Waychinicup National Park, April, 2004

Waychinicup Gorge is located in Waychinicup National Park, 65km east of Albany on south coast of Western Australia. The small river starts 10 km inland; in its lower reaches it has cut a steep sided valley through the granite rocks. Mt Manypeaks provides a dramatic backdrop to this picturesque, sheltered cove.
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photos - R. Khorshid

As this is one of few inlets which is continuously open along this stretch of coast it allows sea kayakers year-round access to a safe landing.
Pics 1-4: various views around inlet towards Southern Ocean

Granite boulders soar out of the crystal clear waters. Highest hill in background is a small part of the Mt Manypeaks range.
Bill, also known as "the English journalist", surveys the scenery. Caves in opposite cliffs.

End of the paddle for boats from the sea.

Waychinicup River just upstream of last photo - mid autumn, before winter rains.

Python poses for pic! (a well camouflaged carpet snake)

Waterhole (freshwater) just above gorge section - Perth paddler, Laurie Collett

Waychinicup River a few hundred metres upstream of waterhole - (pic taken mid autumn. What would this be like to paddle in winter/spring? Much portaging, due to waterfalls - see granite boulders in previous pic. - but what else?)

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