Special Auction Item

Roo Gully received a very special message
from Kim Perrier
the artist who sculpted the magnificent crystal kangaroo.

Hi Carol - Here it is.

Fish Sculpture tradionally cast in High Quality crystal.
Height 150mm or 6 inches.
Width 130mm. or 5 inches.
Lenght 180mm. or 7 inches.
Weight approx. 4 kg.

This is considered by the artist as a second as there is surface crazing.
Comment: I would not normally allow a piece with surface crazing to leave the studio
yet this piece struggled for life.
I thought that it was appropriate as a statement about
life and death as such is the struggle of our wildlife.

Because of the surface crazing it seems to have taken on the look of a relic,
which has survived for centuries.

I would normally keep this as part of my own collection yet I believe
it has a value because it survived the journey to this point.

The reserve price is heavily reduced due to the circumstances.
Reserve price Aus$900.00.

Roo Gully Sanctuary receives 40% of auction proceeds.

Kim Perrier



I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Kim and his wife, Marie,
for their support and their genuine belief in the Roo Gully dream.

Please tell ALL your friends about this unique piece of art,
and if you would like to bid for it please contact Roo Gully or Kim Perrier.

We would both love to hear from you.

On behalf of everyone at Roo Gully we thank you for caring