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 Week 1/March

Rod Fry Memorial Race - Sunday, 21st March
A friendly race for everyone - from easy to hard - choice of 12km or 6km or 3km courses in most scenic part of Swan River. There'll be plenty of boat traffic down towards the Stirling Bridge for long course paddlers to test whitewater skills in a sprint boat! It's open to all paddle craft. Prizes. Go to http://www.csse.uwa.edu.au/~cara/rodfry.html for full details. Contact is Cara 9384 4024 or cara@csse.uwa.edu.au
Donnelly River
Info on paddling the Donnelly River from Boat Landing to the river mouth and Lake Jasper (in the same area) has now been added to the website, as well as some updated info on paddling Irwin Inlet. <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/whereindex.html>Check the Where to Paddle Index. (There's some dramatic pics of our rugged southern coastline.)
Melbourne 2 Hobart
Huw Kingston from NSW sets off on the last of his City2City fundraising marathons (<http://www.polarismtb.com.au/4w4s>4Wheels4Sean) paddling, walking and cycling on March 14. "There will be quite a few people joining in different stages of this journey," he says. This last marathon includes paddling across Bass Strait. Go here http://polarismtb.com.au/city2city/city7.html for more details of his route plan. (For those new to WA Paddling News Huw walked, paddled and cycled Perth 2 Darwin last year, with a little logistical help from some WA paddlers.) 
Cheap Sprint Kayak K1
for beginner. Please ring Chris 0412886377 or  <mailto:Crowett@murdoch.edu.au>Crowett@murdoch.edu.au 
Double ski suitable for Avon Descent. Contact Michael <mailto:michael.gibson@kjv.com.au>michael.gibson@kjv.com.au
Dagger Transition kayak with skirt: please contact Joel 0411 821 109
Cleaver X or similar sprint boat in good condition. Call Martin 0419 909 790 any time  25/2/04
Lightweight kevlar paddle approx 210cm long. Aaron Maxwell 9333 6159 or <mailto:Aaron.Maxwell@csiro.au>Aaron.Maxwell@csiro.au  
Wheels for seakayak. Will pay a fair price. New or used. Contact Delton at <mailto:delton.chen@aquaterra.com.au>delton.chen@aquaterra.com.au or 0411 131 771.


Week 2/ March

Ocean Paddlers, Take Note . . . New Event . . . April 3, 2004
Peters Fremantle to Rottnest Open Water Classic

From Fremantle Surf Club to Thompson's Bay - there are two sections, a swim section, and a paddle section for ocean worthy paddle craft capable of going to Rottnest (eg. surf skis, sea kayaks). Both sections have age grouping and groups for seniors and high school students. Closing date for entries is Friday, 26th March. At present website does not mention craft other than surf skis but organisers have informed me that they do welcome other suitable craft.

More info? Go to http://www.waterpolowa.asn.au/Rotto.htm You can download the entry form at that address as well. Enquiries: contact event co-ordinator, Danny Rechichi, WA Water Polo, (08) 9387 7555 or <mailto:wawpolo@ozemail.com.au>wawpolo@ozemail.com.au
To All Outdoor Enthusiasts! From Mike Wood
Mountain Designs now have a new store in the Whitfords City Shopping Centre in Hillarys. It's actually outside in the Piazza area in keeping with our outdoor ethos! The store opened Monday and will trade every day except Sunday at this stage. Contact number is 08 9402 5022 or email <mailto:whitfords@mountaindesigns.com>whitfords@mountaindesigns.com Please drop in and visit, and have a chat; we'd love to get your feedback! <http://www.mountaindesigns.com/>Check out the gear
From Canoeing Down Under
Demo Mornings: Sats & Suns - phone to request a boat
Intro to Flat Water Paddling:
all the basics - Sunday, March 14, 9.30 a.m. - 3.00 p.m. $100 including boat hire or $80.00 with own boat.
One Day Intro Course to Sea Kayaking: basic paddling skills, deep water rescues, self rescues, towing and a short trip - Sunday, March 21, 8.00am - 2.30pm $100 or $60 for those who have bought a sea/estuary kayak from Canoeing Down Under.
- - - News Flash - - - - Bunbury, Monday, 8th - - from Fitzee - - - aka Peter Fitzgerald - - -
"I was the witness to a rare and unusal event in the Bridge to Bridge Race in Bunbury yesterday. I was powering up the river racing Peter Morgan (we were doing the short course) when we saw a swimmer, "Russell of Ascot", who had decided to partake of the floating river cuisine and sample the river mud. My theory is he went to sleep and fell out, but if you ask him he will tell you that Robyn Khorshid psyched him out by saying, before the race, "Isn't that boat tippy?", but that is another story and you will have to ask him that. Peter Martin claims an "anti-Ascot armed homing Russell torpedo" was used on him."

