Everyone associated with Roo Gully is relieved to announce that on the 9th December 2009
a Property Settlement was finalised that saw Carol's ex partner's name removed from the Title Deeds
and replaced with Silent Partners who also want to see Roo Gully continue and grow.

YES - MIRACLES do happen!!!

Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary has been facing its biggest ongoing crisis ever since February 2004,
when Carol's husband of 34 years left to live with a former volunteer.

It has been a long and very stressful process - nearly 6 years of legal and emotional trauma,
but someone was out there -someone who truly believed in us - came up trumps at the 11th hour!!

We sincerely thank all those who donated to our 'Property Appeal'
and thank those who could not help financially but who passed our plight on to others.

Some of the money donated has been utilised to cover the legal expenses essential to securing a lease
so the charity - and our wildlife - has the 'Quiet Enjoyment' of the property for many years to come.
The remaining money is in a long term deposit account.

Future donations will continue to be gratefully accepted because they will bring us closer to our dream
that one day this property will be in the sole name of Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary
and will therefore forever be a haven for Australian wildlife in need.

The new part owners of the property wish to remain anonymous, which we will obviously respect.
However we would like to publicly thank them sincerely for their overwhelming committment
to our work, and their shared belief of our Roo Gully dream.

Donations can still be made to our ongoing 'Property Appeal'

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Another option is to send a cheque (in Australian dollars only, please) to:
Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary,
PO Box 52,
Boyup Brook,
Western Australia. 6244.

To donate directly into our bank account the details are:

Commonwealth Bank (Australia) Boyup Brook
Account name: Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary Inc. Public Fund
BSB: 066 503
Account number: 1003 1640

For International Direct Debits the Swift Code is:

We would like to personally thank all those
who are donating directly into our bank account,
so please e mail us with your name and address,
and of course this information enables us to send you a receipt.

Important Notice
Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary Incorporated
became a Deductible Gift Recipient on the 19th August 2004,
which means, for all Australians, any donation over $2 is tax deductible.

Thank you for all your wonderful support.



The property went to auction on 24th October 2009.

The result WAS!

Auction Video Footage on Roo Gully YouTube

Sadly if the property had sold on the day some of the kangaroos
would have to have been euthanased.

And if the property sells on the open market
before we can find a solution we are still facing the same situation!

This thought has filled us with dread for many years,
and we want everyone to know if Roo Gully was simply a 32 acre piece of dirt,
land that is prone to serious flooding most of the winter rainy season,
where you cannot physically cross the creek to check on animals - wildlife or livestock -
and so dry in summer that we struggle to provide water for those we care for.
then we would not have fought so hard.

No, it is MUCH more than that.
It is HOME to a group of animals that were once a joint commitment.

Sadly the Family Law in Australia does not see them as dependants,
instead it sees a Property Settlement simply as a business deal.

The following links explain the situation further:

Today Tonight Interview

Kangaroos on Death Row

After a great deal of VERY careful thought and veterinary advice,
we have decided that many of the kangaroos cared for at Roo Gully
could be tranquilised and released in hopefully safe areas away from shooters and roads,
but of course this procedure carries risks to each one, and some may die in the process.

Unfortunately not all can be released back into the wild,
or be relocated to other safe havens, as they are territorial and see only Roo Gully as their home.
The stress of any move or relocation would be cruel and could prove fatal.

It is highly unlikely any prospective buyer would wish to continue our work,
therefore, following any sale, these kangaroos will be euthanased.

Ellie and Megan are the ONLY kangaroos that cannot be released
who were offered a permanent home after the separation.
ALL of the others were supposedly a joint commitment.


Our first kangaroo joey,
now nearly 14 years old.
Extremely territorial. Roo Gully IS her home.
Nearly 12 years old.
Been in care since a young joey.
Being a twin she has a congenital defect
to her palette and can have problems drinking.
Born at Roo Gully in February 2001.
Suffered a severed tendon in her foot,
which means her large toenail needs regular cutting
as it doesn't touch the ground and wear down naturally.
Nearly 10 years old.
Suffers from compromised immune system,
probably caused by aerial spraying of the tree plantations
his mob lived in before he was orphaned.

10 years old.
Raised from just over 500 grams.
Extremely territorial and easily stressed.

Nearly 7 years old.
Arrived at Roo Gully with severe salmonella infection,
that compromised her renal system.
Prone to urinary infections.
7 years old.
Born out of season, and raised as an only joey.
Therefore, had problems bonding with kangaroos.
He is also prone to colic, so needs constant monitoring.
Nearly 8 years old.
Suffered a serious fracture of his toe as a joey,
resulting in a permanent deformity,
which means he cannot hop as fast or for as long
as other kangaroos.
Nearly 4 years old.
Was offered a permanent home at Roo Gully
because she is deaf.
Megan Carol
Nearly 5 years old.
Has deformed feet after being caught in a wire fence
before coming to live at Roo Gully.

Roo Gully has been caring for injured, sick and orphaned species of wildlife since 1996.
But it also offers much more.

It is a place for students to carry out their research work.
Student study
Susi kissed
Somewhere volunteers can get the experience
of a lifetime. An unforgettable experience.

And a place the general public can visit and be educated.
Carol Visitor

More importantly it continues to treat and care for more and more sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.
Kiah plaster off
Carol feed joey
And, of course, was to continue to be a permanent and a very happy home
for those who are unsuitable for life back in the wild.
Happy Roo
Mum and girls

We end by sending our heartfelt thanks to everyone
for your overwhelming support during our crisis.
Your e mails, letters and phone calls are keeping our spirits up
and your donations have given us hope for the future.

On behalf of all the wildlife at Roo Gully we thank you for caring.



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