Stars & legends of the entertainment and sporting world
have donated memorabilia for our Celebrity Auction,
which is being held at the Boyup Brook Country Music Festival
in February 2005.

The money raised will be used for our Bird Hospital and Flight Rehabiliation Aviary Project.

We thank all the celebrities sincerely for supporting our Roo Gully dream!

You can place a bid for any of the items below before the date of the auction
and the highest bid will be displayed on the day.

Celebrity Auction Items
Jean Stafford

Jean Stafford
a TRUE legend, Australia's queen of Country Music,
has generously donated one of her stage jackets!!

This is definitely a collector's item
for anyone, worldwide, who is a Country fan.

HUGE Roo Gully thanks
to Jean and Wayne for their generous support.


Jean Stafford Jacket

The successful bidder will also receive
a video clip that authenticates Jean wearing the jacket
at the 1996 Golden Guitar Awards at Tamworth
singing 'Could It Be You'
with a special personally signed message on the cover from Jean.

Jean has also given a personally signed copy of her CD:
'That Says it All'

And her long time playing partner,
Wayne Appleby has kindly donated a signed copy of his CD:

'High Ridin' Steel'

For more information about Jean please contact Wayne Appleby

We are also auctioning something else that is VERY special
Maybe something even the stars and legends might like to bid for!!

Crystal roo front

We give our heartfelt thanks to
Kim Perrier,
of Perrier Studios in Bridgetown, Western Australia,

the sculptor, of this unique piece and magnificent piece of art

Traditionally cast in the lost wax process,
it has a lead crystal content is 45%.

Height 110 mm x 120 mm wide

Crystal roo back
Crystal roo back

The successful bidder will also receive a certificate of authenticity
from the artist.

Current Bid:


We have also received a message
from Kim Perrier
regarding another very special auction item.

Click here to read Kim's poignant words and to see pictures of his new creation.

Yes, Sting! - Definitely one of THE legends of the music world.

The great news is that Sting is supporting our Roo Gully auction!!!

Our thanks go to Sting.

You have the chance to help Roo Gully by bidding for a:
Framed signed photograph of Sting



Peter Paul and Mary


More great news is that singing legends
Peter, Paul and Mary
are also supporting us.

Many thanks.

You can bid for a
Framed signed photograph of Peter, Paul and Mary

Kasey Chambers

Kasey Chambers

Wow! What can we say to one of Australia's top singing sensations?
Kasey, please accept a HUGE thanks from everyone at Roo Gully,
and also a HUGE thanks and many (((HUGS))) to your guitarist
Glen Hannah, who is a true Roo Gully mate.

Auction items from Kasey are:
A signed 'Barracades and Brickwalls' CD
2 Kasey Chambers signed 'Very Best of Dead Ringer Band' CDs
2 signed Kasey Chambers 2003 WA Tour T shirts (XL & Medium)
A signed 'Live in the Park' poster
A signed Kasey Chambers cap


The most successful Australian rock band of the past decade.

These guys followed their dream and made it happen.
Now they have hopped aboard our Roo Gully dream - thanks guys.

Auction items from Powderfinger are:
Signed posters of Powderfinger
And many other Powderfinger goodies


Our thanks to True Blue Aussie - John Williamson

Country Music, in fact ALL music, fans have the chance to bid for:

'Sing You the Outback' CD'Salisbury Street' CD - Signed by John
John Williamson for Aussie Kids - Live Concert in the Bush (VHS video)
2 John Williamson posters - 1 signed

David & Merelyn Carter

Carter & Carter

Sensational award winning Country duo who are true Roo Gully mates.

Many thanks to David and Merelyn who have donated:

A signed 'Dance Away the Night' CD
A signed 'Every Minute' CD
A signed 'Carter & Carter' cap
A signed 'Carter & Carter stubby holder

Felcitity Urquhart

One of Australia's young outstanding Country Music performers.
Our thanks to Felicity, and once again to our mate Glen Hannah, for sending the following items for our auction.
Jake does love ya Glen!!

A signed 'Turn out the Light' CD
A signed Felicity Urquhart T shirt (XL)

Felicity Urquhart


Mandy Kane

Mandy Kane

One of the most controversial artists working in Australian rock music today.
But whether or not you think he is either cursed or blessed with the kind of imagination that makes "reality" a pretty dull option you cannot ignore Mandy.
He is sensational and so is his music. Many thanks.

Don't miss your chance to bid for one, or all three, of Mandy's signed CDs.

'Stupid Friday' - Mandy Kane's current single
'Billy Bones' - EP
'Stab' - Mandy Kane's debut single

Janine Le Clair

When the music comes from within and the talent simply is - Experience it.

We send our thanks to Janine Le Clair auction for sending us:

3 copies of her latest CD




A Queensland-based 5 piece rock band who are going places.
They have just released their debut self-titled album.

Many thanks to you all for sending us:

A signed George poster
And signed copy of your CD - Unity

Walk Awhile in my Blues

Anyone who saw this musical drama knows they have seen what could be a block busting stage and video musical journey into life 'down under'.

The cast of 'Walk Awhile in my Blues' have donated a signed DVD and CD.
These will be collector's items!

West Coast Eagles

Australian Rules champion football club from Perth.

Team stencilled signed Aussie Rules football

Perth Glory logo

Perth Glory

Perth soccer club.

Team Signed Finals Soccer Match Programme

The Bovine Connection

An alternative and hilarious musical experience!
A must for anyone, over 16 and under 99, who enjoys a giggle and a laugh!
Definite party hits!!

If you want to be the centre of attention at any party bid for your:

Signed Bovine Connection CD
'The Dark Side of the Moo'

Sponsors & Supporters
Our sincere thanks go to the following organisations, companies and individuals who are giving their support.

Who do so much promoting worldwide awareness of Australian wildlife

Shire of Boyup Brook
Who have given Au$1000
towards our Flight Rehabilitation Aviary
Boyup Brook Country Music Club
Deborah Barnden
Who designsadvertising posters
for local and statewide distribution
Bridge FM
Local Community Radio Station group
who are giving us publicity and support


Bird Tales
Marvin was a deluded juvenile Dusky Wood swallow who thought he was a Wedgetail eagle! Residing next to the computers in the Roo Gully office, Marvin became quite a character. Everyone loved him.
Sadly, Marvin died after succumbing to an infection that entered his body from an injury he sustained before he was brought to Roo Gully.
One of our bird successes!

This Tawny Frogmouth came into care after being found sick and unable to fly. After treatment at Roo Gully it was released and was a regular visitor to our garden for many weeks.
Tawny Frogmouth owl

Another success!

Talon, a hawk, suffered a broken wing in a road accident, but recovered well enough to return to the wild a few months later.
Many hours were spent retraining it to hunt for its own food, and this is one bird that would have reaped enormous benefits from the flight rehabilitation avairy.

This Boobook owl was also a road accident victim. It suffered serious injuries to one femur and its pelvis.
Sadly the vets were unable to operate.
Boobook owl
Billy biter
'Billy Biter' is yet another road accident victim, suffering a serious fracture to one wing. Although our vets performed surgery, fractures near the shoulders almost never heal sufficiently for the bird to return to the wild.
Billy now lives at Roo Gully, with 3 other Black cockatoos, and it is hoped she will be a successful member of our Black cockatoo breeding programme.
Ludwig is a Western Rosella parrot. She has been in care since being found in a garden, too young to fly. Her feathers have now grown and she is in an aviary with another Western Rosella who is recovering from a broken wing.
It is hoped both these birds will be suitable for release.