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2009 Toodyay Ti-trees Wooden Gauge Readings - see below Walyunga table

2009 Water Levels: Walyunga and Toodyay Ti-trees Wooden Gauge Readings

The information provided in the table below relies on paddlers emailing rokhor@iinet.net.au with the water level if they're paddling there, or passing through.

Please . . .

  • Note that we use the wooden post at the main launching/landing place at the lower carpark at Walyunga;  read upstream side of post: the notches indicate the height in increments of O.1 m
  • The Day One ti- trees gauge is at the end of a patch of trees just before you enter Long Pool; height is in increments of 0.2m;
  • State time and date of reading.

 From the Walyunga Ranger, Steve Strachan:

Please note:

  • Walyunga-Avon Valley National Park annual passes may be obtained by ringing CALM 9334 0333. $20 or order online: visitor park passes
  • Park gates open at 8am and shut at 5pm
  • Obey the road rules: speed limits, STOP sign
  • Take home your paddling litter: gaffa tape, foam bits, mars bars wrappers, etc

Thank you to all paddlers for your co-operation.

2009: Walyunga

June   Level Sent in by    July   Level  Sent in by 
Sunday, 21st, am 0.32m Dave Tupling   Wednesday, 1st, pm 0.7m   John di Nucci 
Friday, 26th, am  0.43m  Robyn Khorshid    Saturday, 4th, am & pm  0.64m  
Colin Scully
Peter Readman, Jo Turnbull
Steve Wellman 
Saturday, 27th, am 
and pm ( bit bumpy in the valley) & later pm ( a rocky ride down to Bell's)
Colin Scully
Paul Dowling
Warren Southwell
  Sunday, 5th, pm &
later pm
Louise Sandercock
Colin Scully
Paul Dowling
Sunday, 28th  0.53m  Keith Allen, Adrian Quick   c 0.55m   Paul Dowling 
Monday, 29th 0.53m   Steve Wellman   Thursday, 9th, pm  0.52m  Warren Southwell 
Tuesday, 30th  0.75m   Michael Sheehy   Friday, 10th, am   0.7m    Jim Bramley
August         Saturday, 11th, pm   0.82m   Warren Southwell 
        Sunday, 12th, pm  0.81m    Morgan Baron
        Tuesday, 14th, pm    0.75m     Warren Southwell  
        Wednesday, 15th, pm  0.69m      Louise Sandercock 
        Thursday, 16th, pm  0.62m       Warren Southwell   
        Saturday, 18th,  pm 0.65m  Warren Southwell    
        Sunday, 19th, pm  0.98m  Mel Fisher, Peter Readman
        Tuesday, 21st, am  1.63m  Warren Southwell , Paul Gill   
        Wednesday, 22nd, pm   1.68 then 1.7m , then 1.95m Sean Fuller, Mat Pilbeam
        Thursday, 23rd, am & pm 1.95m, then 2.1m, then 2.07 Geoff Emery & Jim Bramley
        Friday, 24th, pm   1.88m  & later,
1.85m, 1.82m
Mark Matear
Louise Sandercock
        Saturday, 25th,  pm 1.5m  & later
Warren Southwell 
Louise Sandercock
        Sunday, 26th, pm    1.3m  Antony Mee
        Tuesday, 28th, pm   1.08m   Matt Pillbeam 
        Thursday, 30th, pm  0.92m   Louise Sandercock 

2009: Toodyay Ti -trees, Long Pool wooden gauge reading (located about 3/4's way through trees)

June   Level Sent in by    August   Level  Sent in by 
Saturday, 27th, am 0.53m Adrian Quick
Geoff Emery
Sunday, 28th, pm 0.44m  Robyn Khorshid         
Wednesday, 1st, am 0.75m    Craig Woodhead        
Sunday, 5th, am & pm   0.7m  
Geoff Barr
Jo Turnbull
Wednesday, 8th, am 0.5m   Dave Tupling        
Thursday, 9th, am 0.6m    Paul Gill         
Sunday, 12th, pm   1m  Robyn Khorshid 
Peter Farmer
Wednesday, 15th, pm  0.75m      Robyn Khorshid           
Saturday, 18th,  pm 0.55m     Peter Readman        
Sunday, 19th, pm   0.8m     Warren Southwell          
Monday, 20th, am  1.1m & rising  Pete Van Maanen         
Tuesday, 21st, am 1.75m &
Geoff Emery         
Wednesday, 22nd, pm   almost at top of gauge - just the "m" showing:
just over 2m
Robyn Khorshid            
Friday, 24th, pm  gauge just under: about 2.2m  Patrick Irwin         
Saturday, 25th,  am 1.8m  Jo Turnbull        
 Sunday, 26th, pm   1.6m   Warren Southwell          
Tuesday, 28th, am  1.2m     Warren Southwell, Robyn Khorshid, Pete Van Maanen        
Wednesday, 29th, pm  1.1m & later 1.05m   Louise Sandercock          
Thursday, 30th, pm   Just under 0.9m  John Tomczak        

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