Autopsy Reports

This page contains photographs that might be upsetting to some,
and could be deemed to be too graphic for younger people.

We haved posted these photographs
with the intention of helping those caring for Australian wildlife.


Poss (Western Ringtail possum)
Died - 21st November 2002

Poss was found dead inside her possum box when we went to feed her.

Poss came to Roo Gully from another carer when it was realised that she could never be released.

A very old Western Ringtail possum,
she had a cataract in one eye
and so was not suitable for rehabilitation.
Poss cataract

Poss lived with us for several months before dying peacefully.

Post Mortem Report:
Our veterinary surgeon performed Poss' post mortem at Roo Gully.

As expected all her organs, including her heart,
showed all the signs of degeneration, but no signs of disease of infection.
Poss' heart

Which supported our feelings that she had simply died of 'old age'.
However, it is interesting to note that her liver did show evidence of parasites.
The white spots on these phtographs show the 'tracks' of possible parasites,
and we post them for your reference.

Poss liver
Parasite tracks