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'The Roo Gully Diaries'


The Series
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Experience the intimate lives of kangaroos as never before!

A unique real life human and kangaroo soapie
that takes you into the heart and soul of the Australian bush.

Carol and Bron

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'The Roo Gully Diaries'
DVD on sale now!!!


We apologise that at the moment
there are no outlets selling our DVD in the UK or the many other countries
that are currently airing, or have aired, 'The Roo Gully Diaries'.
but you can purchase directly from us.

Please know we are selling the Australian, English speaking, version.
This is the full unedited version as seen on ABC in Australia
and narrated by Colin Friels.

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DVD Cover Front


Price inclusive of postage & packaging
Within Australia - Au$31.00
Overseas - Au$40.00

To order please Contact Us

Temporarily out of stock

'The Roo Gully Diaries' has been rated:
PG with a warning of infrequent mild coarse language

Duration: 158 mins.
Released: 2006
PAL Format - Region 4 DVD

If ordering from overseas
please make sure you have a universal DVD player
that will play Region 4 - UK players usually do

If you want to be sure it will play in North America
then please check out
this site:

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The Series

Carol Lander and Roy Hands are English migrants
living near a small bush town in the Southwest of Australia.
They take on the care of an orphaned baby kangaroo
and before they know it suddenly find themselves knee-deep in roos
and running a wildlife sanctuary -
all the time filming everything that happens to them
on a challenging journey of discovery into the intimate lives
of some of the world’s least understood animals.

It turns out to be an eight year roller-coaster ride of twists and emotions,
both human and animal, where nothing can be taken for granted.

Episode 1 - 'Birth of a Dream
Airing ABC - Thursday, 11th May, 6pm

Ever been kept a prisoner in your own home by a wild kangaroo
or had a roo born inside your house?
Carol Sadie
English migrants Carol and Roy
settle in the Australian bush
and get their first kangaroo joey, Sadie.
Quickly followed by a number
of other female roos.
Roos Roy
They start filming, in their unfenced property.
Wild buck Oliver appears.
And soon they’re knee-deep in roos
and officially a wildlife sanctuary.
The dream is soured by the mysterious death of their beloved roo Rosie.
Bracken loved
Leaving her joey, Bracken, orphaned.
Carol and Roy are discovering living their dream
is not going to be all plain sailing.


Episode 2 - 'The Reckoning'
Airing ABC - Thursday, 18th May, 6pm

Carol and Roy are struggling with a rising animal population
and a falling bank account
so apply for Roo Gully to become a Charity.
Joey Bracken searches for a mother
and is finally adopted by Heidi.
Bracken Heidi
Carol Polly
Whilst Polly dies of snakebite.
After the wild bucks are fenced out ...
...orphan Sonny takes over as the dominant male
Sonny spars
Boys go bush
But then goes bush himself
taking 2 other males with him.
Once again leaving a power vacuum within the mob


Episode 3 - 'The Feral Killers'
Airing ABC - Thursday, 25th May, 6pm

It’s joey season at Roo Gully,
and this year’s intake is the biggest ever.
Joeys Roy
It also turns out to be the most threatened.
An emu chick and an orphaned joey are found beheaded in the dried up creek.
Carol and Roy
call in vet Jules and local rangers.
Investigations suggest foxes are the culprits.
Poison baits and guns are used
for the first time at Roo Gully.
Guns in creek
Holly found
After three months
and the death of another joey.
And several foxes, peace eventually returns to the creek.
Carol roos


Episode 4 - 'A Gathering Storm'
Airing ABC - Thursday, 1st June, 6pm

Dark times for Roo Gully
that eventually threaten the sanctuary’s very existence.
Dutch volunteer Anke forms
a close working relationship with Roy.
Anke Roy
Carol starts to feel pushed out.
Roly alone
Out in the mob orphan joey Roly is rejected.
Whilst Max asserts himself
as the dominant male.
Max dominant
Roy’s father dies
and he leaves for England.
English university student Ben arrives.
ben Roly
Carol receives devastating news that Roy isn’t coming back.
Carol Bron

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Episode 5 - 'A Hard Road'
Airing ABC - Thursday, 8th June, 6pm

Roo Gully’s in crisis.
Roy’s living with Anke in the Netherlands.
Carol Joeys
Carol’s on her own at the sanctuary,
with no practical skills and both the property
and her beloved roos to care for.
She’s helped by Ben
and the arrival of retired businessman Peter.
Ben Peter orchard
Splodge alone
Splodge is badly injured
and shunned by the mob
Whilst Roly finally finds a friend.
Buster Roly
With the help of more international volunteers
Carol manages to keep Roo Gully going against all the odds.
Ruth feed Leila
Creek work


