Roo Gully - 2006


2006 sure had its fair share of ups and downs, but with the help of many locals,
and volunteers and students from around the world,
we also achieved so much.

'Roo Gully 2006' is our way of publicly thanking all those who helped us.
It will also show our many supporters how their money has been spent,
and give them an update on the animals they have fallen in love with.

We hope it will also give everyone a true insight into life at Roo Gully!

We are in the process of posting 4 pages in total.
January to March is the first.
Please check back in because we hope to post the others soon.

To everyone who shared our special wildlife sanctuary in 2006
we hope this brings back special memories, most of them good.
To everyone else we hope you ENJOY!!

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2006 got off to a hectic start and was hectic all year!
Smokey, the wild buck, had been inside the fenced area
for 2 months and already several joeys had been born.
Then on 1st January Sadie gave birth to her 4th joey.
A daughter we named Jade.
A great start to the year,
and our old lady looked well.
Sadie new mum
It was also a busy month for volunteers.
Kristen and Ella
Kristen, a kangaroo crazy history student from the USA,
had arrived the day before the New Year.
She soon had company.
Julia and Martina,
2 equally crazy German volunteers, arrived.
Juli Martina Megan
And we soon discovered it was going to be a crazy month for everyone.
Heidi and Megan
Especially when we were joined by
Heidi from Guernsey in the Channel Islands.
And Susanne from Amsterdam.
Susanne and Ella

Roo Gully was soon ringing with laughter,
as these girls really got into the Roo Gully spirit,
and all fell totally in love with Megan, our Western Grey joey,
and Ella, our Western Brush wallaby joey.

They also got their first experience of how traumatic life can be at Roo Gully.

Bron, our beloved Kindergarten teacher, had been mated by Smokey
in December and so we all waited eagerly the day her joey was due to be born.

Bron was observed for 36 hours,
with her every contraction monitored.
Bron watched
Bron filmed
We tried to capture everything on film.
And when she cleaned her pouch everyone got very excited,
thinking they would actually see her joey born.
Bron clean pouch

Sadly we witnessed Bron losing her joey in a pool of blood.

We all felt so sorry for the one roo at Roo Gully who yearned to be a mother,
always caring for every orphan that leaves our care to join the mob.

Luckily Smokey was still inside the fenced area
and he was ready and waiting.


Bron Smokey
Bron lounge
The problem was Bron did not want to go
through the mating business again
and took refuge inside the house.
But she could not live inside forever.
And when she left the house
Smokey grabbed her.
Bron mated
Bron mated
Poor Bron.
Our hearts went out to her,
especially the volunteers who had never seen
how brutal Western Grey kangaroo mating can be.
But Bron survived
and received some emotional support when it was over.
Carol kisses Bron

Everyone hoped she would go on to produce a healthy joey,
but that would be another month away.

January was also an important month for Roo Gully Productions.
Our TV series, 'The Roo Gully Diaries' won an award at the New York Festivals.

Carol and award
Carol was thrilled to be able to travel to the USA to pick it up,
thanks to grant funding through ScreenWest
and the Shire of Boyup Brook.
And everyone shared in the celebrations
back home at Roo Gully
New York champagne
The girls got to celebrate Australia Day too during Carol's absence,
which of course they did in style starting with breakfast.
Australia Day
And ending with a true Aussie barbie.
Australia day Barbie
Australia Day Barbie
These girls sure knew how to enjoy themselves,
but they also knew how to work.
They cleaned the house.
Juli cleans
Martina trough
Tackled the unenviable task of cleaning out
the water trough in the paddock.
Dismantled some old chicken sheds.
Susi tin
Juli Martina
And an old playground,
salvaging all the tin and wood.
Better still, they always had a smile.
And all the animals were well cared for too.
Susi kissed Ella
meg kiss Juli
Ella kiss Martina

They also had their moments of 'excitement' during Carol's time away.

A scaly intruder was spotted among a pile of rubbish they were clearing away.
Thankfully this 'snake' turned out to be a lizard,
which Julia reluctantly but very bravely moved on to a safer environment.

Juli lizard
Sadly all too soon Heidi was saying good bye
to some very special roos she had fallen in love with.
Heidi and JT
And returned home with many happy memories
after volunteering at Roo Gully.
We also said farewell to another volunteer - Kayleigh from England.
She had arrived for 3 weeks in February 2005
and had stayed on and off for a year.
Kayleigh and Billy Biter
There is no doubt we owe this special volunteer heaps,
because without her commitment to Roo Gully
Carol could not have spent so much time in Perth making the TV series.
Kayleigh office

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February was very much a month of mixed emotions for everyone at Roo Gully.

Smokey's ongoing presence meant many more joeys were being born.

And he was now chasing after the younger
and much smaller females like Bracken, Fern and Abby.
Bracken Smokey
The previous winter had been the wettest in 80 years,
but the summer was dry, plunging us yet into a drought situation,
so the volunteers were kept busy collecting grasses from the creek for the wallabies.
Martina creek grass
It was a tough job, in very hot weather.
But of course they made it look heaps of fun.
Creek grass fun

February also means the Boyup Brook Country Music Festival,
so the girls were also busy making the Roo Gully stuffed 'people and roos'
for the street display.

Not as easy as it seems.

Rag People bits

Especially when Carol supplied some of her clothes
and then left them to it!

Old Chloe looked on with her usual 'interest'.

Mike helped attach 'Carol's head'
Mike head
Rag Person problem
But Susanne knew 'something' was missing.
Martina provided the answer,
although her 'solutions' had to be slightly deflated
so they were more in keeping with the 'real Carol'!
Problem solved
Rag People display
Finally the girls did produce a display
that proved popular at the Festival.

