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 Week 1/September
2003 Australian National Wildwater Championships

A most successful event - our thanks to the hardworking Wildwater Committee. Overheard at Winnejup - an eastern stater commenting on the course - "great, fantastic!"  <mailto:burky@iinet.net.au>Email Burky for a copy of results. There are pics of the Rapid Sprints <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/rapidsprntswinn.html>here and more to come. Keep checking to see if you are there. 
PS: My thanks to all the paddlers who looked for and eventually found my boat, emptied it and carried it up to the road at Photographer's Rapid during the Selection Trial! - Robyn
Wildwater Series is ponsored by Canoeing Down Under

Exmouth Sea Kayak Safaris - Capricorn Kayak Tours
We have two remaining 5 Day trips running during the September and October school holidays this year (starting Sept 29 and Oct 6).
The trip includes all sea kayaking and snorkelling gear, camping equipment and delicious food. Each day we see turtles, dolphins and get to snorkel in some fantastic sites, some only accessible by kayak. Also included are some short gorge walks, viewing rock wallabies and other wildlife.
The tour is suitable for all, no sea kayaking experience is required. They are run ex-Exmouth and normally cost $795. We are offering $100 off this price for these last 2 tours of the season. Maximum group size is 12. Minimum age 8. Under 16 yo 20% discount off full price. Check our website <http://www.capricornkayak.com.au>www.capricornkayak.com.au or email direct info@capricornkayak.com.au
- Hal Paine - Freecall: 1800 625 688 (Customer use only)
Frankland River Paddling - from Peter Speldewinde, Albany Canoe Club, 26th August
"We had a bucket load of rain down here weekend of 22nd/23rd Aug and the Frankland River is going off like a frog in a sock-currently at 13.5m at Mt Frankland station and rising (11.2m is really the lowest comfortable paddling depth). It should stay paddleable for a while but it won't stay at this height for long " - More info' 9851 2703  <mailto:pspeldewinde@agric.wa.gov.au>pspeldewinde@agric.wa.gov.au
24 Hour Relay Challenge - from Helen Tongway, Burley Griffin Canoe Club           <http://www.bgcc.org.au>www.bgcc.org.au
Last weekend in November. Teams of 6 boats on your home water, singles or doubles, 5km laps with the start/finish at one end, boat change at each lap, 10 a.m. start on Saturday, 10 a.m. finish on Sunday, with lots of hard paddling and fun. Use the Challenge to raise funds for your club, for a local charity, or just for good publicity for your club/sport. (Paddlers at Swan Canoe Club participated in this last year). Ask any questions : Phone/Fax 02 6254 7162; Mob 0418 861 613 <mailto:dtongway@iinet.net.au>dtongway@iinet.net.au
Collie Descent Results - from Marty Wallace
"The event went well and a good time was had by all." Go to:
Neoprene surfing booties, velcro strap, ankle toggle, size 10 - left at Walyunga car park, Sunday, 24th August. Plse. contact Nick Patton: 9463-2852 w or 9285-1319 h.