Episode 6 - 'Best Laid Plans'
Airing ABC - Thursday, 15th June, 6pm

Carol can’t relax as the roller coaster ride
that is Roo Gully takes another nosedive.
Peter roos
Sanctuary manager Peter leaves.
And close friend and supporter Jules the vet
is officially liquidated.
Carol Jules
Bush Fire
Meanwhile the roos are scared by fires.
And helicopters.
Carol worries
Roos panic
An eternal triangle develops in the mob.
Maisy flirts with Smokey.
Maisy flirt Smokey
Max Libby
And Max openly cheats on Maisy.
At the end of it all a distraught woman arrives.
Nikcy arrives
Nikcy Carol
She brings a surprise new addition...
...who’ll be a symbol of hope for the future.
Nicky wink

A Roller Coaster Ride of Emotions

I doubt anyone will ever know the mix of stress
and excitement we felt as the series got under way here in Australia.

We cleared the decks in the office and outside,
preparing for and giving newspaper and radio interviews
and generally got ready for whatever happened next.
And of course that all depended on whether people
enjoyed watching 'The Roo Gully Diaries'.

Following a very stressful few days
and the day before Episode One aired...

...we received a rather large parcel.
Parcel arrives
Inner box
And inside that a smaller
but very elegantly decorated box.

And inside that?


It was our walnut plaque Finalist's Award
from the New York Festivals.
The Award
It couldn't have arrived on a better day.
Now where do we hang it?
Hang it where?

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Premiere Screening
'The Roo Gully Diaries'

The premiere screening of our TV series
was held at Roo Gully
on Friday evening, 31st March,
and all we can say is

The sunset was perfect.
Sam Carol Rachel
And the company tremendous.
The locals arrived,
and seated themselves beside the pergola
in front of our big screen mounted on a ute.
Ute screen

The evening kicked off with the speeches.

Following a speech by Boyup Brook's deputy Shire President,
who spoke on behalf of the town,

Jules, our vet, told of his involvement
with Roo Gully, and with the TV series.
Jules speaks

Then Peter Du Cane, our Producer,
informed everyone of the long journey we all travelled
to raise the funds and then actually make the series.

He also said some very nice things about me,
which although made me feel a little embarrassed
I really did appreciate.
Thanks Peter.

Carol Peter
Carol Peter
My speech contained lots of thanks
to so many people who have shared my dream.
Carol speech
And then the audience enjoyed viewing
Episodes 1 & 6 .
Screening audience
Knowing the night was a great success
the production team posed happily for photos.
Production crew

From left to right:
Chris Norman - Composer, Ian Pugsley - Camera,
Peter Du Cane - Producer, co Writer/Director,
Teresa Ashton Graham - Editor, Samantha Kelley - Production Manager,
Carol Lander - co Writer/Director/Producer, Glenn Martin - Sound.

Then the mood relaxed.


And it was party time.

Enjoy the pics - because we enjoyed the night.
And so it seems did everyone else!

Party time
Including our group of Roo Gully committee members and helpers.
Party revellers
Who I took great joy in watching as they too
let their hair down after so many years of hard work.
And I make no apologies in selecting this pic of Mike,
our computer tech guy who has kept everything going in the office for many years,
which meant I could capture and edit all the assemblies of the series,
and who works so hard on all the sanctuary's projects.
His expression reveals how most of us felt by by 5am!!

Also, with tongue in cheek, I cannot resist sharing
another priceless photo captured on the night.

Those who have ever worked in close proximity
with someone for many months will understand this pic.

But just look closely as to whose hands
are around whose throat!!


Seriously folks,
Peter and myself sincerely thank all those
who worked so hard to make the night a success,
and we thank all who turned up
to share our evening with us.
Thanks also to the Boyup Brook Footie Club
who served terrific food.

And to Scotts Brook Wines.
Gee you really must visit Brian and Kerry
here in Boyup Brook and sample their delights.
Many thanks also to the Boyup Brook Country Music Club,
who loaned us their sound equipment and speakers.
and to Annie Jones and the local Youth Advisory Council,
who loaned us their projection unit.

And of course sincere thanks to our main sponsors.
Shire Logo
ScreenWest logo
Lotterywest logo
Shire of Boyup Brook

Photos courtesy of Roo Gully, Peter Du Cane, Ian Pugsley, Glenn Martin,
Samantha & Mathew Kelley, Sharon Tuckett, Lyn Willett

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