRC water level telemetry site is not recording at present. The operators have been advised and are hoping to get it fixed as soon as possible. I believe that the ti-trees have been flowing since last weekend. In the meantime if you paddle there <mailto:rokhor@iinet.net.au>please send in the ti-trees wooden gauge reading.

Logs at Syd's
Bruce Campbell writes: "There is a fairly large log on the bank about 20 metres above Syd's on Monday water. It was in the water and we dragged it up the bank a little (mid morning) but if the river level comes up it could go back into the river and become a reasonable hazard. I guess the main thing is that people know it is there and if we get high water they don't assume that Syd's is clear."

Also: <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/Sydslog04.jpeg>This photo shows another log (or the same one?) across one of the narrow channels between rocks in the upper part of Syd's, probably across "Route A" in Terry Bolland's map of Syd's Rapid (no. 261), water level about 0.5m. Maybe it has been moved by now, but take care in case it hasn't. Photo taken about 1pm on Monday. (Thanks to John Wass).

PS. Terry's book, "Canoeing Down Under", is invaluable for its maps of the Avon River rapids. Every white water paddler should have a copy!

Ben Mercer Letter 3 Home
The sole WA paddler on the Australian Down River team continues to be amazed at the white water paddling experience in Europe. Read his latest (third) letter <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/benmerc3.html>here.

Ramon Andersson Clinic
Have your paddling technique analysed and improved by Olympic medallist and expert, Ramon, with the help of video. This coaching clinic will be the last one before Avon Descent: Saturday, June 19, 9 am - 12.30pm, WAIS Canoeing Boat Shed, Garratt Rd Bridge Bayswater. All ages and skill levels welcome. Registrations close June 19. $30 payable on the day.To register contact Ramon Andersson ph 0407 426 596 or 93791285 or <mailto:ramon@eon.net.au>ramon@eon.net.au

Canoeing Down Under White Water Courses
This Saturday, 12th June and Sunday, 13th June. Amiens Crescent off Memorial Avenue, Baskerville, 8.00 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. $65.00 - Booking is essential. Need to have all your own equipment and clothing. Also midweek courses available. Paddle Skills Competency testing will be carried out this Sunday, 13th, at 2.00 p.m. Booking is essential so please call 9378 1333.

Collie Descent - from Marty Wallace
Saturday, 21st August, 10am: a fun event, 27km on the Collie River from Harris River Winery to a take-out some distance below the town. It's mainly flat water with sections of trees and a couple of small rapids. For more info' go to: http://www.hyperactive.oz.nf/Collie_Descent/2004/Collie_Descent_2004.htm

Down River Series, 2004 Calendar Addition
Details of Race 5 are as follows: Sunday, 18th July, Katrine to Dumbarton Bridge: 7.5km twisting channels and pools and one Grade 2-3 rapid. Meet at Katrine Bridge, Lower carpark for rego 10 - 10:30am.

Event Reminders
Marathon#6: Claisebrook - Herrison Island
, 13 km or 6.6km. Meet at the inlet, (the park on city side) rego 7:30 -8:25am  
Down River Series Race 3, Upper Swan Ti-trees, Rego 8-8:30am, Sunday, 20th June. Meet at Upper Swan Bridge. Car shuffle necessary unless you paddle upstream from finish line. Contacts: Lawrence 9309 9525 or Peter 0408 586 229.

Week 3/June
Toodyay to Posselt's - Sunday, 27th June

Everyone is invited to join the members of the Canning River Canoe Club on a training run from Toodyay and paddling the 25kms to Posselt's Ford.
We will be starting at 9:00am from Toodyay with a BBQ at Posselt's Ford from Midday.
Leave cars at start - transport to collect them after the event will be provided. Also, there will be a trailer available at Toodyay to take dry clothes to Posselt's for the end of the paddle.
This is not a race, there is no entry fee, you are responsible for your own safety, no names will be recorded.
Your time can be recorded for your own records and fastest times may be rewarded.
Contact Bull Orton ph 9330 8066

Suburban Whitewater
Frothing for some whitewater or just want to develop your skills and fitness? Canoe Polo games are currently being played on Wednesday nights in the heated pool of the Beatty Park Leisure Centre, Vincent Street, North
Perth, starting at 7.30pm. Boat and equipment can be hired so all you need are your ugg boots for when you get out of your boat! Contact Ian Kininmonth at <mailto:ikininmonth@hotmail.com>ikininmonth@hotmail.com or Tel: 0401 521 895 for more details.

