Caring for a little roo takes dedication, and around the clock diligence. Marsupials are raised in a pouch and therefore all the way throughout their development they know their mothers are close. They feel her body warmth through the pouch wall, her movements as she hops through the bush, and they feel her soft eucalyptus breath on their faces. They hear her stomach rumbles, and more importantly her heartbeat. Unlike placental mammals they are never alone, so if mum dies they are thrust into, what must be for them, a terrifying world of silence.
As carers it is our job to make orphaned marsupials feel secure. We can never replace their mothers, because our heartbeat is slower, our respiration very different, and of course our stomach sounds must seem very weird because we have a very different digestive system to a kangaroo, but by having them with us, close to us, day and night, they are at least never alone. They settle better into their new life with humans, and their chances of survival are very much higher.