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'Adopt' A Roo Gully Roo

Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary
became incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1987, Western Australia,
and therefore gained its charity status, on 22nd October 2002.

Now known as - Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary Incorporated
Registered No: A1010 633G

Important Notice for all Australians
Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary Incorporated
became a Deductible Gift Recipient on the 19th August 2004,
which means, for all Australians, any donation over $2 is tax deductible.
Australians, to qualify for this please make any cheques payable to
Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary Incorporated - Public Fund.

Every year Roo Gully becomes home to many sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.
Some only stay until they are able to survive in the wild,
and are then released back into their home territory or into the bush by our creek.
However, many of our residents are unsuitable for release because they sustained serious injuries
in the accidents that killed their mothers, and some have medical problems,
that require constant monitoring to ensure they always enjoy a good quality of life.

By 'adopting' the Gang, you are in fact sponsoring us to care for the kangaroos
and other animals and birds at Roo Gully where they can live in their natural environment
and receive the care, and veterinary treatment, they need.
By 'adopting', or by giving an 'adoption' as a gift, you will help us achieve this.

Roo Gully's foster parents, and those who are given an 'adoption' as a gift, will receive
an adoption certificate, a Tale of the Gang with photographs,
a newsletter DVD, and a bumper sticker stating

'We Have Adopted A Roo Gully Roo'

Your 'adoption' will help provide the animals with their special diets, bedding, veterinary care and medications.
It will also assist us greatly in our research and studies, which we hope will lead to
the improved treatment and care of macropod injuries and disease.


Joeys of 2008
Western Grey kangaroo Joey


A Few Other Kangaroo Tales

Please remember the Adoption costs below are in Australian dollars

On 15th March 2009 the exchange rate for the following currencies were as follows:

Au$100.00 = US $65.86
Au$100.00 = CA $83.80
Au$100.00 = GBP 47.06

Au$100.00 = Eur 50.93

These exchange rates will vary slightly day by day

To check the current exchange for the day you adopt click here


Payment Options

Roo Gully offers you several payment options.

We have security clearance to accept mail and telephone credit card payments so you can:
1. Phone us on (08) 97651514 - International Phone 61+897651514 (Western Australia time is GMT + 8 hours)
2. Fill out the Adoption form below and post it to the address given.

Or you can click on the picture below your chosen option.
You will then be transferred to PayPal to complete your payment.

Adopt a Roo
for 1 year - Au$100
Adopt a Roo
for 3 years - Au$250
Make a Donation

We need to know where to send the Adoption packs.
So please remember to fill out the form below and submit to us.

If you have paid by PayPal do not fill out any credit card details.

We thank you for caring



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Please make your Cheque or Money Order (in Australian Dollars Please)out to:
Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary Incorporated - Public Fund

And mail to:
Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary
PO Box 52
Boyup Brook WA 6244

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