Autopsy Reports

This page contains photographs that might be upsetting to some,
and could be deemed to be too graphic for younger people.

We haved posted these photographs
with the intention of helping those caring for Australian wildlife.

Gnasher (Western Grey kangaroo)
Died - 13th April 2003

Gnasher arrived at Roo Gully on Saturday, 25th January 2003, mother killed in a road accident.

On Arrival:
Weight: 4.190 Kilos
Foot: 225mm
Tail: 440mm
Only injury evident a nose bleed, but very stressed because he was an older joey coming into care.

Wombaroo Kangaroo Replacement Milk .7 - 45mls x 4 feeds per day rising to 40mls x 4 feeds per day.

By late March outside with the mob during the day, but still sleeping inside at night.

12th April 2003:
Put outside with the mob as usual when he woke up in the morning.
Discovered at 8.30am with a prolapsed bowel. Bleeding profusely.
Rushed to Collie Veterinary Hospital by car.

Veterinary Hospital Treatment:
Weight: 5.650 Kilos
Sedated with Pamlin (Diazepam)
Anaesthetised with Alfaxan (Saffan)
Norocillin LA
Surgery: Sugar used to reduce prolapse. Bowel replaced internally. Cloaca - 'Purse' stitch to hold bowel inside.
Post Operative: Hartmanns IV + Multi Vitamin + B12 + B6
Tetanus injection
- Vasolamine (Large animal) to stem bleeding from small blood vessels.
Initial Diagnosis: Prolapse due to trauma

Proposed Treatment on Return to Roo Gully:
0.5ml Amphoprim IM @ night for 5 days
1ml Baytril IM @ morning for 5 days
Pamlin (Diazepam) 0.6ml increasing or decreasing as effect demands - 6 hourly for as many days as needed
Neotopic H (Cortisone) into cloaca to reduce inflammation
50 - 100mls Hartmanns sub cut if needed for hydration
Proposed Feeding Regime on Return:
Water and Vitrate - 13mls to 1ml as needed
Milk (half strength) after 24 - 36 hours

Gnasher returned to Roo Gully, haemorrhaged one hour later, taken back to Collie Veterinary Hospital.
'Purse' suture removed. 'Cross' suture inserted.

Prolapsed severely again just before midnight.

13th April 2003:
Gnasher euthansed at 1.30am

Cause of prolapse: Probably due to trauma. This is a diagnosis we agree with because Gnasher did not show any signs of diarrhoea in the days prior to his prolapse and showed no signs of discomfort. The morning it all happened he was outside with the roos feeding at the main feeding station outside the house. We heard the roos panic at something and stampede down to the creek, and suspect Gnasher got knocked over and trampled on by a much heavier kangaroo.

These 2 photographs show the severity of the prolapse, and also the necrotic tissue in the bowel.

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