Avon Descent Video
Well worth having a copy - there's loads of paddlers & supporters featured, front runners as well as the bulk of the field: John De N., The Wonder Women, Lawrence, Barb F., Robyn H., Dennis R., interstate teams, Wayne F., Lynda G., Louise S., Todd C., Naomi, Brad R., triple ski, Darryl & Paul, Grant & Rob, Jerry A., Jim Br., Terry B., Andy H., Megan T., me, Mary R., Greg Kaeding, Eddie S., Matt D., Alaine, Olwyn, Elaine L., Helen C., plus:
311,312,316, 317, 322, 324, 325, 329, 335, 336,337,340, 341, 342, 344, 346, 347, 348,349, 351, 355, 358, 354, 360, 362,364, 367, 375,377, 381
405, 410, 412, 423, 431, 439, 441, 443, 444, 445, 446,450, 451, 455, 457, 458, 460, 463, 486, 489, 490, 491, 493, 499
504, 508, 516, 521, 522, 523, 524, 530, 537, 538, 541, 544, 546, 549, 551, 552, 553, 555, 557, 559, 563, 565, 566, 567, 569, 570, 571, 573, 588
602, 605, 606, 607, 609, 610, 612, 614, 615, 617, 618, 619, 621, 624, 627, 628, 631, 635, 638, 640, 642, 643,645, 646, 647, 651, 652, 653, 656, 657, 658, 660, 661, 662, 663, 666, 669, 670, 674, 678, 679, 681, 683, 685, 687, 690, 692, 693
700, 702, 703, 704, 707, 713, 716, 723, 724, 726, 727, 728,730, 731, 732, 734, 737, 740, 741, 742, 744, 745, 748, 749, 750, 752, 754, 755, 756, 759, 761, 764, 766,768, 770,771, 774, 775, 777, 779,781, 785,786, 790, 791, 792, 794, 795, 796, 798
803, 804, 805, 806, 807, 808, 809, 810, 814, 816, 818, 820, 823, 824, 825, 826, 830, 833, 834, 835, 841, 845, 851, 856, 858, 862, 872, 873, 891, 893, 895, 896, 897, 899
900,901, 904, 907, 908, 909, 911, 913, 936, 937, 940, 946, 951, 952, 964, 965
as well as lots more whose numbers I missed. Keep your eye out for the boat cam's great view of the ride down Emu's!
<http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/avonvideo03order.html>download order form here
 Week 2/September
Congratulations to Ben Mercer
. . .
who made the Aussie Wildwater team as a result of being ranked 2nd on percentages at the end of the wildwater week at Bridgetown - the top four qualified for the Worlds next year. Ben writes: "Was quite exciting and I will definitely be looking to travel with the team as it should be a great experience racing in Europe !
I am off to the Gold Coast for 6 mths next weekend (14/9) to train and race in sprint kayaks and also in the Surf Life Saving over there. Will train under Brendan Purcell (ex WAIS coach) who has moved back there and will paddle from the AIS facility in Mermaid. Felt I should give the sprint team a real go... at the end of summer 10 blokes will be off to Athens !  But barring being picked in that squad I will go away with the Down River team in May.
Taking plenty of WAIS stickers and paddling a black and yellow sprint boat so making sure they know which state I come from... !!"
Not Paddling but sounds good - Mountain Designs Bibbulmun Team Challenge
The Bibbulmun Track Foundation is looking for 16 teams of four from the corporate world to experience the Bibbulmun Track in a truly innovative and exciting way.To take part participants do not need to be ultra fit, but they do need to think outside the square, have a sense of fun, enjoy pushing themselves, love to be outdoors and able to work in a team. Teams will compete against each other in one of four heats in a series of physical, mental and skill challenges on the Bibbulmun Track.  Participants walk 15-20km per day, camp out and carry out other activities which may include mountain biking, abseiling and kayaking
The Foundation is a not-for-profit community based organisation. All funds raised go towards the maintenance of the Track
Ring Toni Smyth, Bibbbulmun Track Foundation, 9481 0551 or email: <mailto:events@bibbulmuntrack.org.au>events@bibbulmuntrack.org.au for more information & registrations. Places are strictly limited! (Heat 2 is now full)  <http://www.bibbulmuntrack.org.au/>www.bibbulmuntrack.org.au
New at Finn Kayaks
The Endorfin now comes with surf club foot rests - footstraps built in - for training and beach starts.
There's a new lightweight but tough paddle for white water - has a small diameter aluminium shaft and RIM blades which have flexibility and spring but are very tough. Both available from your local canoeing outlet.
