Busy Bee Weekend

On the 10th and 11th September
we held a Busy Bee working weekend at Roo Gully,
and what a lot we all achieved.

After weeks of careful planning, ordering the materials,
and organising a team of willing, and maybe not so willing, volunteers,
our main aim was to start work extending the wallaby enclosure.

A tractor moved posts into position,
and began digging post holes.
And a husband and wife team
dug those the machine could not get access to.
It wasn't long before the first of new posts went up.
Quickly followed by the first of the new wire.
With the guys busy making the 'H' frames...
...the girls set to work repairing
the hospital aviary damaged in a recent storm.
And they made sure the wind will never move it again,
securing it firmly to the cement pad with bolts.
The weekend was hard work, but also full of laughter and fun.
Everyone was entertained by Glen and Jo's
very affectionate lorikeet, Lolli,
who wanted to be foreman.
And Bob and Anita got to spend some time with JT,
their joey, who now lives at Roo Gully.

On behalf of everyone associated with Roo Gully
I give my sincere thanks to the team of workers -
Glen and Jo, Dave and Shelley, Bob and Anita, my mate Bunnie and Shane,
and to the volunteers, Kayleigh, Dana and Bea.
There is still much work to do before the wallabies can have access to the new area,
but we made a great start and work continues.
Thanks guys.

I also send huge thanks to all those who donated to make this project possible,
especially Thomas in Ireland, Glen and Jo from Perth, and Roxy, Sam and family from the US.
Your money has been spent wisely and will make such a difference
to our growing mob of Western Brush wallabies.
Thank you.