South West Canoe Club put on an excellent weekend with great food, prizes and good company galore. Results are <http://www.swcc.geo.net.au/B2B%20Race%20Results%202004.htm>here, some SWCC pics <http://www.swcc.geo.net.au/Bridge2Bridge2004photos1.htm>here and some more pics <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/br2brbunbury04.html>here (Ian Quinn).
Arro +
or similar, full kevlar double kayak in good condition for Avon Descent <mailto:DCampbell@arg.net.au>DCampbell@arg.net.au
Sprinter or Panther kayak in reasonable condition and cost. Contact Ian 9274 2014
Inexpensive sit on kayak/cross trainer +4 m for ocean fitness. Will pay up to $600. Contact Brian 9401-3086 or <mailto:vegemites4@yahoo.com.au>vegemites4@yahoo.com.au  
Sprint Kayak K1 wanted for 90 - 95 kg male (up to $500). Please contact Chris on 93393808 or 0412886377 or <mailto:crowett@murdoch.edu.au>crowett@murdoch.edu.au
Endorfinn in good condition. Contact Andrew 0408 926322

 Week 4/ March
**Please Note : Archives

If you did not receive the last two emails for March they are at: http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/wapadnwsubsc.html
where I have archived all the emails. There is a link to that page on the front page of "Canoeing in Western Australia" website, "<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/wapadnwsubsc.html>weekly news email" 

W. A. P A D D L I N G N E W S
Just for a change . . .
here's another paddlers' guessing game.  <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/walgaugepics04.html>Click here for three pics - what are paddling legends Bevan Dashwood and Colin Thorpe up to with such meticulous care? *Answer is at end of this email - in code, so you can't cheat! Clue: all white water and Avon paddlers should be grateful - our thanks, guys!

Come Paddle with the Best! - from Peter Martin
There will be a Recreational Craft event at the Marathon Nationals at Easter: 13.5 km race for recreational craft will be run Sunday morning.
Over 4.45m and Under 4.45 m. Cash prizes.
Male and Female
Junior, Open, Vets
Sponsored by Main Peak and Canoeing Down Under
More details soon, entry forms available from Canoe WA 08 9285 8501  <mailto:canoe_wa@canoewa.asn.au>canoe_wa@canoewa.asn.au

Presentation Dinner for Nationals - from Peter Martin
Bayswater Waves Aquatic Centre, Sunday, 11th April, 6pm. $35 for Seniors, $25 for Juniors ( U14 ) (You eat too much as you get older!)
Pirra is accepting Reservations 08 9285 8501  <mailto:canoe_wa@canoewa.asn.au>canoe_wa@canoewa.asn.au

Rod Fry Race
Thanks to Swan Canoe Club for their excellent job at rescue on Sunday - from all paddlers, especially those who needed help! Also thanks to all those people who stood by those in difficulty, taking a pause in their race. Results will be available at: http://www.csse.uwa.edu.au/~cara/rodfry.html

Can you help?
Organisers of next Sunday's Freo to Perth race are looking for volunteers for escort/rescue boat duty. If you can help please ring Cathy, 9277 7489.

If anyone has a copy of the paddling news emails which I sent during May, 2002, I would be pleased if you would let me know as I can't find them to add to the archives. (Maybe I didn't send any?)

Found - from Barb, SWCC
A yellow buoyancy vest was left behind after the Bridge to Bridge Race. I would love the owner of it to contact me so it can be returned: <mailto:barb@geo.net.au>barb@geo.net.au

Event Reminders
Freo to Perth - marathon:
meet at end of Johanna Street, North Fremantle, (Stirling Bridge) for 12km to The Narrows. Rego - 7:30 am for an early start to the race.

Avon Descent clothing and equipment
. Call Matthew 0412 462 486 or <mailto:matt_02@optusnet.com.au>matt_02@optusnet.com.au
Sprinter (or Panther) built "Avon tough". Good money paid for good boat. Call Cara on 9384 4024 or <mailto:cara@csse.uwa.edu.au>cara@csse.uwa.edu.au.
Spirit CTR under $600 or Finn Affinity under $800 for ocean fitness. Contact Brian 9401-3086 or <mailto:vegemites4@yahoo.com.au>vegemites4@yahoo.com.au

*Picture Puzzle Answer
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