Men's Health Ocean Racing
One of the events in this series (mostly held in NSW) was held in Perth last summer and was well attended by the locals. It's open to all types of paddle craft for all ages and abilities. If you want to be kept up-to-date with this series register your details online at <http://www.menshealthoceanracing.com.au/>www.menshealthoceanracing.com.au
White Water Skills Course - Canoeing Down Under
Here's a chance for novices as well as more experienced white water paddlers to improve their skills. Sunday 14th September, 8.30 a.m. till 12.00 p.m. Location to be confirmed. $60. No long boats - short boats only. Boat hire available - $10. Booking essential 9378 1333
Introduction to Flat Water Course - Canoeing Down Under
The course covers - safety, forward and reverse paddling, emergency stop, sweep (turning) and draw strokes, a basic support stroke and a capsize drill. This is a fun day kayaking and an opportunity to meet other people.
Sunday 14th September, 9.30a.m. - 3.00p.m. Sandy Beach Reserve, Bassendean. $100.00 includes boat hire. Booking essential 9378 1333
Event Reminder
Canning River Canoe Club - Canning 5000

Doubles race, K2's, double ski's or anything with 2 paddlers in it.
9:30am reg, 10:00am start, Sunday 21st September, Curtin Rowing Club, Elderfield Rd, Salter Point
Entry $10 for canoe association members and $15 for non members. Cash prizes and heaps of other prizes BBQ and club sign-on day.
All welcome and new members welcome. Bring the family down and enjoy a morning by the river.
Any enquiries call Garth 0412 602 013 (We have craft available).
Sponsored by Main Peak
at the Avon Descent. One small Olympus camera about the size of 250gm butter. Phone Helen Cooksey 9364 9071 or <helencooksey@iprimus.com.au>helencooksey@iprimus.com.au
K1 Sprint boat contact <mailto:geoff.mclean@bigpond.com>geoff.mclean@bigpond.com
 Week 3/September
For kayakers, it's time to dust off the Malvern Star, goggles and sneakers!
The Tetrathlon
- 5th October.
Start time: 8am
Venue: UWA Boat Shed, Matilda Bay
Distances: 1.2k swim, 27km bike, 8km paddle, 9km run
Cost: $10 per competitor (includes drinks and sausage sizzle)
The run will be a little different this year with a rogaine style run in Kings Park. That means having to locate several controls in Kings Park for time bonuses. A map will be distributed on race day.
All welcome. This is an unsanctioned, unofficial, uninsured event.
For more info contact Andrew Peterson <mailto:info@rfidtiming.com>info@rfidtiming.com ph 9368 3662 wk, 9450 3446 hm
Murray Marathon, Victoria
At this time you may be considering entering this famous 404 km endurance paddle (<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/murrmara.html>details). Well known WA paddlers, Laurie Collett and Pat Whittleston, supported by Dorothy Blake, paddled this event in 2002. Laurie has written a detailed account (with pics) of the adventure in case you're considering tackling it or want to be inspired. (He'll probably lend it to you if you ask nicely - <mailto:laurie@ozzienet.net>click here) There's a summary of his tips and hints <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/murmarlaurie.html>here. Dorothy's tips and hint for the support crew will be on the website shortly.
Canoeing Down Under Courses - Booking essential 9378 1333
White Water Skills Course

Sunday, 21st September,Bells Rapid 8.30 a.m. till 12.00 p.m.$60.00.
Short boats only.Boat Hire: $10.00
An opportunity for the novice to the more experienced white water paddler to improve on skills.
Sea Kayaking Course
Lectures: Tuesday 14th October & Tuesday 28th October
Evening River Skill Session: Thursday 16th October
Sea Paddles: Sunday 19th October and Sunday 2nd November, learning self rescue, sea kayaking skills.
Sea kayaks and small estuary kayaks suitable.$250.00 If you have bought a Sea or Estuary Kayak from Canoeing Down Under - $150.
The BankWest Channel Seven Classic Paddle- from Dave Hunt, RLSS
is on 23rd November 2003. Entry forms will be released beginning October. Long and Short Plastic classes will be introduced as per Avon Descent and Bay to Beach.
