Carol is searching for a wildlife loving lawyer, specialising in Family Law,
who can help her, pro bono, keep Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary.

Carol did have a very good lawyer representing her
and who has done a great deal of the preliminary work,
but sadly she can no longer afford to employ a lawyer.

We want to keep Roo Gully as it is,
a place for students to carry out their research work,
somewhere volunteers can get the experience of a lifetime,
and a place the general public can visit and be educated,
as well as being a wildlife sanctuary.

So if you are that lawyer, or know one who might be able to help,
then please contact Carol directly by e mail or by phone - (08) 97651514

Thank you.


Hi, we are Norma and Laurelie,
two committee members of Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary Incorporated,
and we are asking for your help.

Roo Gully is facing its biggest crisis ever,
because we need to safeguard Carol's future at our sanctuary.

Those who know Carol, and those who have seen the TV series,
'The Roo Gully Diaries', know how devastated
she was when Roy, her husband of 34 years,
left Roo Gully in February 2004 to live with Anke, a former volunteer.

The last few years have been a very emotional
and an extremely tough physical struggle for Carol.

Thankfully with the help of volunteers,
and Carol's determination not to let her dream die,
Wallaby hut built
Roo Gully is stronger than ever,
and many new projects have been completed.

But now Carol faces her biggest battle to keep Roo Gully.

Her divorce settlement is looming, and as with all divorce settlements
there has to be a division of assets that suits both parties.
Carol wishes to remain at Roo Gully so she can continue her work.
and the only way Carol can begin to pay him a percentage of what he is asking
is to sign over the majority of their shared investments,
which will leave her with no financial security.

Sadly, not many film makers get rich
making a documentary series in Australia.

And, along with others in the production team,
Carol deferred a lot of her payments from the series
so the money could be raised to actually make it.
Carol film with George

It is hoped some of these funds may eventually come in,
but that all depends on overseas sales and it could take years before it does.
Unfortunately Carol does not have the luxury of time,
and desperately needs everyone's help to stay at Roo Gully.

Recently she informed us of her current financial problems,
and told us she must soon start seeking employment,
but if she gets a job and has to work away from Roo Gully
those living here at the moment would still be well cared for

Carol feed joey
but we could not accept any new orphaned joeys,
because they need constant care until
they successfully join the mob.
And we could not continue our 24 hour rescue work,
the only wildlife sanctuary offering this service in our region.
Joey plastered leg

The ideal solution is for Carol to be paid a salary by the charity.
And this is where we need help - YOUR help.

Our 'Adoption' programme is very successful
and pays for all the animal feed, veterinary drugs, new enclosures and fencing,
but it could not, and probably should not, pay a salary.

So what we are hoping is that we can raise enough money
through this Special Appeal to actually employ Carol to do what she does now.

And you might be interested to know what she does do!

She cares for the young joeys,
often feeding the very young every 3 hours,
throughout the day and the night for as long as needed.
And she ensures their ongoing care
until they become accepted members of the mob.
Kiah Leila Fed
Carol also leads Roo Gully's 24 hour wildlife rescue service.
Roo sedated
Mostly she is dealing with roos in trouble.
But she also gives her time to the more unusual cases
like trying to save these eggs from a dead snake.
Snake eggs
She works closely with our 2 vets, Jules and Graham,
helping them treat injured and sick wildlife.
Kiah plaster off
Graham care for Kiah
And then nurses these vulnerable creatures until they are well again.
Meg kisses Carol
Carol also supervises the many student studies
carried out at Roo Gully, which we all hope
will lead to a better understanding of our unique wildlife.
Student study

Studies that have earned Roo Gully
the respect of universities and scientists
within Australia and overseas.

Carol devotes many hours to filming the animals and birds.

A lot of the footage is shown in 'The Roo Gully Diaries',
But it is also used for educational DVDs.
Carol films
School groups and visitors get to see some of these films.

And most also get to share
some of animals' special stories...

...before meeting some of our special residents.
Carol Visitor

Carol's experience and knowledge is valued,
and in July this year she was flown,
all expenses paid by Roxy and Kevin Bell of the Roo Ranch and Beltek
to St Louis, USA, where she was one of the Guest Speakers
at the Macropod Information Exchange.
Once again lifting the profile of our wildlife sanctuary.

As well as caring for the wildlife,
Carol also oversees the general maintenance of the property.

Hay bales
Depending on the time of year she works with the volunteers cutting grass, hay making and repairing creek crossings and fences.
She also works very hard for the charity spending many hours working alone,
filling out funding applications and planning new projects.
And is often still working late at night answering e mails,
updating the web site, and giving out
24 hour wildlife advice worldwide.
Carol computer

There is no doubt Carol works more than full time for Roo Gully,
and is needed here.

Carol kiss Abby
But also we think she needs to be here
for her own sake too.
Her favourite roles are being a mother to her beloved mob.
Billy loved
Meg Carol lay
And also being a mother and grandmother
to her much loved human family.
carol family

So how can you help?

If 200 people worldwide donated Au$100 per year to our Special Appeal
it would mean the charity could pay Carol a salary.
Or it could be 400 people donating Au$50 each to this cause.
In fact it could end up being many people donating very small amounts,
but it will all add up and every dollar will help keep Carol where she should be,
at Roo Gully - keeping the dream alive!

carol Roly

Every dollar donated to our Special Appeal
will help us achieve this.

Click on the pic below to be transferred to PayPal
to make a secure payment on line.

Or send a cheque to:
Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary,
PO Box 52,
Boyup Brook,
Western Australia. 6244.

Important Notice for all Australians
Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary Incorporated
became a Deductible Gift Recipient on the 19th August 2004,
which means, for all Australians, any donation over $2 is tax deductible.

Thank you.

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