The good times were to come to a sudden end,
because sadly and very unexpectedly,
we suffered 2 traumatic tragedies, that affected everyone here deeply.

Early the next morning we discovered that our mischievous Euro,
Nicky, had been bitten by a brown snake.

We rushed him to our nearest Vet Clinic,
and Jules worked hard.
Jules Nicky
Nicky Carol Jules
But despite being in almost constant contact
with the vets at Perth Zoo and Murdoch University
and everyone working around the clock...
...our beloved Nicky passed away 36 hours later at Jules' house
where he had spent the night with Julia and Martina.
Nicky sick

Everyone was devastated.

Nicky had been a favourite of many volunteers and was loved by all.

Bicky cheeky

He was our loveable pest.

And we missed him.
Nicky Ian
Nicky Juli

Nicky had also ended the last episode of 'The Roo Gully Diaries'
as being 'our symbol of hope for the future'.

We wondered if his passing was a bad omen,
because that day there didn't seem to be any future.

It didn't help that Nicky's death coincided with the 2nd anniversary
of Carol being on her own, so it was a very emotional time for us all.

Nicky winks
Nicky arrives

Worse was to follow, because within days disaster struck again.

Billy Biter, our Black Red Tailed cockatoo disappeared.
There were no feathers indicative of a fox or cat attack,
so we assumed he had been picked up by an eagle.
Or maybe, because he loved people, stolen.

A dark cloud was definitely hovering above Roo Gully.
Billy Biter had been another favourite of all the volunteers.

Billy Biter Martina
Billy Biter Juli

It is hard to get over such losses,
but we had to carry on because so many creatures still needed us.

Thankfully the dark cloud did lift.

Bron mum notice
The notice on the kitchen whiteboard
said it all.
Bron had safely given birth to a boy,
we eventually named Jasper.
Bron new mum
Bron happy
She looked so happy,
and her smile was infectious.

It was just the tonic we all needed.

The month ended happier because Julia's sister, Tina, visited from Canberra.

And of course, like everyone else,
she fell in love with little Ella,
our Western Brush wallaby.
Ella and Tina
Susanne farewell
A few days later Susanne said a sad farewell,
but was another volunteer who promised she would return.

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Work continued on the Western Brush wallaby enclosure extension.
This was proving to be a huge project, actually starting the previous September,
but thankfully we were approaching the final stages.
All that was left was the last boundary fence.
Wallaby posts
Martina and Julia helped dig the holes
in the parched rock hard earth,
and finally the posts were erected.
Then we attached the first row of wire.
Wallaby wire

It was the last job the girls did together before leaving Roo Gully,
and heading off on the long road journey to Sydney.

Girls dam
Julia and Martina took with them many memories,
but also left behind many memories too.
We missed their laughter and love.

So March meant Roo Gully was seeing a 'changing of the guard'.
One group of volunteers leaving and others beginning their stay with us.

The new ones were Sarah from Southern Ireland and Tine from Denmark.
Both quickly fell in love with Ella.

Ella Sarah
Ella Tine
And they were both soon at work.

Neither girls had cemented rocks before.
Sarah Tine cementing
But they made a good job of making sure the last fence
in the new wallaby enclosure was secure
from any predators trying to dig underneath.
Sarah also made sure work was interrupted
for one very special day in the Irish calendar.
Saint Patrick's Day.
St Pat's Day notice
Leprechauns seemed to abound everywhere at Roo Gully.
And a real Irish theme took over,
It was a good day enjoyed by all.
At this time Ella and Megan were still sleeping inside the house.
Ella Meg pouches

But they had to be separated when they went outside.

It was so sad to see Ella watching Megan have all the freedom of the 22 acre fenced area,
but it was not safe for our little wallaby down by the creek.
We still worried about foxes so she was confined to the house,
and the wallaby area at the back.

Ella peeps window
Ella peeps Megan

Both joeys had been difficult to raise.
Ella was severely head injured when her mother was killed in a road accident,
and Megan suffered terrible injuries to both feet after being caught in a fence,
so we were all very proud to see they were finally growing up.

But growing up also meant it was time for them to start mixing with their own species.

Megan was lucky, because Bron,
despite having her own joey inside her pouch,
still took Meg under her wing,

Meg Bron
Ella Tyke
And Ella soon enjoyed being with the wallabies.
The mob were doing well too.
Every evening they came home
for their grain and water.
Tine Roos

And so did Smokey!
By the end of the month all the does had given birth,
so there was no rush to get him out - as long as we did before the next mating season began.

Smokey roos

March also saw us finally open up the new extension to the wallaby enclosure.

It really had been heaps of work, taking months to complete.

And had involved the skills, labour
and sheer sweat of so many volunteers.
Tine Sarah Sanding
Wallaby clean up
The final tidy up was hard work too.
But we all enjoyed it
because we knew we were about to open the gate
and see the wallabies explore their new home
Wallaby clean up
Ella Tinker grass
They loved it.
March had been a good month, and it ended on a real high
when we held the premiere screening of Episodes 1 and 6 of 'The Roo Gully Diaries'.
It was a perfect evening.
Screening sunset
Screening audience
The audience loved it.
As did the production team.
Film crew
And it was definitely one of the best nights ever at Roo Gully for Carol.
Screening fun
Carol Peter




On behalf of everyone at Roo Gully we thank you for caring

'Roo Gully 2006' © Roo Gully 2007

Photos courtesy of Roo Gully, Kayleigh Andrews, Kristen Geaman, Martina Lamberz,
Susanne Kessens, Julia Jaskolski, Dana Dror, Harold Hullegien, Tina Jaskolski, Tine Biedenweg,
Peter Du Cane, Ian Pugsley, Glenn Martin, Samantha and Matthew Kelley, Sharon Tuckett.