Bird Hospital and Flight Rehabilitation Aviary
Stage 2 of the Perimeter Fence

Although Roo Gully can apply for grants,
there is little government money available for wildlife sanctuaries,
and so we rely heavily on donations and special fund raising events.

People like YOU have helped us achieve so much
and we send our heartfelt thanks to every one of you.

You are all a big part of the Roo Gully dream.
Thank you.

Bird Hospital and Flight Rehabilitation Aviary
The fund raising for the special bird aviaries all happened
because of one very exceptional student.

Hi everyone - My name is Ben Kovacs.
I am a student at the University of Plymouth in the UK. Currently I am partaking on a 4 year course studying Animal Science Behaviour and Welfare at Plymouth's Agricultural college, Seale-Hayne.
It is part of the course to undertake upon a 48 week work placement scheme, and I chose to do mine at Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary.

I fell in love with many of the residents here, and my main motivation
was to leave Roo Gully feeling as though I had made a difference.


Roo Gully cares for other Australian wildlife besides kangaroos, and marsupials.
Birds are an essential focus as well.
And I knew the Flight and Hospital aviaries were merely 2 ideas
in a long line that have been completed and a long list of future ideas.

Last year Roo Gully received Au$1000 funding from the Shire of Boyup Brook,
which will be used to build a flight rehabilitation aviary,
but a big part of the Roo Gully dream is to also build a bird hospital aviary,
where injured, sick and young birds can receive the best care possible before being released or,
if they are unsuitable for life back in the wild, moved into their permanent larger aviaries.

I decided to organise a 'Fun Day' at Roo Gully in the hope we could raised the money needed
to erect these 2 much needed aviaries - and we did!

In the next few weeks the aviaries will be constructed in Bunbury and transported here.

You have helped make my dream come true. Thank you.


Fun Day News

On Saturday 15th May, we invited people to
'Round up their Mob and Hop Along' to the Roo Gully Fun Day.

And those that did told us they had a Fun Day to remember,
and asked if it can become an annual event!!

Doopa Dog

Doopa Dog arrived, with his trusty mate Justin
- courtesy of GWN TV

And the kids loved meeting their favourite TV dog.

Entertainment was provided by many local and West Australian performers.

Our sincerest thanks go to:
Two Ché
(who are Justin Thompson and Paul Hayward)
and to:

the loveable Irishman, who now calls Australia home.

Michael Blake
Keepin up with the Jones
Boyup Brook's own local celebrities
'Keeping up with the Jones'
And the multi talented Ronni Rae Rivers,
whose voice warmed the hearts of everyone.
Ronni Rae Rivers
Our thanks also go to two local boys


Brett, whose family own the local Deli, looked delighted to be ending his sponsored 48 hour fast.
And Shane, our longest serving volunteer,
bared his hairless and very red chest
after his sponsored public waxing.

Thank you boys - your efforts raised lots of money.

We also received many items from stars and legends
from the world of entertainment and sport
which will be auctioned for the Roo Gully Bird Aviary Appeal
at the
Boyup Brook Country Music Festival
held in February 2005

Please visit our Celebrity Auction page to see what you would like to bid for



Stage 2 of the Perimeter Fence
Roos paddock
Although we had no 'overcrowding' problem and the roos at Roo Gully had a beautiful fenced area giving them a mixture of natural bush, a creek and pasture, which provided shelter, food and space to enjoy their fun runs, we know we must always look to the future.
Every year more and more young orphaned, injured and sometimes sick joeys are brought to Roo Gully.
Many can never return to the wild and so need a home for life.

We are very conscious of the quality of life of all wildlife in our care
and continually strive to improve the facilities we provide for them, which includes their environment.

It is part of our Roo Gully dream to one day fence our entire 38 acre property,
but we decided that this is best done in stages.
Stage 2 was completed in December 2004,
and the kangaroos now have fenced area of over 20 acres.

It was a wonderful feeling to see the new fence go up.

Posts in
Tractor holds wire

Many days later we stood in the far west corner of the new area and took these photos.
and as we thought of all those who had supported our appeal,
and all those who had given their sweat, blood and tears to build the fence.

All of this was to be the roos' new home, and we gave our thanks to so many people.

New area
New area northwards
The new area was opened up on the evening of 21st December 2003,
and as darkness began to fall the roos crossed the old fence line into their new territory.
Roos cross old line
Roos explore

We would like to take this opportunity
to thank all of you who 'adopted' and donated during our appeal.

YOUR money helped finance this project, which has meant so much to our Roo Gully dream.
Because we are always conscious of spending the money you have donated wisely
we would like to give you a breakdown of the costs involved.

Fence Posts: Au$1819.51
Main Fence Wire & Strainer Wire: Au$1925.00
Materials for safety gates, fixings, etc: Au$360.00
Total cost of materials: Au$4104.51

Money raised during our web site 'Fence Appeal'.
'Adoptions': Au$1550.00
Donation from Doris aka 'Possum' in Victoria, Australia: Au$2000.00
Au$554.51 was allocated by the committee from donations given by visitors to Roo Gully.

Now for the SHOCK!!
Labour costs would have been over Au$15,000.00
And so our heartfelt thanks also go to the Fence Team
who gave their sweat and hard physical labour to erect the new fence.

On behalf of everyone at Roo Gully we thank you for caring