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Week 1/October
Well Done, World Champions!
Local paddlers (AKC) Rob Roll and Jerry Alderson paddled brilliantly to come first in their World Masters K2 Marathon race held in Victoria on Sunday, 6th October. It was a keen contest with the Hungarians and the Brits, but our guys came through in front at the end. In their K1 marathon races held the previous day both also did well - Rob was 5th and Jerry, 7th.
Fun and Fitness in the Forest
Ideally located budget accomodation is now available near Northcliffe right next to the Bibbulman Track. "Watermark Kilns" is also not far from Moon's Crossing (end of white water paddle) on the Warren River and the Larkin Road put-in for the paddle to the river mouth. Owners will help out with car shuffles for canoeists! (This must be a first!) The main building, a converted tobacco drying kiln, consists of bunkhouse/shared accomodation with communal kitchen /laundry/ablutions. As well there is a self contained smaller kiln which is suitable for a couple. There's no need to take anything for the barbie - the owners will sell their marron to you at wholesale prices.

For more info phone Trevor and Jeanette Hulcup, 9776 7349, email <mailto:hulcup@westnet.com.au>hulcup@westnet.com.au or go to Watermark Kilns, listed under accomodation on the Northcliffe town website
New Event - Paddle Polaris
7th & 8th December - Go to <>http://www.polarismtb.com.au/paddle/index.html
which has details of a new canoe/kayak event being launched this year.
It's in southern NSW, but the organisers claim they will rotate the state to host the event.
It's based on a similar event for mountain bikes and involves navigation as well as paddling, a bit like orienteering in a kayak.
Email Huw for more info': <mailto:huw@polarismtb.com.au>huw@polarismtb.com.au
Liquid Logic is coming to Perth - from Ken at Mainpeak
Liquid Logic
is the recreational kayak manufacturer which was the winner of the Kayak Manufacturer of the Year by Canoe & Kayak magazine. Mainpeak Paddlesports is now taking orders for their range of kayaks including the Skip and the Pop, the two sizes of their most recent short freestyle kayaks. Go have a look at <http://www.liquidlogickayaks.com>www.liquidlogickayaks.com and if you like what you see drop in and have a chat to Nathan or Ken or call on 9284 3769 .
Boats For Sale
There's nineteen second hand (local) boats on the website at the moment. With the Avon Descent way past and white water season just about over it's a buyers' market. Here are some of them:
Fox - plastic slalom/white water boat - 9386 6842
Phantom - Avon/marathon boat - 9447 2598
Penguin - sea kayak -9574 7182
Dagger Medieval - playboat -9574 7182
MI 415 - plastic tourer/Avon boat - 0412 198 438
Finn - plastic tourer/Avon boat - 9725 6171
Go to the <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/newsfl.html>website for more details of all the boats and some gear. (Most sellers will negotiate over the price!)

Please remember to let me know if you no longer need your advert on the website.

 Week 2/October
For Wannabe Playboaters

Tom Suffling from Rivergods has a clip of Robin Bell* doing an aerial loop in his playboat at Penrith and is happy to send you a copy. Robin paddles a Riot Techno and if you want to try that boat just speak to Tom. As well there is a demo Riot Booster which was Canoe and Kayak Magazine's "Boat of the Year" available.
Contact him at -<mailto:rivergods@iinet.net.au>rivergods@iinet.net.au
or phone 9259 0749 for a copy of the video clip of Robin or to have a go in the boats.
* For newcomers to paddling - Robin is our local slalom paddler who has paddled his way to the top - paddled C1 for Australia in the Sydney Olympics & has medal placings in many international events.
From Laura White - World Masters' Games Results
Results of each day's sporting competition have been posted on our website.
<http://www.2002worldmasters.org>www.2002worldmasters.org and click on 'Sports and Venues' to gain access to your sport.
Win a New Perception Kayak - from Ken at Mainpeak
Come along to Mainpeak Paddlesport's Sunday 27th October  Demo Day - between 9.00am and 12.00 noon at Matilda Bay - next to the boat ramp car park - and you could win a new Perception Kayak. Conditions apply.

We will have a great selection of craft down there from our huge range of canoes and kayaks for people to try. For more info or to request a particular craft to try please contact Ken or Nathan at Mainpeak Paddlesports or just come on down and have a paddle. 08 9284 3759 or email  <mailto:ken@mainpeak.com.au>ken@mainpeak.com.au  
Rapids in the Ocean
Terry Bolland, John Dinucci, Tel Williams, Pam Riordan , Don Kinzet and Gary Nixon have just returned from a hair raising paddling adventure in the offshore waters of the Kimberley. Here's an excerpt from what Terry has to say about it:

"The group (was) self sufficient, carrying water, food, camping and medical supplies for the duration of the expedition. (We) camped on remote islands and parts of the mainland which always had beautiful vistas of the unique Kimberley country.

Although crocodiles were a threat and sharks followed the kayaks, the tremendous forces of the ten metre tidal range was by far (our) biggest safety concern. This became most evident when the team had to paddle across the notorious King Sound on the biggest tides of the year. (We) had to cross currents and tidal rapids that easily exceeded 15km an hour, at times impossible to paddle against and (we) often got swept backwards. Flanked by many rocky oyster laden islands, the currents sped between them at a speed unimaginable, unless you witnessed them with your own eyes. These islands clashed with the speed of the water and became horrific tidal rapids. A capsize in these areas could have resulted in disaster."
Terry will have more on his website -
<http://www.canoeingdownunder.com.au/> www.canoeingdownunder.com.au  
Blackberry Fields Forever?
Having paddled a couple of sections of the Warren River in the last few days I contacted CALM about the blackberries which are prolific in places along the river banks, making one or two sections almost impassable.
Here's their reply:
"Blackberries -a world wide problem: this is not really my area of knowledge. However, I do know that blackberry eradication cannot be achieved with current technology. Reinvasion from adjoining infestations, seeds spread by birds and foxes, make the task impossible. Some spot spraying occurs, but this is expensive and not effective. Also the chemicals are non-selective and so take out native vegetation too.

We are contributing around $25 000 to a multimillion dollar per year research program to develop biological control, hopefully this will be effective in my lifetime!"
Cliff Winfield, Parks and Visitor Services, Warren Region, Manjimup

 Week 3/October
Summer Slalom

First race of the summer slalom series will be held this Sunday, 27th October, at Hester Park.
9am pre-race coaching
10am registrations
10.30am briefing
Contact - Brian Morgan: <mailto:morganbr@it.net.au>morganbr@it.net.au
Follow up to appeal for B+ blood donors - From Craig Riley and friend Garth
"The Red Cross are heavily booked at present but will need more blood supplies through November and December - please encourage any potential donors to make a booking". (In case you have missed this in the press)
Tide Predictions - Guildford
2003 Swan River tides are now available on website - go to http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/tideindex.html
- courtesy of Department of Planning and Infrastructure, Tides & Waves, who have other WA tidal predictions on their website (but not Guildford) - link is at above address.
Mainpeak Demo Day Reminder
Try out any boat you like - Sunday 27th October - between 9.00am and 12.00 noon at Matilda Bay - next to the boat ramp car park - and you could win a new Perception Kayak. Conditions apply.
Enquiries: <mailto:ken@mainpeak.com.au>ken@mainpeak.com.au

Stolen Boat - 24/10 
, red, easy to spot as it has a retractable rudder and rear pod with screw hatch (like a sea kayak) from Point Walter spit. If you see it contact Dawn or Bear, 9339 5451.
Also, news just to hand: new W.A. marathon sea event for paddlers -

go to <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/locpad.html>WA Paddlers' News Page

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