Winnejup Rapids
Blackwood River
Western Australia

Site of Rapid Sprints Race, National Wildwater Championships, August, 2003

Photos are in order from the bottom of the white water, walking upstream. They do not necessarily show the best line, just what was visible from the river right bank. This section of the Blackwood is wide, with many channels between ti-trees and rocks.

These pics were taken 14th August, when the river level was a high normal winter level, about 11.86m, WRC website reading, or 12.13m on the gauge under the bridge at Bridgetown.

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Winnejup Falls - chute at end of course, from below, with artist, Helen

 Winnejup Falls, from part way up chute

Winnejup Falls, from above, with Louise checking out the rocks.

Above Falls, looking downstream towards entry

Further upstream, long view looking down towards entry to chute.

Zoom of previous photo

Same vantage point, looking upstream towards small drop with stoppers.

Small drop with stoppers, with Louise inspecting the line

Close-up of small drop

Upstream entry to small drop 

Same small drop with wildwater women, standing from left, Helen and Ann, and seated, Robyn (the photographer) and Louise.

The downstream ride after the small drop with wildwater women, as before, plus Helen, the artist, in yellow.

Long view down towards small drop in previous five photos

High view down course, from upstream of small drop

High view upstream showing more moving water and drops

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