Wanted to borrow (for a couple of cases of beer?) or hire, double surf-ski for Avon Descent (Aug 7/8), accomplished kayakers from Melbourne, e-mail Brendon: <mailto:brendon.grail@auspost.com.au>brendon.grail@auspost.com.au, or call 03 8371 6061

The Canning 5000: three race series
Race 1

Singles 1st August, 8:30am (a small race before the Avon)
Race 2
3 person teams 5th September (placings on aggregate time) 8:30am
Race 3
Doubles 26th September 8:30am (club K2s available)
All races run from the Canning River Canoe Club, club rooms, Centenary Ave Manning, part of the Canning Sea Scouts.
BBQ and drinks available at completion of event, BYO or buy some of ours.
Heaps of great prizes thanks to Perth Kayak Centre sports and Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd over the whole series. Lots of fun - if you have 5 or more craft we will make a class. Total points count across classes. $10 for members $15 for non-members per race.More info' <mailto:garth04@optusnet.com.au>garth04@optusnet.com.au or 0412 602 013

Notice from Canoeing Western Australia,14th June:Walyunga Car Parking
Those who have visited Walyunga this year will be aware of the works to the lower picnic area and the restricted car parking.
From Lyndsay Wiland, CWA Executive Officer:" To overcome problems for paddlers wanting to base their white water paddling from Walyunga Canoeing Western Australia has arranged with the Ranger at Walyunga for paddlers to park in the gravelled area of the lower carpark.
Would you please ensure that you keep out of the identified work site area.
CALM would like to apologise for the timing and any inconvenience this may incur."

Canoeing Down Under White Water Courses - Sat 19th & Sun 20th June
Paddle Walyunga to Bell's Rapids + Paddle Skills Competency assessment at Walyunga beforehand.
Meet at Bell's Rapids, 8.00 am. Finish approx 3.00 pm. Cost: $100.00 Booking Essential

Walyunga Wooden Gauge
Peter Ewing, SCC, has been keeping his eye on how the 2004 readings on the new post match up with the
<http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/watlevwalygr02.html>2002 graph which relates WRC Great Northern H'way reading to the wooden gauge at Walyunga
"The new post at Walyunga is giving results within the range of the old post (vs WRC Great Northern Hwy gauge). I actually spoke to Colin Thorpe about it a few weeks ago and he said they had been very careful to ensure the new post is at exactly the same height as the old one." Thanks again to all those who have been sending in the water levels.

Now's the time . . .
for white water paddlers to write name and phone no. on paddles (in particular) and gear - or check that what you wrote last year is still ledgible. Helps in getting your (lost) gear back!

At Syd's, on Sat, 12th June, half of a winged Spirit plastic (left) blade with green tape on the carbon shaft, no name unfortunately. Warren Munns  0403 618 641

blue shaft, white flat blades with red stripes across both blades, no name or numbers on the paddle. Found two weeks ago at the Jetty at the bottom of Pier Street in East Fremantle. Contact Rosalie 0438 75 44 11  

Week 5/June
News from Mandurah Paddlers

There's about 25 paddlers from Mandurah seriously in training for the Avon (some more serious than others!) . . . Peel District Canoe Club, located at Ravenswood, hopefully will be up and running again soon, ready for the coming season.

There's heaps of water for easy and scenic estuary and river paddling in the Mandurah environs - Peel Inlet, Harvey Estuary, Serpentine & Murray rivers (<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/index.html>see new pic on website) and lakes, as well as white water not far away at Dwellingup. If you need to hire a boat Wayne from Mandurah Sportz says he has a range of sit-ons and kayaks licensed for hire. Also if you wish to try different craft to buy he is located just two minutes from the water, so you can demo boats any time.

Stirling Terrace, Toodyay, Water Level Readings
As you are aware these have not been available on the internet for some weeks as "the site appears to be not operational", according to Water & Rivers Commission. They have advised me that fixing the problem will not occur until normal routine maintenance is carried out and that is scheduled for a few weeks away.

Car Break-In at Bell's Car Park, 22nd June
"Thieves are (were) operating out of the Bell's rapid carpark. Our car was broken into today (they used a screwdriver in the lock, and stole our lunch, Not Happy), and a white Holden Commodore was seen making a quick exit from the area. Just a word, make sure that all valuables are secure and keep an eye out for suspicious activity, even if it's not your car." Chris Van Schaijik

Other areas where thieves frequently target paddlers' cars are Great Nth H'way Bridge and Walyunga. Do report incidents to police at Midland so that they are aware of the extent of the problem.

Please Return Paddle!
Break- down paddle
was lent to double ski paddlers just after Emu Falls in last year's Avon but has not been returned. Name and phone no. on back of paddle or (in case it washed off) please phone Wayne 9582 9995 or 0419 885 710.

Toodyay to Posselt's Training Run
Due to low water levels it is possible that this Sunday's Canning River Canoe Club training run and barbecue afterwards may have to be cancelled. For confirmation that the event is going ahead please ring on Friday or Saturday - Bull 0419 041 338 or Garth 0412 602 013.

Wanted to hire or borrow
Fluid Druid
for Avon Descent weekend. Melbourne kayaker can reciprocate with a loan of any of his kayaks when in Melbourne. Please e-mail Brendon at <mailto:brendon.grail@auspost.com.au>brendon.grail@auspost.com.au

Ben Mercer - Letter 4
Read this WA paddler's last comments on down river racing with the Australian team in Europe before heading back home<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/locpad.html> here

For Under 18s: Be Active Junior Avon Challenge - from Garth Civil
Sunday, 8th August, starting at the Sandalford Caversham Estate down stream to finish at Hind's Reserve, Bayswater, same finish line as the Avon Descent paddlers. For individuals and teams. Presentations commence just after the last Junior Avon paddlers finish. For more information see the Canoeing WA website <http://www.canoewa.asn.au/>www.canoewa.asn.au

Ph: Linda 9222 3563 (w) 9364 7735 (h) 22/6/04

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