Men's Health Ocean Racing - West Coast Classic
17th January, 2004. Start will be at Fremantle finish - Sorrento. There will be portages at Cottesloe, City Beach and Scarborough. Depending on conditions sea kayaks and OC1s will not have to go into shore. Over the same course will be a teams' race with change overs at each of those points. Once again conditions will determine whether paddlers come into the beach or not. Paddlers can register their interest at <http://www.menshealthoceanracing.com.au>www.menshealthoceanracing.com.au More enquiries Dean Gardner <mailto:deangard@bigpond.com>deangard@bigpond.com
, at the bottom of Bells, short shaft- black tape, kevlar blades- white, 'SKEE'. Brand new. Contact <mailto:cdbell03@yahoo.co.au>cdbell03@yahoo.co.au
Fibreglass Surf Ski
to suit 6'1" paddler, good condition, Phone Mike: 0410503654
Beginner's kayak for enthusiastic 10 year old boy. Affordability range is free to very cheap. Contact <mailto:cellery@ozemail.com.au>cellery@ozemail.com.au
Second hand fast plastic ski or kayak suitable for Descent, Blackwood etc. Contact Michael Poole at Swan Christian College on 9374
8300 or email <mailto:michaelp@scea.wa.edu.au>michaelp@scea.wa.edu.au
 Week 4/September
Keeping You Posted . . .

The wooden water level gauge at Walyunga has just been found by Colin Thorpe who has it safely tucked away in his garage. It's to be reinstalled (or a copy) when the water drops and yes, as close as possible to the same height. One of the founders of canoeing in this state, Peter Dear, remembers that it was first placed there over 30 years ago.
Hope to sea you all there - Sunday, 2nd November!
Mainpeak Paddlesports Bay to Beach Paddle Challenge -fantastic prizes including $1000.00 worth of paddles for the Kayak/Canoe Club and Surf Club with the most entries ( points basis with extra points for places gained ). 18 km from Mosman Bay to Leighton Beach for ocean going paddle craft. Entry forms are avialable from clubs, Canoe WA and Mainpeak Stores. More info:Ken Miller, 9284 3759 or <mailto:ken@mainpeak.com.au>ken@mainpeak.com.au
lackwood Marathon - Saturday, 25th October
Get your entries in - entry form and more info is available <http://www.mccays.com.au/theevent/>here. You don't need a horse+rider if you're in it just for the fun - you can omit this leg . To be a winning team, though, you do need to complete the horse leg.
Sea Kayaking Adventurers
Les Allen has written about two expeditions he and a small group of paddling mates have made in recent times: Esperance to Perth and a tour around the Monte Bello islands in the north-west. Find them <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/yarnindex.html>here for a good read.
Any ideas? Paddling in the South and South West
This is the third time this request is being made as so far there has been lttle response from paddlers. (Mine has been the only one!) Even if you wish the south west to remain wilderness as much as possible, please say so! Or if you have paddled the rivers and other waterways of the area you may have suggestions to make paddling easier, safer and more fun. CALM is happy to hear from individuals and commercial operators such as Canoeing Down Under, Rivergods, who may have ideas. If you're a member of a canoe club please contact Greg Kippin who is handling this for the canoeing association:  <mailto:dune@iexpress.net.au>dune@iexpress.net.au, or 9370 5034, otherwise contact Vicki Winfield, CALM, 97717949 or <mailto:vickiw@calm.wa.gov.au>vickiw@calm.wa.gov.au
For Multisport Paddlers
The event is getting closer <http://www.cyclewest.biz/>http://www.cyclewest.biz/
complete with skirt, in good condition. Please contact Joel 0411 821 109
Downriver K2 in good condition for Avon Descent, Blackwood, etc. Prefer lightweight, reasonably fast and stable. Contact Bryan Lee <mailto:bisklee@hotmail.com>bisklee@hotmail.com
Cheap Double Ski or K2, doesn't have to be fast or pretty, just as long as it floats! Please contact John 9332 2072, 0418 228 990 or <mailto:jmm@wa1.quik.com.au>jmm@wa1.quik.com.au
Stable boat with rudder suitable for female beginner, plastic or glass. $500 - $600. Phone John Hughes 0438 800 225

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