Ella, our young Western Brush wallaby,
arrived in August 2005.
Ella pose

Her mother had been killed by a car,
and Ella was thrown out of the pouch
down a gravel road.

She suffered many grazes and small cuts.

Ella unfurred
Ella grazes

But fortunately no broken bones.

These little wallabies are not the easiest roos to raise.
They are not usually good feeders,
and Ella gave us some very worrying days and nights.

Everyone worked very hard with Ella.
Ella and Kayliegh
Ella bottle

Persuading her to feed.

It was always a struggle.

And at one stage it even looked as if we were losing the battle.

Then suddenly Ella decided she wanted to live.

Ella sucks teat
Ella looks
It has been wonderful to see her starting to enjoy life.
Ella on couch
She likes to climb on the couches.
And she loves exploring the house
Ella explores kichen
Ella explores
But she is so small we have to be careful not to stand on her!
She enjoys being outside too.
Ella outside
Ella eating lucerne
And best of all she now likes eating!
But we have to watch that
she doesn't get too brave when exploring.
Ella on lawn
Ella is not out of the woods by a long way.

And as you can see our new little girl looks very happy.
Ella in sun
We still have a long journey to travel,
but we have our fingers crossed.
For now we are all enjoying life with our little wallaby,
and Ella is enjoying life too.
Ella planning
On behalf of Ella and her mates we thank you for caring

Ella's Tale © Roo Gully 2005

Photos courtesy of Roo Gully,Kayleigh Andrews, Baharan Kazemi