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 Week 1/November
Cola Cola Surf Assault - from Jason Wright

Sunday, 10th November, 2002 - Leighton Beach to Rottnest Island

A marathon paddle event for single and double skis, sea kayaks and surf boats crossing the 20 km Rottnest Channel. Open to all paddlers. Cost: $25 per person includes the $10.45 landing fee for Rottnest Island. There is a $15 charge to get your craft returned. Oceanic Cruises will be offering $11 return tickets for paddlers.

Categories include: Men's Single Ski, Women's Single Ski, Men's Plastic Ski, Women's Plastic Ski, Open Double Ski], Mixed Double Ski, Sea Kayak. There will be Masters categories if there are more than 5 entries: 35-45, 45-55, 55+
To enter online or for more Info visit:  <http://www.mybeach.com.au>http://www.mybeach.com.au
Results of Bay 2 Beach
Email Burky at AKC  <mailto:burky@iinet.net.au>burky@iinet.net.au if you would like a copy of the results of this race. About 120 surf skis, short & long, single and double and outriggers as well as nearly 20 sea kayaks took part.
Red Cross/Herald -Sun Murray River Marathon, Victoria
27th - 31st December. Many WA paddlers have participated in this event over the years. It's huge, it's 404 km over five days, by yourself or in a team. They have a great website:<http://www.murraymarathon.org>http://www.murraymarathon.org
Tall Tales of the Blackwood Marathon? - from Clive Choate
To celebrate 25th Anniversary of the Blackwood Marathon next year organisers are producing a publicaton with some anecdotes, profiles, stories and the like. If you wish to relate any humorous incidents, stories, from past events please email <mailto:blackwoodstories@hotmail.com>blackwoodstories@hotmail.com They don't have to be totally true! For example, wasn't it a canoeist who played the bagpipes after the races at the Scott's Tavern? Be named in the publication!
Especially for Shorties! (like me)
If you have trouble loading your boat on the car by yourself have a look at Thule's solution. It's not only for shorties, but for anyone who has a boat not easily loaded by one person. Thule Outrigger 547 is an extension arm that can be pulled out giving an extra hand and easing the loading and unloading of kayaks, canoes, surfboards and more. One person is able to do a job that normally takes two. Fits Thule square bars and is priced at $95.
Thule proudly supports Kayak for Kemo foundation.
6 Canadian canoes
, preferably plastic and in very good condition for use by school groups. If you are offloading please contact Kate at St. Joseph's College Albany on (08) 9844 0222 or email

Cheap Throw Bag for Whitewater kayaking. Contact Miriam 0408 052 356 or <mailto:miriambell@hotmail.com>miriambell@hotmail.com
Acrobatics in the Surf
This clip won a prize at a paddle film competition recently -the paddler is Corran Addison, the boat is a Riot Tekno, the wave is at Maui in Hawaii and the move is called an Air Screw. (4.5 mb). People might need Quicktime to view it.

Of course if anyone wants to actually paddle this or other Riot boats contact Tom at Rivergods (9259 0749) or try <mailto:rivergods@iinet.net.au>rivergods@iinet.net.au
To Catch a Thief . . .
If you are unlucky enough to have a boat/gear stolen here's some tips as to what to do.

Report it stolen to local police.

Keep checking the Quokka and other newspapers to see if a boat like yours is listed for sale. Make enquiries by phone as to the details of the boat from the party offering it for sale. If you do suspect from the phone conversation that you have located your boat, inform the police. Thieves may wait some time before advertising the property they have stolen.

If stolen item(s) are located you must be able to positively identify your good(s). This means it should have some identifying characteristic which proves that it is yours. For example, it could be your driver's licence number engraved in a hidden spot on your boat or a unique rudder system installed by you, an odd patch under the seat, etc.

I have been advised by the Dealers' Information Unit of the Police Department that pawnshops and second-hand dealers do not usually accept bulky items like canoes for sale. However, I do know that stolen boats have been taken to them in the past. You can check if your item has been accepted for sale at these shops as second-hand dealers and pawnshops are required by law to send to the police a description of everything that they accept to sell. The police then add it to their database.

You should ask your local police to look for your item(s) on the "Dealer Search Facility" over the next few weeks after the theft.

 Week 3/November
Collie River Water Releases

Warmer weather has resulted in summer-type water releases from Wellington Dam - last weekend there was about 0.95m (Saturday) & 1.05m (Sunday) at the gauging station (river is just paddleable at 0.75m). More on Monday - about 1.2m.
This info' will be available on the internet within a few weeks - I'll let you know as soon as I know. In the meantime approx water release for weekends will be on my netsite most Fridays (but probably not next) as it becomes available - click on River Levels on front page.
Urgent! Wanted - Female Paddler
for an all female team in this year's Donnybrook Marathon.
Distance: 7km Flatwater Date: 30th November Start: 09:30am Location: Glen Mervyn Dam Contact: Barbara (08) 9725 2584 or leave a message.
Found - Paddles
1 - mid August: a paddle with blue blades just above Syd's Rapid.
2 - 20/11/02: propellar paddle in Emu Falls.
If either paddle could be yours (or a mate's) contact Mike via
Save Ningaloo
A mass meeting has been organised to demonstrate against the proposed development at Ningaloo Reef. Meet at The Esplanade, Fremantle, at 11am, Sunday, 1st December, if you're keen to keep Ningaloo out of developers' hands.
Beginner Paddler's Course
If you have a friend/rellie who would like to learn the correct basic strokes and more Terry Bolland will be conducting a basic skills course Sunday, Dec 1. Contact him 9378 1333.
Perth to Freo
Results will be on RLSSA website at: http://www.rlssa.org.au/wa/classicpaddle/index.htm
For Sale
Stearns 2- Person Inflatable Kayak IK-140 - with car pump (takes minutes)
2 x Stearns 4 piece breakdown kayak paddles (double blade, with mesh carry bags)
3 x RFD Protector Life Jackets PFD Type 2 adult size
All immaculate condition - $750.00 Kayak and gear
Phone Mary Anne 9433 27 93 or email  <mailto:alljebb@iinet.net.au>alljebb@iinet.net.au
Plastic Canoe,
size 16ft., must be in good condition.at a reasonable price, under $800.ono Email Julie.

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